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An Increased Threat To Europe

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Coming To A Town Near You?

Coming To A Town Near You?

The battle for Mosul rages on, and with the overwhelming forces attacking the city it is only a matter of time before it is overrun. But what of the aftermath? As the fight reaches its climax and ISIS are close to defeat we will be faced with a major dilemma.

The surviving members of ISIS have only to throw down their weapons and behave as citizens of the city and they will be free to do as they please. It turns out that many hold European passports, and a theory has been put forward that these people will head home to Europe once the fighting is over. So what happens then?

Could it be they will rejoin their families and go back to their normal lives, or will they continue with their jihad on European soil? Considering how fanatical these people are the second choice seems much more likely. We could even find some of them entering Britain.

The possibility exists that we could be entering a new phase of the war against these animals, for we already know that many jihadists have entered Europe disguised as refugees. Were they to join together we could see a wave of attacks in our cities and towns like never before.

Food for thought!


Theresa May On The Right Track

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Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

For years radicals have been spreading their poison in jails trying to convert British prisoners to join their jihad, and in many cases they have been successful. Prisoners who don’t wish to participate in jihad-ism live in fear for their lives from the Muslim radicals. Even the prison staff themselves are afraid to challenge them for fear of being labelled racist.

The Queen? My Goodness

The Queen? My Goodness

Now, after the arrest of Anjam Choudrey Theresa May has come up with a plan to separate these radicals and isolate them from the rest of the inmates. She is also banning radical literature in prisons. Not before time! It is good to see that our new Prime Minister is taking the necessary steps to stop this.

Her plan is for all extremists to be housed in a separate section of the prison where they can have no contact with the mainstream prisoners. We must wait and see how far this goes, and how effective it is.

Another necessary measure she is taking is to ban Islamic hate preachers from Mosques and Universities. This is an action that David Cameron should have taken years ago, for many of the bombers who have killed innocent people have been radicalized by hate preachers in these places.


Uh Huh!

Ideological young Muslim men are an easy target for the hate preachers, who over the years have persuaded many to go to Syria to fight for ISIS. The well known ‘Underwear’ Bomber was radicalized in a University in London by a visiting radical Muslim priest, and he is just one example.

There can be little doubt that when the traitor Tony Blair opened the doors of our country wide to any and all immigrants he put this country in great danger. I have to say that it surprises me that this man is still walking around free.

The Message To America!

The Message To America!

Radicalization is the biggest threat Britain has faced since the Second World War, and its a long way from being over yet. Muslims are so entrenched in their laws and way of life that they will never assimilate into our society. The same goes for the rest of the European nations.

At this point I would like to reiterate, as I have done in past blogs, that I am not against the Muslim faith provided they assimilate into our society, respect our Laws, and learn our language. Sadly they have done none of this.

They are brainwashed from childhood in the ways of Allah and have no freedom of choice. If they try to leave the Islamic faith they are put to death. Islam is the most dictatorial religion on the planet and has remained unchanged for two thousand years, such is the control of the Imams. I am not saying that all Imams are bad, not by a long way, but those who are wield the big stick.

bin Laden - Dead!

bin Laden – Dead!

This whole debacle began when bin Laden organized the attack on 9/11 which started a wave of bombings and attacks world-wide. To date we have Muslim extremists in 165 countries around the world although all are not as active as ISIS. There have been attacks in countries as far away as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Africa, and of course not forgetting Europe. We in Europe have not seen the full force of the jihadist rage as yet, for attacks have been relatively small in number compared with other nations, but you can be sure they will get worse.

The major problems will come in twenty or thirty years time when they get close to outnumbering us due to their high birthrate. This is one of the reasons why we have to put a stop to this Jihad idea now, once and for all.

If we leave it too late there will blood on the streets as predicted by Enoch Powell.


Sky TV’s Islamic State Failure

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Islamic State Files

Islamic State Files

Over the past two days we have consistently heard about the mass of terrorist intelligence files that Sky TV has uncovered in Turkey. The file contains the names, addresses and much more on twenty-two thousand Islamic State terrorists currently residing in many countries including Britain, and yet, shortly after receiving it from a disillusioned terrorist it would appear they made it public on their news programme. It is clear they did not want to miss out on taking full credit for the find.

The files have been handed over to the Intelligence Authorities to be acted upon, but in my view, with Sky having ‘let the cat out of the bag’ most of the I.S. operatives will be going into hiding or travelling back to Syria to avoid capture by the authorities.

There can be little doubt that although many of these files are one to two years old, they could have done irreparable damage to Islamic State if it had been kept secret for even a few weeks. It may still do that, but the ‘blade has been blunted’ after this announcement. Arrests by the thousand all across the world could have been made if this information had not been released to the public so quickly, and many of the jihadist networks in Europe and other countries would have been severely damaged.

The documents contain a wealth of information on a huge number of jihadists who have joined the group, like addresses, family contacts, phone numbers, age, where they signed up and their country of origin plus much more. In all it shows that I.S. members have come from 51 different countries across the world to join the group.

It was surprising to learn that only 72% of the registered fighters are Arab, so it is clear they have a lot of converts to their cause among them. About a quarter of the total are from Saudi Arabia with many coming from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. As previously stated, there are also many from Europe, the United States and Canada among other countries.

The big question for nations worldwide is what to do with this information. Once the lists have been analyzed the security forces and police in every country affected must arrest all those they can find. They need to be locked up in top security prisons and all family members arrested and deported back to their home country. I say this because there can be little doubt that family members knew what these people were doing, and yet did nothing. To show mercy to these religious butchers and their families would be a very grave mistake.

As you will expect, when the time comes the ‘Bleeding Hearts Brigade’ will be out in full force protesting about the jihadist and their families rights. Anyone who pays attention to these people should be deported along with them. Once those caught have served a long prison sentence they should be deported back to their own country without a moment’s hesitation.

You cannot fight a burning house with a single bucket of water, so therefore the measures taken must be appropriate. The countries of the world must ensure with the stiffest penalties that no-one ever gets the idea of committing mass killings in the name of their religion again.


After The Paris Attacks, Who’s Next?

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ISIS MapLike everyone else I was shocked and appalled to hear about the savage attacks in Paris this week, but to be honest I was not surprised. It has been known for many weeks that ISIS terrorists have been entering the European mainland disguised as refugees, and it was only a matter of time before an attack took place.

The big question is where will they strike next, for there are sure to be many more attacks. Will it be France again, London, Amsterdam, Brussels? Who knows. The only thing I am sure of is that it will happen again and again until ISIS is defeated. Now they have established themselves on mainland Europe, and with our open-border policy, they can go wherever they please and cross borders without hinderance.

I find it extremely naive of our politicians not to imagine that something like this would happen and take steps to prevent it. Considering the swarms of ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe this year, and the total chaos that surrounded their entry, it is no wonder that several thousand ISIS fighters have entered Europe disguised as refugees.

Muslim 'Refugees'

Muslim ‘Refugees’

You only have to look at photographs and news film of these people to realize that for every family there are perhaps ten young single males among them.  Did these young men leave their parents, wives and children to continue suffering under the terror regimes just to ensure they themselves are safe from harm? Or have they come as members of ISIS?

Proper checks on the country of origin of these people has become impossible due to the numbers flooding in. They all say they are from Syria because they think that will get them accepted here, but according to official figures only about a third are actually from Syria. The rest are all economic refugees from many countries who are taking advantage of Angela Merkel’s thoughtless open invitation.

This year alone the numbers will top one million, but between now and the beginning of 2017 we can expect a further two million according to experts. Unless we close our borders they will keep on coming until we have more than half the population of Syria and Iraq living here.

What is important to remember is that many of these ‘refugees’ will be members of ISIS bent on bringing death and destruction to Europe. With our current inability to properly screen these people we are showing ISIS an open door with a big welcome mat.

So Easily Persuaded

So Easily Persuaded

Many of them are no doubt busy converting those who have lived in Europe for years into suicide bombers, and training young men in terrorist tactics. We already know that two of the attackers in Paris were between the ages of fifteen and eighteen and EU residents, so it has already begun.

There can be little doubt that opening the door to all and sundry who wish to come here is the biggest mistake in European history since the Second World War, and we will pay dearly for it. It is one thing to fight terrorism in another country, but much more dangerous when you must do it in your own backyard.

There are in excess of forty-four million Muslims living in Europe, which represents about 6% of the total European population, and although most would never be persuaded by ISIS to attack us, there are many who would, especially among the Muslim youth.

Muslim Population Figures

Muslim Population Figures

Just to give you some idea of the heavily Muslim populated cities across Europe: In Malmo Sweden, 20%, Brussels Belgium 25.5%, Rotterdam Holland 25%, Marseille France 35%, Cologne Germany 12%, Bradford UK 32.4%, Birmingham UK 26.9%. These are actual figures for the percentage of Muslims living in our towns and cities across Europe. Whichever way you look at it, these are very fertile recruitment grounds for ISIS.

ISIS Killer - Is This What We Want To See In Europe?

ISIS Child Killer – Is This What We Want To See In Europe?

If drastic action is not taken by the European governments to stop this within a short time, and to halt the flow of ‘refugees’, we will all be in big trouble at some time in the very near future. If ISIS manage to persuade even five percent to take up arms against the European population in order to make the continent completely Muslim, it will be a blood bath.

United Nations Farce

United Nations Farce

I am just wondering how long the world will have to wait before the United Nations gets its act together and forms an International Military Force to attack and wipe out all traces of Muslim insurrection across the planet and put an end to this tragedy.


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