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For Those Who Doubt the Growing Muslim Influence in Britain

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Yesterday saw yet more headlines about the growing influence of Muslim groups on British politics. It has been revealed that the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE – mentioned in my 28/2/2010 blog: Britain Beware the Viper in Thy Bosom) tried unsuccessfully, to get Ken Livingston elected Mayor of London again at the last Mayoral elections. Despite their efforts Boris Johnson was elected.

Says It All!

At the time of the election there was an unexplained massive vote swing in favour of Mr, Livingston in the eastern part of the capitol, until now! New information shows that in one area, Spitalsfield, his share of the vote rose 39% from 29.6% in 2004 to 68.4% in 2008. In other high Muslim population areas like Tower Hamlets and the borough of Newham his popularity suddenly jumped by 23 and 36%.

What Congestion Charge?

Now how could it be that a man like Livingston suddenly became so popular? The answer is the IFE got their people out to vote for him. But why would the Muslim community of London prefer Ken over Boris? After all, it was ‘Red Ken’ who introduced the Congestion Charge onto London’s roads.

It would appear that Ken’s London Development Agency (LDA) had agreed a Grant of £1.3 million to the East London Mosque which is controlled by the IFE. At least one member of the LDA was against the Grant saying he ‘could see no reason for it’, but was overruled and the Mosque received the money. Another attribute Ken had in the eyes of the IFE was his opposition to the war in Iraq, and his support for the Palestinian cause.

As stated in my last post on the subject, the IFE is a radical organisation that wants to see Sharia Law imposed in Britain, and to turn this country, and the whole of Europe into an Islamic State. They have already successfully infiltrated the Labour Party and many areas of local government which allows them to spread their influence even further. A member of the IFE, Azad Ali along with Anas al-Tikriti of the British Muslim Initiative have been running a group called ‘Muslims 4 Ken’ which had the dubious task of ensuring Ken’s election.

Mr. Ali has a blog it seems, and on it he says that Al Queda is a myth, praised one of Bin Ladens’ associates and even went so far as to justify the killing of British troops in Iraq.

Now let it be clearly understood that I have no hatred towards Muslims and have no ill-feelings towards them, although some readers of my posts may think otherwise. I am perfectly happy to welcome them as additions to the British population if they are prepared to accept our ways, culture and traditions, as most of them do. What I do not like are individuals who think they can take over the country, trash our culture and destroy our traditions, while all the time living off the backs of the British tax payer.

I am quite sure that any individual who sees his/her country torn apart from the inside will feel the same way. Just imagine the feelings of an American if Muslim Groups started infiltrating Capitol Hill with the aim of making the USA a Muslim State? I don’t think it would go down very well!

Hirsi Ali

Years ago Enoch Powell made his famous speech in the Houses of Parliament and was shouted down. Geert Wilders and Hirsi Ali, are both Dutch politicians, who have the guts to speak out against the Islamization of Europe. Wilders was refused entry to the United Kingdom last year for being a ‘racist’. Both of them require twenty-four hour security because they have been targeted by Muslim extremists.

Anti-Geert Wilders Demonstration


I take my hat off (well I would if I was wearing one) to all three of the aforementioned people with vision. It’s a shame most of the British population are either too blind or stupid to see what is going on.

I wonder what the history books will say of this period in human evolution?


P.S. My apologies Your Majesty for the congestion charge photo, but I thought it so funny I just had to include it.

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