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The French Roma Deportations – Are They Justified?

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For over a week the papers and news bulletins have been loaded with criticism of The French governments deportation of Gypsies (Roma) back to Romania, and now the EU Executive Body has thrown its ten-cents into the pot.

Just Another Sanctimonious Politician

The EU Justice Commisioner, Vivienne Reding called the whole affair “disgusting, and is endorsing legal action against the government of France. My only reaction is to say, she obviously has never had a Gypsy encampment near her home, and neither have any of the rest of them.

I find all this ‘Bleeding Heart’ sympathy for the Gypsies to be naive in the extreme, and am quite sure none of these idiots have ever had any dealings with the Roma population of Europe.

The Traditional Idea of Gypsies

Say what you like about discrimination, but these people are born beggars, thieves and pickpockets and have been the scourge of this continent for hundreds of years. It is only in fairly recent years that the plague has spread to the United States to a much smaller degree. It is a proven fact that as soon as Roma Gypsies move into an area the crime rate rockets for burglary, car theft and pick-pocketing. The police know this, but are powerless to stop it.

Blatant stealing of a laptop:

But by far the biggest targets for Gypsies are tourists in all of Europe’s major cities. Just use the following link to watch a film-clip from YouTube and you will know exactly what I mean. There are dozens more on the page on the same topic.

Report on gypsy children being forced to beg:

Caught on Camera

Madrid has a particularly large Roma community and according to the police, as many as 95% of the children caught committing crimes in the city are from this segment of the community. A favourite sting is for one to distract a customer using a bank ATM while a second will snatch the money as it exits the machine and run. It is a very common crime in Madrid and thousands of unwary victims have had their money stolen from under their noses. One young Gypsy girl told a news reporter she could make €300 in a single snatch. One of the problems with Spanish law is that these children cannot be prosecuted because they are too young and usually handed over to a care centre, which lets them go.

What most of these ‘Goody Goody’ politicians don’t seem to realise is that it’s ordinary people who are the victims of these crooks, not the fancy hierarchy in their ivory towers! It’s people like you and me who have their houses and cars broken into and end up the targets of the pickpockets. I am sure they would change their tune and not be so high and mighty with their fancy principals if they were.

Light FIngers

No matter which way you look at it, the Gypsies are a band of professional thieves and always have been. I have been to Romania myself many times and seen how they operate first-hand, I was even robbed once myself so I know what I am talking about. Children are forced to beg as soon as they are old enough to walk, and forced to steal as soon as they are old enough to run.

Self Explanatory

The one thing that has changed over time is that gangs have in many instances taken over much of the control of the thieving throughout Europe by the Gypsy community. Many now work for bosses still residing in Romania where they live in huge expensive villas. Girls are often kept as slaves by these individuals and put to work as soon as they are old enough.

Those children not connected with the gangs are forced into it by their own parents and/or relatives and have no choice in the matter. The following BBC report should be sufficient to convince even the most sceptical! You will find the BBC video clip most enlightening!

There are misguided individuals among us who think the Gypsies are discriminated against and have no real chance at a normal life, this I can assure you is pure bullshit, at least for the reasons the ‘bleeding heart brigade’ give.

Beggar – A Common Sight

These people have been wanderers throughout their entire history and are such through choice, its as simple as that. The elders will not allow their offspring to attend a school for the simple reason it is more often than not, the children who provide them with their income, and it would force them to stay in one place. You have to remember that thieving is a lifestyle that suits their nomadic life; they move in, take everything of value, and move on before they can be caught.

Whatever you may think of human rights, persecution, discrimination and the like, the Roma love to portray themselves as victims of all these things for the simple reason it gets them what they want.

Modern Gypsy Caravan

As a final note let me say that not all Gypsies are like those portrayed above. I know many in Romania who have integrated into society and are hard workers, many are well educated. To these people I take my hat off for the simple reason they have broken the mould and become constructive and decent members of a modern society no matter in what country they live.

You may or may not be happy about the deportations taking place in France, and which could soon be repeated in Italy, but whichever side of the fence you are on, if you come in direct contact with these people you may well change your mind. I hope for your sake you never do.


Madonna With Foot in Mouth

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What makes Madonna think she knows anything about Romany Gypsies? Once again she has put her big foot in it, and this time at a concert in front of thousands of fans in Bucharest.

During the concert she said she felt ‘sad’ at all the discrimination against Gypsies and Roma! This did not go down well with her Romanian fans, and I have to say, for someone who has probably never even seen a Gypsy close-up before she went to Romania, she has a bloody cheek!.

Closeted as she is in America, Madonna would not recognise a Gypsy if he stole her purse! She has no understanding of the long history here in Europe of the thievery and begging that is the heart of their culture. All she has seen is the music and dance side of them because she has Gypsy musicians with her on the tour.

What does she know of the centuries of stealing anything that is not bolted down, of the pickpockets that roam the streets of every major town in Europe, and the constant begging? What does she know of the encampments all over Europe that turn a once pretty site into a rubbish tip?

We in Europe know all too well, that if Gypsies move into the area, you had better bolt your doors and lock away your valuables, because otherwise they will disappear. It has been this way for centuries because it is the one thing on which their lives are founded.

As soon as Romany children are old enough to stand they are taught how to beg on the streets. When they are old enough to run they are taught how to steal wallets, purses and other valuables we carry on our persons. There is no if, but, or maybe, that is the way it is, and always has been.

You may well ask, what do I know of Gypsies and Roma? Well, I have spent a great deal of time in Romania in the last sixteen years. I have seen where and how they live, and I have talked with many Romanians who fear and detest them for the stain they place on the Romanian people.

During my first visit to Romania many years ago with an aid organisation, the villagers were unloading the truck into a storage area. Much of the cargo was clothes for the village people. There were half a dozen males who volunteered to work inside the truck passing out the plastic bags while many more people carried them inside the building.

It was no more than ten minutes later that a commotion broke out at the back of the truck and the Village Mayor removed the men from inside. We were astounded to see them peel off five or six pairs of trousers and four or five shirts they had put on under their own clothes while in the truck. Such is the cunning of these Romany. Thankfully, the Mayor knew his people and there were no more incidents after the offenders were removed from the scene.

I have seen children of three and four years old begging on the streets of Bucharest, and one time I even had my wallet stolen. So, Yes! I do know what they are like.

The really sad part, is the population of Europe have put all the Romanian people in the same category! In reality, non-gypsies are good, hardworking, and extremely generous people who would do anything to help if you were in a bad situation.

Romanians are the complete opposite of the Gypsies and Roma, but such is the influence and total distrust of the latter throughout Europe over the centuries, that the ordinary Romanian people can do no good.

My wife and I have a Romanian friend here in Spain. We recently helped him and and his wife to settle here in the south after work dried up in Madrid. He and his wife are hard working, conscientious people with good hearts, but can he find a job here in the south; not likely!

He has applied for many many jobs since they arrived, but the first question from his potential employer is; “Where are you from?” As soon as he says Romania, the immediate reply is “I’ll call you tomorrow!” Of course they never do because the bad reputation of the Gypsies always precedes any honest Romanian trying to get a job.

It is an undisputed fact that most of the petty crime committed here in the south of Spain can be laid at the feet of the Romany.

There are of course some Romanians who are just basic criminals, I will not dispute this fact. I personally know several who even boast of their thieving exploits and are quite proud of the fact. But to be fair, there are career criminals in every race on earth. To me, it does not mean that all should be tarred with the same brush, but you cannot get away from the centuries of distrust and hatred sown by the Romany!

Romania has been dogged by the stigma of the Romany people for too long, but I fear as long as they exist without changing their culture, things will never improve, and even then it will take generations.

Will Madonna ever learn to engage brain before opening mouth? I hope so.


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