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Dale Farm Round 2?

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It seems some people never want to give up as evidence shows many of the Dale Farm travellers are returning to occupy the site from which they were evicted. Such stupidity is hard to fathom after they had been removed from the illegal site by Basildon Council bailiffs a month ago.

The Dale Farm Site

We have already had a ten year legal battle to get rid of these people who were occupying  green belt land illegally. Their complaint is they have ‘nowhere else to go’ and to that I say bullshit!!!! Most are Irish travellers and there is always one place they can go – back to Ireland and lets see if the Irish justice system is as forgiving as the English one. According to reports, many own large expensive houses so I fail to see how they can uphold such an argument.

Sky Report and interview with Miss Goody Two-Shoes:

Parked on the Approach Road

These people are in effect a contradiction, for they call themselves ‘travellers’ but have been living on the Dale Farm site illegally for more than ten years. Unless my understanding of the english language has decreased with age, I always thought the word ‘traveller’ meant someone who moves around from place to place. If these people wish to settle down they can apply for housing like anyone else, but the trouble is, if they do that they will have to begin paying taxes like the rest of us. Oops! Their only reason for calling themselves ‘travellers’ is to dodge the taxman.

They were in fact offered alternative housing by the council but turned it down, but still ‘they have nowhere else to go’! It is time these people realised that if they wish to live in this world, they must live up to their responsibilities like the rest of us.

Council Hands Out Injunctions

Britain today is no place for a nomadic life style because the country has changed drastically in the last fifty years. Our population has more than doubled, for the most part due to the steady influx of immigrants (thanks Tony), and towns and cities are stretching their boundaries ever wider to accommodate everyone. It is becoming an ever increasing struggle to maintain areas of green in our land, and that is why such things as ‘Green Belt’ land exists.

Gone forever are all the places where travellers could ‘pull over’ for a few days like in times gone by. There are legal sites they could go to, but they are not interested, for some reason it must be Dale Farm. Well, they have been threatened with prison if they try to stay on the site again, and that is the right place for them!


End of the Dale Farm Saga

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I must say, its about time the ridiculous Dale Farm eviction saga  was resolved. Now, after ten years of court hearings and appeal after appeal, Lord Justice Sullivan of the High Court finally refused the Dale Farm travellers the right to any further appeals. It was high time the bailiffs moved in, and now they have, along with a necessary escort of riot police. 

Protesters at Dale Farm

As you would expect in such an inflammatory situation, there was violence, perpetrated (for the most part) not by the travellers, but by the misguided youth who formed the protest group. These were a section of the population who had nothing whatsoever to do with Dale Farm, and eight weeks ago had probably never even heard of it. But an opportunity to challenge authority brought them to Dale Farm by the dozen. Some had even come from abroad!

They erected barriers, set fire to caravans and chained themselves to obstacles, which is nothing new. They came from far and wide to “show their ‘solidarity’ with the downtrodden people of Dale farm”. Bullshit, and again Bullshit!!!!

ITV Report on eviction:

Trouble Flares

These misfits were nothing more than a bunch of immature misguided idiots who do not know what to do with their lives, and therefore fill their minds with radical ideas, touring Europe looking for incidents like Dale Farm, or any other excuse to hurl insults, and have a go at the police, the government, or anyone else in authority. By this time next month, they will have forgotten all about Dale farm, having found some other ’cause’ for which to crusade! 

What a total waste of a life! I’m damn sure most of them live off benefits paid for by the people they so love to insult and fight against. Spending as much time as they do at demonstration sites like Dale Farm, its pretty certain none have a job. The only words I have for these stupid people are; Grow up, get a life, and start acting like a responsible human being!!!

Anyway, all that aside, its interesting to note that for the most part, the travellers stood on the sidelines and let the protesters fight their  battle for them! Naturally there was trouble with bricks, bottles and stones thrown at the police, but of course, ‘it was the fault of the police and their heavy-handed tactics, and anyway, they started it!!!’  Yea Yea! We’ve heard it all before.

Its the same old twaddle rioters and protesters spout every time they confront the forces of law and order and cannot get their own way. Like I have always said, if you’re a policeman; you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t! I guess that adds up to being double damned.

Final Court Decision

For those who may have forgotten the origin of the whole Dale farm thing, about ten years ago these Irish travellers bought a piece of land adjacent to a legal site and proceeded to place caravans and homes on the site without authority under the council planning laws. Its a bit like someone building a house in the middle of the countryside and to prevent everyone doing it, we having planning laws. The council was within its rights to ask them to remove the structures, but they refused.

They call themselves ‘travellers’, but if that is what they are, why do they wish  to live permanently at Dale Farm? Surely that is a contradiction in terms. One of the excuses they used in court was they had ‘nowhere’ to go, but if you are a traveller you are constantly on the move are you not? Kathleen McCarthy, a resident, said: “The memory of Dale Farm will weigh heavily on Britain for generations”. Ha! I doubt that Kathleen! I think 99.99% percent of the population are glad you all finally got your comeuppance, and that the whole miserable saga is over.

The truth behind the Travellers lies.

A BBC Report:

One daily newspaper complicated the story further by showing that many of the ‘squatters’, for that is what they are, actually owned large expensive homes in Ireland!?! So much for nowhere to go!

Clearance Initiated

Whilst everyone has a right to a nomadic lifestyle if they choose, they should still be paying taxes, which reportedly these travellers were not, for they were not registered for tax purposes with any council, being ‘nomads’. What makes this whole situation more disgusting, is that reaching the final court decision and clearing the site, will cost a staggering £18 million of tax payers money.

Anyway, I for one am glad to see the whole mess ‘done and dusted’, but I am sorry those unpaid mercenaries, professional protesters, call them what you will, do get sorted out and set on the right path through life. All they will get is a caution (slap on the wrist) and it’ll be ‘See you at the next demo” when once again, they will be free to have a go at anyone in authority, and claim police brutality! 


Crunch Day For The Dale Farm Travellers

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Monday will be ‘crunch’ day for the illegal Irish travellers living at Dale Farm in Basildon. I have no doubt this evening will see a whole host of news people gathering at the site, waiting for the moment when the bailiffs from Basildon Council arrive with the eviction order.

Original Irish Travellers

Once the car carrying the men is spotted, all news crews will work themselves up into a frenzy and the ‘flash bulbs’ will be popping like crazy. The members of the bleeding hearts brigade will begin their chants of “Fascists” and “Racist” at the tops of their collective voices, not that the whole episode has anything to do with them. They just like an opportunity to shout insults at government and council workers going about their lawful duty, and of course, get their pictures in the papers.

Traveller? Try towing that place behind your truck!

This whole scenario is about a group of some 400 travellers who have taken over a piece of land that does not belong to them, and although they call themselves ‘travellers’, many have lived there for 10 years. The local council has been trying to evict them for a long time, but to no avail. Now it’s ‘crunch time’.

Ethnic Cleansing?

In my opinion, they are a blot on the landscape, because they seem to think they can pull over anywhere and set up home, and don’t give a damn about who owns the land. None of them pay taxes like normal people, because they are travellers, they seem to think they are exempt. Mostly, they survive by doing odd jobs in the neighbourhoods where they settle, but many still claim benefits!  With some groups, the crime rate suddenly goes up when they move in. For those who doubt the crime aspect, one of the leaders, Richard Sheridan, has twice been convicted of smuggling cigarettes and evading £9 million in customs duty.


Care For The Environment? Traveller Rubbish Tip

As for the environment, forget it! They seem to think they can turn any piece of land they take for their own into a rubbish tip, and when its full to overflowing, move on.

Yes You Will!

These people have tried every legal loophole against their eviction, at tax payers expense I might add, and it has all been for nothing, as each successive hearing has upheld the order. One woman is still hoping for a breakthrough using a medical problem as an excuse. They have also tried the ‘education of our children’ excuse because some 107 are enrolled at the local primary school. The school authorities say that most of them don’t turn up for school anyway. It is no wonder the majority of travellers are illiterate!

The council have ‘bent over backwards’ to solve the problem with these people, even offering them houses near the children’s school, all to no avail.

Expensive Homes In Ireland?

Nope! I think the eviction should go ahead, and they should be told politely to ‘sling their collective hook’ as it were. If they wish to settle down like normal folk, then let them live by normal standards and pay taxes like the rest of us!  Investigations have uncovered the fact that some of these people actually own large houses in Ireland. So the question is, why are they squatting illegally in England?

These people should be made aware that the ‘age of the traveller’ is long gone, and while a nomadic lifestyle may sound ‘idyllic’, it is these days anything but! Settle down people, pay taxes, and give your children the chance of a proper education. Your time is over! 


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