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Health And Safety Cock-Up Damages Teenagers.

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Young people love to spend their Friday and Saturday nights at the local disco, club or occasionally at a rock concert and you can safely say a good time is had by all. But in these places there is a hidden menace that can cause serious harm without them realizing it.

Having A Great Time Dancing The Night Away - But What Of The Cost?

Having A Great Time Dancing The Night Away – But What Of The Cost?

In just about all venues the volume level is so loud as to cause tinnitus and/or hearing loss with prolonged exposure. The effects are rarely known straight away but have a tendency to increase as time goes on.

 A gig last Monday at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge highlighted the dangers of too loud music perfectly. The star attraction was UB40 and the place was packed. However, due to the excessively high volume of the music it did not stay that way for long. Anna Webster actually experienced bleeding from the ears due to the levels.

UB40 Concert Cambridge

UB40 Concert Cambridge

She left before the first song ended and said, “It was just horrendously loud – the bass was vibrating even in the foyer. There were so many people walking out because they couldn’t deal with it. It was vibrating through your whole body – it was actually altering heart rhythms.” This I can well believe, but I know many youngsters will just put it down to a one-off, but that is not true.

Another concert goer said, “The bass crashed into you like a steam train. I had a pain in my chest.” I’ll bet she was not the only one.

The music levels are far too high in just about every disco, club and concert you go to, although, because it does not physically hurt it’s considered OK.

At Idle A Jet Engine Produces Approximately 120dB

At Idle A Jet Engine Produces Approximately 120dB

What truly amazed me is that the Health and Safety rules covering such events says, “the continuous sound level should not exceed 107 dB, with the peak sound pressure level not exceeding 140 dB.” I really don’t know what these idiots are thinking, because if you were standing within ten feet of a running  jet engine you would experience about 120dB. So it follows that the sound emitted can exceed that according to the regulations.  This is crazy.

I know all about jet engines for I have worked on them for 37 years prior to retirement. Only a fool would go near a running jet engine without hearing protection, and tinnitus and loss of hearing is common among those who worked with aircraft.

The sad thing is you cannot impress this on the young for they cannot visualize that far ahead. For this reason the laws need to be tightened up to normal acceptable levels otherwise the best businesses to have in the future will be selling hearing aids.


Britain And The EU Debate – In Or Out?

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For some two years the debate about whether Britain should stay in the EU or get out has seen much discussion. David Cameron has promised a referendum on the subject if they get back in in 2015, but I have to ask, are the British general public aware of sufficient facts to form an objective opinion? Going by many of the comments seen on various news items I very much doubt it. I have the feeling that if it were put to a simple in or out referendum the answer from most people would be the latter.

European Union Building Brussels

European Union Building Brussels

What the general public see of the EU is what they read in the papers and on the TV news. I have myself been a vocal critic of many of the EU polices that have come out of Brussels. I believe the most contentious is the Human Rights Charter (HRC) that has seen countless abuses in the past. Most Brits feel quite rightly that it is not for Brussels to tell us who should go to prison and for how long for example. Ridiculous Health and Safety Rules (HSR) are another problem that has resulted in many needless deaths because the rescue services could not help for fear of breaking these laws.

Court of Human Rights

Court of Human Rights

From the public’s viewpoint I believe the HRC is the most unpopular when people think of Europe’s failures. These laws, in particular the infamous Article 8 which states that “every person has a right to family life”, has been used countless times by convicted criminals to escape justice. This is just one example of how these laws have been misused, particularly by unscrupulous lawyers who milk them for all they are worth. Two well known terrorist preachers who persuaded many young Muslims to fight for terror groups or strap on a bomb is a good case in point. Both Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa managed to evade deportation to face terror charges in America and Jordan for more than ten years.

In regard to the HSR, a case that comes to mind is an old man in a park who drowned while feeding the ducks. He was floating face down in three feet of water and would be alive today if the rescue services had gone in the water and dragged him out. Unfortunately for him the Fire and Rescue crew that attended did not have anyone qualified to enter water that deep and had to wait for the arrival of specially trained men. This is just a single case of a Health and Safety cock-up that could have been avoided if our Rescue Services had been able to operate as they used to.

Typical Anti-Europe Headline

Typical Anti-Europe Headline

These are the kind of stories that get into the press and turn people wholly against the idea of EU membership. But unfortunately, there is another side to this saga that many of the general public know nothing about. I am speaking mainly of the financial sector that has its base in London.

London's Financial Centre

London’s Financial Centre

Whether you know it or not, London is the financial capital of the entire European Union. Business Secretary Vince Cable said in a speech to the City of London’s Guildhall, “Pulling out of Europe would damage the economy, deter investors and undermine Britain’s standing. Britain is the world’s sixth largest economy and has Europe’s biggest financial centre”.

The main worry is that if Britain leaves the EU, all the major world banks and companies that have their corporate headquarters in London will move to mainland Europe resulting in London, by comparison with today, becoming a ghost town. This would obviously not be good for London, and financially, not for the country.

Vince Cable MP

Vince Cable MP

This view is not held by everyone however, for Conservative lawmaker Jesse Norman said “London’s finance industry could still prosper outside the EU due to its size, time zone and use of the English language. Britain could also improve trade with emerging markets”,

Looking at the facts though, putting our trust in developing nations and “emerging markets” could prove difficult, but possibly successful in the long term. In the in-between-years however, life would be hard.

A recent poll has suggested that the ‘Out’ vote is currently at 43%, with the ‘In’ vote trailing at 39% which gives an indication of how the vote might go at this time.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Prime Minister Cameron is attempting to get some leeway by trying to persuade other European States to allow Britain to reclaim some of the powers from Brussels, although the report does not say which ones, but its a fair bet the Human Rights Charter is high on the list.

Unfortunately he does not seem to be making any progress with this move, because other member countries fear that if Britain does such a thing other nations may well follow, and this could lead to the breakup of the Union. For a start, the government needs to put constant pressure on Brussels to give us back our laws and our standards of justice which have served this country well for centuries.

According to Vince Cable, Britain should stay in the Union and try to change things from the inside. This may well prove to be the wisest course for Britain to follow.


Examples Of Health And Safety Stupidity

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The Caption Says It All

The Caption Says It All

Health and Safety, implemented to improve safety standards and working practices, has ended up a sordid mess. Rules were introduced arbitrarily by  over-zealous individuals, who thought they were doing the right thing, but were in reality making a mockery of the rules, and turning people’s lives into hell.

A power company, supplying large areas of Scotland, introduced a couple of years ago a new ‘H&S’ regulation for its staff. All car drivers must reverse into parking spaces, and all people using the stairs must use the handrail. Disciplinary action would be taken against violators! Typical of someone’s idea that they can implement regulations in the name of H&S for their idea of the ‘common good’.

Among the more ridiculous interpretations of the rules comes the case of an Old Age Pensioner George Pretty (72). He made a weekly run to the local fish and chip shop to get meals for the OAP’s in the home he was in. He had been doing it for years, until some erstwhile Housing Warden told him he must stop because he did not have an insulated box to carry the meals in, and this was against H&S rules.

You will love this!

The Midlothian Council, again in Scotland, left all the lights on at night in an abandoned high school. The reason, vandals entering the property might injure themselves. According to a spokesman at the time, they had a duty to do this because as owners of the property they could be sued if someone hurt themselves after entering the premises illegally.

Compensation Lawyers Just Love Guys Like These

Compensation Lawyers Just Love Guys Like These

Two regional BBC Show presenters wanted to do a trial on their programme to see who could change the wheel of a car the quickest. To satisfy H&S, a mechanic was called in to do a risk assessment, and eventually the producer decided the trial could not go ahead unless a paramedic was standing by. Does this mean that should you ever suffer a puncture at any time, you must call an ambulance before you can change the wheel?

It would seem that even bar staff are allowed to interpret the H&S laws as they see fit. In March 2009 a woman, 26 weeks pregnant, was having a rare pint of lager with friends in a pub when she was asked if she would like another half. Having already decided that would be her limit, she was shocked to hear the bar-woman refuse to give the friend her drink because she was pregnant. She let it go without a fuss, but a little later, took a sip from a friends glass at which point the assistant manageress marched over and told her and her friends to leave the premises immediately because as a pregnant woman she should not be drinking alcohol. A blatant display of her using her limited powers to force her opinion of pregnant women and alcohol onto the unfortunate woman. To their credit, the brewery did offer the woman and her friends a full apology. As to the ‘SS’ managerial assistant, who knows, but I hope she never gets to be a manager.

For 43 years, 63 year-old Graham Alexander has cut the grass of the large roadside verge outside his house, until recently that is. In 2010 he was told by Wiltshire Council that he must leave it for the contractors, because he is “endangering himself and others and could be hurt by the mower or flying debris.” Should he continue he would be prosecuted.

This sort of insanity is not solely restricted to private individuals, it can affect government institutions too. The British Coast-Guard Service have done valuable work around the shores of Britain for hundreds of years, rescuing sailors and civilians alike when they get into trouble. Ever since the First World War they have been using flares fired from a flare pistol to illuminate large areas during a search for people or ships. Now they are forbidden for H&S reasons. The official view is that infra-red cameras, night vision goggles and spotlights have made the flares redundant. The Coast-guard did not agree, and still use them when necessary.

Isn’t it amazing how people and times change, and how pathetic some people can be? To be fair, part of the reason for institutions taking the stance they do, is the rampant ‘compensation culture’ rife in Britain for the past twenty years. You can be sued by someone who breaks a nail while typing on your computer for example, or even by a burglar who gets hurt while breaking into your house. Crazy Huh!

As just about everyone knows, over the past couple of years people have died because, for example, the rescue services have not been able to do their job because of these stupid regulation, so it is really about time they were given a good going over and all the trash removed.

It makes me wonder who the insane ones really are, those in the rubber rooms looking out, or those on the outside looking in!

Keep smiling – it ain’t over yet!


Why We Need Maggie Back!

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Maggies Back!

Maggies Back!

Even during her funeral the protesters were out screaming their abuse at her. But I have to tell you that she was the only one who could have got us out of the mess we are now in. I received the following through the e-mail:

Margaret Thatcher arrived at the gates of heaven. St. Peter apologetically said -“Sorry we are not quite ready for you yet. We are sending you back to your old job for a few days.” In a puff of smoke she was back in Westminster. Ten minutes later, Abu Qatada was on a plane to Jordan.

I sent it to many friends who like to keep up with the mail jokes, for let’s face it, there’s not much else to laugh at these days. One made the following addition to the original line and I added a couple myself:

And in one more hour she would have: 

1 Told European Court of Human rights to get stuffed , the UK will sort out our own issues.

2 Told the ‘Politically Correct’ mob to emigrate to somewhere else in the EU.

3 Told the ‘Elth & Safety nuts to collectively ‘sling their hook’.

3 Told Merkel  to shove the Euro where the sun don’t shine.

4 Told UK Boarder Control staff to not allow in any non-British person that did not have a job to come to , or, did not have a sponsor to  pay for their keep until they get a job. 

5 Told all illegal immigrants that are already here that if they do not give themselves up immediately when found they will be handcuffed and put onto any ship going within 100  miles of where they originated from and set free in a lifeboat.

6 Told  murderers/all terrorists  they will be hung and it will be retrospective to when hanging was abolished.

7 Told Rapists and serial robbers/burglars they will do hard labour in chain gangs for two years with no pay cleaning our Cities and Towns and will be  locked up for life if they re-offend even once.

8 Told Socialists and Liberals they cannot form a Government or even be in charge of petty cash until they have passed an Exam in Economics set by Oxford or Cambridge Universities

OK so that might take her 2 hours.

So you see, there are still a few sane Brits around! COME BACK MAGGIE – YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU – AGAIN!


My thanks to the original unknown author and a good friend who added more.


Is David Camerons’ Referendum Idea the Right Approach?

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Much has been reported recently about David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, saying he will hold a referendum on EU membership if re-elected in 2015. The question is; is this a good idea, and will the British people make the right decision? Various countries, media outlets and politicians are giving their opinion, but when it comes down to the wire it will be the general public who must decide the future of our country.

The White House

The White House

The Obama administration is already letting their dismay be known and that they are not in favour, saying Britain and the EU will be stronger together, and it has been hinted by some officials that any withdrawal by Britain from the EU could damage relations. The American government see the European Union as a strong military ally in the world, which is not surprising considering the Union’s involvement with America in the world’s trouble-spots. There is fear that the cooperation with America on military intervention, always so stoutly upheld by Britain, will be compromised.

India, and more particular China, have both expressed concern at the thought of Britain leaving the EU because of the massive amount of trade they both do with the Block. The European Union and Chine trade over £840 million per day and they see this as being grossly affected should Britain withdraw.

Abu Hamsa - Protected By The Human Rights Act

Abu Hamsa – Protected By The Human Rights Act

The main gripe the Brits have with Europe is the steady slide of more and more control slipping to Brussels and out of their hands. This is amply demonstrated by the total mess that our Judicial System is in because of interference from the politicians in Brussels. Since the introduction of the Immigration Laws, Human Rights Act and the Health and Safety Laws, which we are bound to follow, we have seen countless criminals getting away with murder because of some clause or other in the Human Rights Act such as Article Eight (the right to family life) which has been exploited by unscrupulous lawyers in Britain. You only have to look at the fact that it took the British Legal System 10 years to get rid of Abu Quatada, and we still haven’t been able to put Abu Hamsa on a plane to face terrorist charges in Jordan.

When it comes to the ‘elf & safety debacle, people have died because rescue services have been forced to follow nonsensical rules when it comes to saving people in distress. As for immigration, laws need to be rewritten so that it is no longer possible for one person to come in and be closely followed by his/her entire family, including uncles aunts, grandparents and grandchildren, all of whom live off the British taxpayer. We need to make sure when a man and his wife and children come in, it stops there! It needs to be made clear to immigrants that if they wish to settle in the UK they must learn the language, and there is a definite time limit to social welfare. In other words, get a job or get out!

Barroso - A Familiar Face

Barroso – A Familiar Face

The main problem with the EU is that with the exception of one or two well-known people like Jose Manuel Barroso, Europe is run by faceless individuals who are not answerable to the people. Does anyone from the general public know who represents our country in Brussels? I doubt that one in a thousand will know. The same problem exists in every European nation, and has led Brussels to be so far removed from the people they may as well be on the moon!

Abraham Lincoln said it better than anyone during his Gettysburg address when he pledged: “The government of the people, for the people, by the people”. It is this line from history that European politicians need to hinder, for to continue in the way they are could lead not only to Britain’s withdrawal, but to the breakup of the whole Union in time.

Open Borders

Open Borders

There are many many good things about the EU and the fact that so many countries can cooperate in the political and military spheres. It is wonderful to be able to travel across borders without all the customs and immigration checks, just as it is great not to have to change currency every time you cross a border. It is ideal that you can go and work in another country without all the hassle we used to have. There is no doubt that the benefits brought to us through EU integration have benefited our lives far more than those we have lost.

However, having said that, the areas outlined above plus a few more need to be relaxed. Judicial and Human Rights jurisdiction needs to be left to the nations and not dictated by Brussels. The national justice system must have a say in who goes to prison and who does not, and who gets extradited and who does not. Nations must decide the rights of its citizens, and the circumstances under which rescue services can save a life, not some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels.

There are of course many other areas of concern to the British people, as there must be in other European nations, but to list them all would turn this post into a book.

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

One other major concern that British voters must take into consideration when voting on such an issue is the economic impact. I have read recent reports proclaiming how Britain had most of its trade with Commonwealth nations before we joined the EU. Some seem to think that if we turn our back on Europe we can rekindle this relationship but I think they are dead wrong. Nations like Canada, Australia and New Zealand were suddenly ‘left in the lurch’ when Britain joined the EU and had to scramble to find alternative markets for their goods. These are now well established and it is unlikely Britain can replace its European trading partners with those of the Commonwealth again.

London has over the years become the financial hub of Europe with many major banks and companies having their headquarters in The City. If the British vote ‘No’ to Europe you can bet your last dollar there will be a mass exodus of these companies to somewhere like Berlin, Brussels, or even Amsterdam, and London will become a ghost of its former self. With so many empty office blocks in The City the economy of London will most likely collapse.

The City - Europe's Financial Centre

The City – Europe’s Financial Centre

The one fear I have is that if and when the referendum takes place, people will vote ‘No’ without thinking of the wider issues. The government cannot expect Mrs. Jones who lives at number 42 to have any idea of the economic consequences of leaving Europe.  It’s one thing to hate the interference from Brussels and shout that you want to be rid of them, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, such a move could spell economic disaster for the country.

It all hangs on how the referendum will be presented, and what questions will be asked of the public. If  the people are given a straight choice of  ‘in or out’ the backlash could be disastrous. On the other hand, if people are also asked which areas of control should be clawed back from Brussels, most will probably vote to stay in and give the government a firm indication of the changes the British want to see.

The British Prime Minister - David Cameron

The British Prime Minister – David Cameron

In my opinion, if the EU is to function as a cohesive element in the world countries have to be given back their national identity and not be told by the Brussels crowd the how, what and when of governing their own people. The politicians in Brussels should concern themselves with international politics, i.e. Europe as a whole, when communicating with the rest of the world.

I believe that the Prime Minster is firmly on the right track, but whatever happens, it is essential that David Cameron gives the general public a full understanding of what is at stake in the referendum.


Health and Safety Causes Another Needless Death

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I was profoundly shocked to read today that a British fireman refused to go in a pond three feet deep (90cm) to rescue a drowning man because he was only trained to go into water ankle deep! His excuse; Health and Safety Regulations!

R.I.P Simon Burgess - A Life Needlessly Lost

Simon Burgess aged 41 appeared regularly at the model boating lake in Walpole Park, Gosport, England to feed the swans that gathered there. On the day in question he apparently fell into the water suffering from an epileptic fit. He was seen by a 53 year-old woman who called 999 (the UK emergency number), and when firemen arrived at the scene Mr. Burgess was floating face down in the lake.

After the Recovery

On arrival, they refused to enter the water to rescue the poor man because in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations (HSR), they were not trained to go into water above ankle deep. According to the pathologist, Mr. Burgess could very well have been resuscitated at this point. For the man to be rescued from the three foot deep lake a specialist team was required that had been trained to enter water chest deep. At this point a policeman tried to enter the water to get the man out but was restrained and told it was against the HSR. Needless to say, by the time these idiots had got their act together the poor man was dead. Personally, even though I am 69 years old, I would have gone in and rescued the poor man, and to hell with firemen and their H&S Regulations!

Gosport Fire Station - Hang Your Heads In Shame

When interviewed later, Tony Nicholls, a watch manager at Gosport fire station who was first to arrive stated: “The officers were trained to go into ankle deep water, which is level one, so we waited for level two officers, who can go into chest high water. One of the police officers told me he would like to go in the water and I advised him in the strongest terms not to.” Tim Spencer-Peet, Mr Nicholls’s superior said he fully concurred with the action taken by his men. Now if this isn’t a scandal of the highest order I don’t know what is. I can well imagine that pretty soon firemen will refuse to attend a fire because H&S says they may have a traffic accident whilst underway to the fire!

Back When Firemen Were Real Heroes!

But for now we have to accept that once again, a life is needlessly lost because of the stupidity of the current H&S regulations. It is beyond doubt that we have reached a point where the government needs to get these laws into perspective, and stop all this nonsense before people like the fire brigade become totally out of touch with reality. I am pretty sure that many of the dead heroes from yesteryear must be turning in their grave at the sheer cowardice of today’s emergency services. Many of them died in acts of unsurpassable bravery to help people trapped in burning buildings. All members of the Gosport Fire Brigade should hang their heads in shame! 


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up! Season 1 Episode 6

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Idiots abound everywhere, and sometimes they get in the news. The last week or so has seen yet another crop of weird stories which highlight the silliness of people and institutions.

The British Government has taken one more step down the road to stupidity with the recent Equality Act. Harriet Harmon’s Bill now decrees that it is an offence to ‘imply that women are not as strong as men’. For this reason, gym instructors have been told that if they warn a woman not to lift weights too heavy for her they can be prosecuted under the equality law because it insinuates women are not as strong as men.

Most gym instructors will give advice to both men and women during activities like weight lifting, for the simple reason they wish to prevent their clients from ‘over-doing’ it and injuring themselves. So if this will be considered sexual discrimination in the future, I wonder what will happen when someone does hurt themselves? Could it mean the complainant sues Harriet Harmon or the gym? A tricky situation for which we will have to wait an answer!!!

As a policeman, especially in the traffic department, you see some strange happenings on the roads. Officers in Weymouth in Dorset England were amazed to see a car being driven through a busy town with the bonnet (hood) fully up blocking the windscreen. When they pulled over the vehicle they found a 53 year-old woman in the driver seat who said her bonnet was faulty and she was on the way to get it fixed.

She was somewhat indignant when the officer suggested she could not see the road and told him she had been looking through the slit between the raised bonnet and the bottom of the windscreen. What a shame she is too old for the Army, she would make a fine tank driver!!!

The same Force pulled over a man using his elbows to steer his car while he rolled a cigarette and read from a clipboard he had on the wheel, and also a woman with three children on the back seat without seat belts. When asked by the officers why she did not have the children wearing seat belts she replied they were ‘not her children’. I can’t quite make up my mind if that is extremely callous, or stupid. Probably both!!!

A company called Proactol Ltd is advertising for a professional ‘couch potato’ with a salary of £23,750 per annum! Really! The job entails sitting all day long eating junk food and watching TV and video’s. The successful applicant will be required to eat Indian ‘take-away’, Macdonalds meals, pizza, fish and chips and other fatty foods for the their period of employment, plus take the company’s product Proactol. You would essentially be a lab-rat for the scientists who are developing Proactol which they hope will absorb 30% of your daily fat intake. I can imagine the applicants will be lining up around the block, and the next one!!!!

Children are without doubt one of the best sources of amusement, and a short time ago they proved it yet again. One thousand children were polled to mark the start of the National Science and Engineering Week in the UK a couple of weeks ago and were asked questions like ‘Who invented the telephone’. Many thought the Queen invented the telephone, that Charles Darwin discovered fire and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) was the first man on the moon.

The minds of children are amazing and it makes me wonder who they think invented the aeroplane? Probably Richard Branson!!!

Political correctness is forever in the news these days, usually for something stupid. Like the man at Gatwick Airport who was asked to remove his T shirt by a security guard because the slogan on it may be considered threatening. A compromise was reached when the man turned it inside out. The words on his T shirt; ‘Freedom or die! So the next time you buy a T shirt, take into consideration the feelings of other air passengers and do not buy one that says; Boom!!!

A survey has been carried out among local councils that are gradually changing English street names to reflect current environmental concerns and ethnic diversity. Names like Acacia Street and making way for new names like Eco Avenue, Euro Close and Sustainability Avenue. Among the ethnic diversity names now in use are Masjid Lane (Muslim for mosque), Khadija Walk (prophet Mohammeds first wife). The list goes on and on. I suppose before long streets where the majority of dwellers are ethnic English will be called ‘Infidel’ Street!!!

Another ‘Health and Safety’ cock-up was unearthed by the media at Manor School in Melksham last week when a 5 year-old boy climbed a 20ft tree during the morning break but was left there by the school staff because they would be breaking H & S rules if they helped him down! In accordance with guidelines, they retired to the school building and ‘observed him from a distance in case they distracted him and caused him to fall’. The child was rescued some 45 mins later by a woman who happened to be passing the school and saw him up the tree. The amazing thing is, when she went into the school with the child, instead of thanking her for her assistance the headmaster called the police charging her with trespassing! It would appear we have now reached the situation where the patients run the mental asylum!!!

Until next time, and remember, there are still sane people in the world, they are just harder to find!


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