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What Has Become Of Our World

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Things are getting worse and worse in our world and its all because of us humans. It is Spring and yet we see snow, and terrible weather across the world. Why!

It is because we humans are making the world a terrible place with our constant abuse. We do not care about the world, for we live our lives as we see fit and do not care about climate change, the weather, and we go about our daily lives without a care of the world and what it has become.

Years ago we cared about the changes in the world and we did everything to stop it. But now we have abandoned this attitude and live our lives without a thinking of the world. There has to be changes in the way we live and it must come soon.

Diesel cars are the biggest contaminate of the atmosphere and we must stop it. There are plans to get rid of diesel in a few years time but that may be too late. No-one cares about the contamination that diesel causes to our atmosphere and we will suffer tremendously in the future.

Climate change is another big problem that has caused such bad weather in Spring. In the summer the temperatures will rise to unprecedented levels as it did last year, but it will be worse this year.  We cannot predict what will happen in the summer but it will be very hot.

All over the world we see bad storms and flooding in America, the Far East, and famine in Africa. People are dying by the hundreds in Africa because there is no food and water. What are we to do!

In the west we drive around in cars without thinking what it does to the atmosphere, and in a few years we will all be wearing masks as they do China. We have to change the way we live on this Earth or it will choke us to death. Already we have a huge wave of contamination surrounding the world in the atmosphere and so long as we continue the way we are it will never change.

We have to do something to get the world back to what it was years ago, and that means banning diesel cars, and cleaning up the smoke that issues from factories for they are second in the contamination of the skies.

We have a long way to go if we are to continue living on this planet. Otherwise we see the end of mankind on the Earth and it will become a planet without human kind.


Ignorance Is Bliss

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Atmospheric Pollution In Cities

I wonder why today’s generation think that our weather patterns are normal? We have areas of the world today where temperatures are rising so fast that it is becoming unbearable. We have floods that have never been so destructive in the past, and droughts are common across many countries of the world.

In Africa for example, people are dying in their thousands because it is so hot and they have no food anymore. We have tremendous floods across the world where people see their houses washed away and many people die. In places like the United States and Portugal the air is so dry that forest fires spring up and reduce them to ashes. The one thing to remember is that we rely on trees among other things, like the sea,  to provide us with oxygen. Even the oceans are contaminated.

Whatever you might say, this is not normal, for fifty/sixty years ago these things never happened on such a huge scale. The world is destroying itself and there is no-one to blame but us humans.

Most of the weather changes have been caused by atmospheric contamination and we have our cars and factories to blame. If we continue like this I can see the end of mankind on this planet, for it will get so bad that the planet will be unlivable.

The sad thing is no-one is doing much to combat this threat to humanity. We have had climate conference after climate conference but nothing is changing, even though governments promise to do something about it.


To begin with, measures must be taken to get rid of diesel engines for they are the worst polluters. Second, we need to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads drastically. It is unbelievable that many families have three or even four cars per household. This has to be reduced.

All factories must be made to curb contamination by making sure that they do not pump dangerous chemicals into the air. This will take many years to accomplish but it must be done if mankind is to survive on the Earth.

At the climate conferences all countries say they will abide by the rules that are drawn up, but they seldom do. Life goes on as it always has and the pollution is getting steadily worse. Day by day we see cities covered in smog, and in China for example, people go around wearing masks so the pollution does not get into their lungs. As time goes on this will spread to many other cities across the world.

It is time for governments across the world to make some hard decisions about climate change, for it will steadily get worse as time goes by. It is easy to say “it will be alright in the end”, but it will not. As the pollution of our atmosphere gets worse and worse people will have a very short lifespan, and that is inevitable.

Clinging to Our Primeval Past

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How far has 21st Century man progressed from his primeval past?

Christians to the Lions

We believe we are more sophisticated, more humane than our descendants from e.g. Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. True, we don’t throw christians to the lions any more and we certainly don’t burn witches at the stake, but there is still a primeval side of our personality that craves to be satisfied, even today.

I just watched a very old Peter Ustinov film called ‘Quo Vadis’ which graphically shows the blood-lust of ordinary people who cheered when christians were torn apart by lions. Anyone who has studied the Roman Empire will confirm that these barbarities, and some far worse, were perpetrated in the arena during that era to satisfy the baying crowds who wanted to see blood, and lots of it.

A ‘Witches’ End

This is not the only example in Man’s history of brutality to please the masses, and the phenomenon exists throughout the world. During the Middle Ages people were torn apart by horses, the so-called ‘Quartering’, and later in Europe and America, unfortunates who were labelled witches were burnt at the stake, and let us not forget the cheers of the crowd as some nobleman and his family were publicly guillotined during the French Revolution.

The horrors of torture meted out in dungeons during the Spanish Inquisition, while not done to satisfy the bloodlust of a crowd, were still done by humans to fellow humans.

Hitler’s Legacy

Even in the last century Stalin is estimated to have killed 20 million Russians during his purges, and of course Adolf Hitler and his henchmen will go down in history as the architect of the mass slaughter of 6 million Jews in the concentration camps, and millions of Russians.

These are events in our history that most would rather forget, or indeed, have forgotten.

But what about today?

What about the news reporters who will do anything to get a video shot of bloodstains on a pavement at a murder scene, or mutilated bodies during a disaster. The morbid spectators who stand for hours when a murder has been committed, waiting for the moment when the corpses are carried out? I have personally seen people taking photo’s on their mobile at an accident when a bloody, torn body is released from the wreckage, and no; I was not a spectator.

You can see photo’s and video’s on YouTube of bloody events! Someone even e-mailed me a series of photographs of a man who had been literally cut in half when his Smart car buried itself under the rear of a truck. The photo’s were quite explicit and showed the parts of the body after removal from the vehicle by the fire department.

Dr. Death and his exhibit

In 2008 Dr. Gunther von Hagens exhibited real corpses from all ages with the skin removed to show the muscle structure and many internal organs underneath. This macabre exhibition was visited by thousands.

For your Enjoyment?

At this moment in time, a German artist, Gregor Schneider is planning an exhibition of people dying. Visitors will be allowed to witness the final moments of people who are about to die, and has asked for volunteers for this morbid exhibition.

The sad thing is, he calls it art!

Personally, I find the whole idea distasteful, horrifying and degrading, but you have to ask, how far will some people go to satisfy the morbid curiosity of sick people? It is certain the exhibition will be a success if it takes place, for there are more than enough perverted individuals in our society who will want to watch the final moments of dying people.

The bloodlust of today’s people may be less blatant than it was two centuries ago, but it is still there, shown in the morbid, disgusting interest in watching someone else’s blood spilled. So you see, we haven’t improved much over the years, we are just less open about it.

It is an inherent part of our psyche, and though some people are more successful at suppressing it than others, it will always be a part of us.

May God help us all.


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