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The Weather

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Never in human history have we seen weather like this winter. Floods have wrecked huge areas of the United States and its getting worse. We see flooding and high temperatures in many countries across the world, and it will not stop because of the contamination of our atmosphere.

In Britain we have a winter that is hardly credible, with snow and cold beating all previous years, and Spring is almost upon us. I would not like to live in England at this time for it is so cold, and the coming of snowstorms is on the horizon.

All across the world the weather is getting worse year on year, and it is all due to the contamination we pump into the atmosphere from cars, trucks and factories. Never in human history, except for the ice age, have we seen such bad weather.

The summers are getting hotter and hotter, with temperatures up close to the fifties in some areas. How will humans survive in this weather? I am glad I am 75 and will not be around to see the future.

In places like Africa people are dying from starvation and the excessive heat in their thousands, and we do nothing about it. Soon this will be in many countries as the temperatures increase. Africa was a country that people can grow crops and feed themselves, but now it it is a wasteland due to the heat.

It is a sad fact that we are destroying our world with so many cars and lorries on the roads. They pump out poisonous gases that are effecting our climate and we are not doing anything about it. There is the prospect of electric cars which will reduce the poisonous gases getting into the atmosphere, but that is a long time away. Once these have been introduced it will take years for the contamination to clear from the skies, if it ever does.

We have to do something to save our planet and soon, for in a few years it will be too late, and we will all start dying from the contamination. It is time for people to realise what is happening to our world and do something about it.


Trouble In Paradise

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When you look at the world it is a paradise compared with the planets that surround us. But it is getting less and less when you consider the world and all its problems. People are protesting around the world for they want a good government. We also have wars with terrorists who want to make the world their own. They wish to rule countries with their own savagery like Islamic State, and who would want that?

In many nations, the western ones in particular, people couldn’t care less about the savagery that is taking over in other countries. Hunger and disease are mounting in places like Africa and the Middle East, but who cares as it does not effect us in the western nations. It is time everyone worked together to stop this, and by that I mean the people, and the governments.

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We are turning our world into a disaster zone by the petty bickering of governments and the rampant destruction caused by terrorists. Millions of people in Africa are on the verge of death by a shortage of food as the temperature rises around the world. The temperatures around the world are rising as we pollute the atmosphere, and huge parts of countries around the world are not able to grow crops to feed the people.


When I was young the world lived in peace for the greater part, but today we see wars going on around the world and millions starving through lack of food. Some nations are helping the poor but it is not enough. We have multi-billionaires who hide their money in off-shore bank accounts, but they do nothing to help the starving people of African nations and around the world. They have so much money that they couldn’t spend it in their lifetime. It is time these people made use of their ill-gotten gains by helping others.

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The pollution of our atmosphere is becoming more and more as we drive around in vehicles that will eventually see the end of mankind on this planet.

I have lived for 75 years and I have seen the atmosphere getting so clogged with dangerous gases from cars and diesel engines. More and more people are suffering from diseases caused by this pollution, and unless something is done about it we will all be wearing gas masks when we go outside. It is time for the governments of the world to do something about it.

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Currently there are plans to make electric cars the norm, but this will take years and years as people will not want to get rid of their cars and buy electric vehicles for they are too expensive. What will happen when we all drive around in electric cars?

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There will be a shortage of electricity, and power stations will not be able to keep up with the demand. It is an impossible situation unless we start building more and more power stations to provide the demand. What we don’t know is the contamination of the atmosphere when everyone starts driving electric cars. Even if these cars do not destroy the atmosphere it will take years and years for the atmospheric contamination to dissipate.

You may think this is all a load of bunkum, but in years to come you will see that it is true as the number of humans of this planet get less and less. People are already dying from atmospheric contamination like cancer, but if we do not do something about it, it will get worse.

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When I was young people lived to a ripe old age, but today, and at some time in the future the lifespan of people will get less and less. I am glad I am old, for I do not want to see the atmosphere so contaminated that it will be impossible to have a full life.

Our young people, and babies, will have a hard life ahead of them if we do not do something about the way we live now. But there again, maybe we will all cease to exist if a nuclear war breaks out.



It’s Time For Some Drastic Action

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20170805_LDD001_0Underlying the troubles across the world are we headed for a nuclear war? There are tensions between Russia and the USA, not to mention the threat of North Korea which is the most dangerous country on the planet. I doubt if the Russians will start tossing nuclear weapons at the USA, but the threat of North Korea is by far the biggest. It is doubtful that Kim Yong Un will start a war with the USA for his country will be totally annihilated if it happens.

But who can tell what is going through his mind with threats passing back and forth. He now has nuclear weapons that will reach a great deal of the USA, and if he fires one at the USA, Trumps reply will be catastrophic for the whole country.

A lot of people will suffer because the nuclear radioactivity will blanket most of world and many people will suffer.


Not only do we have the threat of nuclear war but people are dying from malnutrition in places like Africa. Some world countries are sending food to Africa, but it is nowhere enough. People are dying from hunger in many countries and it doesn’t seem to stop.

We have billionaires who stash their money in many places across the world and they should be made to help these poor people. How on earth could someone save billions?


Traffic around the world is also one of the biggest problems in the world today. Watch the news and you will see that many Chinese cities, and many in India are suffering from major contamination of the air. These are not the only places in the world that have smog so thick you can see only 100 meters.


There is no doubt that we must clear up these problems if the world is to survive. Temperatures are rising all across the world and they have decimated the north and south poles, for the ice is slowly melting and this could make the seas rise to unprecedented levels that would flood areas like Florida and many others. We have unprecedented temperatures in areas like Africa and the Middle East among others where people can no longer live.


All this due to the carbon dioxide that is circling the Earth and preventing the excess heat from dissipating in to space.  If this world is to survive we must do something about it, for it will get worse as time goes by. By maybe 2050 this planet will be unlivable and human kind will cease to exist.


Is The World Going Mad!

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203_co2-graph-021116For years now the the world has been getting worse, and this year the scientists have told us that the carbon dioxide contamination of the atmosphere is at its highest level in history. Of course no-one believes this and they go on polluting the world with their cars and factories.

If mankind is to survive on this planet some drastic measures will have to be taken. You might think that all this is bullshit, for we as individuals  are surviving quite well, but you have to think that the rate of cancer is rising rapidly among us humans, and its all due to the pollution levels in our atmosphere.

energy-coal-power-plant-smokestacks-with-tailingsWe are polluting the air and the seas as never before with our modern culture, and it has to stop otherwise we will cease to exist on this planet.

You have to think what will our planet be like in fifty or sixty years in the future? Will we still be here? By that time everybody may be going around wearing gas masks as they venture outside and the world population will dwindle to a few hundred thousand.

There are plans to ban all diesel and petrol vehicles in twenty years time, but will that save us all. There can be little doubt that urgent action is required if we are to survive on this Earth.

Even now there are millions of people in Africa who are dying from disease and starvation, and pretty soon there will be none left. The world is overpopulated to a great extent and we have to do something to stop this. For years China allowed only one child per family, but that ended a couple of years ago. Perhaps we should make this a world-wide law to cut down on the overpopulation.

We are destroying the world’s forests that provide us with oxygen and contaminating the seas as never before. Unless something is done to stop this I can see the end of mankind of this planet. We also have to drastically cut down the number of vehicles on our roads for they are poisoning the atmosphere to the extent of which has never been seen in our history.

Already people in cities in China go around around wearing masks that shield them from the vehicle pollution, and as it gets worse it will spread all across the world.

Nobody takes notice of the scientists predictions, and they go about their own lives as if it is all bullshit. But as time progresses they will see that they spoke the truth and it will hit us hard.

gw-images-extreme-weather-cars-covered-in-snowThere is no doubt that the population of the world must do something if we are to survive on the planet. Already the summer temperatures in very many countries have been much higher than in the past. Even in winter the snowfall is massive in some parts of the world, and temperatures are well below what they were in the 1950’s. We have so many hurricanes and typhoons that we have never seen before. Look at the damage that was caused in America by the five or six hurricanes that struck the coast. Huge floods devastated many of the American counties in the south, and it will take millions of dollars to repair this.

gw-impacts-hurricane-ike-damage-gilchrist-txAll the Caribbean Islands have had most of there houses destroyed and the people have no-where to live. This again will take millions of dollars to repair. But what of next year? Will the same thing happen next year and in the future all because of climate change. It saddens me to see so many people suffer when such a thing happens.

There can be little doubt that as we continue to poison our atmosphere, this type of thing will happen year on year and the weather will get worse. It’s OK to shrug it off and say nothing will happen to us, but the fact of the matter is, it will!

Mankind has to make some difficult decisions regarding how we live, for if not, we will see the end of humans on this planet at some time in the future.

It’s alright to say, but we will find other planets to live on, but how will we get to them, and what will life be like on these far off planets? No-one knows what life will be like on these planets for they are a great unknown. Will man be able to survive on them or will they die?

kepler-discoveryIf we do find another planet to live on how many will go there. It is for sure that the greater majority will be left behind to die on Earth. Just a small portion of human beings will travel to another planet, for there will be no way we can transport them all.

I am glad I am old and will never see much more of the future for mankind, for I think it will be very difficult.


Save Our Planet

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The weather this year has been the worst in history, and I am afraid we are heading for more of the same next year. The number of hurricanes to hit the the south of the United States and the Caribbean islands has been the worst on record. Who knows if this will be repeated next year and in the years to come. Not only has the Caribbean been hit by these tremendous storms, but other parts of the world have been too, and its not over yet.

An analysis of the past 167 years has found that we have never had such a year as this.  No 30-year period in history has seen this many major hurricanes, this many days of those huge hurricanes spinning in the Atlantic, or this much overall energy generated by those powerful storms. But who will say what the future holds? Scientists expect to see planet climate changes because warmer ocean water is fuel for hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane season was more intense than normal in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016. The 2005 season, which included Katrina, Rita and Wilma caused major havoc in coastal towns in the Caribbean and the southern United States.

Fuelled by warmer than normal ocean temperatures and ideal wind conditions, September 2017 had more days with major hurricanes spinning and more overall hurricane energy expelled than any month on record, according to Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach. Harvey spawned record rainfall. Irma had record high winds in the open Atlantic. And Maria hit the U.S. stronger than the earlier two.

All this is due, according to the scientists, because of our continued contamination of the planet’s atmosphere. We have created a cloud of contaminates that circle the globe and stop the heat from dissipating into space. This is one of the reasons the Earth is getting warmer and temperatures are souring. In certain areas of the globe the temperatures are exceeding 50 centigrade, and as we continue to contaminate the atmosphere with our cars and lorries it will get even worse.

If we do not stop using diesel and petrol engines, and cut down the emissions from factories, we will be in dire straits. As the air gets more and more contaminated mankind will cease to exists on this planet.


Are We Edging Closer To War With Russia?

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I read a somewhat alarming report on the internet yesterday that says RAF planes have been given the ‘go-ahead’ to shoot down Russian jets over Syria if they are endangered by them.

RAF Tornado Fighter Bomber

RAF Tornado Fighter Bomber

The RAF Tornado aircraft have now been armed with air-to-air missiles, and the pilots have been given the green light to defend themselves if they are ‘threatened’ by Russian pilots.

An unidentified source from the U.K’s Permanent Joint Headquarters Said, “The first thing a British pilot will do is to try to avoid a situation where an air-to-air attack is likely to occur — you avoid an area if there is Russian activity, but if a pilot is fired on or believes he is about to be fired on, he can defend himself. We now have a situation where a single pilot, irrespective of nationality, can have a strategic impact on future events.”

Both sides are supposed to be attacking ISIS but it would seem from the report that Russia is spending a lot of its time attacking opponents of Assad. It is clear they have an agreement with Assad, and consider him to be the leader of all Syria, even though he is a despot. The West meanwhile is concentrating on ISIS and wants to wipe them out.

UK defence officials said: “It took six days for Russia to strike any Isis targets at all. Their air strikes have included moderate opposition groups who have been fighting to defend their areas from ISIS. Among the targets hit were three field hospitals.”

Russian Sukhoi Su-24 Fighter Bomber

Russian Sukhoi Su-24 Fighter Bomber

Meanwhile, the Russians insist they have been attacking ISIS and have recently destroyed  “53 fortified areas and strong points with armament and military hardware, seven ammunition depots, four field camps of “terrorists”, one command centre, and artillery and mortar batteries.”

The disparity between the claims needs to be cleared up for it is impossible to say who is telling the truth. It is clear that the situation between Russia and the West is getting steadily worse and it only needs one plane to be shot down by the other side and we could find ourselves in a full scale war.

The Russians want Assad in control of the country for he has offered them military bases. They are clearly supporting him in this war against terrorism because when the fighting is over they will have permanent military bases on the Mediterranean coast.

The Caption Says It All

The Caption Says It All

With all this bickering we are slowly getting closer and closer to a full blown war between the West and Russia. If that happens we can say goodbye to humanity on this planet, for it only takes one person to ‘push the button’ and the skies would be full of nuclear missiles. If that happens mankind would be finished on this Earth.


COP 21 – Finally Agreement, But What Now?

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COP 21 - Our Last Chance?

COP 21 – Our Last Chance?

It is good to see that almost two hundred countries have finally reached agreement on a programme to limit climate change, but will it be as empty a promise as all the others? I hope not, because the future of mankind on this planet is at stake. For twenty years nations of the world have come together in an effort to agree measures to halt climate change, but sadly all have failed until now.

Although nations agreed to take action in past conferences, none of the resolutions reached have been successfully acted upon. This makes me think that many nations will once again renege on the agreements reached this time. Why, because the necessary changes will be very expensive.

It Doesn't Grow On Trees

It Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Even most rich countries will be hard-pressed to make the necessary changes, but the majority of poorer countries simply cannot. So it remains to be seen if the rich countries can assist these poorer nations in achieving the goals set out by the conference, even though a binding agreement has been reached for them to provide $65B each to assist them. Personally, I doubt it.

Life today is all about money, and most countries will be loath to give away their riches to some poor country that cannot even feed its people, let alone make the huge changes required to stop global warming. Even if the money is given, without proper control there is no guarantee that it will all be spent for the purpose to which it was intended. As usual, the big problem is corruption, and much of it will disappear into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt politicians.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

The human race has, for the greater part, become self-centred and greedy over the past fifty years, and all most people think about today is their own well-being and riches. They don’t give a damn about tomorrow and the kind of existence they are passing on to future generations. So long as they have a comfortable life and ridiculous amounts of money in their bank account that is all that counts. Even if they have a billion dollars they still want more, and to hell with the starving millions and climate change.

To me this shows a complete inadequacy in human intelligence, and unfortunately, unless there are drastic changes in our thinking mankind is doomed on this planet. It is absolutely essential that all countries and all people begin to cooperate and share the cost of changing the way we live to improve the environment.

Pollution Rise

Pollution Rise

Over the last century with the rise in technology and manufacturing, we are steadily destroying our world to the extent where if it continues, all life will end on the planet within a few generations. We are decimating the wildlife, poisoning the ground and seas that give us life, and are rapidly approaching a point in man’s history where it will be too late to go back. This is why the agreements reached at this conference are so vital to the continued existence of mankind on the Earth. Sadly few people can see how desperate the situation is, and are loath to change their comfortable lifestyle.

Main CO2 Sources

Main CO2 Sources

The two biggest polluters are fossil fuel burning power stations and the vehicles on our roads, which now number over a billion world-wide. The conference has agreed that a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels is desperately required to slow down the contamination of our atmosphere by CO2. To limit the biggest impact will mean reducing the number of fossil fuel burning power stations and a reduction in the number of vehicles on our roads.

Today in China cities are on red alert for atmospheric contamination caused by the many coal-burning factories they have, and to save the situation many have been temporarily shut down.

China - If We Do Not Change This Could Be All Of Us!

China – If We Do Not Change This Could Be All Of Us!

This is a real indication that we need to stop using coal and other fossil fuels as a source of power and find a cleaner alternative. There are many alternatives people will say, like nuclear and wind energy, but to change to these sources will be astronomically expensive for any nation.

Wind power in particular is not as efficient as many think, for the generators are extremely costly and prone to breakdown, also relying on the weather which may or may not be suitable. Light winds are not enough and conversely, strong winds require them to be shut down to avoid major damage.



Nuclear power is the best option, but then you have the problem of disposing of the nuclear waste. Our best hope is that scientists can come up with a completely new method of power generation that is safe. I am not holding my breath on that one!

With the resources we have it is clear that a massive amount of time and money needs to be spent to rid ourselves of the plague that is fossil fuel. It must be done as quickly as possible, for the longer we wait the harder it will be. I just hope that all the rhetoric passed back and forth at the conference will result in us finally saving the future of our planet and species.


How Heartless Can People Be Today?

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I was scanning the Yahoo News page today when I saw CCTV footage of a speeding car that ran into a 91 year-old RAF veteran. The car, driven by Gurpreet Sandhu, aged 27 was speeding at 56mph in a 30mph zone when he hit John Downes in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands of Britain as he was crossing the road. The driver was listening to very loud music in his car.

Three other people were waiting to cross the road at the time he crossed. As the car hit him and flung him high into the air and over the car, they saw everything that happened.

There were two women and one man who saw everything, but once the old man hit the ground the two women turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened. From the video it appears that only the man dropped his umbrella and moved across the road to help the victim.

I find this typical of many people today who are simply not willing to help others in trouble because they think it has nothing to do with them. I am truly sickened by this uncaring attitude of people today who think that if it does not affect them directly its none of their business. How can anyone be so heartless as to ignore an old man lying critically injured in the street? The least they could have done was take the time to call an ambulance!

Whatever happened to our Christian values?


The Bell Tolls For Thee!

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Its not until you get really old and have experienced the changes that have overtaken the world and its people, that you get some idea of what the future could be.  What will life be like in fifty or a hundred years time? That is a question many people would love to know the answer to, but as we all  know, unless someone invents a time machine that is impossible.

Our Ailing Planet

Our Ailing Planet

The only ones who can give us any idea of the future are the scientists who study life on Earth, our environment, and the changes taking place on an annual basis. Right now they are warning us of terrible changes that will happen in the years to come.

Age Of The Dinosaur

Age Of The Dinosaur

This planet has always been home to not only humans, but thousands of species of creatures that share this world with us. Throughout its history there have been major changes in this world’s inhabitants, like for example the dinosaur age that ended 65 million years ago with an asteroid colliding with Earth. After that cataclysmic event life almost had to start again.

We as a species have developed and become dominant in the social order of things, so why are we hell-bent on destroying our home. Scientists from the universities of  Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley have issued a report which says in effect, “We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event.” Bold words indeed, for it says that humanity will not be around for much longer in Earth history terms.

The Majority View

The Majority View

I can well imagine that the majority of the public who took the time to read the article will have scoffed and declared the report pure nonsense. But just take the time to think about it in more than cursory terms. Think about the way the human race is today, how we are slowly but surely destroying everything nature has built up over millions of years.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

People also scoff at the idea of climate change, but again, think about it. When in our recent history have we had such droughts as in Central USA, California, or the United Kingdom among many other parts of the world? When was the last time we had hurricanes the size of Katrina a few years ago, typhoons that ravaged many Far Eastern countries, and so many since then? When was the last time countries like the USA, Britain and some central European states among many others had massive flooding? When was the last time the the Arctic and Antarctic ice retreated so far? The answer is – Not in living memory!

Think what you like, but all these events are abnormal in the recent history of man, and signal dramatic changes in the Earth’s environment. These changes are being brought about by us because of our uncaring attitude to this planet we call home, to greed, to over-population and ignorance.

Gerardo Ceballos

Gerardo Ceballos

Gerardo Ceballos, the lead author said, “If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover and our species itself would likely disappear early on.” Professor Paul Ehrlich, another of the lead authors, said: “Without any significant doubt … we are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event. There are examples of species all over the world that are essentially the walking dead. We are sawing off the limb that we are sitting on.”

The main concern of the scientists is that mankind is killing off much of the animal and plant-life on the planet and that can only lead to our extinction. Every creature, plant and human on the planet is inter-dependent for survival despite what most people think.

Burning The Rain Forest In Brazil

Burning The Rain Forest In Brazil

Nature is a finally balanced instrument, like for example trees. Without trees there would be no life on this planet at all, although few think of that. Along with the oceans, trees provide the one essential to life on this planet – oxygen! But what are we doing, many of the old forests and wooded areas in developed countries have disappeared thanks to agriculture requirements. We are also destroying huge swathes of these life-giving essentials by chopping down or burning massive areas of our tropical forests like the Amazon, Africa and the Far East, and for what, greed!

Even the humble bee is essential to life on the planet because it is necessary for plant growth through pollination, but we are poisoning them at an unprecedented rate with our chemical pesticides, and many other essential species of insect I might add. Science has estimated that they could disappear completely within the next three generations.

Fields In My Day - Surrounded By Hedgerows

Fields In My Day – Surrounded By Hedgerows

In my youth almost all fields were bordered by hedgerows that were teeming with animals, birds and insects. The birds in particular kept down the pests that invaded our crops, but once the hedgerows had been ripped out to increase profit, man found a better way, spraying them with often deadly chemicals. This removal of the hedgerows annihilated the many species that lived in them and did such a valuable job. And I might add, the crop spraying started poisoning us.

These are the kind of changes that are being highlighted by the scientists, for they say that animal species have been dying off 114 times faster since 1900 than at any time in Earth’s history. The report says, “In the last 115 years, over 400 more vertebrates (animals with backbones) have vanished than would normally be expected – including 69 mammals, 80 birds, 24 reptiles, 146 amphibians and 158 fish species. Today, more than 26% of all mammalian species and 41% of all amphibians are in danger of being wiped out.”

Value Of Rhino Horn

Value Of Rhino Horn

You only have to look at the plight of elephants and rhinoceros in Africa that are being consigned to history at an ever increasing rate by poachers. Kill an elephant and sell its tusks to some Far Eastern trader who will then make a ‘miracle’ cure for the masses that has no medicinal value whatsoever. So we destroy an entire species for what – nothing, except profit! What will these people do when there are no more elephants or rhino’s, probably turn to some other species and then proceed to wipe them out too.

World's Top Polluters

World’s Top Polluters

Many people will say, “So what. We are still here.” But they forget about the interdependency between species and plant life on the planet. Its like having a completed jigsaw in front of you, and then someone starts taking away pieces one by one. Very soon the picture is hard to recognize for what it is.

As the population of Earth continues to explode, areas that were the habitats of essential animals and insect life are being swallowed up and increase the annihilation of these species.

Ocean Pollutants

Ocean Pollutants

As we continue to pollute and rape the seas of its life we are hastening the end for all life on the planet. Some ship captains think nothing of flushing out their oil or chemical tanks and dumping the contents into the ocean. None of them think about the harm they are doing to the fish stocks that we eat. In Japan the favourite dish is Sushi (raw fish), little do they know that most fish caught in the oceans these days have a high level of mercury because of man’s continued contamination. Personally, I would not eat Sushi if you gave it to me for free.

The Affects Of Climate Change

The Affects Of Climate Change

You can look at your own uninterrupted daily life and think this is all hogwash because it does not affect you in the slightest, but what of your children and their children. What sort of world are we leaving them? If you do not see past the current problems and try to do something about them you are condemning your children, and their descendants, to a very hard life, or no life at all!

What About Us?

What About Us?

I know that it is hard for the average person to make big changes, that is up to the politicians (Heaven help us), but we can all contribute in the way we dispose of rubbish, when we are shopping by refusing plastic bags for example and minimizing car use by taking the bus. Small things but on a national scale they all help. The main thing we can all do is make the politicians take heed, and put forward some concrete proposals that will help save our species.

There can be little doubt that if the human race is to continue on this planet many things have to change, like social attitudes and caring for nature. We have to stop being the most destructive force on the planet, and start thinking about the life of future generations.


Hastening The Death Of Our Planet

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Global Footprint NetworkI doubt if many people will have taken much notice of a warning issued this week by the Global Footprint Network when it hit the news. Most will consider it doesn’t concern them, or has nothing to do with the way they live their lives, but in truth it affects everyone of us and in particular future generations, i.e. our children and their children. When viewed with a critical eye it is of the utmost importance and is symptomatic of the devil-may-care attitude of folks today. So what you may be wondering am I going on about.

The Global Footprint Network reported this week that mankind has once again used more of the world’s natural resources than the planet itself can replenish in a year, and its still only August. Now, this sounds quite far-fetched and may be hard to understand for some, so bear with me while I give you a simple explanation.

Humanities Footprint

Humanities Footprint

If you have ten female fish in a tank and one male, disregarding the male, you eat five of them that leaves five. These five will have one young one apiece which means at the end of the test period there will once again be ten fish plus the male. The consumption is therefore finely balanced with the ability of the fish to maintain their numbers. However, If we eat seven fish that will leave three and will result in only three new fish being born, so now we are down to six fish. What this means in global terms is that we are consuming more of the world’s resources than it can replace.

Under this general umbrella are of course natural resources such as minerals, coal, oil and gas, trees and forests that are being decimated, and the steady erosion of the soil used to grow crops because we need more and more food. Coupled with this is our ‘rape of the seas’ causing devastation to fish stocks.

The Amazon - The Lungs Of The Planet

The Amazon – The Lungs Of The Planet

On the other hand it also means we are pumping more gases like CO2 into the atmosphere and have reached beyond the limit where the world’s vegetation can absorb it and turn it back into oxygen. What exacerbates the CO2 problem is our destruction of the rain forests, which many people think of as only wood to burn or to make furniture etc. What is sad is that most people do not think of the fact that trees across the world are literally the ‘lungs’ of the world. They consume all the CO2 we put into the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen that we need to survive. Tests on trees in many areas have shown that most are now saturated with CO2 which means they have become less efficient in their function of producing oxygen. Bad news for us oxygen breathing folks.

So far as the other resources like coal, oil and gas are concerned many people seem to forget the fact that they are ‘finite’ i.e. they will not last forever and will eventually run out. We have already begun to drill for oil and gas in the oceans of the world because the land resources are steadily running dry, so what happens when they too run dry? Every year we see more and more cars and trucks on the roads world-wide as countries like China and India catch up with the more developed nations.

Historical   trend of worldwide vehicle registrations
1960-2010 (thousands)

Type of   vehicle









Car registrations









Truck and bus registrations









World total









In 1960 there were an estimated 126,888 vehicles on the world’s roads, but in 2012 this has risen to over 1 billion.  What is also interesting is that the number of people per car has drastically fallen over the past forty years. Instead of three and four people per car we now have most vehicles with only the driver. From this you can imagine that oil production over the past few years has gone through the roof compared to 50 years ago. Naturally oil and gas are in huge demand by the ever-growing industrial sector so our annual consumption is huge. The sad fact is, it won’t last forever, and the more we consume now the more we accelerate the time to when there is nothing left.

So what do we do when that time comes? A sticky question, because most people are of the opinion that ‘something else’ will come along to power our world, and maybe they are right for science is making huge strides in development, but what if they are wrong? Will we end up going back to the horse and cart to get around? Many aficionados today think that wind power for example will replace all our nuclear powered facilities, but if we covered the entire landmass of the globe in wind farms it would not be enough at todays rate of consumption, which I might add is still climbing at an alarming rate.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

We love our electrical gadgets in the home like iPads/fones, juicer, toaster, microwave, fridge, washing machine, TV, music centre and even an electric toothbrush, all of which consume lots of power. There are the advertising signs in cities, the office blocks etc that add tremendously to the overall consumption per day. Naturally the consumption per home is minute compared to the wasted energy in cities, but it all adds up. The energy consumption of many Far Eastern cities, like Shanghai for example, has gone up perhaps 1,000 times in the last fifty years as China has developed, and this is being reflected all across the world as more and more countries catch up with the West.

The Statistics Don't Lie

The Statistics Don’t Lie

China itself is the largest energy user on the planet but this is due to the size of its population, but Qatar, one of the smallest nations has the largest consumption of anyone per person. America is the largest consumer of power after China. It is interesting to note that scientists estimate that the USA alone would need four planet earth’s to successfully replenish all that the country uses in a year. At our present rate of consumption of the world’s resources mankind would need one-and-a-half planets to replenish what we currently use.  Food for thought!

Barren Farmland Worked To Death

Barren Farmland Worked To Death

However, we have not covered all the danger areas as yet, for apart from the world’s forests and the oil and gas reserves there is also the problem related to the growing of food. Up to the 1960’s farmers had lets say six fields in which to grow crops. Each year they would rotate the crops per field but always leave one fallow i.e. without crops. This gave the soil the chance to renew its nutrients over the year it was fallow and would be highly productive the next year. Over the last forty years that system has died a tragic death as farmers must grow more crops to feed the people, and to make more profit. In effect it means that the soil has never had the chance to regenerate itself ready for the next crop, and on many farms some crops are being grown twice a year instead of the standard once.

Spreading Chemical Fertilizer

Spreading Chemical Fertilizer

As you would expect, we have used up all the natural elements in the soil that give us a healthy harvest and for this reason we have been forced to supplement them with chemical fertilizers by the ton per acre. Chemicals in the ground essential for growing are ending up in the water supply through the streams and rivers on agricultural ground, and so this practice is poisoning our water also. It is all a vicious circle from which there seems no escape as the world population continues to expand and we need more and more food.

Just Remember, Superman Is A story And He Will Not Turn Up To Save Us From Ourselves

Just Remember, Superman Is A Story And He Will Not Turn Up To Save Us From Ourselves

There are many individuals who think all this is utter bull, and it probably won’t affect their lives one iota, but what they fail to recognise is that the burden of our selfish extravagance, and there is no other word for it, will be felt by future generations, and when it comes it will be disastrous.  The world cannot possibly sustain the current population growth, oil and gas consumption, deforestation and farming techniques without eventually failing us completely. We cannot continue to rape our planets resources at the current rate and hope to survive as a race. It is only a matter of time before mankind disappears from our world, and for sure the Earth will recover from our extravagance in time and then perhaps the cycle of evolution can begin again.


Genetically Approved Bees?

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It has come to light that the bumble bee population of the United States, Europe and Asia, has seen a 90% decline over the past two decades.

The Humble Bumble

So what, many will say. Who cares?

In itself it may not sound significant, but it is an indicator to some, of what the future possibly holds in store for us.

Scientists across the globe have been messing with the building blocks of creation for decades without ever thinking of the consequences. Now we have reports that a serious decline in the common bee is being seen in many countries.

A Pollen Loaded Bee

So what do bees do? If you think about it, they are an essential part of nature, for they are important in pollinating our plants, enabling them to grow and continue growing.

They are of course not the only pollinators, for a variety of insects do the same task, but none as efficient as the humble bee. On our planet, only 10% of plants are pollinated by the wind, the other 90% must rely on insects, and to a small extent, birds.

The actual pollination of our plant life is similar to our own reproductive process, the male pollen (sperm) must be introduced to the female pollen (egg) for the plant to reproduce. It is this process that is so expertly managed, if unwittingly, by the birds and the bees.

But why is the bee population dying? To the experts there are two reasons, in-breeding and disease!

The Bee Hive is Fast Disappearing

Bee keepers have been in-breeding their swarms for such a long time with the obvious result that the bees have become weaker, and lost their immunity to sickness. Now they are dying in their millions because they cannot fight off a disease that to them would have been inconsequential before.

This trait is also seen in the human race, for if a certain number of people in-breed constantly, they will also eventually lose their immunity to disease and die when the first microbe comes along.

Roses for M'Lady?

For example, plant growers, and in particular those who grow roses, have been cross-breeding them for decades in an attempt to ‘manufacture’ the perfect rose. What is wrong with the rose that nature gave us?

A Manufactured Blue Rose

Whenever a woman receives a rose, the first thing she does is hold it to her nose to smell it….only to be disappointed! It’s a natural instinct, for we all know roses possess a wonderful scent, but not anymore. They have over the years lost all trace of that unique scent they used to have before we, mankind, bred it out of them.

Steak On the Hoof

Believe it or believe it not, but our meat has gone the same way. When was the last time you had a really juicy steak that actually tasted like steak? Not for a long time I’ll bet. When was the last time you had a really tasty portion of chicken that tasted of chicken instead of the flavouring you poured on it to give it some taste? Only the old folks will remember those days.

Like Sardines in a Can

Due to the advances in breeding all meat has become bland, and it is necessary to add flavourings to make it taste good. When I was a child I could immediately tell beef from pork or lamb, and chicken from turkey blindfolded. Try that today and you would not be able to tell the difference.

In the last decade or so we have begun to mess with the very building blocks of nature in so-called ‘genetic engineering!’ Sounds very important, but is it good? Personally I don’t think so, for we have already messed with nature too much and, admittedly on a small scale, are now reaping the first breeze of the coming whirlwind.

But who can say what the effects will be if we continue on this course? The scientists are all quiet when this question is put to them because they don’t know either. They are guessing! “I shouldn’t think that….” “It’s highly unlikely that….” etc. etc.

A Bee on Essential Duty

We are all products of nature, just as the plants and animals we use to sustain us. To me it seems madness to mess with things we have very little understanding of in the true sense, especially when we do not know the final outcome. As we begin more and more to mess with nature, the one certain thing is, we will mess it up!

To put it in its simplest terms: No insects – no pollination. No pollination – no plants. No plants – no food. No food – no human race.

Carrot Monster on the Loose.

Many will think that is an over-dramatisation, and quite possibly it is but I am sure you get the connection.

We should never forget that all of nature is a very delicate balance with all elements relying on the other, so if one part is tampered with it can effect the rest. First in small ways, but we have the possibility of a ‘domino affect’ that can eventually lead to catastrophe.


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