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The Cat Fight – May Purrs While Clark Bites

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Not for the first time Ken Clark (Justice Ministry) is in a ‘spat’ with a fellow Cabinet colleague, and this time he had Theresa May (Home Secretary) in his sights.

Theresa May At The Conference

This last week has seen the news filled with reports of Ken hitting out at her over remarks she made on The Human Rights Act and deportation at the Conservative Party Conference. As usual, he is totally out of touch with the mainstream of opinion among the public when it comes to criminality and the deportation of undesirables.

Theresa May speech extract:

Theresa May made a point during her speech that too many criminals and  terrorist suspects were successfully avoiding jail sentences and/or deportation using the Human Rights Act, in particular Article 8 which states:

Article 8: The Right to Privacy

(1) Everyone has the right for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

(2) There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

The article itself does not prohibit sentencing of criminals and terror suspects, but unscrupoulus lawyers have twisted its meaning over the years to mean something totally different than was originally intended. Judges too appear to be afraid of the Act insofar as they appear to always err on the side of caution when making  judgments in such cases.

To any normal person, the key phrase would be “in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country”.

This does not imply that a confessed criminal can get off because he has five children who depend on him, or a terrorist can avoid deportation because he has family in the UK. 

Ken's Not Happy

In the days following the speech, Ken Clark was obviously feeling ‘hot under the coller’ and let loose with a string of jibes at the Home Secretary about the particular reference she made to a cat being responsible for preventing a terror suspect from being deported. He refused to believe that such a case existed.

Ken Clark Reaction:

Naturally enough, this whole business was accompanied by a whole string of ‘cat’ jokes, but it took the Daily Telegraph newspaper to finally unearth the ‘cat story’.

In 2008, a Bolivian deportee was allowed to stay “because he had been with his ‘boyfriend’ for four years, and together they owned a cat called Maya”. The Judge, James Devittie, concluded under the Section 8 plea, seperating the man from his friend and cat after four years would cause him ’emotional trauma’, and the cat reinforced this to a major extent. The judge spoke of “the increasing significance of pets” in many countries when making such decisions.

After this little ‘gem’ appeared on the front pages, you would expect Ken to retire to his corner with egg on his face, but not our Ken, he is a cat fighter after all.

Theresa May is campaigning for the abandonment of The Human Rights Charter, and to some extent I can go along with that, BUT, in the case of Article Eight, it is not the rule that is at fault, it is the interpretation. Using the Act (the above quotation) correctly does not mean judges have to bow down to it and release criminals with a family, or terrorist suspects with a cat.

This is what is currently wrong with our present justice system, the judges are afraid of it,  and it is up to Ken Clark to give the proper leadership and insist that it is interpreted correctly!

Theresa May speech in full.



Burgler’s Prison Sentence Breaches His Human Rights!

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Now I know the British Justice system is rotten to the core! It has been announced that convicted burglar Wayne Bishop has been released on appeal after serving six weeks of an eight month sentence for burglary and dangerous driving.

Unthinkable Reunion

Why? Because it breached his right to respect for family life under article eight of the Human Rights Convention. So argued his lawyer Ian Wise, as he pointed out that Bishop was the sole carer of his five children during the evenings. According to the clever Mr. Wise, the eight month sentence had had a “disproportionate’ impact on Bishop’s family life and the children should have been a “primary consideration”.

Quoting article eight of the Human Rights Convention Wise told the appeal judges;  “We submit that the judge erred in law in failing to have proper or any regard to the children that he (Bishop) was the sole carer for. The interests of the children should be central to the decision making process where children are affected by a decision.”

A Scroungers Best Friend

In other words, if you want to be a criminal, make sure you have plenty of dependent children and you can get away with murder! Oh! And like Mr. Bishop, make sure you are on benefits as well!

At least one MP will be happy with the decision, and that’s Ken Clark, because at least Mr. Bishop will not be a burden on the tax payer while in prison. On second thoughts, he will be making more money on the outside drawing his benefits, but that won’t come under the Justice Minister anyway, so who cares!

Tired Of Your Job?

All this just proves how messed up the legal system and human rights law in Britain is. With each passing day we hear more and more ridiculous stories, like my post yesterday about one of Mugabe’s torturers being given sanctuary in Britain.

Just how much longer will it be before we get back to a sane system of justice that puts the fear of God into criminals so they do not want to offend again.

There can be little doubt we have not heard the last of this ruling for it has set a precedent in law, and will be used again.

Whatever happened to: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! I guess its irrelavant now because there is no ‘time’ anymore.


Jail Time Versus Re-offending

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It’s nice to know when views you expressed in a previous post have been vindicated! I wrote in March this year about Ken Clark’s ridiculous reforms of the UK prison system in which he wanted to drastically reduce the prison population to bring down costs.

Another Reformer – Ken Clark

I said at the time that he was barmy and a report released today by the Ministry of Justice confirms that. At the time, Ken Clark expressed ‘outrage’ at the re-offending rates in the country, but didn’t seem to realise that his proposals would only exacerbate the problem.

My previous post: 

I have always held the view that giving criminals a short sentence in the hope they will reform is ‘pie in the sky’, and something they laugh at. I will not go into detail here about the Clark reforms, for that I redirect you to the link above, but suffice it to say, they would have been a large step backward.

Politicians, and for that matter the ‘uman rights looneys, have it all wrong when it comes to punishing criminals, for surely by now, the ‘softly softly’ approach has been proven to be a damp squib!

It is time these people learn that to reform a criminal you give them a sentence matching their crime, and the time they do is spent doing hard labour.

All The Comforts Of Home

Instead, today prisoners lounge around all day in better conditions than the average working class family with everything provided. Thanks to the Bleedin’ Hearts Brigade and their campaign for equal rights for those banged up, they live in 5* accommodation which many of our pensioners can only dream of. Everything is provided at tax payers expense and adds another burden on our economy.

London’s Grenden Prison:

If I had my way they would have the basic requirements i.e. a bunk with mattress, a toilet and a wash basin in a cell small enough to accommodate only these luxuries. They would work at least 10hrs a day and the work would be hard labour. Gone would be the pool tables, dart boards, libraries, TV’s and sound systems and the comfortable sitting room. There would be no personal effects in the cell at all, and visits by loved ones would be restricted to one  1hr session a month.

Arizona Chain Gang

Much is said about things like mobile phones and drugs being smuggled into prisoners regularly by visitors, but this would be stamped out by each one having to go through airport body scanners. Any inmate found to be keeping illicit materials would receive an automatic addition to their sentence of one year. Corrupt prison staff who turn a blind eye to smuggling, or actively take part in it, would immediately find themselves ‘on the inside looking out’ instead of going home to the wife!

This approach to combatting crime has two great advantages, (a) we reduce to almost zero the re-offending rate, and (b) the cost of keeping someone ‘inside’ would be reduced drastically, for the work they do should help pay for their keep. To me it is clear that to reform a criminal you need a justice system that hard and merciless, and only then will the criminals among us think twice about re-offending!

To me its a straightforward deal in which everybody benefits, but getting the politicians and ‘uman rights’ idiots to see it will be impossible.


You’ve Got It Wrong Ken – Clark on Prison Reform

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Ken Clark, the British Justice Secretary, has come under fire from Magistrates for his prison reform agenda. He has stated he wants prisoners who are “unlikely to get a prison sentence” to be given automatic bail. It’s all part of his plan to reduce costs and solve the overcrowding in british prisons.

Where It All Begins

Thankfully, those with more brains, i.e. the Magistrates, are coming out in opposition. Due to the overcrowding, most felons get off with community service or ‘slap on the wrist’ anyway these days, so that means the greater majority of criminals, around 35,000, will be back on the streets straight away if Ken has his way.

The magistrates are, quite rightly in my opinion, afraid offenders will have all the time they need to intimidate witnesses, commit further crimes, and fail to turn up for their hearings. All fairly logical and pretty obvious to anyone but a dimwit.

Another Misguided Politician

Ken Clark has put forward many proposals to ease the prison population, among them halving the sentences of criminals who confess to their crimes, and releasing 3,000 of the current 80,000 inmate population early. He claims he wants to “break the cycle” of reoffending by tackling the causes of crime. Bullshit Ken!

The only thing a hardened criminal respects is a long hard prison term and nothing less will do the job. It is long past time when authorities recognize that criminals are a danger to society and no amount of hand-wringing and psychological babble is going to make them mend their ways. Certainly not reducing sentences, for all that will do is make the situation worse. If a felon knows he can commit crimes and get away with it almost scot-free he will laugh at the justice system all the way to his short-stay cell.

To give the man credit, he has stated that inmates of HM Prisons should be made to work a full working week just like the rest of us, and more demanding community sentencing is required, which is fine so long as the correct controls are in place. He also advocates deporting immigrant criminals instead of giving them a custodial sentence in Britain. Now that I do agree with!

All the Comforts of Home

I have made my feelings on this general subject amply in the past in previous posts and still believe heavier sentencing and removing the ‘5 star hotel’ atmosphere in prisons is the best answer. Make prisons something to be feared by all criminals as it was in the past. That will sure as hell break the cycle of reoffending and no doubt about it.

It seems all the measures being taken by Ken Clark are aimed at reducing the prison population and more importantly, reducing costs. His stated aim is to reduce the £4Bn per year prison and probation costs by 20% in the next 4 years. Good Luck Ken – You’ll need it! The general public will as usual be the losers!

One of the main problems today is overcrowding, but to me that means we should build more prisons not release prisoners early to reduce it. Although some attempts have been made to increase the prison capacity over the last three decades, it has proven to be insufficient. The main reason for this is the inability of the authorities to prevent villains from reoffending, and jail sentencing has become so much of a joke its no longer a deterrent.

That's Funny - I Don't Have One. You?

Today’s jailbirds live in far better conditions than the majority of our old age pensioners, which in itself is a scandal. There is nothing hard or harsh about prison life these days, its more akin to a holiday camp with all the comforts of home. TV, gym equipment, snooker tables, cinema, games and library, in fact everything we ordinary law-abiding mortals do not have. And on top of that, they get to sit around on their fat duffs for most of the time. Where in the name of all thats holy is the incentive to ‘go straight’ after a prison sentence?

I am not going to go into what I think prisons should be like again, I have done it so often, suffice it to say, if you are interested, I refer you to my earlier posts as follows:

Six Months In Here and You Won't Re-Offend!

There can be little doubt that our justice system is in urgent need of a major overhaul, for the prime facet of law enforcement, i.e. taking criminals out of circulation and thereby protecting the public, no longer seems to be a prime motivator.

From what I have read in recent news bulletins I am convinced that Ken Clark is totally on the wrong track. His reforms will do nothing to bolster public faith in the justice system of our country, and as the magistrates have already said, they are more likely to undermine that confidence. Ah Well! Roll on the next politician who promises to be ‘tough on crime’!



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