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What Has Become Of Our World

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Things are getting worse and worse in our world and its all because of us humans. It is Spring and yet we see snow, and terrible weather across the world. Why!

It is because we humans are making the world a terrible place with our constant abuse. We do not care about the world, for we live our lives as we see fit and do not care about climate change, the weather, and we go about our daily lives without a care of the world and what it has become.

Years ago we cared about the changes in the world and we did everything to stop it. But now we have abandoned this attitude and live our lives without a thinking of the world. There has to be changes in the way we live and it must come soon.

Diesel cars are the biggest contaminate of the atmosphere and we must stop it. There are plans to get rid of diesel in a few years time but that may be too late. No-one cares about the contamination that diesel causes to our atmosphere and we will suffer tremendously in the future.

Climate change is another big problem that has caused such bad weather in Spring. In the summer the temperatures will rise to unprecedented levels as it did last year, but it will be worse this year.  We cannot predict what will happen in the summer but it will be very hot.

All over the world we see bad storms and flooding in America, the Far East, and famine in Africa. People are dying by the hundreds in Africa because there is no food and water. What are we to do!

In the west we drive around in cars without thinking what it does to the atmosphere, and in a few years we will all be wearing masks as they do China. We have to change the way we live on this Earth or it will choke us to death. Already we have a huge wave of contamination surrounding the world in the atmosphere and so long as we continue the way we are it will never change.

We have to do something to get the world back to what it was years ago, and that means banning diesel cars, and cleaning up the smoke that issues from factories for they are second in the contamination of the skies.

We have a long way to go if we are to continue living on this planet. Otherwise we see the end of mankind on the Earth and it will become a planet without human kind.


What Is To Become Of Our World

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All around the world we are seeing wars, civil disharmony and demonstrations. It makes me wonder what the future of our world will be in twenty or thirty years time. Will we see a global war and the destruction of mankind?

Russia and the West are at one another’s throats, we have ISIL targeting many countries across the world trying to gain control, and we have street rioting in many countries by young men who are out to cause trouble.

We have world pollution rising at a steady rate, where in some cities the air is so contaminated that the rise of lung disease and cancer is rapidly increasing. We have a grave shortage of water and food in some countries where the land is being turned into a desert. Africa is a good example.

Those of us that live in the West watch the news but don’t think of the consequences because it is far away from us. Our lives go on uninterrupted for we don’t care what happens in other countries.

Migrants from the continent of Africa have swarmed into Europe to escape the drought, hunger and wars that are taking place all across Africa. Most of them are Muslims, and eventually they will cause havoc in Europe as they try to take over and turn the whole continent into a Muslim state. You can think what you will, but this is a major possibility as more and more pour in.

Climate change has caused many countries to suffer, like the USA. When in the past have we seen hurricane after hurricane causing so much destruction? The hurricanes have unleashed massive destruction across the Caribbean and the flooding has caused more than a million people to leave their homes, even in the south of the United States. Thousands of people have been made homeless across the Caribbean islands, and houses have been destroyed right left and centre in the southern states of America. Flooding has consumed a huge portion of the southern United States and this has never happened on such a large scale before, and its all due to us poisoning our atmosphere with traffic and factories.

Climate change has even affected the north and south pole regions where ice is melting at an unbelievable rate. At the north pole the ice cover is a fraction of what it once was, and the south pole has seen huge swathes of ice islands broken off and floated out into the ocean.

Some European companies have said recently that they will be turning their factories into making electric cars, but with the whole of Europe driving these cars what is going to happen to the power grids? There are not enough power stations to satisfy the demand for an all electric car system across Europe. America is very slow in making this change but they will be hit with the same problem.

Civil unrest is spreading across many countries with demonstrations, and it often turns into violence. The people are unhappy with their governments because they do not do enough to house and help the poor. The rich get richer and the poor get no help at all. There are many billionaires in the world today, but they do not release some of their money to help the poor. It’s all down to greed, and that is the one disease that is very common today. Why do they not release money to help the poor and starving in Africa and across the world.

With climate change things will get much worse in the foreseeable future so we have to do something about it. There can be no doubt that if we change our ways it will take very many years for the Earth’s climate to get back to what it was when I was a boy. In the meantime things will get worse year on year until we stop polluting our climate’s atmosphere.


Spain’s ‘Illegal’ Deportations

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Amnesty Internationl

Amnesty International

Spain has recently been castigated by Human Rights Groups complaining to the U.N. and the E.U. about the situation in Cueta and Mellila, two Spanish enclaves on the North African coast. For a long time migrants from many African countries have been trying to get into the Spanish territory in order to get to Europe.

For many months now hundreds of African’s have attempted to scale the 7m fence to gain entry while the Guardia Civil (Border Police), have been trying to hold them back. It is a fact that many running battles have been fought along the wire as the desperate migrants try to get into the Spanish side. Once there they expect to be transported to the mainland of Spain, and when admitted to the E.U. travel on, more often than not to Britain, hence the problems in Calais that hit the headlines recently.

Security Swamped By Those Trying To Get In

Security Swamped By Those Trying To Get In

Of late, the police tactic has been to round up those who manage to cross the fence and they are immediately shipped back to the Moroccan side. Personally I see nothing wrong with that, for both Cueta and Mellia are not very big, about the size of a small town, and just cannot handle the numbers trying to get in.

The Spanish government has been criticised  for passing an amendment to the laws on immigration that would allow all ‘trespassers’ to be immediately sent back to Morocco. But of course this has got the hackles up of the human rights bleeding hearts brigade, for they think these people should all be treated as refugees, given a cup of tea and sent on to wherever in Europe they want to go.



If these people were in charge Europe would be so full that Europeans would be moving out in droves, or there would be open warfare on the streets. However, don’t think I condemn totally the work done by Amnesty International or any of the other groups, for I don’t, I just believe sometimes they start shouting without thinking of the consequences.

Personally I would allow all these migrants in and then assign them to individual members of Amnesty International and the many other rights groups complaining. They would then be charged with taking them into their own homes, and caring and feeding them from their own pockets. Let us then see how long it would take for them to change their stupid minds. These idiots whinge and whine about human rights but do not themselves bear any of the hardship caused by these people. How long before they realize that the growing numbers of migrants just cannot be absorbed by European countries any more.

The Schengen Nations Of Europe

The Schengen Nations Of Europe

It is difficult to control the flow of migrants in Europe because of the Schengen Agreement passed many years ago that did away with internal border checks. We now have free travel all across the European countries without borders or passport checks. This has made life easy for the inhabitants, but makes it almost impossible to control the flow of migrants once they are on the European mainland.

Much of  the problem is caused by the trafficking gangs that operate far and wide in North Africa. They charge $2,000 to $3,000 to get these people to the northern border, and often put them in leaky boats to get them across the Mediterranean Sea. You have to ask how desperately poor people obtain that amount of money to pay these crooks. If they can get such a huge sum why are they trying to get to Europe. In most poor countries such an amount would keep their families fed and cared for for a couple of years. To help stem the flow it really needs an international effort to shut these gangs down.



I do not blame the migrants for seeking a better life in Europe, but somehow, sometime, it has to stop otherwise everything will fall apart. Europe cannot house and feed three quarters of Africa, the Middle East, and Pakistan. At some time in the future the flow has to stop. I do feel sorry for those who are trying to escape persecution and war, but many of them are really economic migrants who come here to Europe to find a job….or get the handouts.

Already Britain is full, with record numbers of unemployed, a collapsing national health and benefit system leading to economic disaster, plus a major housing shortage. We cannot even feed, house and educate our own properly any more because of too many immigrants, and still these bleeding hearts want us to accept more! The same is true in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany and many other countries.

Night Crossing

Night Crossing

International law states that migrants may claim domicile in the first country they come to after leaving their own, but that never applies these days. These people pass through several countries to get to northern Europe where they seek a new home. Many are attracted by the generous benefits system of many European countries where their pockets are stuffed full of money without them lifting a finger, like Britain.

Border Guards

Border Guards

It is sad there is so much inequality in the world where in some countries inexcusable wars are being fought, and I can accept that people want to get away from the fighting. But they should be looking to neighbouring countries for help. Unfortunately, Europe is the big magnet for them all. People fleeing the endless secular wars in the Middle East should be finding assistance in other Arab countries, and admittedly some do, but the rich nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait have all turned their back on these people instead of joining together to do the right thing by people of their own race. Sure, they have refugee camps in places like Jordan by the dozen, but the standards of living in these places are little better than what they left behind because one nation cannot cope with the numbers. If Arabic nations put some serious effort into looking after their own people, perhaps with assistance from the UN and the richer nations, we might see some progress, and it would not be necessary for these desperate people to come all the way to Europe.

Bringing Water To The Desert

Bringing Water To The Desert

With the African nations it is not much different, and I believe nations should be helping these people by improving their life in their own country. In some areas desperate drought means crops cannot be grown and the people starve to death, so what if an international effort were to sort out this problem? By improving life in these places, giving them the tools to be self sufficient we can put an end to the mass migrations of these people. Just imagine that a €0.10 cent tax was imposed on all 741 million people in Europe, this would raise €74.1 million to provide water to the arid areas. Yes I know, that is but a drop in the ocean but how much would you raise over a year? Answer:- €889.2 million. That amount of money would go a long way to redressing the balance in many North African countries when spent wisely.

I just hope that the problems of the world can be successfully sorted out and sanity can once more return to humanity.


Foreign Criminals Cost Us £850 Million

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Imprisoned - But Now What?

Imprisoned – But Now What?

We all know that when Tony Blair welcomed five and a half million immigrants into our country he didn’t do us any favours, but he also let in a lot of criminals. Apart from the load having to be carried by the Benefits System, NHS and housing, these criminals are now costing the British tax payer £850 million a year that could be better spent helping our own.

UK Migration

UK Migration

Those that are caught can be sent to prison, but the fact is, once they have served their term the authorities have enormous difficulty in deporting them. Because of the ridiculous restraints placed on our Justice System by the E.U. in Brussels we cannot send them back where they came from. Literally thousands of immigrant career criminals remain in the U.K. simply because we cannot deport them.

Gay(?) Killer Avoids Deportation

Gay(?) Killer Avoids Deportation

Our Justice System has become so lax that one foreign convict in six ducks under the radar and cannot be found. Of the rest, it’s the same old story, appeal after appeal. The U.K. currently has 4,200 foreign criminals living within communities, and thousands of offenders are setting up home in this country instead of being deported.

The Cost Of Immigrants

The Cost Of Immigrants

Since 2006 the number of foreign prisoners has risen by 4% while the number of deportations has fallen. Because of all the appeals, it takes almost ten years to deport a convicted criminal from our shores. That’s almost as long as it took to get rid of Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa. This is clearly ridiculous!

James Brokenshire

James Brokenshire

James Brokenshire, the Immigration and Security Minister has reportedly said: “The countless appeals and re-appeals lodged by criminals attempting to cheat the system cost us all money and are an affront to British justice. Too little progress has been made, despite the increased resources and effort devoted to this problem.”

Immigration Act 2014

Immigration Act 2014

However, changes are being made to the Immigration Act that will hopefully make the system easier. James Brokenshire said during the interview: “New powers came into force this week to cut the number of grounds on which criminals can appeal their deportation and to end the appeals conveyor belt in the courts. The Immigration Act will help us deliver an immigration system that is fair to the people of this country and legitimate immigrants and tough on those who flout the rules.” All I can say is let’s hope so!

This appeal farce has been going on far too long and it is well past time we toughened up the system so these people cannot slip through the net. Our entire Justice System has become a mockery, where just sentences cannot be handed out because we might trample on someone’s human rights!



But there is another reason for this failure. Government auditors found almost 1,500 failed removals, and of those a third might have been avoided if there had been fewer administrative errors, and better co-ordination between different government departments. It is a sad fact that only one in every 25 files sent to the Home Office to start the process for removal had the right identity documents. It would seem the Tory Party and David Cameron just cannot get their hands around this problem and deal with it effectively.

The Law and Human Rights

The Law and Human Rights

It is without doubt time we got rid of the Human Rights Laws as dictated by Brussels and went back to the tried and tested system of British Justice as it was before all this E.U. nonsense. The right to appeal should of course be given, but then it should be restricted to three times within a maximum of three months and no more. This current system of repeating appeals for years and years until you get what you want is ridiculous. In that way, these parasites can be gone after three months and it will hopefully serve as a warning to the rest.

Sham Marriage To Avoid Deportation

Sham Marriage To Avoid Deportation

Some of the more ridiculous successes in avoiding deportation I have reported on before, usually involving Clause 8 of the Human Rights Act: The Right to Family Life. As has happened, many immigrant criminals have abused this Act by marrying a British girl, which means they cannot be deported under this Statute. So far as I am concerned, He should still go and his wife can choose to go with him or not.

Why should this country be home to foreigners who cannot live within the law, we have more than enough of our own!


France, The Veil, And The Inevitable Legal Challenges

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Now the face veil ban has become law in France I suppose we will see a legal battle between those for and those against. In the press many people have come out against it, but the argument remains in these troubled times, should anyone be allowed to roam the streets with their faces covered like a bank robber?

Self Explanatory

No! I am not suggesting Muslim women are bank robbers (although they could be couldn’t they?), but everyone has been cautious about Muslims ever since 9/11, and to see many walking around covered from head to foot makes some people nervous.

European Views:

True For Some

Many of the complainants are saying the ban is because Muslim women are forced to wear the veil by their husbands, which may or may not be true, although the Quran does state that women should cover themselves so as not to tempt men. For me however, that is not the essential reason for the ban, it is more a question of simple security.

The idea of people hiding behind veils makes security-minded people wary, and its not surprising. There are mixed feelings among the people of many countries that house a large population of Muslim immigrants, but only France has taken the big step in openly banning the veil.

A Day Of Infamy

If Muslims want to blame someone for the ban they should look inward and point the finger at insurgent groups like al Quada and the Taliban. Before 9/11 no-one gave a damn about the veil, but since that day people in western countries are wary of Muslims, particularly those with covered faces.

Its only natural that when you are threatened you become suspicious of everyday things, like the veil for instance.

I’ll bet practically everyone has kept their eye on an arab with a suitcase or bag at the airport or train station, just to make sure he doesn’t leave it behind when departing! Its all about self-preservation, which since 9/11 has become predominant.

I believe this is the main reason behind much of the anti-veil feeling that presides today. It has been proven time and again that arab men dress in the burka to evade justice, and women suicide bombers are by no means uncommon.

Muslim Women Go For A Swim

I guess we should now wait for the legal challenges to the ban, for there are sure to be many. The Human Rights and  Religious Freedom champions will once again be able to mount their shiny white stallions and come galloping to the rescue of the poor oppressed  Muslims in our society, and to hell with security. The whole darned thing is one big farce really, but to be honest, I do support the ban.

Pat Condell on the burka:


Crazy! You Couldn’t Make It Up – Series 1 Episode 8

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Read the news and there is no end to the quirky items about people and events. The last couple of weeks is no exception as you will see if you read on.

I Lui Take Thee…

The ‘Pet Crazies’ are everywhere, you know the type. They lavish love and affection on their dogs and cats like they are their own children, and spend outrageous amounts of money to provide them with all sorts of costly gifts from diamond-studded collars to ridiculously expensive grooming at bespoke salons. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, and I agree, because the pet obviously fills a gap in these people’s lives. This story though, topped the lot for strangeness when a Brazilian couple spent £6,000 to get their dogs ‘married‘! The bride Bruna, and the groom Lui apparently barked their vows and set a paw print on the official document. Believe it or not, the ‘bride wore a ‘stunning’ gown costing £270 while the groom was correctly attired in a tuxedo. They even had a special ‘doggy’ cake made with loving care and wolfed down in seconds. The next thing to be planned is a honeymoon for the two love-dogs which is expected to take place in July, because then the bride will be in heat! That should be one helluva honeymoon! Down Boy! Down!!!

Hoorn Prison

The Dutch have some strange habits, I should know I lived there for thirty years, but recently a story came out of Holland that beggars belief. In the town of Hoorn, near Amsterdam, thieves broke into, yes that’s right, into a prison and stole the inmates t.v’s while they were away for the weekend. The crazy thing is, it happened not once, but twice in a period of six weeks, the second time they set off an alarm but still got away. Prison officials are totally baffled as to how the burglars got in and out again with the t.v.’s without being noticed by staff. Mind you, if I know ‘Cloggyland’, I’ll bet the guards were probably watching football on the TV, and that’s why theirs didn’t get pinched!!!

Modern Iranian Girl

Iran is said to be the most earthquake prone zone in the Middle East, and a senior Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sidiqhi has finally found out why! According to him woman are to blame for the earthquakes in Iran! This ‘learned’ gentleman has been quoted by an Iranian newspaper as saying during a prayer meeting; “Many women who do not dress modestly…lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society increase earthquakes.” My goodness, I bet he thought long and hard over that one! He is of course hitting out at the younger generation of Muslim women who do not follow the strict dress code of Islam, i.e. covering themselves from head to toe. Many today wear tight jeans and have their face uncovered, much to the disgust of devout Muslims and their clergy. Hence perhaps the rather novel notion these ‘loose’ women cause earthquakes. I can’t believe his followers take him seriously, but they do. I guess seismologists world-wide can start looking for alternative work because this guy has answered all their questions!!!

Sorry! Call This Number

If someone damages your car, naturally you would think the correct thing to do is go to the police station and report it; Right? Wrong! Not in Hessle near Hull in England. That is what Andy Bevan did when someone slashed his tyres, but when he got to the police station he was given a card and told to ring the Command Centre because they could not deal with it. To make matters worse, while he was outside using his mobile, a policeman came out and told him he could use a phone inside the station. It’s the same old story in the UK these days, you can never find a copper when you need one, and when you do, he can’t do anything because he is only there to fill in forms, but not the one pertaining to your case!!!

Here You Are Miss Er…!

Once more the ‘Human Rights’ issue has raised its ugly head in Britain with a transsexual suing the NHS because they will not give ‘her’ a boob job! Born a man, ‘C’ has been on hormone treatment since 1996 but it failed to provide, according to ‘her’, with adequate breasts. So ‘she’ wants an operation on the NHS to enlarge them before undergoing a sex change operation. The NHS refused, saying the requested treatment was purely cosmetic. ‘C’ claims not having the operation will leave her ‘between sexes’ and is causing her stress, so now ‘she’ is playing the Human Rights card with a battery of lawyers before the High Court. Big or small breasts, I hope ‘she’ never gives me the ‘come on’!!!

Unrepentant – Tohseef Shah

Once again, the farce that is the British justice system failed spectacularly recently when a young Muslim was arrested and charged for scrawling Islamic slogans like “Islam will dominate the world” on a WW2 monument in the town of Burton-on-Trent. The graffiti praised Osama bin Laden and threatened the Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) with death but, surprise, surprise, the Crown Prosecution Service considered the graffiti to be; “Not racially motivated.” This, according to the CPS, is because a Judge ruled; “Christian beliefs had no right of protection under British law (No! Only Islamic).” The offender, Tohseef Shah was therefore not prosecuted under the more serious charge of inciting religious hatred and got off with a two-year conditional discharge and a fine of £500 to pay for the clean-up job, this despite him showing no remorse at his actions. Needless to say, veterans are fuming at the ruling.  I think our forefathers must be thinking; Sod it! What was the point???

You know what they say: “Life’s a bitch and then you die!” More to come!


The Erosion of Christian Human Rights

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Why  does everyone seem to have human rights except christians in today’s world? Christians are once again under attack for their faith in England, this time by The National Secular Society (NSS) who have been in a long-running battle with Bideford Council, and are now threatening to take them to the European Court because the age-old traditional saying of prayers before a council meeting convenes human rights.

Bideford – Council Under Fire

The moment of prayer before a council meeting is a tradition that goes back centuries, but is now under attack because it ‘breaches the human rights of atheist and agnostic council members’. Well I say, what about the human rights of Christians? The NSS is determined to halt the practice through judicial means and will not be satisfied with just winning against Bideford, but will, it is believed, go on to have the practice banned in all council chambers up and down the country.

Founder of the NSS

This society, formed in 1866 by Charles Bradlaugh, was intended to combat Christian religious privilege, separate church and state, and promote secularism. Currently, the society campaigns for the disestablishment of the Church of England, an end to tax exemption for religious schools, and public funding of priests who work in jails, hospitals, and the armed forces. They are also deeply involved in the abolition of the blasphemy laws and are intent on keeping religion out of human rights, healthcare, legislation and equality issues. And now, they have Bideford council in their sights! According to councillors, they have been chosen because it is not a rich council.

The sad thing is these people don’t belong to any faith, they are agnostics and atheists, and because of their lack of faith, it seems they think they can restrict the practice ours. It is without doubt the right of any person to be an atheist or agnostic, but equally so, it the right of any individual to believe and practice that belief. Britain is after all a christian country.

The act of prayers before a council meeting is a way for councillors to seek guidance to do the right thing for the people they represent, and yes, it is based on christian beliefs and values, but those who do not believe do not have to take part. To quote the words of a christian councillor, Tony Inch; “those who do not wish to take part can twiddle their thumbs”.

According to Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the NSS, councillors should pray at home or in church but not at meetings (he now wishes to tell us when we can and cannot pray?); “It is not appropriate in modern-day Britain for prayers to form an integral part of council meetings”. It all comes down to a small number of people wishing to force their views on the majority and put an end to yet another age-old tradition, when the simple answer is just to not take part. Those who value their christian faith and traditions can take a moment or so to pray, but it doesn’t mean the non-believers have to. They can out of respect for the human rights of the believers wait just a moment or two with their own thoughts while the prayers are concluded.

The most annoying part of situations like this is people who play the ‘Human Rights’ card in an effort to deny others theirs!

Standing Up For Christian Rights

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has voiced his concern at yet another attack on christian values in Britain by calling it an “attack on freedom”, and he is quite right. He said; “The centuries long tradition of saying prayers before council meetings is simply an acknowledgement of the important role the Christian faith plays in civic life. The attempt to rule such prayers as discriminatory is an attack on freedom and a cynical manoeuvre to drive public expression of faith from national as well as local life.”

The Human Rights Charter 1948

The Human Rights Charter, the world’s response to the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust of WW2, was signed in 1948 at the UN but is sadly used today by any crackpot, fringe group, terrorist, criminal or the insane to get what they want at any cost. Its misuse is eroding all the nobler values that have stood the human race in good stead for centuries. Now, just because you don’t like what Joe Blogg’s does because it doesn’t fit with what you think he should be doing, take him to court to satisfy your own twisted ideals.

It’s all wrong folks! Our higher moral standards, religion, system of government, our very way of life is being dictated by a handful of self-righteous, self-centred individuals who think they can use the law for their own ends just because what we do does not fit with their ideals.

It doesn’t matter what noble purpose our forefathers had when creating these ‘Rights’ for the people, once the edifice starts to crumble through gross misuse it will not be long before the whole building collapses, and where will we be then; Back in the Dark Ages?

May God help us see the light of reason.


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