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Iraq – The Lost Cause

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The Fall Of Saddam

The Fall Of Saddam


When the invasion of Iraq took place in 2003, it was hoped that after the forced removal of Saddam Hussein from power the country would settle down and become a democratic nation. With the fight against Saddam’s forces won, the counter-insurgency war began against al Quada and other affiliated terrorist groups. Now, eleven years on, it looks like the terrorists will eventually gain control of the whole country.

It was reported today that al Quada now controls the cities of Fallujah and most of Ramadi west of Baghdad, and in my view it will not be long before they control the whole country. A similar scenario is being played out in Afghanistan where the Taliban are pushing forward and making gains. It is clear to me that once the last foreign troops leave they will once again control the whole country.

If these two groups are successful, it will mean two Islamic states totally controlled by terrorists, and will set in motion something that moves with the power of a steamroller.  It should be clear to any intelligent mind that once they have total control of these two countries, they will set their sights on others.

Scene Of A Vicious Attack By Insurgents

Scene Of A Vicious Attack By Insurgents


Africa and many Far Eastern nations are already reeling from attacks and unrest caused by militant groups affiliated to al Quada and it has been going on for several years without an end in sight. From the terrorists point of view, they see the opportunity to eventually control these countries by continually rousing the Muslim population and thereby causing mayhem and death against the various governments, in much the same way as they have done in Egypt and Tunisia among others. After the bitter fighting in Egypt and the open elections for example, it was thought that the country would settle down with a stable government elected by the people. But what happened, the Islamists got into power and began turning the secular state into an Islamic one. This did not go well with the population.

Demonstration Against Islamist P.M. Morsi.

Demonstration Against Islamist P.M. Morsi.


Muslims are well known to be the easiest to whip up into a mob where a false word here an there will inflame their passion, and as the word spreads, cause a rioting in the streets and death. This agitation is the current tactic of groups like al Quada, who have changed from the direct confrontation like 9/11 to the more subtle ways of infiltration and creating unrest. The sad thing is, it works very well for them, as evidenced by all the African and Far Eastern nations that are currently undergoing strife in their countries. Kenya has a huge majority of Christians but this has not stopped the insurgents from creating mayhem and wanting to turn the country into an Islamic state.

Insurgent Shooting Captured Assad Troops.

Insurgent Shooting Captured Assad Troops.


Syria is another prime example where the trouble started with a general uprising against the rule of Assad, but was swiftly hi-jacked by the insurgent groups who first started fighting on the side of the rebels but have now turned against them too and control large areas.

In my view, there can be little doubt that Islam is on the march and we had better all look to our own futures as more and more Muslim immigrants invade our countries. In Britain in particular, their birthrate is nine times that of the indigenous population which means that in ten or twenty years they will outnumber us by a very big margin.

I leave you to imagine what that will mean for future generations of the British people.


How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Muslim Extremists?

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Nigerian College Victims - Shot While Asleep

Nigerian College Victims – Shot While Asleep

Once again Muslim extremists from the group Boko Haram have gone on a killing spree, this time in an agricultural college in north-eastern Nigeria. According to reports they entered the student dormitories and opened fire on those sleeping there without warning. It would seem that as many as fifty students were slaughtered in this massacre, many burned alive when the insurgents set fire to the dormitories. This has shown the world once again the unmitigated brutality and ruthlessness of these Muslim fanatics.

As I am sure you are aware, this follows closely on the heels of the shopping mall incident in Nairobi by the Somalian group al-Shabaab that caused another fifty-two deaths.  Africa has been hard hit with insurgent groups fighting in Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria and now Kenya among others.

In Nigeria in particular, Boko Haram are fighting because they wish that country to be Muslim, despite the fact that more than 50% of the population are Christian. These fanatics will not give up their goal until they have achieved it, or they are all dead.

Christian Victims In The Phillipines

Christian Victims In The Phillipines

In many countries across the world, from the Middle East to Indonesia, these extremists are wantonly killing innocent people to get what they want – A Muslim state with their barbaric Sharia Law.

It was started by al Quada twelve years ago with the infamous 9/11 attack, and since then, more than one hundred splinter groups like Boko Haram and al-Shabaab have sprung up all across the globe, but they all have the same aim. They kill indiscriminately in  the name of Allah, and the authorities do not seem able to stop them.

Malala - A Young Girl Shot By The Taliban For Wanting An Education

Malala – A Young Girl Shot By The Taliban For Wanting An Education

In Pakistan the Taliban have free reign over much of the north eastern territories, killing Christians and any young Muslim girls who wants an education. Over time it has been very clear that the Pakistan government is not prepared to take decisive action to rid the world of these people. Many believe, and I am one of them, that they secretly support the terrorists.

The people of Afghanistan went through a period of hell when the Taliban ruled the country, and it was only thanks to western powers that they were finally driven out. There are records enough of their brutality when they ruled the country so I do not need to reiterate them here.

Far eastern countries have seen countless attacks on Christian communities and it is clearly an attempt to rid the world of Christianity and replace it with the Muslim faith.

The sad thing about all this is, that most countries sit back and do nothing for fear of the ‘war’ ending up on their doorstep. There is no international effort to help rid the world of these people.

Victims Of Terrorism

Little Victims Of Terrorism

If I had my way, every country on Earth would concentrate on wiping these vermin out, and they would do it together. Each and every country should ensure these people have nowhere to hide, for just like in Afghanistan, when the army get close they just crossed over into Pakistan until the heat died down. The same thing happened in Africa with the terrorist groups crossing over the border after an attack or when the army made it too hot for them.

In my view, the army of the neighbouring country should have had a force waiting for them when they crossed the border and left them with nowhere to hide. This makes sense to me both politically and militarily. This would have been particularly useful on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, for when NATO forces got too close and the insurgents crossed the border there was no-one from Pakistan to greet them with a bullet. As you would expect, once the NATO forces withdrew they crossed back into Afghanistan again.

I am not a politician, nor an army general, but even I can see that the only way to put these people out of business is for all countries to cooperate in ridding us if them once and for all.

Quite some time ago I read of a very effective solution to the Muslim insurgent problem that we really do need to put into practice today.

Gen. John J. Pershing - A Man Of Vision

Gen. John J. Pershing – A Man Of Vision

It happened in 1911 in The Philippines when an American general, Gen. John J. Pershing, was in charge of a garrison. His men had suffered repeated attacks from Islamic terrorists and he solved the problem quickly and easily.

Muslims have a pathological fear of pigs, which they consider to be an unclean animal! They believe they will never go to heaven, or their version of it, and get their 72 virgins if they have come in contact with pigs.

Captured Terrorists

Captured Terrorists

Pershings’ plan was simple, when he caught a small group of insurgents alive he first made them dig their own graves and then brought in some pigs which his men slaughtered. He had his men rub their bullets in the pig fat and blood before they loaded their weapons. The watching terrorists were horrified because they knew they would never get to heaven contaminated in this way.

Pershing has his men shoot all but one of the prisoners and made the last one watch while his men smeared the bodies with pig fat and blood and covered them in the innards of the dead pigs. This one prisoner was allowed to escape and report what had happened to his fellow fighters.

I Guess Muslims Will Not Read This Post For Fear Of Contamination!

I Guess Muslims Will Not Read This Post For Fear Of Contamination!

This treatment, that some may consider barbaric, made such an impact on the Islamic fighters that there was not another attack in the Philippines for a further fifty years.

Such is the extent of the Islamic terrorist threat today that this is exactly the measure that we need to take to solve this crisis. There can be little doubt that any insurgent who knows he will be buried in pig blood and entrails will forget his desire to subjugate other people to the barbarity of Muslim law and return to being happy with what they have. We need only make an example of a few along with the threat of such action being continued with not only those captured, but those killed by our forces and I am sure the insurgency will fade away. This would be doubly effective for any insurgent leaders that are captured. For all the Human Rights idiots who would think this is unacceptable, I would answer that why should we show mercy to them when they show none to those they slaughter?

Mohammed Gets His 72 Virgins

Mohammed Gets His 72 Virgins

All we need now is governments to have the balls to carry out this action. Naturally there will be uproar among many Muslim nations, but let’s face it, if they are not actively assisting and encouraging these terrorists like Iran for example, they at least do nothing to stop them.

I think the ball is in our court!


The “Power’ Drug

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...and you will do as I say, or else!

History has shown us time and again the steps some power-hungry people will take to consolidate their grip on power. One only has to go back to the Second World War and look at the profiles of men like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, to find out what some men are capable of in the their quest to remain in control of a country and its people. Today is no different, even though the tactics used by some have changed.

Stalin - The Russian Butcher

Just as in the past, repression of free speech and all dissension against them is used by many, but today the approach by others is more subtle. Voting by the people for their leaders has been a common practice for many years, but these days one can no longer rely on this democratic process.

In recent years, country after country around the world has been embroiled in dispute, and even civil war, after so-called free elections. Famous among these are Zimbabwe, Iran, Myanmar, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and so the list goes on.

Mugabe - His Countries Assassin.

In many countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea, dissension is a thing of the past, for any word uttered against the leader means instant death. President Mugabe hit the world headlines during the last general election in 2008 when he actually lost to the opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Zanu Victims

Prior to the next round of voting, Mugabe supporters began a reign of terror, carried out mainly by his ZANU party members, who roamed the streets killing, or chopping off the limbs of opposition supporters with machetes.

It was diplomatic pressure from the rest of the world that finally forced Mugabe to accept a supposed power-sharing deal with his opponent Norman Tsvangari, who became Prime Minister. There is little doubt however that the true power remained in the hands of the president.  Lately it has been announced that the deal, which is due for review in February next year, will be scrapped by Mugabe.

Kim Jong-il the Death Merchant.

North Korea, like China, is a totalitarian regime with all the power in the hands of Kim Jong-il who took over from his father Kim Jong-sung when he died in 1994. Even a careless word that is overheard will lead to a lengthy, if not life time period of detention in the infamous labour camps which have been likened to the concentration camps of the Nazi’s.

The Opposition in a Cage - Suu Kyi

Myanmar (Burma) by contrast, solved the opposition problem by annulling the 1990 election in which the National League for Democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi won an overwhelming victory. The military junta placed Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest where she has spent the greater part of the time since 1990 despite international calls for her release.

Currently, we have Haiti and the Ivory Coast in turmoil because of ‘rigged’ elections.

The problem in Ivory Coast is so severe, that it would seem civil war is imminent. Two contenders for the leadership, and now two separate leaders, each with their own ‘government’ vying for power over the whole country which is currently split North/South. The United Nations have told the ‘out-going’ president, Laurent GBagbo that he should stand aside, but to no avail. It would take but a small spark to ignite this tinderbox.

Haiti meanwhile, has its own cross to bear, exacerbated by the fact the country has still not recovered from the devastating earthquake this year, and the following cholera epidemic. But still the politicians vie for power and control.

Chavez - Ambitious Showman

There are also dictators in the making such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. After coming to power in 1999 he survived a coup d’etat attempt in 2002 and then set about strengthening his position by removing the requirement under the countries constitution for presidents to serve no more than two terms in office. Since then he has further consolidated his power by taking full control of government.

Lukoshenko - Cementing a Position of Power

The West is also accusing Lukashenko of Belarus of following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez. In 2004 he also changed the constitution, removing the maximum of two terms for a president. While it seems certain he will once again be voted in as president during the current elections, few doubt that the results have been corrupted.

It makes me wonder why these people are so in love with power, for with power comes huge responsibility.

Cholera Victim - Zimbabwe

If you run a country you are supposed to care for your people by making sure they have jobs, suitable housing, and education. The power mongers it seems, care little for this side of the job. In fact, in countries like Zimbabwe, there is 85% unemployment, rampant cholera, starvation and death. In North Korea there is also widespread starvation and disease.

So what do these megalomaniacs gain from this? They are by rote, extravagantly rich from all the money they siphon off for themselves, they have the power of life and death over the people they govern, and quite often have a significant influence on their neighbouring countries e.g. North/South Korea. They also have political standing in the world, mingling with world leaders and top politicians at many top conferences, and the United Nations at will.

Personally I fail to see the attraction of it all, but there is little doubt many do.


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