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Who Disputes We Are A Compensation Culture?

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Compensation claims are the curse of the British way of life and have been for some years. People will claim for the most stupid of reasons, and all for ‘accidents’ that are mostly their own stupid fault. Sad to say it has become a way of life in today’s Britain, as just about anyone is looking for a way ‘to make a fast buck’ as the Americans say. Long gone are the days when honest people just put little accidents down to bad luck or their own clumsiness and move on.

Hardest hit are the many city councils across the country who pay out huge sums to their workers who get ‘injured’ in minor accidents. Over a period of three years, Bradford City Council paid out a massive £30million pounds in compensation to its workers.

Here are some of the ludicrous payments made to workers by councils:

A Bradford council worker won more than £12,000 after being hit by a toilet lid when flushing.

Another award included £12,566 to a cleaner who received bruises when she got her feet caught in a vacuum cleaner hose, and £16,500 went to an employee who slipped on a cream cake. 

Other bizarre awards from the same council include a £10,166 payout to a worker who hurt their shoulder while opening an oven door and £3,370 to a worker who fell off a toilet due to a “defective seat”.

A woman wearing high heels who tripped on a staircase was awarded £8,200 by Leeds City Council after injuring her shoulder.

And the same council paid £1,800 to an employee who ALMOST fell off his chair, hurting his back.

Another worker in Leeds pocketed £1,050 for hurting her back while moving POTATOES.

In Bristol, a clumsy carer was paid £4,000 for tripping over a patient’s zimmer frame, while Nottinghamshire County Council paid £23,503 to a worker for a bruise.

Meanwhile East Sussex Council paid £5,000 to a member of staff who injured their back while “putting a large number of leaflets in a filing cabinet”.

And Ceredigion County Council stumped up £16,500 in compo for an employee who slipped on a cream cake.

Birmingham City Council paid out £4,362 to a care worker who slipped on URINE.

A worker in Conwy pocketed £3,774 for suffering nothing but grazes after tripping over some boxes and South Gloucestershire Council paid out £7,650 to a caretaker who slipped on wet stairs while carrying a large pack of toilet rolls.

Haringey Council in London paid £9,750 to a dozy employee who walked into a lamp post and hurt their knee.

Meanwhile Norfolk County Council awarded £25,000 to a kitchen worker who suffered burns after pouring a pan of boiling water over her arms when she picked it up with a tea towel, rather than oven gloves. The payment was made even though the worker followed “incorrect procedures”.

To me this sort of behaviour is farcical, and indicative of the depths that people will go these days to get some money without having to do anything for it.

Some months ago I was walking down the main street in Marbella and I tripped over the sunken lip of a small manhole cover. I cut my knee quite a bit, ruined a good pair of trousers and suffered some pain from the injury, but I didn’t run to the nearest compensation lawyer and claim a few thousand Euro’s in compensation from the local council. I am old school and not used to such things so I just picked myself up and moved on. Had I been of the modern generation I may well have sued the council and won as much as €10,000 compensation, who knows?

When e.g. an idiot can get paid £9,750 for walking into a lamppost it is time to scrap the whole system, because it is too bizarre for words.


Government to Look at the ‘Whiplash’ Insurance Scam

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One of the biggest cons in Britain today is that of ‘whiplash’, i.e. injury to the neck after a bump in the car. A large number of swindlers see it as a neat way of earning some extra cash at little expense, and this is reflected in the spiralling cost of motor insurance in the country.

Wow! My Neck! That’ll Cost You An Arm And A Leg

You are driving along quite sedately when suddenly the car in front for no apparent reason slams on the brakes and you hit him. If that happens to you, you have probably fallen foul of a con-man. He will get out of the car complaining of a severe pain in his neck and when you look at the damage to the car its superficial. Unfortunately there is little you can do, and you quickly realise your insurance is going to have to pay out, meaning next year your no-claims bonus is out the window.

The problem with whiplash is that its very difficult to substantiate, especially if the ‘victim’ knows the right moment to let out a moan when seen by a doctor. The medical fraternity are loath to ignore the complaint for fear of being sued themselves.

‘Let Us Help You’ and We Make Money Too!

What makes the whole thing worse is that we have what are commonly referred to as ‘ambulance chasers’. These are unscrupulous lawyers who make a practice of following ambulances after an accident and then sweet-talking the injured person into hiring them to make a claim for compensation. These people are despicable parasites who should not be allowed to practice law under any circumstances. It amazes me that the Ministry of Justice has so far taken no action to prevent them from operating. Statistics have shown there are more than 1,500 claims for whiplash injury per day in the UK. Consequently the insurance companies have passed on this cost to the insured. Britain has often been called the whiplash capital of Europe, and with good reason.

Justine Greening

Now at last Transport Secretary Justine Greening, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, Home Secretary Theresa May and Business Secretary Vince Cable have said they intend to do something about it. Ms Greening said: “There is no getting away from it: the cost of car insurance is bearing increasingly little relationship to the real world where motorists act more responsibly than ever and accidents really do happen less often. With this in mind, it would be reasonable to expect premiums to come down or at least hold steady. But the cost of cover continues on a relentless climb. Sadly, Britain is now the whiplash capital of Europe, with more than 1,500 claims a day”. Quite right Madam!

In a recent interview Nick Starling, director of general insurance at the Association of British Insurers, said: “Honest motorists have rightly had enough of paying for ambulance chasing lawyers, claims management companies and fraudsters who milk the compensation merry-go-round through higher premiums”.

Careless Man on a Ladder

Britain has developed over the past few years into a compensation culture where everyone is out to get paid for the slightest accident. Trip on a pavement and they’re off to a lawyer to see how much money they can get for something that is often their own fault through blatant carelessness. If someone is working at a height and leans too far to the side causing the ladder to fall they are searching for a lawyer to get compensation from the ladder company or their employer. They don’t have to go too far to find one.

I am well aware there are genuine cases of injury caused by faulty machinery or lack of proper safety measures, and I do not wish to include these people in this, but for every genuine case there are perhaps ten at least who do not deserve their ill-gotten gains.

Claim, Claim, Claim

Lawyers in general have discovered there is much money to be made in filing compensation claims against whoever, and they rarely lose. One of the reasons why they find it extremely lucrative to follow an ambulance after an accident and collar the victim. Most people don’t find it hard to give in to the glib talk from these people if they think there may be money in it for them. British TV is smothered in adverts by law firms offering a “No win – No fee” service. After all, so far as the client is concerned if they lose the case it costs them nothing anyway. As soon as anyone is even slightly injured these cockroaches come out of the woodwork.

I wish the government luck and hope they can stamp out this vile trade because its only driving factor is greed and the honest motorist is paying price.


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