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Taliban Winning The Propaganda War!

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Once again the NATO Coalition forces have played into the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan by killing civilians during an air strike. This time it was reportedly 12 children and two women who were killed in a night strike against Taliban fighters who had just killed an American serviceman.

Apache Attack

From the news reports, it seems that after the attack the Taliban insurgents took cover in a compound knowing civilians were present, a long practiced tactic, and the result was inevitable.

They knew full well their greatest propaganda weapon is the killing of innocent people by coalition forces, and they used it to great affect.

President Karzei Warns The US

President Karzei has now told the US that this will be their “last warning” and they must stop these attacks at once. From his point of view it is a reasonable request, as such killings create unrest among the population, and generate hatred for the occupation forces who are placed in an impossible situation.

Aljazeera Report On The Latest Deaths:

The insurgents have used this tactic throughout the campaign, for they know they cannot win the war militarily, but by ensuring the US and NATO  Forces always get the blame for such incidents they are using propaganda as a viable weapon. They care not that these civilians are killed, for it serves their purpose to always have the Coalition on the back foot.


Bottom Left - Taliban Human Shields

Insurgents like the Taliban, al Quada, and even Hamas in Palestine, soon discovered how to make use of human shields and generate the condemnation that falls on opposing forces when such an incident happens. It turns the people, and the western media, into a potent weapon they can exploit to the fullest.

Taliban Human Shields:

It is a dirty way to fight a campaign but is symptomatic of our times when human life, especially that of innocents, counts for nothing.

I said in previous posts in 2009 that much of the fault lies with Pakistan insofar as they allowed the Taliban to use their territory as a bolthole from the NATO Forces in Afghanistan.

Taliban Country

The big problem was, once they finally started the push against the insurgents in the nortwest provinces in 2009 they never finished the job, leaving it only half completed. As I said at the time, they should have kept on going until they met up with the NATO Forces at the border. It was a half-hearted attempt to squeeze the Taliban but the pincers never closed.

Pakistan Fights The Taliban-2009 

Now, belatedly, the Pakistan Forces are again striking at Taliban strongholds in the territories with an air attack on positions in the Orakzai area in which 17 insurgents were reported killed.

Pakistan Army In Action 2009

A local newspaper claims the military is once again planning an attack against the insurgents in North Waziristan province. This has long been a place of sanctuary for them when wishing to escape NATO Forces in Afghanistan. It is a proven fact, that for both the Taliban and al Quada, the tribal areas are a safe haven from attack because the NATO Forces cannot cross the border, and the Pakistani Forces seem little inclined to stop them from their side.

Strategically speaking, the only sensible way of solving the insurgent problem is a concerted attack by the NATO and Pakistani Forces from both sides of the border. The entire northwestern provinces should be cleared until all Taliban and al Quada fighters have been killed or captured. Only then will both countries enjoy any form of peace, and without doubt, the world will be able to sleep peacefully once again.


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Taliban Revert to Human Shields

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Once again the Taliban is reverting to its usual tactics when things do not  go their way. A news report from Afghanistan is saying that once again they are using human shields in the fight against NATO Forces.

Taliban Human Shields

It is a tactic synonymous with guerilla fighting over the past twenty years, and has been put to good use by insurgents in many parts of the world. It was used by Hamas in Gaza last year, and by the Hezbollah in Lebanon before that. When the going gets tough, line up the civilians and create as many innocent victims as possible! There are those that will deny this, but there is more than sufficient photo evidence to prove it.

All these terror groups are well aware of the propaganda value civilian deaths have on world and public opinion, and it is sad that most people cannot tell the difference between human shield deaths and accidental deaths. Many see the headline “12 Civilians Killed” and are immediately filled with righteous indignation at the cowardly armed forces who shoot innocent civilians, not thinking that the whole scenario was engineered by the insurgents. The extremists are fully capable of exploiting this fact, and as we all know, it is only when, for example, the Israeli’s shoot a civilian that it makes banner headlines across the world. To me, it proves yet again these insurgents are not fighting for ‘their people’ as they claim, but purely for their own gain.

Some may presuppose all this is NATO propaganda, but this time the reports come from the senior Afghan Commander, not the Americans or British.

The reports indicate that Taliban fighters have been lining civilians up on rooftops and then firing from behind them. Afghan soldiers have seen women and children in the windows of houses from which these brave ‘freedom fighters’ have been firing. It has made things extremely difficult for the troops as they have to put themselves in extra danger in an effort to prevent these civilians casualties. The Taliban tactic is working, because it has now slowed the rate of advance of NATO forces into the city of Murjah.

Hamas Human Shields

Today’s news has also revealed another Taliban tactic aimed at the American and British forces facing them. Afghan soldiers have found burnt copies of the Koran, the Muslim ‘Bible’, at positions they have vacated. Once more they are attempting to generate hatred of the NATO forces among the local population because to burn the Quaran is considered a great insult to Islam.

The usual Human Rights groups, led by Amnesty International have of course jumped on the bandwagon. A statement by the group said that NATO “lacked a credible mechanism” to investigate claims of civilian deaths. It went further to say that the use of human shields by the Taliban was “inexcusable”, and “could constitute a war crime”. Only ‘inexcusable’, and ‘could’ be a war crime? If the NATO forces had used human shields they would have been screaming their heads off. But once again, as in Gaza last year, Amnesty can be very selective in its criticism which is why I have lost all respect for this group of individuals

Human Shields

It urged both sides to ‘comply with legal obligations to protect the thousands of displaced civilians and those still trapped in areas of intense fighting’. They should make sure the Taliban know of their concern for the NATO forces are well aware of their obligations. What a pity the Taliban neither care nor take notice of these outbursts by a group that has had its image tarnished by its one-sided outbursts in recent years.

You are wasting your breath if you try to appeal to the better nature of the Taliban because they, like all extremists, do not have one. They are fanatics who are ready to blow themselves up for their beliefs so why should they balk at the idea of a few civilian deaths. Once Amnesty gets its collective mind around that one they may change their tune.

The use of human shields is not old, it is a phenomenon of our times started by insurgents and extremists as a way to create the maximum of bad publicity for their enemies, and to save their own skins. In general, the Israeli’s had to bear the brunt of the bad publicity for this tactic as it was used to such good effect by Hezbollah and Hamas against them. But for most people they are not the bad guys, the Israeli’s are.

How sad people do not want to recognise the truth.


I Thought The U.N. Was Unbiased!

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Oh how naive I am! I have just read a report on the BBC from U.N. investigators under the leadership of Sri Lankan lawyer Radhika Coomaraswamy, and to be honest, I am amazed at the one-sided blame-laying she and her team have indulged in.

Before I go any further, let me state quite clearly, I am not on anybodies side and I do not support the actions of one group against another. Having made that clear I will continue.

According to Ms Coomarathingy, on the 15th of January Israeli soldiers used an 11 year-old boy as a human shield by forcing him to walk down streets ahead of them ‘for several hours’. This is one of ‘hundreds’ of such cases reported by her and the U.N. team for the protection of children.

Her report also includes soldiers shooting Palestinian children, and women, bulldozing a house with a woman and child inside, and shelling a building they had ordered civilians to enter. These, she said were just ‘a few of the incidents’ that had been ‘verified’ by U.N. officials in the Gaza Strip.


Hamas Not Guilty of Using Human Shields?

I guess they must have been talking to Hamas fighters, and civilians with a Hamas gun up their backside to get stories like this. The Hamas propaganda machine is very efficient in such situations.

Worthy of note, is the total lack of commentary on war crimes by Hamas, like using human shields, or shooting from homes, except to say it is ‘under investigation’, which means nothing will ever come of it because it’s an everyday occurrence, and anyway, they are such poor defenceless people.

Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno Yaar told the U.N’s 47-nation Human Rights Council, it was “unable or perhaps unwilling to address attacks against its civilians by Palestinian militants”. He further added, “The report claims to examine Israel’s actions while it wilfully ignores and downplays the terrorist and other threats we face”. He should have added their methods!

An Israeli Military Spokesman dismissed the claims as “inaccurate and politically motivated”. It is obvious that excesses have occurred, and the Israeli Military have confessed this and are dealing with it, but that too is the nature of war. It happened in the Second World War with Allied troops also. In war, none of us are ‘clean’.

All Muslim terror groups like Hamas know full well that in any conflict, the press love to report in full on civilian casualties, and have made good use of this fact.

Perhaps this will help clear it up for you, published with the kind permission of Osama Bin Laden:

Excerpt from a terrorist training manual: “Wow Achmed! Don’t forget, if the cursed Israeli’s shoot in your direction, grab the nearest child or woman! Also, don’t forget to go into the nearest family home if they start shelling you. That way you will be safe, well maybe not, but we will have great propaganda stories to tell the world press and the U.N. OK?” If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny!

Hamas have been using these tactics for years, and yet not one word of condemnation has been seen in the press or from the U.N., not even for the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

I do not condone it, and I do not agree with it, but the thing that sticks in my craw is all the blame is being put on the Israeli’s, while groups like Hamas are all lily white.

In my view, if you cannot report these things totally impartially, you can better keep your mouth shut and stay at home. You certainly have no business in this business!

May your dreams be untroubled.


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