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Arrest Of A Suspect

We see demonstrations all over the world and it is getting worse. Why are people not happy with what they have? Governments are under pressure to change the way we live and give more money to the poor. It is up to people to make their lives better and get an education so that they can at least earn more money. But this is not an option for they want money without doing anything.

The poor people of the world must make themselves able to do work that will earn them more money, but that is too difficult for them. We all have brains and we should make the most of an education. Some cannot be bothered to study at school and turn to crime to get what they want. Education is the keystone for being successful in the world, but they prefer to rob shops and passers-by on the streets to get money, and very many of them spend it on drugs.

Violent attacks and killings are becoming more and frequent in England, and the police are overwhelmed by the number of those being killed on the streets of London and elsewhere. We are getting close to the number of killings in the United States as we see more and more every day.

All these killings are mostly by teenagers who try to get money from those they have murdered. Unless the police clamp down on such things it will get worse. Some of the killings are because of arguments between rivals, and why should they kill someone because they disagree with them. It is monstrous to consider murdering someone because they do not agree with them. Britain is getting more and more violent day by day and it has to stop.

We should be putting these killers in jail for a very long time but all they get is three or four years in prison. Prison does not change the mentality of these killers in such a short time.

Once we get out of the E.U. we should change our laws to be hard on them for a very long time. Bring back hanging will do the trick, and we will see the number of killings drop drastically. No-one wants to be hanged for killing someone on a street or in their own home. Hanging will change the whole of the United Kingdom, and we will see fewer and fewer murders on the streets of our towns and cities.

But first we have to get out of the European Union before we implement this punishment. Once we are free of the European Court of Human Rights and we introduce hanging other countries will follow suit.

The European Union is a farce in this respect for they have banned the death sentence all across Europe. This has led to murders and the only way to stop it is the death sentence. Murderers will be wary of not killing people for fear of the death sentence if they are caught and found guilty.

Once this law has been passed the people can live without fear of getting shot or knifed in their own homes or on the street. Britain will become a safer place as the number of killers dwindles for fear of the death sentence. We only have to hang one or two murderers for it to stop, for all killers will be afraid of what they face.


Killers On The Streets Of London?

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Killer On The Streets

In last few weeks London has become terrible with so many murders in a few short weeks. The Police don’t seem to do anything to stop these killers from roaming the streets and killing people, and it has to stop. We need more of them on the streets to combat this epidemic of bloodshed, and to arrest the killers and put them in jail for a long time.

The trouble is our justice system is not functioning properly, and killers get locked up for three or four years when they should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Once Brexit is finalised we should change our justice system to put these killers away for a very long time, and we should bring back the death sentence. Currently the death sentence is banned by the European Union Court of Human Rights, but it should not be. How else are we to stop this circle of killing on the streets?

Once the hanging is introduced the rate of murder will drop like a stone, and we will see very few killers on the streets. Once they are captured they will go to trial, and if they are found guilty they will be hanged. The old justice system worked and we saw very few murderers on the streets for they knew they will be put to death if caught.

We have become too lenient with killers these days and that is why the rate of murder is steadily rising, for they have no fear of the justice system. The majority of them are young kids who see a chance to rob money from their victims or get into an argument with them. The number of young kids that carry knives is going through the roof for they are afraid of being attacked.

Once Brexit is completed we should cut down hard on these killers and sentence them to be hanged or spend a long time in prison. It is the only way to stop this cycle of violence on our streets.


Why Are We So Violent These Days

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When I was young the world was never so violent, and we lived in peace for most of the time. For murder the death sentence restrained killers from committing murder for they knew if they were caught the would be hanged. Now all that is ‘out of the window’ as killers get no more than four to six years in prison, except for some. Even though they are sentenced to prison for a long time, they are released after a few short years.

What has happened to the Justice System? Its all to do with the European interference. We are no longer allowed to hang killers, and their sentences are abominable. I would like to see them hanged once we leave the European Union, and then perhaps the rate of murders will go down as it was before.

We have to get back to the old time Justice System once we have left the European Union for the number of murders and attacks on young and old folk are disgraceful. You can never feel safe when walking the streets of Britain, for at some time you will be attacked, especially at night in towns and cities.

We have to stop these attacks when we leave the Union, for otherwise we will live in hell. The laws must be changed to stop this, otherwise no-one will be safe on our streets anymore. These killers must be hanged for their brutality, and will we see a lot less victims on our streets. Outside of disco’s and bars we see see street fights as someone gets infuriated with someone else and we have to stop this.

The police do not have enough men to stop these fights, and it is a general thing every Friday and Saturday night. We need to enrol more police, but Theresa May will not do it. It is time she changed her mind and got more police on the streets to stop this.

It is time for some drastic action on the part of the government to stop all this mayhem.


Should We Bring Back The Death Penalty?

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A Life Of Luxury

The number of murders being carried out these days has gone through the roof and the Law  is not dealing with it properly. When I was young murderers were sentenced to death by hanging and that insured they would never commit such a crime again. Nowadays, murderers are sentenced to little more than ten years and are released after three or four. Many have gone on to commit murder again.

There can be little doubt that with the interference of the European Human Rights Commision and our ‘home-grown Do-Gooders’ our justice system has become a disaster. Every day we hear of murders being committed and the law cannot handle it. Britain has become a nation of killers, and that is sad. People are not even safe in their own homes.

When we leave the European Union I hope that the government will do something to stop this disease once and for all. We need to get back to the laws of the 1940’s and 50’s if this country is ever to become peaceful. It is despicable that you cannot walk down a street in the evening in most towns and cities without being robbed, attacked, or murdered.

I wonder how the anti-death sentence people would feel if one of their family were to be killed? I think they would rapidly change their minds if it was someone dear to them. It is a sad fact that these people have come to rule the law system and made it impossible for our judges to give a proper sentence. Our legal system has become so soft that killers, rapists and thieves get away with their crimes, serving only a very short sentence that does nothing to dissuade them from committing more crimes.

It is also evident that the comforts of a prison sentence are hardly a dissuader for these people to ‘go straight’. In all prisons in Britain they have all the comforts of home with each cell having a TV, music centre, computer games and the like. This is not the right way to handle serious criminals, for the only thing they miss is their freedom. They should be made to work every day and have all their ‘toys’ taken away, leaving them with just a bed, washbasin, and toilet in the cells.

Naturally, this would cause a tremendous upset among the criminals and the Army should be brought in to control them for the prison guards could not handle it. Among the prison guards there are many who are in the service of the prisoners and allow them free reign in the prison. These people should be sacked and properly disciplined guards brought in.

If the death penalty is reintroduced for murder we can be sure that the number of killers would rapidly decrease, and people will be much safer on the streets and in their own homes. I just hope that Theresa May’s government will do the right thing, for if she does we will get back to a peaceful existence once again.


Religion Is Dying In Britain

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ChurchIt seems that Britain is to become a non-religious country in a few short decades. A report out today indicates that the number of people who consider themselves to have no religion is increasing at a steady rate.

In 2014 a survey showed that 48.5% claimed they had no religion compared to 43.8% who said they had. The 43.8% included Anglicans, Catholics and other denominations. So it would seem that religion is dying in the U.K.

Mind you, I am not surprised considering the state of today’s middle-aged people and in particular the youth. In general, few people in the country today think of anything but ‘self’, which is sad. Yes I know there are those who care for others, but today they are becoming a minority.

Life-long friends like we had when I was young are a thing of the past, for today friends come and go like the wind.

Yet Another Murder - How Many This Month?

Yet Another Murder – How Many This Month?

Never in the history of our country has there been such brutality among the people, and I say this because of the number of brutal murders, rape and robberies that happen today. Hell’s bells, you can’t even have a slight accident today without the driver of the car you touched getting out and beating you up. Just think about it and you will know I am right, at least the old people will.

At one time the greatest majority of people were held in check by their religion and would not think of committing robberies or murder, but today they think nothing of it. “Oh what do I care. I will only get a couple of years in prison if I am caught.”

When they kill an old-age pensioner for a few pounds they have no remorse at all, or when they seriously injure someone in a street brawl on a Saturday night.

When all today’s old-age pensioners are dead, religion will die in Britain along with them. We will see all our churches closed down and more than likely turned into mosques. Now there’s a thought! All our church clergy and bishops will be lining up at the dole office for their weekly handout.

You might be forgiven for thinking that religion has no place in today’s world, but you would be wrong. Religion has for centuries given people a set of standards to live by, being kind to others, helping others, and caring about those who are less fortunate than themselves. I am not saying that everyone lived by these rules, but the greater majority did.

Prison Today - Like A Holiday

Prison Today – Like A Holiday

When I was young there were very few murders in the country and the killers were hung for their crimes. Now-a-days they get off with a few short years in a prison that is like a holiday camp with all the mod-cons. I much preferred the old system that put the fear of God into any would-be killer.

It is a sad situation, but is something we have to accept for the future.


Justice System Aids Criminals In Prison

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I really could not believe it when I read a report that our Justice System provided drug criminals in prison with laptops which allowed them to smuggle £30 million worth of drugs into the country. That was not the true intention of giving them the laptops, for they were supposedly to ‘help them prepare for their legal defence’.

Wandsworth Prison

Wandsworth Prison

What these Department of Justice idiots did not take into consideration was that there were enough knowledgable people in the prison to disable all the security features, like internet access, so they could complete their business. The gang even paid a  freelance “fixer” £1 million to get himself convicted of fraud and sent to their prison to co-ordinate the operation. The security features were disabled by another member of the gang, an east European hacker, using a coded memory stick smuggled into the jail by one of the plotter’s girlfriends.

Laptops Given For Free In Prison

Laptops Given For Free In Prison

So far as the prison goes, their excuse was “Prisons are required to provide secure laptops to a minority of offenders facing trial so they can view legal material relating to their case. The computers do not enable prisoners to access any other part of the National Offender Management Service system and internet access is disabled. We will always take action against those attempting to break the rules and offenders face prosecution if they use equipment inappropriately.” I have news for you pal – Too Bloody Late!

What is even more laughable is that the laptops were paid for by the tax payer. I have often said that our justice system has ‘gone to the dogs’, but this is too ridiculous for words.

It is no wonder we have a rampant crime rate these days when the system is unable to properly punish those who break the law. For decades now we never give offenders a ‘just’ sentence, even for murder they get a paltry few years or less in prison and are then released on parole. I can quote cases where the killer has got but a few months in jail for killing an innocent person.

Oscar Pistorius and Partner

Oscar Pistorius and Partner

Just yesterday it was announced that Oscar Pistorius who shot his partner is to be released after only ten months.

Amy Houstan Died

Amy Houstan Died

A case in the UK is that of Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who left a 12 year-old to die in the road after he hit her with his car. Despite being an illegal who had been refused asylum twice, and being a convicted criminal, he got four months in jail for the girls murder. So please don’t try to tell me that the justice system in Britain today works as a deterrent to criminals to give up their nefarious trade.

Like many other things in Britain, the entire justice system needs a massive overhaul and we need to leave the E.U. Human Rights Commission to interfere in other nations, but not ours.

Child Abuse – The Scourge Of Our Times

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Is it mere coincidence that along with the influx of so many Muslim immigrants the rate of child abuse and rape has risen beyond anything previously ever known in our history?  I think not!

Tony Blair certainly did irreparable harm to this country in more ways than one when he introduced his ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain policy. Now young women, girls as young as eleven, and even boys are being systematically snatched, raped and trafficked by these people.

Coercion Of The Worst Kind

Coercion Of The Worst Kind

One young girl told of being doused in petrol and the gang threatened to set her alight if she told anyone what was happening. Others were made to watch as other girls were raped by several men and told they would be next if they talked.

Read The Fine Print

Read The Fine Print

In Rotherham two fathers actually tracked down a Muslim gang who were abusing their daughters, and when they tried to rescue them were promptly arrested by the Police.

Fancy Going To A Party Girls? - A Muslim Pick-up.

Fancy Going To A Party Girls? – A Muslim Pick-up.

Experts say  that as many as a million children are sexually abused every day in the U.K. and yet in most cases they are either too scared to report it, or when they do, are not believed by the authorities. Local councils, Social Services and the Police are all guilty of not doing enough to combat this tragic crime.

One of the worst areas in Britain is Rotherham in South Yorkshire where this crime is rampant. At least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham by gangs of men who were predominantly of Pakistani origin between 1997 and 2013. Oxford has also hit the headlines when a serious case review into abuse of children found as many as 373 children may have been the victims of sexual grooming in the county over the past 16 years.

Guilty Of Child Abuse

Guilty Of Child Abuse

You See Here How They Think Of Rape - It Is Their Right!

You See Here How They Think Of Rape – It Is Their Right!

Girls as young as eleven have been abducted by these gangs who then rape them, often many times, and then pass them on to other gangs. That the people doing this are Muslims can be in little doubt because rape is allowed under the Qu’ran, despite what some Muslims will tell you to the contrary.

The Qu’ran states: Qur’an 23:1-6—The Believers must (eventually) win through—those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess—for (in their case) they are free from blame. This means in effect that any female who is ‘captured’ by a Muslim is open to such abuse and it is allowed.

A Victim

A Victim

Another verse says: Qur’an 70:22-30—Not so those devoted to Prayer—those who remain steadfast to their prayer; and those in whose wealth is a recognized right for the (needy) who asks and him who is prevented (for some reason from asking); and those who hold to the truth of the Day Of Judgement; and those who fear the displeasure of their Lord—for their Lord’s displeasure is the opposite of Peace and Tranquillity—and those who guard their chastity, except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess—for (then) they are not to be blamed. 

It is common knowledge that Muslims feel free under their religion to groom young women and children in their own countries, so why should it be any different here, especially when our government and law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye because of Tony Blair’s Racism Laws.

Rape Gang Members

Rape Gang Members

As The Qu’ran says, there is nothing in Muslim Law to stop these creatures from ‘capturing’ a girl, or boy, and raping them at their leisure. All this is far removed from the laws of any western nation, but few people in government, local councils or the Police seem to appreciate this. Everyone has turned a blind eye to it because they could be called racist.

What on earth has gotten into these agencies that they can just sit on their hands while young British children and girls are systematically snatched from the pavement and made to suffer this horrendous torture? Have we, the British people lost our humanity completely in the name of racism!

Hmmm - Perhaps I should Have Done Something Earlier!

Hmmm – Perhaps I should Have Done Something Earlier!

FINALLY, Cameron has got off his backside and is now introducing new laws to punish those who ignore such events. This will cover Social Services, Councils, Teachers and the Police who fail to protect the lives of children, and its not before time. Anyone who fails in their duty could face up to five years in prison.

In an interview the Prime Minister said, “Young girls – and they are young girls – being abused over and over again on an industrial scale, being raped, being passed from one bunch of perpetrators to another bunch of perpetrators. All the while this has happened with too many organisations and too many people walking on by (Yes –  including the government). We have got to really resolve that this stops here, it doesn’t happen again and we recognise abuse for what it is.” Brave words Mr. Cameron, but why didn’t you say this years ago.

The Shame Of Political Correctness

The Shame Of Political Correctness

It is a fact that the previous Labour Government knew all about this problem when it started under their rule, but chose to ignore it so as not to appear racist. The Labour Party has many such failures in its portfolio but because election time is near they are all kept secret or brushed under the carpet.

I have often commented that the last period of Labour rule under Blair and Brown is without doubt the darkest in the history of Britain. No-one in the entire history of this nation has done so much damage. The sad thing is, there are still idiots in the country who want to elect them to power at the next election. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

Anyway, I digress. Without doubt it is the responsibility of the government to take such measures as necessary to stamp out this vile and evil trade of abuse and trafficking by immigrants. The Police need to be mobilised to track down and arrest anyone involved in this ‘business’, for this is what it has become.

Deportation - The Only Answer!

Deportation – The Only Answer!

The government and Justice Department must ensure that after a stiff prison sentence they have their passports revoked, are deported along with their families, and NEVER allowed back in the country. But, just as important, all relevant information must be shared with every other European Union country so these people can never step foot in Europe again.

It would not be satisfactory for these people to be deported from Britain and be able to claim French, Dutch or Belgian citizenship for example, for if they gain citizenship of say Holland, they can return as Dutch citizens.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil  - All In The Name Of Our Racist Laws

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil – All In The Name Of Our Racist Laws

In my view this must become a top priority for the law enforcement agencies and must not take a year or two to complete, but be finished within the shortest possible time. I am very sure that many of the participants in this vile trade are already known to the Police and can be arrested within a very short time. We have to show these thugs that Britain will not stand for such treatment of our girls and women, for this is still a Christian country and is not yet under Muslim Law!


Sometimes I Really Do Despair At My Fellow Man

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In my lifetime I have seen major changes in the way people live their lives, but today I read about a case that is more than shocking. The incident was to say the least despicable, but is a good example of how uncaring people have become. I fully realize that not all people are bad and am grateful for that, but it still leaves an increasing proportion of ordinary folk who will stoop lower than the animals on this planet of ours.

The incident took place in Leigh, Greater Manchester in the UK last Wednesday when an 82 year-old woman was hit by a truck and left dying. While she was lying in the road a man walked up to her, stole her purse then walked off! I have to admit that in all my years I have seldom heard of such a callous act from a human being.

The police were called by witnesses but when they arrived the woman was dead. Detective Sergeant Neil Lawless who attended the incident said: “This is one of the most disgusting crimes I have ever investigated and I find it hard to believe someone could stoop so low to commit such a horrific offence. This man has taken what he sees as an easy opportunity by stealing a purse from a dying woman.”

Sadly, this kind of incident is not restricted to the shores of Britain for last month two men stole the wedding ring, purse and ifone from a  woman who suffered a brain aneurysm while buying food for her family at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Wichita, Kansas.

Again in Britain, Rochelle Palmer, 25, of Oakfield Road, Croydon, turned up at a pensioner’s sheltered housing complex in Eden Road on December 11, and asked to use the toilet. She asked for a cup of coffee and while the old gent was in the kitchen making it she stole bank cards, two rings and £85 cash.  Later that evening she used the cards to withdraw £500 cash and made purchases totalling £440 using the stolen plastic, police said. Ten days later she had the gall to return to the pensioners house, pushed him to the ground and took £180 from the coffee table. In total, Palmer stole £1,200 from her vulnerable victim. I am ashamed to say that after she was sentenced she only received 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to theft, fraud by false representation and robbery at Croydon Crown Court.

What have I said before about British Justice being soft on crime! For such a heinous crime she should have received at least two years.

Cases of this nature give a good indication of the depths to which certain people today will go for a small reward. When I was a young man this sort of thing was unthinkable. I remember that my grandparents never locked the door to their house. Not at night, and not even when going away for a two-week holiday. Their house was never broken into in all the years they lived.

Nowadays, leave your door unlocked for a minute and some lowlife will sneak in and steal whatever they can get their hands on. In England it is quite common for houses to be robbed while the family are watching TV in the front room!

There can be little doubt that as the years progress it will get worse for, in England at least, the courts are soft on crime and never hand out a sentence intended to deter future transgressions. People today are constantly looking for something for nothing, and sadly, more often than not, they find it which makes them want more.

I am well aware there are still kind, generous people out there still willing to help those less fortunate, but these days that just makes them victims. As these tales show, old folks are the most vulnerable and are constantly targeted by the heartless among us.

I makes me wonder what people will be like in, say, fifty years time. I dread to think!


Ever Heard Of FGM?

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Its a fair bet that women will understand the initials FGM far more than men, mainly because it concerns them even though it is carried out by men. Confused? Never mind, FGM stands for female genitalia mutilation and is carried out in many countries to female children and adults.

FGM In Africa

FGM In Africa

Sometimes the reason for this is religious, and in other cases because it’s tradition, but either way the victim has no say in what happens to them. It is generally carried out on infants and girls up to the age of fifteen, but is occasionally inflicted on women after childbirth or marriage.

FGM In Practice

FGM In Practice

The actual procedure calls for the removal of the clitoris or labia, the narrowing of the vaginal opening; or piercing, scraping and burning of the genital area. This is more often than not carried out without anaesthetics, using knives, scissors, razor blades and, in some instances, even shards of glass. Normally the patient will be held down by three or four women while the ‘practitioner’ carries out the procedure.

To say that this is barbaric is without doubt an understatement, but the practice is widespread and not restricted to any single country or religion. It is most prevalent in Africa but also in Muslim countries of the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but it happens in Christian countries also.

In many other countries it is down to pure tradition. The practice of female genital mutilation dates back at least 2,000 years and was used in ancient Egypt as a sign of distinction amongst the aristocracy. In some cultures, it is valued as a rite of passage from childhood to womanhood but others believe it is a means of preserving a girl’s virginity until marriage. In most countries that still practice it FGM is a pre-requisite for marriage, with marriage being vital to a woman’s social and economic survival.

Within the Muslim faith Imams have been known to say that a woman does not have the right to enjoy sex with a man, although there is nothing to substantiate this in the Qur’an. They say a woman is born for the sole purpose to serve her master and bear his children.

FGM-women-who-have-been-cut-1024x887It is estimated that around 680,000 women and children have suffered this in Europe alone, and world-wide estimates by UNICEF put the figure at 125 million.

Statistics indicate that the United Kingdom, with 137,000 known cases, has twice as many such cases as any other country in Europe. France comes next with 61,000 cases followed by Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria and Belgium. These mutilations are restricted solely to immigrant families.

The tragic part about this whole affair is the lack of legal action against the perpetrators of this vile act. Only recently Britain made its first ever prosecution against British doctor Dhanuson Dharmasena, but he was this week acquitted of carrying out FGM on a new mother in London.

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena

At his trial it came out that Doctor Dharmasena had to put in a stitch to stop a woman bleeding after emergency labour. The woman had previously suffered FGM when she was a child in Somalia. The doctors lawyer made the following statement: “My client strongly believes this case was nothing more than a show trial – an effort by the CPS to regain some confidence after failing to bring a prosecution despite FGM laws being in place since 1985.”

However, it would seem that the law in Europe is finally waking up to this scandal. European Commission figures to January 2012 show that in France 40 men have so far been charged, with six in Spain, two in Italy and Sweden, and the Netherlands and Denmark with one each. Pitifully few when you consider the number of children and women who have been brutalized.

Now why you may ask have so few been charged, well, in the UK the problem is that the police do not investigate such cases. The UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee (HAC) said,  “The police and others told us two factors contributed to the small number of investigations — a reliance on victims or witnesses to report to the police, which they are unlikely to do, and the failure of health, education and social care professionals to refer cases to the police where they suspect FGM to have taken place.”

One would imagine with this mutilation being as common as it is both the Social Services, Health Authorities and the Police would do more to bring charges against the individuals responsible. Any doctor who finds evidence of this practice during a routine examination should be duty bound to report it.

Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade

The HAC said in its report,  “A key feature of the French system is the use of regular medical check-ups on children up to the age of six, which includes examination of the genitals. The system is not mandatory, though receipt of social security is dependent on participation. Furthermore, girls identified as being at risk of FGM are required to have medical examinations every year, and whenever they return from abroad.”

It would appear that France has got its act together before any other European nation. We can only hope that more will follow their lead and put an end to this vile practice.


I Am At A Loss For Words – Almost!

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I have written before about the stupidity of British and European Justice, but this just about takes my breath away, and it will yours too.

Gerri Tahiri Arrested For Aiding Terrorists

Gerri Tahiri Arrested For Aiding Terrorists

Gerri Tahari, the wife of a ‘suspected’ jihadist was arrested recently for shipping supplies to her husband Rabat who is fighting in Syria at the head of extremist forces, and aiding a terrorist organization. She was arrested at the beginning of the year along with  Moazzam Begg who had spent considerable time in Guantanamo Bay  as a guest of the Americans. He was accused of providing funds and terrorist training.

Moazzam Begg, A Former Prisoner In Guantanamo Bay, Who Has Also Been Cleared

Moazzam Begg, A Former Prisoner In Guantanamo Bay, Who Has Also Been Cleared

The woman, Gerri Tahiri was prosecuted for sending various items to her husband in Syria including sleeping mats, long range walkie-talkies, eye goggles, a fleece, wellingtons and many other items.

Despite her husband being a terrorist group leader and the fact she had been supplying him with his needs, the prosecution has dropped its case against her. This being done in the light of medical reports that say, wait for it, Mrs. Tahari is suffering from depression!

Prosecutor Brian Altman QC

Prosecutor Brian Altman QC

Prosecutor Brian Altman QC is quoted as saying: “We have had time to consider their content and effect. Now that we have the medical reports and having carefully considered their content, the view has been taken both by the CPS and law officers that it is no longer in the public interest to continue with her prosecution. In the light of that we offer no evidence.”

What is also amazing is that Gerri Tahiri’s 20 year-old son Hemmo Moloud Tahari, was also accused of funding Rabat Tahari with his housing benefit before the case against him was dropped in July. I guess he too was depressed!

So there you have it! Anyone arrested for terrorist activities in Britain just needs to claim they are depressed and they will be released without charge. Its a pity Bin Laden didn’t know that!

Foreign Criminals Cost Us £850 Million

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Imprisoned - But Now What?

Imprisoned – But Now What?

We all know that when Tony Blair welcomed five and a half million immigrants into our country he didn’t do us any favours, but he also let in a lot of criminals. Apart from the load having to be carried by the Benefits System, NHS and housing, these criminals are now costing the British tax payer £850 million a year that could be better spent helping our own.

UK Migration

UK Migration

Those that are caught can be sent to prison, but the fact is, once they have served their term the authorities have enormous difficulty in deporting them. Because of the ridiculous restraints placed on our Justice System by the E.U. in Brussels we cannot send them back where they came from. Literally thousands of immigrant career criminals remain in the U.K. simply because we cannot deport them.

Gay(?) Killer Avoids Deportation

Gay(?) Killer Avoids Deportation

Our Justice System has become so lax that one foreign convict in six ducks under the radar and cannot be found. Of the rest, it’s the same old story, appeal after appeal. The U.K. currently has 4,200 foreign criminals living within communities, and thousands of offenders are setting up home in this country instead of being deported.

The Cost Of Immigrants

The Cost Of Immigrants

Since 2006 the number of foreign prisoners has risen by 4% while the number of deportations has fallen. Because of all the appeals, it takes almost ten years to deport a convicted criminal from our shores. That’s almost as long as it took to get rid of Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa. This is clearly ridiculous!

James Brokenshire

James Brokenshire

James Brokenshire, the Immigration and Security Minister has reportedly said: “The countless appeals and re-appeals lodged by criminals attempting to cheat the system cost us all money and are an affront to British justice. Too little progress has been made, despite the increased resources and effort devoted to this problem.”

Immigration Act 2014

Immigration Act 2014

However, changes are being made to the Immigration Act that will hopefully make the system easier. James Brokenshire said during the interview: “New powers came into force this week to cut the number of grounds on which criminals can appeal their deportation and to end the appeals conveyor belt in the courts. The Immigration Act will help us deliver an immigration system that is fair to the people of this country and legitimate immigrants and tough on those who flout the rules.” All I can say is let’s hope so!

This appeal farce has been going on far too long and it is well past time we toughened up the system so these people cannot slip through the net. Our entire Justice System has become a mockery, where just sentences cannot be handed out because we might trample on someone’s human rights!



But there is another reason for this failure. Government auditors found almost 1,500 failed removals, and of those a third might have been avoided if there had been fewer administrative errors, and better co-ordination between different government departments. It is a sad fact that only one in every 25 files sent to the Home Office to start the process for removal had the right identity documents. It would seem the Tory Party and David Cameron just cannot get their hands around this problem and deal with it effectively.

The Law and Human Rights

The Law and Human Rights

It is without doubt time we got rid of the Human Rights Laws as dictated by Brussels and went back to the tried and tested system of British Justice as it was before all this E.U. nonsense. The right to appeal should of course be given, but then it should be restricted to three times within a maximum of three months and no more. This current system of repeating appeals for years and years until you get what you want is ridiculous. In that way, these parasites can be gone after three months and it will hopefully serve as a warning to the rest.

Sham Marriage To Avoid Deportation

Sham Marriage To Avoid Deportation

Some of the more ridiculous successes in avoiding deportation I have reported on before, usually involving Clause 8 of the Human Rights Act: The Right to Family Life. As has happened, many immigrant criminals have abused this Act by marrying a British girl, which means they cannot be deported under this Statute. So far as I am concerned, He should still go and his wife can choose to go with him or not.

Why should this country be home to foreigners who cannot live within the law, we have more than enough of our own!


It’s Crying Time Again!

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CryingYou really couldn’t make it up could you? We all make mistakes which is true, but sometimes government mistakes are so laughable it makes you want to scream and cry in sheer frustration.

Currently politicians are back-peddling furiously after yet another prisoner cock-up, this time a killer and his friend, Thomas Moffett both of which failed to return to prison after day release.

This is a couple of weeks after a vicious armed robber called Michael Wheatley went missing while on day release, and committed another armed robbery  before  being recaptured.

Arnold Pickering - A Killer On The Run

Arnold Pickering – A Killer On The Run

The prisoner this time was Arnold Pickering who was sentenced to life in prison (with an eighteen years minimum) in 1991 for the murder of a man in Oldham Lancashire. Apart from this killer being in an open prison in the first place, he had twice before absconded while on day release. You have to ask why he was on day release at all with such a record?

The incompetence inside the prison system is also highlighted in this episode, in that Pickering was supposed to report back to the prison at 16.30 but the fact that he was missing was not reported until 19.00. Maybe they thought he had missed his bus and was waiting for the next one? A man can travel a long way in two-and-a-half hours.

Manchester Prison

Manchester Prison

Pickering first escaped from Manchester prison in 1990 after which he stabbed a man to death and was later recaptured and sentenced, and then in 2009 he absconded again while on day release from Kirkham Prison. Now he has done it again. It has since been revealed that he was recaptured while staying at a house in Greater Manchester.

The most obvious question is: As a killer, what was he doing in a low security open prison in the first place? Secondly, you would have to ask what he was doing out on day release with at least four years left to serve of a ‘life’ sentence? And lastly, why was he out on day release when he had already absconded twice  before?

Politician's View Of Overcrowding

Politician’s View Of Overcrowding

So far as question one is concerned, the government’s excuse is that maximum security prisons are overcrowded. The answer to questions two and three? Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Peter Mcparlin

Peter Mcparlin

Peter McParlin, who is chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said the system was under “immense pressure”. “We have overcrowding in the prison estate, people are being put into open conditions who are unsuitable for open conditions. Twenty prisons have closed in the last three years and prison staff numbers have reduced by 6000 since 2010. “And it’s clear to me that the tick-box mentality that goes into transferring prisoners to open conditions has failed the public.”

This brings up the question, if we have such over-crowding, why did the government close down twenty prisons? You will have to ask Cameron for an answer to that one.

Working With Others To Protect The Public - You Must Be Joking!

Working With Others To Protect The Public – You Must Be Joking!

One thing this whole saga does do however, is highlight the total incompetency of Parole Board hearings and the ‘bleeding hearts’ that sit on them, and the whole parole system itself. Really, how would any sane person allow a killer out on day release after he had twice run away before? It makes me think these ‘bleeding heart’ people who make up parole boards are either complete and utter idiots, or are a sucker for a good sob story. Is someone going to get fired over this stupidity? I doubt it!

It is a proven fact that between April 2012 and March 2013 a total of 204 prisoners have absconded from open prisons. This fact alone proves the system does not work for all those with more than three months left to serve of their sentence. With that amount of time left, prisoners are less likely to run away for fear of having their sentences extended when caught.

It all points to the fact that Parole Boards have no idea what they are doing, because recapturing escaped prisoners costs valuable police time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

If I had my way I would round up all these Human Rights and Do-Gooder nutters and ship them off to somewhere they can do no more harm. Actually the Shetland Isles does spring to mind for they can pontificate as much as they like up there and no-one will give a toss!

Chris Grayling - Justice Secretary

Chris Grayling – Justice Secretary

As you would expect, the government officials and MP’s are jumping out of the woodwork to say how terrible this whole saga is. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said, “There have been a number of instances in recent months that I find unacceptable and in future prisoners should not expect to find the same system that’s perhaps been there for the last, well many, many years.”

Prisons minister Jeremy Wright is reported as saying: “This will be looked at as a matter of urgency. I am not prepared to see public safety compromised.” Well well! Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Electronic Tag

Electronic Tag

Another valid question comes to mind, and that is why are these day release prisoners not electronically tagged? If they do decide to do a runner then at least they can be caught much quicker without wasting too much police time.

I find the hypocrisy of present day justice totally unacceptable in that killers/rapists etc. are sentenced to ‘life’, but with the proviso they must spend a minimum of ‘X’ years in jail. Either they are sentenced to life or ‘X’ number of years, but don’t dress it up by calling it life because you are not fooling anyone! What the hell happened to a proper life sentence?

No Overcrowding Here!

No Overcrowding Here!

Oh dear, silly me! I forgot the prisons are full! So now we cannot afford to give prisoners long jail sentences because we might trample on their human rights by having two share a cell. We might as well let them out after serving a quarter of their sentence! So what happened to Cameron’s much vaunted plans for the building of new prisons? Oh Damn! We can’t do that because it costs money! It’s far cheaper to give hardened criminals ‘a slap on the wrist’ or send them away for a mere year.

The justice system in the UK is in such a mess that it will take changes of earthquake proportions to put it right. The biggest problem is that we cannot mete out proper justice because of the strangling Human Rights Laws that ensure our prisons are like holiday camps, and we must provide all the comforts of home.

Eu Parliament Brussels

Eu Parliament Brussels

Rules and regulations come from Brussels demanding that we treat all our killers, rapists and so forth with kid gloves for we might offend their human rights. These laws make a mockery of justice and treat the perpetrators better than the victims. It is time we had a government with the balls to tell Brussels to shove their rules where the sun don’t shine and we get back to the proper the fair system of justice we once had. As things stand its enough to make a grown man cry!

Anyone need a handkerchief?


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