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The Hypocrisy Of India’s Space Programme

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India Mars MissionYesterday India launched a spacecraft to Mars which is due to arrive at the Red Planet on the 24th September next year. The project is said to have cost £45m, and is in my mind a total waste of money when an estimated 25 million people are starving to death, with around 3,000 children dying every day. It is mind-boggling how callous some governments can be in the face of such hardship.

Last year the UK government gave £280m in aid to the Indian government, and apart from the £45m spent on the launch, the entire space project has cost somewhere in the region of £600m in total, and all the while their poor, and in particular children, starve to death. Britain has been giving the Indian government money in aid for decades, and you have to ask what they spent it on. Certainly nor relieving the suffering of the poor and malnourished.

First Shipment Of India's Poor To Mars

First Shipment Of India’s Poor To Mars

Apart from being among the first nations to send a space vehicle to Mars, what does the Indian government hope to achieve? Perhaps once they have spied out the planet they intend to ship all their starving population there as the first astronauts to Mars! Otherwise, apart from the ‘prestige’ of being one of the first there I fail to see what they have to gain. When it comes down to it, what does any country have to gain by sending these craft to Mars. In my view, nothing!

What with the poisonous atmosphere, and the extreme dangers of the 10 month journey, I doubt very much if man will ever colonize the planet because life there is unsustainable in the long term. With our current state of knowledge on space travel there is no way anyone who goes will ever get back to Earth.

A Poor Family

A Poor Family

But this detracts from the main problem of how money is spent in India. I fail to see what such a venture will do for the people of India, no matter what the aspirations are of the government. The country is split down the middle with the wealthy and the poor, and what is sad is that the wealthy seem to feel no compunction to help the poor.

The poor are the poor, and every society on the planet has them, and they are often that way because of one major thing, a lack of education. This factor allows people to get jobs, climb the ladder into higher paid jobs, and develop into useful members of society, but because the poor never get this chance they remain trapped, and usually end up starving in the streets. On top of that is drought in many areas of India that have decimated crops necessary to feed those who have nothing. The rich have no problem putting food on the table, and in fact this is often at the expense of the poor.

Corruption in India

Corruption in India

In August 2012 the massive theft of $14.75 billion worth of food over the last decade was uncovered. Politicians and criminal syndicates systematically looted food stocks destined for the starving people of the Uttar Pradesh region. Not a single person has been arrested for this massive crime because all those that could do something about it are corrupt themselves, and so the poor and children continue to die.

It makes you wonder how the British government among others can be so blind as to continually send aid money to this country when all it does is pay for the space programme, their nuclear arsenal, and go into the pockets of corrupt government officials and businessmen. Thankfully, the British government has finally seen the light, and all aid payments to India will stop as from 2015. That donation will go a long way to helping our own people.

India's Population Growth

India’s Population Growth

India has the second largest population of any country in the world after China, and it continues to grow day by day. The government know this, but does nothing to curb the runaway birth count by introducing measures to reduce it. If you mention contraceptive to most poor and starving women in the country they don’t even know what it is.

The current population of India is estimated at 1.27 billion, and at its current rate of population increase, in 40 years time it will be 10 billion, which is way more than the total world population of 7 billion in 2013.

A Starving Child In India

A Starving Child In India

China introduced the one child per family policy in 1978 to curb its rampant population growth, which despite being extremely unpopular, has shown results. In India not a single measure has been tried to curb population growth. The government appear to have become so hardened to the plight of the poor that they do not even care if 25 million people die of hunger every year, at least they have a space craft on the way to Mars, and I suppose starvation is a rather grotesque method of population control!

So my message to the government of India is: Stop this ridiculous waste of money and effort, and concentrate on getting help to the poor and starving children. Do something to drastically cut the birthrate by introducing whatever measures are necessary to educate poor people that to churn out babies like rabbits in  killing the country, and will eventually destroy mankind.


Where Women Are A Target For Abuse

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In the West we have Human Rights Laws to protect women, and we have other laws that make it illegal for any man to force his intentions on a woman, but sadly, this is not so everywhere. Ever since the tragic episode in December last year of a young medical student who was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi, the plight of women in this mostly Hindu nation has been brought to the fore. As we all now know, she was repeatedly raped for over an hour and then thrown from the bus like a piece of garbage and left to die.

This terrible incident has given impetus to the Indian government to begin putting laws in place to protect the rights of women, however, it remains to be seen how successful this will be. In India rape is a widespread problem as men seem to think that women can be abused at will and there will be no repercussions, which is often true.

Latest Atrocity:

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death - Sorry, But This Meant To Shock You

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death – Sorry, But This Is Meant To Shock You

It is also sad to note that child rape and general abuse is also endemic in the country. Many children as young as five are forced into slave labour. According to Indian government sources one in two children suffer abuse at some time or other, and more to the point, most cases go unreported so the actual number is far higher.

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

In other cases, many Egyptian women have been raped and molested in public by large crowds of men in Tahrir Square in Cairo, scene of many demonstrations. Most notable was the recent incident where a woman had her clothes ripped off and was groped by a very large group of men. There have been at least three cases where western women have been attacked in the square by gangs of up to a hundred men, had their clothes ripped off, and while no actual rape was committed, they were subjected to abuse the likes of which are difficult to imagine.

So what does this kind of attitude towards women tell us? It is well known that in the Muslim world women are second-class citizens, and to put it in a ‘nutshell’, are put on Earth only to serve men. In some countries the strict laws regarding woman have been somewhat relaxed, but sadly not all.

Trapped - With No Way Out

Trapped – With No Way Out

In the strictest Muslim countries women are required to wear the infamous burka which covers them from head to toe. The following is from the Quran: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should draw over themselves their jilbab (outer garments) (when in public); this will be more conducive to their being recognized (as decent women) and not harassed. But God is indeed oft-forgiving, most merciful. (33:59)” While this text does not specifically say that women must cover themselves from head to foot, it has been interpreted as such because otherwise women will “inflame the passions of men”! It would seem many Muslim men think of nothing but sex and have a difficult time controlling themselves, as the sight of even a small amount of female skin will get their blood racing!

Guwahati India - A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

Guwahati India – A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

In India there is much the same feeling that women are there to serve men, and a man can do as he pleases without fear of retribution. Although the government is trying to put laws in place to protect women and children from abuse, I fear it will have little effect, because like the Muslim world it is part of their culture, and it will take much more than a few laws to bring about change. Among the ‘Laws Concerning Women in Manu-Smriti’ (Hindu Scriptures) can be found the following: “13.1 (women will be) Always dependent 13.2  (she will always) Worship and obey (her) husband 5.148 In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent”. So you see that women have very little chance of being better off with the passage of new laws introduced by the government.

It is pretty much the same with both Muslims and Hindu’s that women have little or no rights as human beings except to serve their masters, i.e. their husbands. Laws will not change this fact. It becomes evident that both religions have a lot to learn in this day and age. 

Ending Aid To India – About Damn Time!

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I read yesterday with some joy that at last the UK government is to end financial aid to India. In my opinion, this should have happened soon after they began creating a nuclear arsenal and a space programme. I am well aware that children are dying of hunger in the poor areas of the country but pumping in millions of pounds over the last few decades seems to have done little to improve their plight.

The sad thing is, India has received an average of £272m a year from the UK over many years which was originally intended to help those in desperate need, but sad to say, most of it has disappeared in the wrong direction. Corruption is rife in the land, and there is no doubt that many people have become very rich by siphoning off much of the money into their own accounts.

India's Population Growth

India’s Population Growth

To its credit, India has made some progress in feeding the country’s poor but it’s not enough. The population has trebled since 1960 and currently stands at around 1.25b. As the second most populated country in the world after China it’s perhaps time the government started doing something to curb the rampant birthrate, for the current situation is getting them nowhere.

India's Nuclear Weapons

India’s Nuclear Weapons

It is a great shame that the Indian government find it more important to have a nuclear arsenal and a space programme, than use the money to feed their people, give them an education and a reasonable standard of living. From the latest report, India spends £70bn on its social welfare budget, compared with £2.2bn on defence and £780m on space exploration. These figures may seem to be in the right proportion but you have to ask, why does this country need a nuclear deterrent and a space programme? I understand their wanting to protect themselves from Pakistan which also has a nuclear arsenal, but there the same problem exists, people are starving while the government rattles its missiles. As for the space programme, that in my opinion is a waste of space – forgive the pun!

A Starving Child

In these times of hardship in the UK I have to applaud the actions of David Cameron and his Liberal partners in making this decision. The money can far better be used to help the people in dire need in our own country, rather than make a select few in India richer every year.

Aid will not stop completely for India, but the British government has finally decided that they should concentrate more on technical aid and not financial. The heartening fact about that is it is harder to siphon off technical knowledge and machinery than hard cash!

India is fast becoming one of the major powerhouses in the world alongside China, but in my opinion, a land as wealthy as India should look closer to home when deciding how to spend the nation’s wealth.


Is A New Nuclear Arms Race Likely?

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I fear the answer to this question is irrevocably: Yes! With India’s testing last week of a missile capable of reaching China, and North Korea’s abortive attempt, the possibility of such a thing is increasing. Despite its pleas to the contrary, Iran’s attempts at developing nuclear weapons could lead to other Middle East nations feeling the need to also possess such weapons. So all the cards are falling into place.

We now have a total of eight nations with nuclear capability, plus Israel that is considered by most experts to have such weapons. Only five of these nations have either signed or ratified the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) while three have not, with Israel remaining “Undeclared”.

Country Warheads active/total Year of first test CTBT status
The five nuclear-weapon states under the NPT
United States 1,950 / 8,500 1945 (“Trinity”) Signatory
Russia (former Soviet Union) 2,430 / 10,000 1949 (“RDS-1”) Ratifier
United Kingdom 160 / 225 1952 (“Hurricane”) Ratifier
France 290 / 300 1960 (“Gerboise Blue”) Ratifier
China 180 / 240 1964 (“596”) Signatory
Non-NPT nuclear powers
India n.a. / 80–100 1974 (“Smiling Buddha”) Non-signatory
Pakistan n.a. / 90–110 1998 (“Chaqai-1”) Non-signatory
North Korea n.a. / <10 2006 (2006 Test) Non-signatory
Undeclared nuclear powers
Israel n.a. / 80–200 possibly 1979 (See Vela Incident) Signatory

There can be little doubt about Iran’s ambition to join this exclusive club, but if it does, it’s doubtful it would be willing to sign up to the NPT, but would join India, Pakistan and North Korea as non-signatories. Even Burma, which is ruled by the military, has been rumoured ever since 2002 of wishing to develop a nuclear capability and is said to have obtained help from North Korea. According to defectors, bunkers are being built with the help of the North Koreans. The military junta wishes to cement its hold on power in the country with the nuclear threat.

India's Recent Missile Test

Most of the non-signatory nations have natural enemies, India versus Pakistan, North Korea versus South Korea and eventually we could see Iran versus Israel, any of which could become a flashpoint. That ‘rogue’ states like North Korea and Iran would not hesitate to use these weapons at the slightest provocation is without doubt a disturbing factor.

As you would expect, the major nations balance their possession of these weapons with caution and use them as a deterrent only, but fanatics do not care if their country is devastated in pursuance of their ideals. This is certainly a dangerous precedent and adds a precarious element to the nuclear equation.

Nuclear proliferation is most at risk in the Middle East, for if Iran does develop these weapons, it is fairly certain countries like Saudi Arabia, and possibly Jordan, Syria and others will find it necessary to have their own as  deterrent against Iranian aggression. Iran, as the only nuclear power in the region will certainly be ‘top dog’, and in true human fashion will begin to flex its muscles in an effort to dominate other nations.

North Korea's Missile Did Not Get Very Far

North Korea will need little provocation from either the South or the United States to begin lobbing weapons into South Korea. Border clashes between the two are in fact a regular occurrence. It would not take much for it to escalate into war, in which case, with everything to lose the communist hierarchy in Pyong Yang would not hesitate to fire off nuclear missiles at the South, and if possible the USA, although the latter is doubtful at their current stage of missile development.

The world has become a less dangerous place since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the ‘Cold War’, but sad to say, we may possibly be heading for another arms race in other parts of the world. India and Pakistan seem to have stockpiled enough, and appear content with the status quo even with the Kashmir problem between them unsolved, but North Korea is only just beginning to start the process. In five years time, when perhaps Iran also has nuclear weapons, she too will begin stockpiling and build up an arsenal of weapons and missiles.


They Must Think We Are Naive

Another dark side to nuclear weapons proliferation is terrorism. With countries like North Korea and Iran developing nuclear bombs, it makes it easier for terror organizations to get their hands on them. A nation like Iran may well secretly provide groups like al Quada with small nuclear devices, if the target is either Israel or America, in a covert operation to get at their sworn enemies while appearing innocent. Nuclear bombs that fit into a small suitcase were developed in Russia many decades ago, and even such a small device would create havoc in say, Tel Aviv or New York.  

In my opinion, the greatest danger from Iran and North Korea obtaining nuclear capability may well be the terrorism factor. There are a significant number of nations in the world, in particular the arab world, who would love to see a nuclear device exploded in New York, Washington, London, Paris or Berlin which would make 9/11 seem like child’s play by comparison.  There can be no doubt that such an act would throw the world into turmoil, the likes of which has never before been seen in our history.

"Sleep, Perchance to Dream....."

One can only hope that the hotheads in these countries never get to be in the majority, and that all nations of the world  come together and do what needs to be done to remove these threats as soon as possible. In the meantime, rest easy in your bed tonight for it is not likely to happen for some yet!


Could We Be Heading For Another Great Depression?

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Everyone is suffering from the economic crisis and money is tight as people economize wherever they can, but the worst thing is, in countries like Greece, Spain and many others, the end still seems a very long way off. Because so many people have suffered in the current crisis, it will be very unwelcome news to hear that we could be heading for a total meltdown of the world’s financial systems in twenty years time.

Our Exploding Population

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predict that we could be heading for a global economic collapse by 2030. They give as reasons for this the exploding world population and our ravenous appetite for natural resources. When you think about it seriously, it does seem likely. Estimates of population growth for 2011 show that 135 million people were born and 57 million died, leaving a population increase of 78 million in a single year. Annually this adds up to a major addition to the number of people the Earth must sustain. Since 1800 the world population has grown by a factor of 700% and it should be obvious to everyone that this cannot continue.

The First and the Last For This Family

As you would expect, countries like China and India top the league for growth, and have already reached the stage where they cannot successfully support such numbers. This is leading to huge areas of desperate hunger and poor living standards among its citizens. India has not taken any measures to reduce population growth, but the problems in China were becoming so acute the government had to impose a restriction of one child per family in 1978. This policy is estimated to have stemmed the population growth by between 250 and 300 million births in the country up to the year 2000 and 400 million from 2000 to 2011.

There can be little doubt, that barring a global war or devastating disease decimating the human population at sometime in the future, we cannot under any circumstances continue in this fashion. The time will come when there are just too many people for the Earth to sustain. It seems inevitable that starving millions will begin migrating ‘en masse’ to the richer countries in search of the necessities of life, whether we want them to or not. You can see the prelude to this in the refugee camps in Africa where the starving are supported by western aid organizations.  Food will become an expensive commodity as the population numbers increase, and global food shortages will no doubt become the norm.

How Long Can We Sustain This

As you can expect, the growing of food will become harder as we work the soil to death in an effort to feed everyone, and this will add a further complication. Today, farmer’s already have to use tons of fertilizer for the soil to support our current food production. Even now the soil is dying because of over-production, for it no longer contains the natural elements that promote healthy plant growth. On top of all this there are signs of what may be coming in the form of drought. This year there are concerns about the lack of water in Spain and even Great Britain among others. So what does that tell us of the future? One thing is for sure, it’s not good news!

The Basics of Life Today

The second major point raised by the MIT researchers was our rampant consumption of the world’s natural resources. Our never-ending greed for more and more energy will eventually lead to disaster, but the sad thing is, no-one seems interested so long as it doesn’t affect them personally. We remain indifferent to the fact that there will come a time when, for example, the oil runs out. Our present way of life  is sustained by this precious commodity for it literally fuels our lives, so what do we do when the last well runs dry? One thing is certain, as stocks finally dwindle wars will be fought over the last drops, for remove the oil from our way of life and we are back in the Middle Ages! Just imagine life without it; no more cars, trucks, boats or ships, no more plastic, no more computers or man-made fibres for clothing and a million other things.


Another major factor is global warming, for if current weather trends continue large areas of the globe will become uninhabitable, and again we will see mass migration to areas that are not ravaged by savage storms, hurricanes, cold, heat or floods. When large areas of the world are uninhabitable it will also mean large tracts of land that cannot be used for the growth of food, and so we come back full circle.

We Are ALL Greedy

Mankind has unfortunately reached a stage where we, as individuals, have become so self-centred and greedy that we have forgotten how fragile we are. Our very existence on this planet is solely dependent on how we treat our environment and the Earth’s resources, but sadly, it will take a disaster of earth-shattering proportions to wake us up to the fact. Most people will read this post and not give it a second thought because they think it will not affect them, but what of your children? Throughout the universe we are perhaps a young race, but we must make drastic changes to the way we live if we are ever to become an ancient one!


Should Certain Nations Have the Veto Power at the UN?

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Once again we have witnessed the disgraceful use of the veto by Russia and China on a UN Resolution, this time attempting to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Russian YAK Fighters Sold to Syria

The reason for their veto is simple, self interest. Both countries are significant trading partners with the Assad regime. Russia ships arms into Syria to the tune of $1.1billion and has other investments in the country worth $19.4billion. China on the other hand sells a variety of goods worth $2.2billion to Syria annually. So it is easy to see they do not wish to upset the Assad government by joining in with any UN motion that censures that regime.

The League of Nations

The veto dates back to the original League of Nations formed after the First World War in 1920 when each member state had veto power on any and all resolutions. The system was adopted because nations were desirous of a unanimous vote on  issues placed before it. In practice it proved unworkable, but the system was not changed until the United Nations was formed in 1948.

The Yalta Conference – Founding Moment of the UN

At a conference among the Allies held in 1944, which eventually resulted in the formation of the United Nations, the decision was taken to make Britain, Russia, China and the USA permanent members of the UN Security Council, all with veto powers over any decision taken. France was later allowed the same status because it had been defeated by Germany but was still a colonial power. Under Article 27 of the UN Charter, these five powers had a veto right over any and all resolutions made by the Council. As the major world powers, this was as much to protect their own interests as those of others.


Russia has made the most frequent use of veto at the UN, mainly through Vyacheslav Molotov who was Russia’s Foreign Minister during part of the Soviet era. Since the end of the Cold War Russia has used its veto power sparingly, but the total is still the highest at 124. Next is the United States with 82, half of which have been used since 1986, often in support of Israel, the most recent used to block a motion against the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. In total, the power of the veto has been used 215 times in the UN to block resolutions.

Security Council Session

At various times over the past few years, the question of veto rights has been the subject of much discussion in the UN. Many countries have put forward arguments that the five nations no longer represent the most stable and responsible countries in the world. Germany, Brazil, India and Japan have all thought they should become members of the Security Council based on their standing in the world. Germany and Japan are among the largest donators to the UN, while Brazil is the largest Latin American country. India, which has the world’s largest economy and second largest population, is along with Brazil, one of the biggest contributors of troops to UN sanctioned peace-keeping missions.

League Monitors on Holiday

After weeks of debate, the Arab League failed to take any measures that adequately protected the people of Syria. In fact, even the presence of League Monitors on the ground did nothing to stop the violence by government forces, and eventually they turned to the UN for a solution to the crisis. The United Nations began drafting a resolution to censure President Assad and call for him to step down in an attempt to stop the violence, but the whole action has of course now been vetoed by Russia and China for their own reasons. Their joint action has led countries like the USA and Britain to deplore the decision stating, “it lets the Syrian people down, and will only encourage President [Bashar] Assad’s brutal regime to increase the killing” in the words of William Hague, Britain’s Foreign Secretary. These words have in fact been born out by shelling of the city of Homs by the Syrian Army in recent days.

The People’s Cry Falling on Deaf Ears

It is a sorry state of affairs when the world is forced to stand by and watch the slaughter of innocent people who wish nothing more than to be free of an oppresive regime. But sadly, that is the case, for their is little more that can be done. Some countries may now unilaterally take the step of imposing economic sanctions on Syria and its hierarchy, but the people continue to die at the hands of a regime that will not give up power.

A Tank Destroyed by Protesters in Homs

The veto has not done much to further the cause of justice for all in the world and doesn’t look like ever achieving it while the present rules apply. Perhaps it is time for fresh ideas and a new approach to world peace, where no one nation can thwart the  good intentions of the rest of the world and we can have a United Nations in more than just name.


India’s Shame – The Starving Children

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In a country that has seen enormous economic growth in the last decade, has nuclear weapons and a space programme, its hard to imagine that 41.6% of its people are reliant on foreign aid to keep them alive.

India´s Economy – Set for 8.5% Growth Per Year

Since 2000, the economic wealth of India has grown to the extent that it is now the ninth largest economy in the world, and fourth largest in terms of purchasing power, and yet many of its children are starving to death.

India first tested a nuclear bomb in 1974 and now has an arsenal of such weapons. Year on year the government is spending billions of dollars to develop, aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines as a means to deliver them, and yet many of its children are dying of hunger.

Space Programme – More Important Than Children´s Lives?

The country also has an expensive space programme which has put up several satellites, the first being Aryabhata, launched in 1975 aboard a Russian rocket, and yet the children of India are starving to death.

With hardship so widespread in India, some 41.6% of the population are living below the poverty line according to 2005 figures, it is hard to imagine that the country can afford the extravagance of nuclear weapons and a space programme, but such is the mind of governments!

Looking For Scraps

Ever since India joined the free-market economies of the world, it has seen a massive increase in the middle class sector, due for the most part to the country embracing modern technology and providing services to other countries. The destitute have however been left far behind in this growth, for India has more starving people than the whole of Africa. Recent estimates put the number of people  below the poverty line in Africa at 410 million, while in India the figure is 645 million. The latest population estimates indicate India has in excess of 1.2 billion inhabitants which makes it the second largest country after China  in terms of inhabitants.

Ever since 1947 when India was given independence by the British Parliament, our government, among others, has been pumping aid money into the country to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds every year. The present government under David Cameron has elected to continue paying £280 million a year until 2015 into the coffers of the Indian government in New Delhi. India has one of the largest food aid programmes in the world.

Ultimately Responsible?

What is now under discussion, is what happens to that money?

This is where the ancient beast corruption raises its head once again. Not surprisingly, it is not only the low level workers that are stealing aid intended for the poorest families, but many government officials who are supposed to oversee distribution.

Desperate For Food

Rations Packs intended for the most needy children are being systematically hi-jacked on route and sold on the black market as, believe it or not, animal feed. In the meantime, the poor, for whom this aid means life or death, are dying from malnutrition to the tune of two million a year. Some 61 million children (48%) in India suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

A Mother and Dying Child

I really have no idea if this is the Indian governments macabre idea of population control, or if it is just plain greed and corruption, but I hope it’s the latter. Whichever way you look at it, many people are getting obscenely rich over the corpses of the country’s young. Also, it seems to me we are doing nothing more than footing the bill for their nuclear and space programmes, for the one thing that seems to be missing is a sense of priorities.


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