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Are The Iran Nuclear Negotiations Worth It?

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Do you believe that Iran is seeking to make nuclear weapons or that, as they say, it is for peaceful purposes only? This thorny issue has been of major concern to many countries for the past twelve years. For more than a decade negotiations have been on-going, and in my view are still far from an agreement.

Says It All Really

Says It All Really

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

In a recent statement Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said, “I have never been optimistic about negotiating with America. While I was not optimistic, I agreed with this particular negotiation and supported the negotiators.” He went on to say, “We will sign no agreement but the one that immediately abolishes all the economic sanctions on the first day of the implementation of the agreement.” It would seem he wants ‘to have his cake and eat it too’.

The negotiators on the other side of the table are insisting that sanctions will be lifted gradually once it is seen that Iran is abiding by the terms of the agreement. I would consider this to be a much more sensible approach than that stated by the Iranian Leader.

Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

To demand the removal of all sanctions on the day the agreement is signed is no guarantee that Iran will fully take the steps required to limit its nuclear programme.

There will need to be a system of inspections by the  The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to ensure conformance with the terms of the agreement, otherwise Iran could just continue with their activities in secret. This all takes time to arrange, and verification will be a long process. In my view, Iran has been stringing out these talks for more than ten years while in the background they have been continuing their quest for fissionable material. After so many years of negotiation it is highly possible they already have sufficient material to make at least one nuclear weapon, crude though it might be. It would be easy to hide this away somewhere out of sight of the IAEA inspectors.

Nuclear Site

Nuclear Site

It is worthy to note that when they first allowed these inspectors into their sites a couple of years ago they allowed inspections of all but one, and then some months later allowed the inspectors into that site while refusing them entry to another. Smells fishy to me, how about you?

If over the intervening years Iran has managed to make sufficient nuclear material for a bomb, what would they do with it?

Their two main enemies are Israel, and as stated on many an occasion, the United States of America. So if you were them, and had a secret nuclear bomb what would you do with it?



The whole idea of Iran becoming a nuclear nation is a horrific one, for being a staunch Islamic nation which has shown its hatred for the West on many occasions, with atomic weapons it is capable of anything.  Iran has been a very active supporter of terrorist groups across the world, supplying them with arms and funds for their inhuman activities, so who is to say they will not provide someone like al Quada or Islamic State with a nuclear weapon?

A Terrorists Dream

A Terrorists Dream

There are without doubt more than enough terrorist organizations that would love to have a nuclear weapon, no matter how crude. They make no secret about who their enemies are, and would love the chance to blow up Tel Aviv or New York for example. Who is to say Iran would not initiate a devastating nuclear attack on Israel, their sworn enemy?

'Diplomacy' At Work

‘Diplomacy’ At Work

Iran as a nuclear nation would also be a great threat in the Middle East, for it would give them control, and if you remember, that’s where most of the world’s oil comes from.

This insistence by Iran that all sanctions are lifted as soon as the agreement is signed could spell the end of the negotiations. It remains to be seen if the western powers will cave in to this, but if they do it will set a dangerous precedent.


Suspected Iranian Nuclear Cover-up

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Intelligent people who are convinced of Iran’s’ nuclear ambitions will not be surprised to hear there appears to be a major cover-up of nuclear activity taking place at Parchin Military Base in Iran prior to an inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran has for a long time forbidden inspection of this facility while allowing the IAEA into other carefully selected areas, and it seems to have been easy to pull the wool over the eyes of this august body, until now that is.

To this simple soul it seems obvious that the sites were cleansed prior to any inspection in order to uphold the myth that Iran’s’ nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only. Anyone who believes that is a fool.  

Parchin Cover-Up?

Satellite images recently made available to the Press show increased activity at the Parchin Base and show buildings have been demolished. A senior Western official told Reuters “Iran is worried that the agency might find something there. Otherwise it wouldn’t be going through the sanitization process”. Other images are purported to show  “extensive evidence of earth displacement.” 

Just about anyone who has kept up to date on this story will know the Iranian government has been stalling for the last six or seven years about its nuclear ambitions, and has successfully refused access to IAEA monitors to all its nuclear sites at the same time. They are not doing this to be awkward, but more to hide their real intentions, which is clearly to become a nuclear weapon nation. Its the old game of ‘which cup is the pea under’. You can inspect A, B and C while we hide our stuff in D. After several months you can inspect A, B, and D because we moved all incriminating evidence to C. Iran has played this game of hide and seek for more than a decade, but now satellite photography is catching up with them.

I am sure the Iranian government would have loved to surprise the world with a nuclear weapon test, but thankfully many people have seen through the web of lies they have woven. Naturally, the Iranian government is sticking to its story of ‘peaceful purposes’ and Ali Asghar Soltenieh, Iran’s representative to the IAEA, said these allegations were “childish and ridiculous”. Bleat all you will Mr. Soltenieh, but no intelligent person believes you any more.

The IAEA were last allowed to inspect the facility at Parchin twice in 2005 but not the buildings that have just been destroyed and removed. Should the inspection teams be allowed to do radioactivity measurements in these areas, and the pond where the rubble has been dumped, they may well find some interesting results. For one thing is sure, you cannot hide a radioactive footprint. It is thought that one or more of these buildings may have housed a containment chamber, which it is believed may have been used more than a decade ago for nuclear weapons-related high explosives testing. The Iranian government has said it will grant access to Parchin, but only in the context of a framework agreement to resolve all remaining questions about Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

In my opinion, Iran most certainly has something to hide, for if that were not so, they would have thrown open the doors to all their facilities without question and allowed the IAEA full and unrestricted access. You only play such games when you have some deep dark secret.

There can be little doubt that to the Iranians, their secret is worth all their prevarication and lies, and will have untold consequences for world peace.


Only Idiots Feel Sorry For Iran!

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Browsing readers comments sent in on internet news articles about the Iran nuclear threat, I can only conclude that many people are either naive ‘in extremis’, or totally stupid.

Iranian Nuclear Sites

Many of them are anti-american and seem to think the Yanks are to blame for the whole sordid affair, and Iran is totally innocent of charges laid against it by the latest IAEA report. All I can say to them is: Wake up people!

None of them seem to have thought about the situation and what it can mean for world peace. The IAEA would not dare to fabricate information about Iranian nuclear ambitions to the extent that a war could result.

Head of the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. The IAEA was established as an autonomous organization on 29 July 1957. Though established independently of the United Nations through its own international treaty the IAEA Statute, the body reports to both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council (Wikipedia). To put it bluntly, I do not believe the IAEA is working  for, or run by the Americans! Many people are crying that the IAEA Chairman Yukiya Amano is American, but in fact he is Japanese, and it just goes to show how idiots jump to all the wrong conclusions.

Aljazeera news item on the latest IAEA report:

Russian Scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko

There has been much disquieting evidence coming out of Iran over the last ten years. As early as the 1990’s Russian scientist, Vyacheslav Danilenko, ‘unwittingly’ (according to him) helped them to develop a nuclear trigger. A nuclear trigger has one purpose only, to initiate a nuclear explosion. Why would Iran need such a thing if their nuclear programme was for peaceful means? The simple answer is they don’t!

Pakistani Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

A further disturbing fact is that the ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan, assisted Iran to develop a neutron initiator. It is a crucial part of some nuclear weapons, as its role is to “kick-start” the chain reaction. Why would Iran need such a thing if its nuclear programme were for peaceful purposes only? Again the simple answer is they don’t!

These two individuals have admitted this information to the world, but still some dumb individuals think the whole thing is an American plot, and an excuse to go to war with Iran!

You Cannot Hide From the Eye In the Sky!

Most suspect in Iran’s nuclear programme is their continued attempts to hide the entire process. If, as they say, the whole project is totally innocent and for peaceful means only, why have they closed all avenues of international inspection and monitoring of their work? Why is everything being moved into bomb-proof underground shelters out of sight of the rest of the world? If the entire project is for the peaceful generation of power, they should throw open the doors and let anyone who wants to inspect their installations and progress, but in reality they are trying desperately to hide everything and conduct the project in secrecy. This is not the action of an ‘innocent’ power.

To say they have moved everything underground for fear of an Israeli or American attack on their facilities does not hold water, for if they had been open and honest with the world that would never be necessary.

Iran rebuttal of IAEA Report:

Now That’s A Valid Question!

While I freely admit that America loves to throw its weight around in global politics, and they have always considered themselves the world’s ‘policeman’, I do not think that now the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are winding down they are looking for another victim, although many people believe this. I think they are wrong, for the evidence against Iran is overwhelming and the future of world peace could well be at stake.

If you study the facts in the Iran case, you come to only one conclusion; Iran wants its own nuclear weapon. As a Muslim nation with a fanatical leadership, who’s ambitions far outweigh its position in the world, and who for many decades has backed any terrorist organization willing to take on the West, the danger should be obvious, even to an idiot.

Israeli Bunkerblaster

It was bad enough when India and Pakistan both became nuclear, for they have been on the brink of war many times, but Iran, should it get these weapons of mass destruction, would not hesitate to use them against its arch enemy Israel. Israel would naturally respond thereby probably inflaming the entire Middle East, and then where would we be? The least that would happen is meltdown of the world economy!

al Quada Has a Long Reach

As I have mentioned in previous posts on the subject, Iran cannot attack the USA or Europe directly, but it wouldn’t have to. I am sure groups such as al Quada and the Taliban would be more than willing to set off a few nuclear weapons in western cities if they had them, and where do you think they would get them? Don’t be so naive as to think it could never happen!

We have all seen the placards from Muslim protesters on the streets, and heard the rhetoric from Muslim priests that ‘Islam will rule the world’, well, side with Iran and it may well happen sooner rather than later. Anyone who ignores this major threat to world peace is a fool.


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