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An Increased Threat To Europe

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Coming To A Town Near You?

Coming To A Town Near You?

The battle for Mosul rages on, and with the overwhelming forces attacking the city it is only a matter of time before it is overrun. But what of the aftermath? As the fight reaches its climax and ISIS are close to defeat we will be faced with a major dilemma.

The surviving members of ISIS have only to throw down their weapons and behave as citizens of the city and they will be free to do as they please. It turns out that many hold European passports, and a theory has been put forward that these people will head home to Europe once the fighting is over. So what happens then?

Could it be they will rejoin their families and go back to their normal lives, or will they continue with their jihad on European soil? Considering how fanatical these people are the second choice seems much more likely. We could even find some of them entering Britain.

The possibility exists that we could be entering a new phase of the war against these animals, for we already know that many jihadists have entered Europe disguised as refugees. Were they to join together we could see a wave of attacks in our cities and towns like never before.

Food for thought!


And Now It’s The English Channel!

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Yes Angela - You are Solely Responsible For The Fall Of The European Union!

Yes Angela – You are Solely Responsible For The Fall Of The European Union!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the migrants started crossing the English Channel to Britain by boat. In the last few weeks we have seen the first attempts, and some predictions are that it could become as bad as the Mediterranean.

Personally I doubt that, for although the crossing may be shorter, the seas are much rougher and there is constant ship movement through the Channel which could sink a boat without ever noticing.

But, it is certain that many will try to get to the United Kingdom over the coming summer months, and for that we must be prepared.

In my view, as soon as they are caught they should be arrested and returned to France immediately. It is the only way to stop the flow of immigrants, for once they see the futility of their actions it will hopefully slow down and stop. For every person we allow to stay, we encourage more to make the perilous crossing.

I have said it many times , but I will say it again. I have nothing against genuine refugees from Syria and Iraq coming to our shores temporarily, but I have no time for the economic refugees whose only desire is to live for free off the British benefits system.

As you would expect, part of the problem is those who make such journey’s possible, i.e. the people smugglers. This has become a highly lucrative trade in recent years, and some groups are making millions within a very short time. In my opinion much of this money is being used to fund terrorist groups like ISIS. Most certainly the smugglers themselves are making a lot of money, and it is a trade that is expanding all the time.

Two British Men Charged With Immigration Offences After A Group Of Albanians Were Rescued From English Channel.

Two British Men Charged With Immigration Offences After A Group Of Albanians Were Rescued From English Channel.

Those idiots in Brussels may well  be patting themselves on the back for the agreement with Turkey to shut the door to Greece, but as I have said before, as the summer comes the smugglers will just increase their efforts from Libya to Italy. Already the traffic is large between these two countries, but one thing is for sure, it will increase as time goes on.

Predictions are that Europe can expect  at least a million more refugees this summer, and the big question is, where do we put them all?

Ever since Merkel made the biggest mistake ever in European politics by her open invitation to refugees from Syria and Iraq to come to Germany, the continent has been overrun by so-called ‘refugees’, most of whom are here purely for economic reasons.

The immigrants are causing chaos in many countries, and although Germany is asking others to take part of the inflow she precipitated, many nations have refused.

At Least The Papers Got It Right!

At Least The Papers Got It Right!

Considering that approximately two thirds of all migrants are economic refugees, and the difficulty in weeding them out, this has left Europe with a major problem, one of the reasons why the U.K. is holding a referendum on leaving the E.U.

There can be little doubt that Angela Merkel’s rash statement to refugees caused terrific upset within the E.U., and Britain’s public are not the only ones who want to leave. Her single stupid action could be the catalyst to the whole Union unraveling and being condemned to history.

As I have previously stated, there are a number of country’s that also want to hold a referendum on leaving the E.U., and it is certain that if Britain does decide to leave this will gain momentum.

Europe has not seen such troubled times since the Second World War and this one will not be easy to overcome. As the ‘refugee’s’ flood in, the problems with housing, the economy, education, and last but not least, the steady influx of ISIS fighters who are hiding among them, will cause chaos within the Union.

I for one do not believe the Union will survive this crisis, for many countries have already closed their borders to the immigrants to protect their own. As the European Union fades into history the blame will land squarely on the shoulders of Angela Merkel.


Is Libya Next On ISIL’s List?

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According to news reports ISIL are moving into Libya in ever-increasing numbers and this does not bode well for Europe. They are being slowly beaten in Syria and Iraq and it makes sense for them to try and take over another country.

ISIL5yearMapLibya is already rocked by conflicting parties who wish to control the country and now ISIL are joining the fray. With their tactics they are sure to increase their influence over areas where they already hold a great deal of control like Benghazi, Sirte and Tripoli among others. All coastline towns and cities.

They have for some time been attacking the oil fields in Libya, intent on gaining control of the oil output from the country.

The worrying thing about ISIL gaining control of Libya, is the fact that now the border with Turkey has all but been sealed for refugees, the main route open to them is crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy. If ISIL gain control of this country we will see the flow more than double over the next year.

Part of the problem is that they will surely ship many of their terrorists among the refugees as they have last year and this. If this happens then the number of terrorists attacks on the European mainland will increase drastically.

ISIL In Action

Into The Water Until They Drown

From events up until now it is clear that Europe is one of their main targets for these attacks, and the more of them that get here the wider will be their plans of operation. As we have seen from the Paris and Brussels attacks, they do not carry out them themselves but persuade local Muslims to do their dirty work for them. This makes it difficult for the European law enforcement forces to track down and eliminate these people and so they live to plan fresh attacks.

Due to the warring factions in Libya, and the fact that there is not a single government controlling the country, this makes things easier for ISIL because defence against them cannot be properly coordinated.

They are losing ground slowly from the attacks by Syrian and Iraqi forces in these two countries, and with the help of other nations like Russia, the USA and some European countries they will eventually be thrown out of these lands. But, if they end up taking Libya it will start all over again.

The Last UN Joint Action

The Last UN Joint Action

I said many times in the past that the best solution for all the world’s terror group problems is for the United Nations to get off its fat backside and take some positive action against this menace that has spread across more than 100 countries in the world. All the groups causing so many problems are Muslim and it is time for a concerted effort to stop it cold.

All countries that have an insurgency problem should call on the U.N. to do something about it, for the main responsibility of the U.N. is to ensure world peace. Since the Korean War that has become a joke, so if this means an international U.N. force must go from country to country and wipe them out, so be it. A concerted action of this magnitude would put an end to this reign of terror.

If it means gathering an international force like they did in the Korean War in 1950, then so be it. The ordinary people have a right to live without the constant threat of terrorism.

The massive influx of refugees into Europe has been caused solely by ISIL, and if an international U.N. force went into the Middle East and Africa and wiped them out they could all return home and take the tremendous pressure off European countries.  The same can be said for Boko Haram in Nigeria and al Shabab in Somalia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and many other groups.



The sad thing is, the commitment of the U.N. to ensure world peace has become a joke and is farthest from their minds. All they have done is verbally ‘Condemn’ the actions of these people, but take no action whatsoever! I wonder what they would do against aliens if they attacked our planet? Probably ‘Condemn’ them too!


Is Europe Dying?

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Try Next Door

Try Next Door

From all the recent news bulletins about the influx of refugees you must get the idea that the Europe Union is currently an utter shambles. With the the current crisis no other conclusion is possible.

The politicians do not seem the grasp the severity of what they are doing, or failing to do, and no-one seems capable of making the right decisions. Currently the migrants are being halted in Greece, which is totally incapable of handling the crisis on their own and they seem to be getting no direct help from the rest of Europe apart from the promise of 700m Euros at some time in the future.

When Merkel opened her big mouth last year openly inviting refugees to Germany, she had no idea that her country would suddenly be swamped with refugees to the tune of 1.25m in just a few months of 2015, and believe me, we have seen nothing yet.

In the first six weeks of this year alone 80,000 migrants reached the shores of Europe, mainly through Turkey and the Greek islands. Experts are certain that this year we will see more than 1m crossing into Europe, with some estimates as high as 2m. Any sane person must realize that this is totally unsustainable, for we already have unending problems with those that arrived last year.

Middle East Refugee Reception

Middle East Refugee Reception

It is well recorded that around two thirds are purely economic migrants from countries that are not at war like Syria and Iraq, and it is equally obvious that Germany cannot house and feed them all. This is the reason why Merkel is trying to offload so many onto other European countries, but the end effect is that many of these countries are closing their borders to the migrants, which leaves Greece to ‘carry the can’.

Today (7/3/2016) it seems that the E.U. is holding a meeting to permanently seal the border with Greece to prevent these people moving north into other areas of the E.U. This is unacceptable as they should be doing everything possible to halt the flow from Turkey.

The politicians in Brussels seem totally incapable of handling this crisis as they dither and argue about what should happen. In my view, the only sure way out of the this crisis is to shut the door to all of Europe, at least until the current mess is sorted out. This will mean sending them all back to where they came from as soon as they arrive.

As summer approaches it is obvious that the number of migrants will increase ten-fold as more and more cross the Mediterranean to the shores of Greece and Italy. It is clear that Europe has not been able to handle the 1.25m migrants from last year, so what makes the politicians think they can handle another million this year. Before year’s end the continent will have been literally swamped with these people unless drastic action is taken to halt the flow. This means turning back all those who try to get here until the message gets through that we cannot take any more.

It will be hard to take this stance, but for the sake of the future of Europe, I see no other way. Economy’s have been hit hard by the problems of the last ten years and we are by no means out of the woods yet. With the economies of the various nations in trouble this will only drag us further into the mire until the entire system collapses, but the politicians in Brussels just do not seem to appreciate the fact.

Taking Germany as an example, just how does Merkel and her cohorts think that their nation can house, feed and provide jobs for 1.25m plus another million at least this year. The answer is, it’s impossible! The same goes for other European countries. By the end of this year, with another 1m+ coming to European shores the problems will only intensify.

Germany may need to increase its population due to the slowing of the birthrate among ethnic Germans, but to invite Muslims into your country in such numbers is not the answer. Merkel should have been intelligent enough to use a more controlled immigration system where she would have been able to pick and choose who entered the country.

On top of all this, there is no way that the migrants will properly integrate into European society. We have seen this over the past eighteen years or so in Britain, which should have been a lesson to Merkel.

Muslim Rape

Muslim Rape

Already in  Germany we have seen a marked increase in attacks on women because the Muslims seem to think that it is their right to rape any western women they come across whenever they feel like it, and don’t forget that such actions are allowed by the Qur’an!

Just as in England, the Muslims will begin taking over entire neighbourhoods in towns and cities as their numbers increase. Once established, their demands will become more and more evident as they try to change the country to suit their way of life. There can be little doubt this is the biggest crisis to hit Europe since the Second World War.

The trouble is, I for one do not see a way out of the problem because the politicians in Brussels seem totally unable to get a grip of the crisis. Many countries like Hungary, Chechnya and Macedonia have taken unilateral action and closed their borders and want nothing to do with the migrants.

All E.U. countries should be assisting Greece and Italy by using their Navies to turn back any migrant boats trying to cross the Mediterranean. This must continue until the migrants, and more importantly the people smugglers get the message and the flow stops. These people will need to turn to their own kind in the Middle East countries for the help they need, for most of these countries have done nothing to assist their fellow Muslims.

The governments of Iraq and Syria are doing nothing to help their own people in the war-torn areas and are quite happy to offload these people onto Europe, when they should be doing all they can to help their own.

As for the economic migrants, they should be swiftly weeded out and returned without delay to their homeland. Once the message gets through we should see the numbers of those trying to get into Europe fall drastically.

Unless our stupid politicians start taking some sensible steps to halt the flow of migrants Europe will cease to exist, and God help us all when the Muslims finally take over. Don’t think for one minute that this is impossible.

The ideology of Islam strictly forbids integration into our western way of life because the rules are very strict, and not forgetting that all Muslims are brainwashed from birth to follow the teachings of Allah.

You only have to look at all the press photographs to see that the greater majority of ‘refugees’ are all young men without families. It is certain that many are members of Islamic State, and literally thousands of them have already crossed into Europe hidden among the refugees. Once they get organized we will see many attacks of the kind that hit Paris a short time ago. Given time we could see open warfare on the streets of our towns and cities. God help us all!


Refugees – And Now The Panic Begins!

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1I never thought I would see the day, but now European Union countries are beginning to really panic about the number of refugees entering the continent. After the major influx of one million last year experts were saying that we could expect another two million this year, but now their estimate has gone up to four million.



This of course is due to the ready acceptance of so many refugees last year, particularly by Germany, and Europe is now seen as a golden opportunity by millions more. Even during the treacherous winter months people are still trying to get to Europe through Greece by crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Many have died in the attempt, but it has not deterred anyone.

In the coming months we can expect the volume of refugees to increase greatly as the weather improves, and that is scaring many European countries.

It is clear that Europe has not been able to successfully integrate the million that reached our shores last year, which means that a further four million this year will no doubt cause the collapse of the entire Union.

Still Coming Even In Winter

Still Coming Even In Winter

To combat this Belgium, Austria and Sweden are proposing that Greece be excluded from the free travel Schengen Zone so that fences can be erected along its northern border to stop the refugees from getting any further into Europe. This would mean that Greece, although on the verge of bankruptcy, would have to care for all the refugees crossing into Europe on its own. As you can imagine, this is an absolute impossibility.

Austrian interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner made the following remark on the subject: “If we cannot protect the external EU border, the Greek-Turkish border, then the Schengen external border will move towards central Europe. It is a myth that the Greek-Turkish border cannot be protected. The Greek navy has enough capacities to secure this border. It is one of the biggest navies in Europe.”

It might be a temporary solution to the problem, but as the weather gets better more and more refugees will switch to crossing from Libya to Italy as they did last year. What will the E.U. do then, ban Italy also, and later Spain?

Swarming Into Europe

Swarming Into Europe

This is indeed a very serious problem for Europe, and it all started when Angela Merkel stupidly opened her big mouth and invited refugees to Germany. As I have mentioned before, this is exactly what the traitor Tony Blair did to Britain at the end of the nineties, and look at the state of the place now.  With this massive influx of migrants the same thing is going to happen to Germany and the rest of Europe.

It is not fair to allow Greece to take the brunt of the criticism, for this whole catastrophe is not that country’s fault, for if anyone is to blame it must be Germany and Merkel.

The only solution is to weed out and return the economic refugees to their country of origin, for they made up two-thirds of last years influx, and then refuse entry to all those who wish to enter this year. All countries need to participate in the procedure by helping out Greece, Italy and Spain with their border controls.

There can be little doubt that this will cause mayhem in international politics for country after country will be protesting at the inhumane response to the refugee crisis but the simple answer is: “If you don’t like it then YOU take them in!”

On top of this, political pressure should be put on the countries bordering the other side of the Mediterranean to put the smugglers out of action and stem the flow of those trying to make it across.

Radical Islam

Radical Islam

Both of these are really temporary measures, for the prime target must be to end the turmoil in the Middle East by putting all the terrorist groups in the ground. I have said it many times before, but this world crisis will never end until the United Nations sanction direct action to eliminate totally groups like Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Shabab, al Qaeda and all the rest of them. It needs to be an international effort to eradicate all terror groups  in the world wherever they hide. Only then can the refugees go home and the world live in peace.


Europe In 2016?

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The Swarm

The Swarm

During 2015 more than a million refugees have flooded into Europe from many countries, and due to the impossibility of dealing with such large numbers most will be allowed to stay, even though two-thirds of them are economic migrants. Already this influx has put great strain on the resources of many countries as they try to house and care for them. But what of next year?

We can expect the numbers to drop significantly during the winter, but when the weather gets better in the spring, what then? Experts have already assured us that next year we can expect more than two million to attempt to enter Europe due to the success of so many this year.

Just A Simple Question!

Just A Simple Question!

For most people living in Middle Eastern countries, and others like Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Africa, Europe is the ‘Promised Land’ of opportunity and they will do anything to get here, especially now that Angela Merkel has opened the doors wide, just like Tony Blair did for Britain.

It will be a massive struggle, and a severe drain on our resources to care for all those that have entered this year, but next year, if the experts are right, it may well lead to the total collapse of the European economy and severe hardship for the people.

Pegida in Germany - An Example

Pegida in Germany – An Example

If our people are to have a life in the future this has to stop, for governments cannot support these numbers because there will be intolerable strain on the social assistance resources and there is just not enough jobs or housing for these refugees. Already there have been many instances of demonstrations and acts of aggression by the people against those that have come this year, and if as the experts expect, we end up with another two million next year all hell will break loose.

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that our politicians do not heed the voice of the people when they know we are against such a thing. I am sure Angela Merkel had no idea of the problems she would cause when she made her rash comment in welcoming all refugees to Germany. Had she sat back and thought about it for even a minute she may well not have said what she did. But unfortunately she did and now the entire continent is in an uproar. She has unwittingly condemned many countries in Europe to a period of extreme hardship as they try to cater for the refugees.

So Happy To Be Here And So Grateful For Our Generosity

So Happy To Be Here And So Grateful For Our Generosity

Personally, I think that unless it is made clear to all nations that we will not accept any more refugees in such numbers, either now or in the future, there will be blood on the streets as the European people react when their anger boils over. What we have experienced so far in the way of demonstrations and attacks will be but a drop in the ocean compared to what is coming.

On the other side of the coin, as their numbers increase the Muslims will intensify their activities to change the face of Europe to be more in line with their way of life. It has been proven that when Muslims reach a certain percentage of the population they will exert more and more pressure on the lives of those that took them in.

After A Short While In The Country No Longer Grateful But Showing Their True Colours

After A Short While In The Country No Longer Grateful But Showing Their True Colours

We see this daily in Britain with their demands for halal food, taking over schools, more mosques, areas of towns and cities with Sharia Law and a total disregard for the British way of life. This will happen in Germany too once they get themselves established, and that you can take to the bank.

With Muslims Next Door To Dress Like This Is Tempting Fate!

With Muslims Next Door To Dress Like This Is Tempting Fate!

In many areas of Britain where they have all but taken over, English women and girls are no longer safe on the streets after dark because rape is condoned by the Qur’an in the Islāmic religion. Some German school headmasters have already warned parents about allowing girls to wear short skirts or see-through blouses on the streets. To many Muslims this is an open invitation.

Muslims Taking Over Entire Towns

Muslims Taking Over Entire Towns

There can be little doubt that in time many things will change within Europe as this new wave of Muslims assert their place in our society. The creep of Islam into European culture is becoming stronger and faster as the years go by, and they are influencing more and more the lives of the European people. The sad thing is, our politicians just do not recognize the dangers associated with it.

If as predicted we see a further two million refugees swarming ashore in Greece and Italy next year, then it will certainly not be long before Islam begins to show its muscles within Europe and the lives of every native will be changed for ever.

“Which do you fancy darling, this black burqa or that black burqa?”


Pathetic Protesters

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Naiivity At Its Most Obvious

Naivety At Its Most Obvious

It was interesting to read today about a large group of young people in London protesting about Britain’s involvement in airstrikes against ISIS. It makes me wonder at the naïvety of some, who I am sure consider themselves to be intelligent. What do they think the world will be like if these terrorists are given a free rein to achieve their goals?

ISIS are the most vicious and brutal killers on the planet, yet these people want to do nothing to stop them. Are they content to allow them to set up their own state in the Middle East? What do they think will happen once ISIS have achieved this goal? Do these people really think they will stop there?

Corbyn - The Biggest Idiot In World Politics

Corbyn – The Biggest Idiot In World Politics

To me they are as stupid as Jeremy Corbyn the current Labour Leader who seems to think that we can negotiate a peace settlement with these people. If it were up to me this idiot would be sent out to Syria to negotiate with ISIS and we would see how long he keeps his head on his shoulders.

This group has already infiltrated and carried out terrorist attacks in surrounding countries like Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and very many others with the obvious intention of reaching their goal of making the entire world Islamic. Once they have a country of their own do these idiots really think that Europe will be safe?

Already they have infiltrated many European countries with their followers disguised as refugees, and it is clear that their purpose is to begin attacks here, Paris being the first, but you can be sure that many more will follow.

ISIS Atrocity

ISIS Atrocity

It makes me wonder how soon these protesters will be baying for blood if members of their families are the victims of a future attack on our shores.

It must be clear to anyone with intelligence that this group must be stopped from achieving its goal otherwise they will plunge the whole world into war. Their barbarity knows no bounds as we have seen by the public beheading of their prisoners on TV.

Due to the lack of action by the United Nations it has fallen to NATO and like-minded Middle East countries to take on these people and put them out of business, and that includes the United Kingdom. If we do not take part in the air strikes against ISIS do these protesters think ISIS will leave us alone and not commit attacks here? How naive can you get? Do they for one minute think that if these terrorists manage by some miracle to conquer the rest of Europe they will stop at Calais and leave us alone?

War is a terrible thing and many innocent people get caught in the crossfire, but to do nothing and hope the problem goes away is impossible.

Iraq And Syria Attacks

Iraq And Syria Attacks

Just suppose that when Hitler came to power and started WW2, should all the European nations have held up their hands and surrendered to him without a shot being fired? We all know about the sheer brutality of his regime, but who would want to live permanently under the heel of the Nazi jackboot? We fought and we won, just as we will win this war with ISIS.

The one thing we do need is ‘boots on the ground’ to use an American expression. The problem there is the complication posed by Assad and the problems in Syria. If an agreement can be reached there all the fighting nations need to put in a joint force to finally crush these parasites.

To The Protesters - If This Was Your Mother/Wife?

To The Protesters – If This Was Your Mother/Wife Would You Still Be A Pacifist?

But of course that will be absolute taboo so far as these protesters are concerned. They will never rally around the flag unless their parents or children are the victims of a savage terrorist attack. Perhaps the sight of their mother, father or baby daughter getting their throats cut on TV would be enough to change their pacifist views?

If Islamic State are to be stopped all people and all countries need to work together to stamp out this menace to humanity.


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