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How Barbaric Can You Get!

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The Message

The Message

I just read a news piece about an eighteen-year-old Pakistani girl who was burned to death by her mother for marrying a man she loved. Just another example of the so-called ‘Honour Killings’ which take place in Pakistan on a regular basis. From the report it seems that the mother strangled her and set her alight even though she was still alive. Its hard to imagine the pain this young girl must have gone through before she died.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

When the case came to court the mother was sentenced to death for this outrageous crime, a decision I agree with totally. The woman confessed to killing her 18-year-old daughter, Zeenat Rafiq for “bringing shame on the family”. None of her family claimed her body for burial, and it was left to the in-laws to perform the burial ceremony.

It has for a long time been the tradition in Muslim lands like Pakistan for the daughter to marry a man who is chosen by the parents. This sometimes happens with children as young a seven or eight and they have no say in it. The marriage can be for a number of reasons, like paying a debt to the man or family of the husband, or simply to cement ties with the family of the groom.

Whatever you may think of this practice, to me it is barbaric, but it is an unwritten law among some societies. The Pakistani government have tried to stop this practice but it still goes on because it is tradition among some sectors of Pakistani society. Numerous honour killings have been carried out in Pakistan, where mainly girls face the wrath of family members for marrying a man of their choice.

A Victim

A Victim

In July 2016, Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was allegedly strangled to death by her brother in the province of Punjab. In the same month, British woman Samia Shahid was allegedly killed by her father and her former husband after she chose to divorce him and marry another man. In Pakistan alone there are over a thousand such honour killings a year, and nine times out of ten no-one is punished.

In accordance with tradition the killers can be ‘forgiven’ by the victim’s family and no further action is taken by the authorities. New legislation was passed by the government in October 2016, but many ignore it for they stick with tradition. The new law provides for a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years to anyone convicted of killing for the sake of family honour, and no longer allows family members to legally pardon perpetrators. The law permits forgiveness only of an “honour” killer who is sentenced to death; if the killer is forgiven, he would still have to serve 25 years in jail.

In my view it just goes to show how backward these people are to have such a tradition. In this day and age you would think that such a practice would be a thing of the past, but it is not.

The Muslim religion is well-known throughout the world for its barbarity, like chopping off the hands of thieves, stoning to death of women and executions with a sword. There can be little doubt that Islam is the most barbaric religion on the planet. Will it ever end? I doubt it for it is so ingrained in their culture.






Pakistan – The Devil’s Playground

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I was shocked to read in today’s news about the brutal death of a young girl who married against her mother’s wishes, and was brutally murdered because of it. The girl, eighteen-year-old Zeenat was choked by her mother, and while still alive, burnt to death with kerosene. After this despicable act her mother, Parveen Rafiq screamed from her rooftop, “I have killed my daughter. I have saved my honor. She will never shame me again.”

A Victim Of Sharia

A Victim Of Sharia

The whole saga began when Zeenat decided to marry her childhood sweetheart and not a man whom her mother had chosen in a so-called ‘arranged marriage’, a member of their own social caste, the Rajput. Zeenat had her heart set on a childhood friend, a 20-year-old motorcycle mechanic named Hassan Khan who lived nearby in their crowded Lahore shantytown. Her death on June 8 was the latest in a series of increasingly gruesome “honour” killings in Pakistan, which has one of the highest rates of such killings in the world.

After they married Zeenat went to live with Hassan and his family, but her mother and uncle came to the door many times begging her to come home at least for a few days because they forgave her. Her mother wanted to arrange a proper marriage for the pair to dispel the idea held by the neighbours that she had eloped. She eventually agreed, but on the fourth day was killed by her mother in the aforementioned despicable way.

Neighbours outside Rafiq’s home all agreed that the mother was driven to kill Zeenat, and she should go free. “Daughters are duty-bound to maintain the honor of the family,” said Muneeba Bibi. “It’s better to have no children than to have a daughter who brings you shame. Zeenat’s killing was a good lesson for all the girls here to protect the family honour,” she said.

Zeenat’s mother has been arrested as police and prosecutors found a way around the forgiveness loophole. Rafiq and one of her sons suspected of helping in Zeenat’s killing have been detained and face charges under the anti-terrorism law, which defines any act that causes general panic as terrorism. We will have to wait and see how that goes in court.

A Girl Who Assisted Her Friend To Get Married

A Girl Who Assisted Her Friend To Get Married

In another such case a mother in Abbottabad slit the throat of her pregnant 22 year-old daughter who married a man she loved. The victim’s girlfriend who helped her, was systematically tortured and then injected with poison. After that she was strapped into the seat of a car which was then set alight. She died in absolute agony.  The council of local elders, ordered her killing as a message to others.

Last year, 1,096 women and 88 men were killed in “honour” crimes in Pakistan, according to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that the numbers are most likely far higher, as not all get reported. Those who kill for “honour” are almost never punished in Pakistan.

Both Stabbed As Torture Before Being Killed.

Both Stabbed As Torture Before Being Killed.

This country has the highest rate of honour crimes in the world, and the sad thing is, the perpetrators of these killings are very seldom punished for their crimes. It’s all to do with the savage Sharia Law that allows such actions. The law, based on Islamic Shariah allows the family of a victim to forgive a killer, and in these cases the killers are almost always family. So other relatives give their forgiveness, unwilling to see loved ones jailed.

It is a fact that more than 70 percent of Pakistan’s 180 million people are under 30, and many are challenging these traditions to an unprecedented degree. Marvi Sermid, a women’s rights activist said, “The old order of misogyny and extremism is falling apart, is really crumbling.” The campaign has been assisted by women going to school and working outside the home, and social media has helped women raise their voices. 

Message Of The Young

Message Of The Young

The government proposed a law aimed at protecting women against violence, but in May the council put forward an alternative allowing men to “lightly beat” their wives. On TV talk shows, guests denounced the council as misogynist and out of touch. Some lawmakers called for it to be disbanded.

I have a feeling that this argument will rage on for a very long time, for although the younger generation in Pakistan seem to be more enlightened, the old are not, and stick fast to their ancient traditions.

To me these people are still living in the stone age and it all has to do with the Muslim Sharia Law. It is not the same in all Muslim countries, but we still get to hear about stoning to death, the chopping off of a thief’s hand and hangings in the street.

By comparison I will not say that our western justice system is better, for many killers and thieves get ridiculously short sentences, and have an easy time of it in prison in many countries. But it is better than the sheer savagery of Sharia Law.

Will it ever change, I doubt it!


The Disgrace Of Forced Marriages

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Arranged and forced marriages have hit the headlines again due to the summer school break in which many Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi children are taken back to their homeland to be forced into marriage with a complete stranger. Records show children as young as two have been handed over for marriage, perhaps to settle a debt between families or within tribes. In some places newborns can be promised in marriage where two families wish to strengthen their ties, in others a child can be married off to settle disagreements with another family.

Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage

It is all so sordid and disgraceful that I am surprised in these ‘enlightened’ times this sort of practice is still tolerated. In many countries like Pakistan, such things are illegal but happen daily in the northern provinces and it is clear the government is not taking any action to stamp it out.

In the Muslim faith children, especially girls, are taught from birth that this practice is normal and they must accept it when the time comes. Under Islamic law the child/teenager must agree, but that does not reflect the reality, for in practice they have little right of protest and must obey their parents wishes. Arranged marriages are a common thing , where two young people are introduced and given time to get to know one another with the hope that love will blossom from the relationship. The marriage is arranged by the parents who look for a suitable candidate and discuss it with the other family. It is many times successful, but can still lead to coercion by the father or mother.

That is different from real forced marriages where one of the prospective partners is not consulted and dare not disagree with their parents choice. Many young girls are forced into such unions, often with men old enough to be their father, and if they rebel, they are coerced with severe beatings by their parents to submit, sometimes by being threatened with death if they continue to disagree, the so-called ‘honour killing’.

Killed For 'Staining The Family Honour'

Killed For ‘Staining The Family Honour’

This practice has led to many young girls taking their own lives or running away to live as outcasts, but when they are eventually found they are killed for the family ‘honour’, usually by a family member. Britain has seen many honour killings where children have been murdered because they in some way ‘stained’ the family honour. In some families this has happened because a young teenage girl of Pakistani birth has taken to wearing western style teen clothing. In one particular case a Pakistani man, with the help of his wife, killed his three daughters for supposedly bringing disgrace to the family honour. It is a sad and sordid business that happens across America, Europe and many other countries.

Typical Arranged Marriage - The 'Bride' Is A Child

Typical Arranged Marriage – The ‘Bride’ Is A Child

This time of year is particularly bad in the UK because many immigrant families living here go back to their own country on holiday. It is an ideal time for these people to finalize a forced marriage because their children are on holiday from school and will not be missed. Airport officials have been warned to look out for families travelling with a one-way ticket for young children, especially girls, and for children who look particularly nervous or unhappy when passing through the airport.

Part of the problem is that something like this is so ingrained in the culture, is very hard to stamp out among immigrant families. It is their way of life and they feel they have a right to practice it no matter where they live, even though it is against English law. If a young girl goes missing from school after the summer break it is normal for the authorities to ask the parents where the child is, but if they receive the reply that the child has gone back to Pakistan or wherever, what do you do?

Child Bride

Child Bride

The only course of action is to set up help organizations that can aid these children before it gets too far. They do exist of course, but it can be very difficult for a young girl or a teenager to defy their family and contact such an organization. The Foreign Office’s Forced Marriage Unit, set up to assist in such cases dealt with 15,000 cases last year and it is widely considered that this is the tip of the iceberg.

The cases related to 60 countries: almost half were linked to Pakistan, 11 percent to Bangladesh, eight percent to India, and two percent to Afghanistan. Other countries were Somalia, Turkey and Iraq. There are many organizations set up to help but unfortunately they have to rely on the victims coming forward before they can take action, and when they do the child is taken away from their parents and given help. It can be a traumatic experience for any teenager, and in particular a young child, which is why not many come forward.

Doomed To A Life Of Pain And Misery

Doomed To A Life Of Pain And Misery

In very many cases, young girls and teenagers can look forward to repeated rape by their new husbands starting on their marriage night. There is no question of consent, they are at the mercy of their new husbands. One woman who came forward to British police said she was married as a very young girl and repeatedly raped by her husband for eight-and-a-half years before she eventually ran away. These kind of stories are not uncommon.

It is sad that this disgrace is still practiced, but I cannot see it ending despite the tens of thousands of children per year who are condemned to a life of pain and horror, and from which there is little chance of escape.


The Hidden Truth Behind Muslim ‘Honour’ Killings

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Everyone has heard of the Muslim tradition of ‘honour’ killing after the events of the past decade, coupled with the increasing Islamization of western countries. It is a system of so-called justice within the Muslim faith so barbaric as to strike horror into the hearts of all decent, intelligent people.

Women’s View

It is a well known fact that these acts are predominantly meted out on women, and are a constant reminder of their subservient position in Muslim society, for to Muslim men they are nothing more than possessions.

The news that prompted this post is a report that ‘honour killings’ have dramatically increased in Britain over the past year. As everyone knows, our country has very large Muslim communities, many that refuse to accept British Law and revert to their own brutal Sharia Law.

A survey of almost every police force in the country by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (Ikwro) has shown a total of 2,823 killings in the last year alone. Almost all were of women who have in some way ‘supposedly’ stained the family or community ‘honour’ and have been either beaten, mutilated or even killed. This ‘stain’ on the family honour could be the refusal of a young girl to marry the man of her families choice, she may have been seen talking to boys without a chaperone, or even just adopting western style clothing.

I give you as an example the case of Banaz Mahmod, from Mitcham, south London, who in 2006 was strangled on the orders of her father and uncle because they thought her boyfriend was unsuitable. Of course when it comes to men its usually the homosexuals who are in the firing line.

Father of Banaz Mahmod

It is not enough for the Muslim male to completely dominate his partner and subject her to covering her entire body ‘lest she inflame the passions of another man’, but to put one foot wrong can mean she pays the ultimate sacrifice. A prime example is Mohammad Shafia, who is being tried along with his second wife and their 20-year-old son for the murder of his three daughters and his first wife. The Canadian police secretly recorded a conversation in which he boasted “he would kill them again if they came back a hundred times”. He called his daughters ‘whores’ just for having boyfriends. The really sad thing is, he saw nothing wrong with his actions because they had ‘stained the family honour’.

Even worse is the case of a Libyan man who slit the throats of three of his daughters, aged 15, 17, and 18 after they were raped by pro-Gadaffi forces, as if it was their fault! Two Muslim women in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh helped each other use ropes to choke the life from their daughters after the two young women returned home after marrying Hindu men. “We killed them because they brought shame to our community,” When questioned they said, “How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse.”

In London a Danish man was forced to drink acid after being beaten, and lost his tongue. He was suspected of having an affair with a married woman from Pakistan. One of the attackers was the woman’s brother. It is certain the woman concerned is in great danger herself. In Pakistan, three teenage girls were buried alive in mid-July in a remote village because they planned to choose their own husbands. The girls, aged 14, 16 and 18 were abducted and tortured, then buried still breathing. Two older women who tried to help them were also buried alive.

From information readily available, Pakistan and India have the highest rates of honour killings in the world. In Pakistan alone it is estimated there are around 5,000 such killings a year.

Women Are Often Disfigured Before Being Killed

In Iraq men are seldom prosecuted by the law for honour killings as this is seen as a normal way of life.  An Iraqi father who suffocated and stabbed his 17-year-old daughter has only one regret over her honour killing: That he didn’t murder her “the instant her mother delivered her.” Her crime? Talking to a British soldier! The father was arrested, but released by the police without charge because according to the father, “The officers were by my side, congratulating me on what I had done.”

There are conflicting views that honour killings are allowed under Sharia Law, some scholars attest that it is allowed while others say it is not. In the book on Sharia Law, paragraph o1.2 has the following phrases; “The following are not subject to retaliation: (4) A father or mother (or their fathers and mothers) for killing their offspring or their offspring’s offspring”. This translation from the original Arabic was certified by Al Azhar of the Islamic Research Academy.

While others assert there is nothing in the Qur’an allowing this practice, it is for sure that the Islamic Holy Book is also being corrupted by individuals to satisfy their own ends, much like the insurgents who kill fellow Muslims, which is strictly against the Qur’an.

While many Muslims, including academics, will have us westerners believe the Islamic Faith is one of peace, the evidence is all around us that it is not so. The extremists in places like Iraq and Afghanistan are not directing the majority of their attacks against westerners, but against their own innocent people.

The Crusades

Christian followers have not been on such a rampage of death and destruction for the last six hundred years. Such a thing is not something one would expect in the 21st century of civilized man, and where it will all end is anyone’s guess. Muslims everywhere need to take a long hard look at themselves and their religion, and see the reality as it is and compare it with the real teachings of Allah.

As a peace loving man I can only hope this madness comes to an end very soon, for one thing is sure, there will be no winners!


What a Muslim Will Do For Honour! (You may find this Blog disturbing)

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Is the honour of any family worth brutally killing one of their own children? Muslims seem to think so. Honour killings have once again hit the headlines when a man, his wife, and the girl’s grandfather buried their sixteen-year-old daughter alive in south eastern Turkey. Her crime; talking to boys! Following a tip-off, the police found her body buried under a chicken pen in a two metre deep hole. She was in a sitting position with her hands bound, and an autopsy found large amounts of dirt in her lungs and stomach proving she was alive and conscious when she was buried. Her father had previously told friends that he was unhappy she was talking to boys. According to reports, it was decided at a family ‘council meeting’ that she had to die for staining the families honour. It is just one such ‘honour’ killing from an average of two hundred that take place in Turkey, and which account for approximately half of the murders there every year.

A similar case happened in Palestine in September 2008 when a seventy-four-year-old man buried his divorced daughter alive after tying her up and gagging her. A Jordanian, who’s seventeen-year-old daughter was abducted and raped in 2008, finally shot her dead in 2009 because he suspected she had been having a relationship with one of the kidnappers. Even Britain has had its share of such killings. In February 2007 a Muslim father, outraged by his wife and three children adopting western style clothing poured petrol over them while they slept and set them alight. They burned to death!

Honour Killing

Also in Britain in 2006, a Pakistani father forced his two daughters, aged two and four, to watch as he and his cousin carried out an honour killing on his sister who was in love with a man he did not consider appropriate. She had her throat cut three times and was stabbed repeatedly as she lay on the floor.

Official estimates put the number of honour killings at five thousand a year world wide and they take place in Muslim countries like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen apart from Turkey. The victims are not always girls, sometimes boys are killed too. Many times the ‘restoring of the family honour’ does not end in death for women since some countries governments, like Turkey, have started to clamp down on the practice. Nowadays, a families honour can be restored by setting fire to the face or burning it with acid to ensure lifelong disfigurement. It is an inescapable fact that the perpetrators of these ‘honour killings’ are seldom brought to justice for the simple reason it is necessary for the families honour.

For Family Honour

This killing and maiming is looked upon by the rest of the village or community of the family concerned with approval, as was amply demonstrated by what happened to a fifteen-year-old girl in Palestine. She was seen chatting to a boy without a male chaperone and as a result a marriage was quickly arranged. She had a child at sixteen and a year later she could not stand the bogus marriage any more and left. In July 1999 her family caught up with her and she was approached by her brother who convinced her to return to her village because everything had been forgiven. As she exited the vehicle in the village square her brother knifed her repeatedly in front of a huge crowd that started to cheer and shout encouragement because they saw the stain had finally been lifted from the family.

What is the reason for such brutality? According to reports there are three main reasons why such things happen: (a) Not respecting the Muslim dress code (b) wishing to marry your own choice of partner or trying to get out of an arranged marriage (c) engaging in certain sexual acts.

Official figures for 2002 in Pakistan for example cite 245 women and 137 men as being the victims of honour killings. Many are killed for having relationships outside their community or religion, but for women in particular the dangers are greater. If a daughter is thought to have stained the family honour for any reason, her own siblings may well demand her death to purify the family name, for if they do not, they may not find a husband.

To Be Stoned for Adultery

This is a side of Islam they would not like us ‘infidels’ to know about. Muslims can make as many excuses as they like but they will never convince me that Islam is not a barbaric religion. The strange thing is, the Koran preaches love, forgiveness and peace, but there is little of that in the current fanatical world of Islam. It is not my wish to insult Muslims, or their faith, and I am well aware that not all Muslims agree with such things, but these are proven facts, and you will not find another religion on the planet that is so cruel. So for me, the facts speak for themselves and each must draw their own conclusions.

May your God be more merciful than your family.


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