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Obesity – A Deadly Menace

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Walking around these days you see more obese people than slim ones. Obesity is becoming an epidemic of huge proportions and it won’t go away. People are stuffing themselves with poor food that is supplied by the food manufacturers and it it needs to change.

Crops are no longer grown naturally, but fed with chemicals instead of allowing them to grow naturally. Many farmers have two or three crops a year fed by these chemicals and they all end up in the food factories. They are not natural, but have many chemicals added, and on the whole they are tasteless without adding more chemicals like salt, pepper and sauces to give them flavour.


I cannot for the life of me see why so many people go to McDonald’s and Burger King among others to have a meal. These are the main reasons why so many people are obese, apart from the poor food they eat at home.

Even cows, chickens and other animals are force feed with chemicals that will make them grow faster and fatter and this is no good. For when we put a steak and vegetables on the table we are ingesting these chemicals and it is not doing us any good.

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Walking down the street you see obese people left and right, and this is worse in Britain than anywhere else, except perhaps the United States. In a few years time the hospitals are going to be overcrowded with people seeking medical help with their obesity.

It is a fact that obese people will suffer greatly from sickness including, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types such as breast and colon cancer. There is no way these people will live to a ripe old age as the present old age pensioners do. This will overload the NHS in Britain to such an extent that it will run out of money very quickly. In the end the whole NHS will collapse in on itself.

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If people are to live to a ripe old age things have to change, and that means the way we eat will have to change rapidly. We cannot go on the way we are for this will lead to a catastrophe.


Plus Size Models – Do Me A Favour!!!!!

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You Must Be Kidding

You Must Be Kidding

This new trend of plus size models is to me going way beyond what is acceptable. I have seen some of the photos of these creatures, and also read the report from a group of scientists who say that such a thing will encourage people to be obese. This I can quite believe.

Those who are promoting this craze are of the opinion that it will make fat people more acceptable, but I for one just don’t see it that way. I much prefer to see a woman with a perfect slim body, and I don’t mean skinny, walking down the catwalk than a fat one wobbling down it.

A Joke Surely!

A Joke Surely!

How could anyone in their right minds think that having fat women modelling their clothes will promote sales. I just don’t see it, do you?

Obesity in the western hemisphere has become a plague that has hit all countries, and it is abhorrent to say the least. When I was young 99% of girls and women were slim and they looked good, but since the seventies fat has taken over because people just don’t care what they look like. Sad to say it has become the norm, even with young children.

Modern Times - Sad Times

Modern Times – Sad Times

It distresses me to see young children of even 6 and 7 with large fat bellies and fat legs waddling along with their fat parents. Why oh why don’t the parents have more respect for their children who will suffer untold misery and pain when they grow up because their parents did not teach them properly.

People have complained about smokers over the last decade and they always highlighted how they are filling the hospitals unnecessarily and put a great strain on the NHS financial resources. What people today do not realize is that when an obese person gets to middle age or older, they will be the ones going to hospital several times a week for treatment.

The Future For Obese People

The Future For Obese People

What these obese people do not realize is they are going to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol levels and cancer, and will by far outnumber those admitted for smoking related illnesses. In effect it means that hospitals will be much more overloaded than today.

For every fat child I see I blame the parents who have not brought up their children properly. They feed them rubbish food because they do not have time, or can’t be bothered to prepare a proper meal, and I know in Britain it’s often chips (French fries) with everything. Cheap processed food from the supermarket with little or no nutritional value at all, and then there is of course the regular trip down to McDonald’s or Burger King for a hamburger and chips. No-one today seems to know what good healthy food is any longer, so it’s no wonder we have obese people walking our streets everywhere.

Your Child?

Your Child?

Even when the kids are not eating they are slumped in a chair in the bedroom on the computer so they get little exercise. The parents just dump themselves in front of the T.V. when they are not at work, so again, little or no exercise. Even if they just pop down the road to the supermarket, which may be 500 yards away, they will go in  the car instead of walking. For the past thirty or so years we have changed our lifestyle to become a shadow of what we once were.

This Is What We Should See - An Inspiration

This Is What We Should See – An Inspiration

However, to have fashion houses now employing fat or obese models must surely be the icing on the cake for our times. I have to agree with the scientists who say that to have fat women on the catwalk will make many people think that to be obese is perfectly acceptable in today’s world and they should not worry about it. This I feel would be more than true among the youth and children of today.

Many young girls these days look at fashion shows and want to be slim like the models, and I have to say there is nothing wrong with that provided they are taught properly how to do it. It is time the youth of today learnt that to be obese is sickening in the extreme, and we got back to women having the beauty and shape of what they were intended to be. A slim woman will always be more successful in life than an obese one. I hope this post will be an inspiration to at least some people to do something about their excessive weight.


Obesity – The Crime Of Our Time

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A new report out yesterday has released some amazing facts about obesity and what it is costing us. You see obese people everywhere on every street these days because we are firmly in the age of fat. Waistlines have expanded at a steady rate for the past forty years and it is tragic, because people just don’t care about looking after their bodies any-more. No-one thinks about the fact that they are shortening their lifespan by a awful lot of years because we ‘Live for Today’!

Just A Quick Snack

Just A Quick Snack

There are so many reasons why people put on huge amounts of fat, the two main ones being their eating habits, and lack of exercise. One of the main causes is constantly eating in fast food places, i.e. hamburgers and french fries etc. instead of a healthy meal with good meat and vegetables. Secondly is the portion size which has been increased over the years by these places in order to get more customers in.

Starting Early

Starting Early

But today, even if you are not a ‘hamburgerholic’ and eat food at home bought solely in a supermarket there is still a problem. The majority of food bought in these places has firstly, little nutritional value, and secondly is full of chemicals used by farmers everywhere. The days of the vegetable being full of goodness and providing our bodies with the nutrition we need are long gone. The same can be said for all meat products where animals are fed chemicals to promote quick growth.

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In The Good Old Days A Good Meal

In my youth I can still remember the real taste of chicken, pork and beef etc., but now it is just a hole filler with no taste whatsoever without the added flavouring that comes in a packet or small jar. The old folks will know what I mean. Have you never wondered why when you eat meat it is necessary to use this sauce or that sauce to give it taste? Its a sign of the times. None of this rubbish is doing us any good when it comes to our health, but we have no choice because that is all there is available unless you grow your own.

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

School P.T. Class Circa 1950

Exercise is of course the other problem. When I was at school we had regular P.T. periods where the whole class would spend a lesson in the gym doing all sorts of physical exercise, or out on the sports field playing football or some other such game. There was no such thing as fat kids in my day. On the other side of the coin, during our free time at home we would be out playing, skipping for girls or cowboys and indians for the boys, not sitting for hours on end at a computer or playing X-box or the like. Times were different, for we did not have all the fancy gadgets like computers and game consoles in those days, we had to make our own amusement. Over the intervening years both our eating and leisure habits have changed drastically.


So now we have reached a stage where everywhere you look you will see an obese person waddling along the street. There are now an estimated 2.1 billion people in the world (30%) who can be classed as obese, and the sad thing is that according to scientists, this number will continue to increase until by 2030 half the world population is obese.

Waiting For McDonald's To Open?

Waiting For McDonald’s To Open?

Following the spread of the fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King from America in the sixties waistlines have increased in Britain and the rest of Europe. Now, treating obese people in hospital is costing the tax payer, in Britain in particular, £47 billion per year. This figure will continue to rise year on year, and is already putting an enormous strain on the NHS. There can be little doubt that something has to give!

McKinsey Global Institute

McKinsey Global Institute

The study, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), criticised the current half-hearted measures put in place by the government such as taxes on high-fat and high-sugar products or public health campaigns which it said were “too fragmented to be effective”.  The measures they suggest are portion controls on fast food packaged goods, the introduction of healthy meals in schools and workplaces, and more physical education in school curriculum’s. More Phys Ed? Now where have I heard that before, oh yes, I remember, in a blog I posted a long time ago! The MGI insisted an urgent “coordinated response” is needed from the Government, retailers, restaurants and food and drink manufacturers to tackle the issue. Whichever way you look at it, obesity is fast becoming the number one health issue in many countries and needs tackling.

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

Does Your Little Girl Look Like This?

The one thing that saddens me the most is the uncaring attitude of many parents who fail to take action when their children start putting on the pounds. It sickens me to see young children, some as young as seven or eight, so fat they cannot walk properly. Nine times out of ten obese parents think nothing of it when their young children follow in their footsteps because they cannot be bothered to feed them properly or see they get sufficient exercise. In extreme cases it makes me so angry that I feel like giving the parents a good whipping and telling them exactly what they are doing.

Time To Get Away From French Fries With Everythig

Time To Get Away From ‘Chips With everything’.

With the situation as it is today, there can be little doubt that we are on the slippery slope to world-wide obesity and we will all suffer greatly in the future. It is clear that it cannot be left up to the people to make the necessary changes themselves and so it must come from the government. To begin with physical exercise must be brought back into all our schools with apart from actual P.T. and games classes, perhaps a fifteen minute P.T. session in the playground at the start of every school day for all the children, and no taking pity on those who are considered too obese to take part.

A Balanced Meal

A Balanced Meal

Government control must be exercised within the food chain also by mandatory cutting down of portion sizes in the numerous fast food outlets with regular checks. We also need to change our agricultural policy to ensure less chemicals get into the food chain and make it illegal to use chemicals on animals to promote fat growth. If you think about it it makes sense but of course it will never happen until the world drowns in fat.


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up! Season 1 Episode 6

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Idiots abound everywhere, and sometimes they get in the news. The last week or so has seen yet another crop of weird stories which highlight the silliness of people and institutions.

The British Government has taken one more step down the road to stupidity with the recent Equality Act. Harriet Harmon’s Bill now decrees that it is an offence to ‘imply that women are not as strong as men’. For this reason, gym instructors have been told that if they warn a woman not to lift weights too heavy for her they can be prosecuted under the equality law because it insinuates women are not as strong as men.

Most gym instructors will give advice to both men and women during activities like weight lifting, for the simple reason they wish to prevent their clients from ‘over-doing’ it and injuring themselves. So if this will be considered sexual discrimination in the future, I wonder what will happen when someone does hurt themselves? Could it mean the complainant sues Harriet Harmon or the gym? A tricky situation for which we will have to wait an answer!!!

As a policeman, especially in the traffic department, you see some strange happenings on the roads. Officers in Weymouth in Dorset England were amazed to see a car being driven through a busy town with the bonnet (hood) fully up blocking the windscreen. When they pulled over the vehicle they found a 53 year-old woman in the driver seat who said her bonnet was faulty and she was on the way to get it fixed.

She was somewhat indignant when the officer suggested she could not see the road and told him she had been looking through the slit between the raised bonnet and the bottom of the windscreen. What a shame she is too old for the Army, she would make a fine tank driver!!!

The same Force pulled over a man using his elbows to steer his car while he rolled a cigarette and read from a clipboard he had on the wheel, and also a woman with three children on the back seat without seat belts. When asked by the officers why she did not have the children wearing seat belts she replied they were ‘not her children’. I can’t quite make up my mind if that is extremely callous, or stupid. Probably both!!!

A company called Proactol Ltd is advertising for a professional ‘couch potato’ with a salary of £23,750 per annum! Really! The job entails sitting all day long eating junk food and watching TV and video’s. The successful applicant will be required to eat Indian ‘take-away’, Macdonalds meals, pizza, fish and chips and other fatty foods for the their period of employment, plus take the company’s product Proactol. You would essentially be a lab-rat for the scientists who are developing Proactol which they hope will absorb 30% of your daily fat intake. I can imagine the applicants will be lining up around the block, and the next one!!!!

Children are without doubt one of the best sources of amusement, and a short time ago they proved it yet again. One thousand children were polled to mark the start of the National Science and Engineering Week in the UK a couple of weeks ago and were asked questions like ‘Who invented the telephone’. Many thought the Queen invented the telephone, that Charles Darwin discovered fire and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) was the first man on the moon.

The minds of children are amazing and it makes me wonder who they think invented the aeroplane? Probably Richard Branson!!!

Political correctness is forever in the news these days, usually for something stupid. Like the man at Gatwick Airport who was asked to remove his T shirt by a security guard because the slogan on it may be considered threatening. A compromise was reached when the man turned it inside out. The words on his T shirt; ‘Freedom or die! So the next time you buy a T shirt, take into consideration the feelings of other air passengers and do not buy one that says; Boom!!!

A survey has been carried out among local councils that are gradually changing English street names to reflect current environmental concerns and ethnic diversity. Names like Acacia Street and making way for new names like Eco Avenue, Euro Close and Sustainability Avenue. Among the ethnic diversity names now in use are Masjid Lane (Muslim for mosque), Khadija Walk (prophet Mohammeds first wife). The list goes on and on. I suppose before long streets where the majority of dwellers are ethnic English will be called ‘Infidel’ Street!!!

Another ‘Health and Safety’ cock-up was unearthed by the media at Manor School in Melksham last week when a 5 year-old boy climbed a 20ft tree during the morning break but was left there by the school staff because they would be breaking H & S rules if they helped him down! In accordance with guidelines, they retired to the school building and ‘observed him from a distance in case they distracted him and caused him to fall’. The child was rescued some 45 mins later by a woman who happened to be passing the school and saw him up the tree. The amazing thing is, when she went into the school with the child, instead of thanking her for her assistance the headmaster called the police charging her with trespassing! It would appear we have now reached the situation where the patients run the mental asylum!!!

Until next time, and remember, there are still sane people in the world, they are just harder to find!


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