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Is The Whole World Going Mad!

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We see all over the world fighting going on and it will not stop. When I was young the world was at peace, except for the Russians and they did not do anything except make threats. The world was a peace in the sixties, but today the world has moved on and war is everywhere. In the Middle East and the Far East war is everywhere. There are demonstrations all across the globe and it will never end unless the governments does something about it.

It is up to the United Nations to do something about it and stop the wars that are created havoc across the world, but they sit on their fat backsides and do nothing except complain about the wars that going on. They should gather together an army and stop these wars. In 1960 they took action against North Korea and put a stop to it so the world could live in peace once again. But they do nothing about the wars in Syria and other places except complain about it. They should gather an army and stop these many wars that are going around across the globe and finish it once and for all.

Demonstrations are going on in South America and other countries, and this has to stop. Let the governments listen to the people and make changes so that everyone can live in peace. But they do not listen to people and this leads to demonstrations across the whole the world. Even in Europe there are demonstrations in most countries, although Europe is living in peace. The governments should listen to the people and make changes.

The world is getting darker and the people are rebellious about the governments who have no mind about the people. The governments continue to make their own rules without disregard for the people. They are the governments which rule the countries and it a sorry state of affairs that they do not care for the people.

I can see that the whole world will be in turmoil in few years time, and the governments will be wiped out as the people and will turn to anarchy. I am 74 years old and I do not wish to see anarchy in my lifetime.


What Is Wrong With Mankind

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Everywhere except Europe is in a mess! Once the world was a peaceful place, and today it is a controversy of war and demonstrations. There are battles going over the whole world and we must put a stop to it. In South America there are demonstrations in most countries and they are not giving up. In the Middle East and the Far East there are battles raging with the government. Muslims are trying to get a hold of country after country while the Army fights against them.

The United Nations should do something about it and stop the fighting once and for all. When will the world return to peace? In the Far East there are Muslims fighting to get hold of a country and this is not going well. The same is going on the Middle East and they will not win.

The United Nations are sitting on their backsides and doing nothing except giving out rhetoric. They should call for nations to be active in forming an Army and wipe these terrorists. The whole world is in turmoil and this cannot happen in this modern day and age. We cannot sustain this as the terrorists gain a hold in many places and torture and put in prison those who are against them. We have to do something to stop these wars going on and the only solution is the United Nations. But they sit on their backsides and do nothing.

We the people must do something to wake them up and get them to stop these wars raging across the planet. For if we do not then the people will see the end of this civilisation. It time for the whole world to back the U.N. and to get them fighting these terrorists. It is the only way we can beat these terrorists.

Another thing is trying to save the planet. We are polluting the atmosphere like nobody’s business, and we will all die if the situation gets worse. Our seas are filling up with plastic bottles, our atmosphere is getting worse with the pollution from chemical plants, factories and cars. We have a long way to go before we can clean up the planet.

Electric cars will make a difference if everybody buys one, but that will not solve the plastic waste in the oceans, as everybody leaves their plastic bottles on the beaches which will wash out to sea and the pollute the oceans. We need to get a grip on these plastic bottles and ban them altogether. Whales and fish swallow these plastic bottles and then we can see the end of fishing.

This will affect so many manufactures across the whole world, but something must be done about it. I saw on TV news that hundreds and thousands of plastic bottles washed up on beaches and they won’t go away. Most companies are gathering these bottles for use again, but that will not solve the problem. We have to get rid of these plastic bottles for good.

The world is in mess and we have to do something about it. I am 75 and will not live long enough to watch the world go down the drain. We have to make big plans to get the world back on its feet. Otherwise this world will end and become a planet without humans.

Tony Blair – The Devil’s Advocate

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Tony Blair - Britain's Biggest Traitor

Tony Blair – Britain’s Biggest Traitor

After his disastrous turn as British Prime Minister this man is still out to cause trouble, this time over Brexit. Though this is not the first time he has shown himself to be against it. But now he is making front page news because he thinks the people of Britain will turn against the government and reverse their vote for Brexit. He has been accused of “insulting the intelligence” of voters and “arrogance” after he urged opponents of Brexit to “rise up” against leaving the EU.

This man was a complete disaster for Britain when he was Prime Minister because he dragged us into war with Iraq after supporting American President Bush with lies about Saddam Hussein having nuclear weapons. The Allies won the war, but the aftermath is the root cause of the terrorist problems we have today. He also did great damage to Britain by inviting unrestrained immigration of Middle Eastern people and Europeans into Great Britain. Britain is still suffering from this maniacs plan.

Now today he is trying to reverse the Brexit decision made by the people of this country with a speech. He is trying to turn the people of Britain into remaining in the European Union by reversing the poll taken last June. He said all those who voted “out” of the European Union should now start a campaign to remain, and halt the Brexit campaign.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson had some scathing words for Blair as he mocked him by saying, “I call on the British people to rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears with his condescending campaign.” He added, “Now he has the bare-faced effrontery to tell the British people that they were wrong last June. He is showing a contempt for the intelligence of the electorate.”

I admit I have to agree with Boris Johnson on this one, for Blair was the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had. He has done more damage to Britain than any previous Prime Minister. I have long been of the opinion that Blair should be in prison with a life sentence for the way he sabotaged this country. The amount of damage he has done is incalculable, and Britain will pay the price for his immigration idiocy for decades to come.

Muslim School Takeover

Muslim School Takeover

Even today we are seeing the increased Muslim influence in our society. In schools they have Muslim teachers because their children are the majority in classes in some areas and have never been taught English, which means that many of the English children are left on the wayside. We have whole sections of towns and cities that have been taken over by the Muslims, and they even have Sharia Law. These areas are a ‘no-go’ for the British people, but the government has done nothing to stop this.

Due to Blair, we may well be taken over by the Muslims at some time in the future as Britain becomes an Islamic State unless something is done to reduce the number of Muslims living in our country. It is well known that the average birthrate among our own people is two, maybe three children, but the Muslims have between seven and ten children, and sometimes more, so in a generation or two when they outnumber us you can imagine what will happen.

This is all due to Tony Blair but he just cannot see it, for he alone will be responsible for the total destruction of everything British in the long term. I am just glad I am old!


Heading For Calamity Through Indifference

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The Way It Is!

The Way It Is!

It is truly amazing how thick-headed some people can be even when the evidence is all around them. The UN Climate Body has just given its strongest warning yet that the human race is heading for disaster unless we change our ways. The funny thing is, people still scoff at the idea of climate change and all it entails. Here are some public comments on the news item:

“Complete and utter rubbish. Major changes in our climate occurred well before the industrial revolution, and clearly occur without any influence by human activity whatsoever then and do so now. It is unclear whether the human beings have any impact, considering all of the predictions by the highly paid lying climate change scientists have proven to be way off, there is no unbiased scientific thought into this that gets published.”

“We’re already past the so-called ‘tipping point’, thus any changes to our habits would be pointless. A ‘business-as-usual’ approach is recommended by all impartial experts.”

“Lies. lies and even more lies.”

There have of course been these warnings before, but never in the magnitude of this one, which was put together from reports by thousands of scientists across the world and 30,000 scientific papers.

Climate Change Conference 2014Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC said: “We have the means to limit climate change. The solutions are many and allow for continued economic and human development. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”

The experts are telling us that we have to limit the rise in world temperature to just 2C otherwise we can expect major problems in the future like rising temperatures and sea levels, species extinctions, more heat-waves and intense storms, worsening health and poverty, water shortages and damage to food security.

Rajendra Pachauri went on to say, “To keep a good chance of staying below 2C, and at manageable costs, our emissions (carbon) should drop by 40% to 70% globally between 2010 and 2050, falling to zero or below by 2100. We have that opportunity, and the choice is in our hands.”

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who launched the report said: “Science has spoken, there is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.”

Now, I really don’t know about you, but this news makes me fear for not only my children, but their children in the years to come. People have become so self-centred and greedy in the last forty years, they don’t even think about the world our children and future generations will have to live in providing they have what they want.

Bury Your Head In The SandWhen you have lived as long as I have, and seen the changes in the world over the past seventy years, you begin to understand a little of what the scientists are talking about. But young people today, without the experience of age, feel so secure in what they have, and the idea that their life style could be threatening the continued existence of mankind on this planet is to them hogwash. Many today do not have the education or imagination to envisage life on Earth in say 50 or 100 years time as a consequence of what we are doing today.

It is a scientific fact that  mankind produced more CO2 in the last 100 years than at any time in Earth’s history. This excess has formed a blanket in Earth’s upper atmosphere and effectively traps heat that would normally escape into space, turning the world warmer, hence the original term ‘Global Warming’.

CO2As we know, CO2 is absorbed by trees and even the oceans, which convert this gas into oxygen and so there is a cycle that keeps us all alive. But that has changed rapidly since the coming of the industrial age and any fool should recognize that we are saturating the planet in CO2 with all our factories, power stations and cars etc.

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

At the same time we are removing at a steady rate one of the major things that redress this imbalance, and that is trees. Country-sized areas of the world’s tropical forests like the Amazon have disappeared along with much of the forests that abounded in countries all over the world sixty years ago. Its like saying you are under water with a bottle of oxygen to keep you alive, but someone keeps changing the bottle for a smaller size until eventually there is not enough to keep you alive. Tests on trees in some areas have shown that many of them are saturated with CO2 and they cannot absorb any more. As the rain forests get smaller so will the production of life giving oxygen into our atmosphere.

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

Over the last twenty years or so we have seen dramatic changes in weather patterns across the world. Hurricanes like Katrina in America, massive flooding and droughts in places where such a thing is unthinkable, like the UK, and the disappearance of sea ice at the poles. Just this last two years have seen not gales, but hurricanes and even tornado’s causing significant damage in the United Kingdom. The last few years have also seen unprecedented levels of flooding on a magnitude never seen before. All changes unprecedented in our history, despite what ‘the natural weather cycle’ enthusiasts say.

Every country is pushing to produce more and more electricity to keep up with our ever-increasing appetite for power, which means more power stations to satisfy demand, and yet in every city across the world, huge towering office blocks have all their lights on throughout the night, every night. It may look pretty, but it is a disastrous waste of power.

Spreading Fertilizer

Spreading Fertilizer

On top of all this we in the west are poisoning the ground more and more with artificial fertilizers made of chemicals, and this is seeping into our water supplies. In the desperate drive to produce more and more food, with a view to extra profit, the ground has lost its natural ability to replace nutrients that allow plants to grow, so we have been forced to substitute them.

On a global scale, part of the problem with food is the ever-increasing world population that keeps pushing the boundaries of our ability to produce enough to feed everyone. There can be no doubt that our world is grossly over-populated, but currently there seems to be no way of preventing it rising further. In the future this will be exacerbated by weather changes such as draughts that will make huge areas of land currently used for food production unusable.

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea levels are rising as more pole ice melts, not that you would notice that on your local beach, but it is happening all the same. The oceans are becoming more acidic due to man’s contamination, which if it continues, will drastically affect fish stocks. We have been raping the seas for decades with factory ships now removing a hundred times more fish in a single voyage than the fleets of old, and catches show the fish are getting smaller and smaller due to them not being given time to grow properly. As an example, when I was young fish like cod were far bigger than they are now, and the likelihood is that in a few decades there will be few left to catch.

There are many differing views on the validity of scientists claims today, but those of us who have many years under our belts will recognize the changes that have taken place over the past seventy or eighty years, and I for one can say with sincerity that the outlook is not good unless we drastically change our lives and the way we do things. Many today shrug it all off as hocus pocus because they have neither the age experience nor the intelligence to see things as they really are. The hypocrites among us shrug it off because they know it will not effect their lives and that is sad for these people will never change.

Think Of Them

Think Of Them

Despite what you may think of this Climate Report, as a species we have to start changing our ways, otherwise our continued existence on this planet will come to an end. For myself, I think this warning, like all the others will be totally ignored by the majority of governments, though some may pretend to follow its recommendations. If everything happens as predicted by the scientists, there is one thing for sure, I will not be around to say “I told you so”.


Muslim Power!

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Muslim Power is on the march again as a Dutch MP is to go on trial next week for “insulting Muslims”.

Geert Wilders – Dutch Politician

Geert Wilders, Leader of the Freedom Party, who has just entered into an agreement with the Liberal Party and Christian Democratic Alliance to form the first minority government in the Netherlands since WW2, is to stand trial “for inciting hatred, discrimination, and insulting Muslims”. According to sources, if found guilty, he could be sentenced to two years in prison or a €19,000 fine.

The fact that he is now a crucial member of the minority government makes it all the more ridiculous.

Among the measures to be introduced by this parliament (due no doubt to Wilder’s Freedom Party) is the banning of full-face coverings worn by Muslim women (i.e. the Burqa) in all public places in the Netherlands. This is much the same as France has already done.

Wilders – A Marked Man

Wilders has been consistently in the news because of his efforts in trying to wake up the Dutch people to the Islamization of their country, as is all too evident in Great Britain.

It would seem the fear of insulting Muslims has now over-ruled our, until now, sacred ideal of free speech at least in the Netherlands. The danger is that such an action will set a precedent that could spread to other countries, in which case, free speech will eventually be stifled and wither on the vine.

Geert Wilders is most famous for his short video called ‘Fitna’ which swept the western world after its release in March of 2008. In it he quoted verses from the Qur’an (Arabic spelling) to highlight the hatred among Muslims for non-Muslims, and related these facts to the 9/11 atrocities in New York.

The Qu’ran

I have had dialogue with many Muslims on the subject, and all told me the lines are quoted ‘out of context’. You will need to read the Qu’ran for yourselves to decide what you believe in.

Burning Church

Muslims burn bibles, and even churches (Ref: Far Eastern Muslim States like Indonesia etc) and not a word of protest is uttered by christian societies, the church or governments. Anyone found to be practising the christian faith in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are immediately condemned to death, but not a voice is raised by these same governments and organisations.

We make more fuss over a Muslim woman accused of adultery and murder sentenced to death by stoning than we do about ‘insults’ to our religion.

At times it must seem that everything we do is an insult to Muslims, in fact listening to the rhetoric that comes from the mouths of some Muslim clerics you could believe our very existence as non-Muslims is an insult to Islam.

Iraq Suicide Bomb

The Qu’ran strictly forbids the killing of Muslims by other Muslims, but that doesn’t seem to have held back the insurgents who detonate explosives strapped to their bodies in crowded market places in Iraq and Afghanistan where the majority of victims are fellow Muslims.

Proposed Muslim Centre for Ground Zero

Geert Wilders has done his best to highlight the creeping Islamisation of western countries like Holland and Britain where Muslims have more rights than the ethnic population. This slow cancer is also being seen in America where Muslims even have the effrontery to want to build a mosque within a stones throw of ‘Ground Zero’ (See Blog entry: Pig Power and Ground Zero 7/9/10), scene of the biggest atrocity so far this century.

The Rights of ethnic Europeans and Americans are being trampled underfoot because no politician has the guts to stand up and say what an ever increasing portion of the public is thinking. In which case I say, thank God for Geert Wilders. He at least is man enough to say what he thinks.

It is a scandal that he should be pilloried by his own country’s legal system and the gutless politicians who run the country. One can only hope he brings down the government if found guilty.


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