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Prisons Under Strain?

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Who should be surprised the British Prison system is nearing collapse? The government feeds us statistics each year saying there is an annual drop in crime rates, but they do not tell the whole truth.

Modern Prison Cell

A little research shows the prison population in Britain has risen from around 19,000 to a staggering 65,000 in 1998. Since 1998, the government will have us believe things are getting better because fewer criminals are going to jail, but that is also untrue. What has in fact happened, as most people know, is that criminals are now being given non-custodial sentences because the prisons are over-full. More and more even violent criminals are being given the so-called Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) and /or Community Service Orders (CSO) simply because there is no room for them in the prisons.

Experience has shown that the ASBO/CSO system does not work because it is totally ignored by those who receive it, and no-one can be bothered to do anything about it. The Probation Service seems powerless to enforce Community Service Orders placed on felons and they just go back to their old ways.

When they are jailed, criminals are given ridiculously short sentences, and even then, let out early to make room for newer inmates. When someone commits murder they receive a ‘life’ sentence, but what is that, just seven years, and more often than not they are let out after four or five years. We hear daily from the courts that so-and-so has received a sentence of twenty-five years, but everyone knows this person will be back on the streets in three to five years.

A recent example of that was the young Edlington twins (see Blog UK Child Sadists Sentenced – 22  January) who tortured two young boys for ninety minutes. They were sentenced to be detained ‘Indefinitely’ serving a minimum of five years. It has since emerged these two sadists will be released within three years with a new identity. What has ‘indefinitely’ got to do with ‘minimum five years’? If the Judge understood the English language he should know ‘indefinitely’ means without end or for an unspecified period!

At the trial, the younger of the two (10 years old) was described as a potential psychopath by a prominent psychologist, and they want to let him out after three years? Who will take responsibility when the little tow-rag kills someone after his release? It sure as hell won’t be the idiots responsible for his early release.

The number of criminals who re-offend after release from prison is soaring, proving once again “its business as usual” for these people. The prison system is so lax that even being incarcerated does not stop their criminal activities for they continue their activities from their cell. Gang-Lords are still in charge of what goes on ‘on the outside’ knowing they will be free within a short time.

The people to blame for the slow destruction of Britain’s Penal System are without doubt the bleeding heart Politically Correct (PC) and Human Rights (HR) Groups who infest our land with their lunacy. I have been saying for years that it is time to kick out the barmy idiots that are currently running the system and turn it back into what it once was, a penal system to be feared.

Just ask any ‘old lag’ from the forties and fifties what it was like in prison in those days and they will tell you, more likely with a tremor in their voice.

In those days prison was a thing to be feared and no-one wanted to go back ‘inside’. The mere thought of going back into prison caused most criminals to think twice about re-embarking on a life of crime once they got out. Their day consisted of twelve hour shifts of hard work, a meal, and then into the cell for the night. There were no gym’s, pool tables, libraries, cinema’s, TV ‘s in the cells with all the comforts of home. It was a strict regime, and woe betide anyone who overstepped the mark. More to the point, the prison was run by the Governor and his Warders, not the prisoners like it is today.

1950’s Cell

But what is happening today? Well, I can tell you. A letter just released by the Lord Carlile of Berriew, President of the Howard League for Prison Reform goes in completely the opposite direction. The letter states; “Instead of more legislative hyperactivity in the field of criminal justice, instead of ramping up ever-higher our costly use of imprisonment, the Commission argued forcibly for a principal of moderation, and not excess, to hold sway”.

The Commission recommended (1) “A significant reduction in the prison population and the closure of establishments” (2) “Investment in the localities that currently produce prisoners to reduce crime” and (3) “The replacement of short prison sentences with community based responses”.

I have never heard a bigger load of twaddle in my entire life!

What this in effect means, is that we are now supposed to give criminals even less ‘punishment’ than they now receive, and not even remove them from our streets. It would seem these people want to reduce the prison overpopulation by releasing huge numbers of prisoners and closing down many prisons! I really find it impossible to grasp that a Lord of Our Land and his cohorts could come to such a recommendation in these crime ridden times. What planet do these people live on???? I have to say however, it is typical of the way the ‘people in charge’ think of crime these days. I wonder what these people would think if they were on the receiving end of a vicious thug who burgled their home or killed one of their loved ones?

Lord Carlile was big enough to admit that “people have lost faith in the system” and “do not feel safer” but does not seem to understand that his Commissions plans would make things ten times worse. They do not seem to grasp the idea that to reduce the criminal statistics and the prison population, we need to go back about 60 years and return prisons once more to a place of punishment instead of five star hotels.

I truly despaire at the stupidity of some people.


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