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The Truth – From Australia!

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Trust the Australians to come out with a song that really tells it like it is. Its worth watching, for I guarantee it will make you laugh!

They are telling it like it is in Australia, and I can say with certainty that the same goes for Britain.


A Benefit System Scandal

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Much has been said about the Benefit System in Britain today, in particular how easy it is to live for free in our once great democracy. It is not until the true facts hit you in face so to speak, that many people will believe the stories.

Heather Frost Lives In A $500,000 House With Her Eleven Children

Heather Frost Lives In A $500,000 House With Her Eleven Children

Tales of people living off benefits who are perfectly capable of going out to work, families and young girls making a life for themselves by having children just to claim benefits, so called ‘job seekers’ who don’t really try, it all adds up to billions of pounds each year.

Abdul Esfandmozd - A Crippled Man Who Is Wheelchair Bound Having A High Old Time In The States. Defrauded £300,000

Abdul Esfandmozd – A Crippled Man Who Is Wheelchair Bound Having A High Old Time In The States. Defrauded £300,000

The government departments responsible for monitoring those who claim are woefully inadequate or incompetent, however, every now and again we do hear of someone who has been caught out. There have been cases in the past where so-called invalids were monitored having a high old time on holiday in various parts of the world, no sign of crutches or wheelchairs anywhere, and ‘jobless’ people have been caught red-handed working privately somewhere or other.

A TV team have brought home another truth about our scandalous tax payer give-away, and that is to EU migrants who come here from other European countries to live the high life on benefits. The programme was aired recently on television and although I was unable to record the whole thing, I did find it on You-tube, split into three parts. It does make for compulsive watching to see how foreign nationals have come to our country to live off the system, and coincidentally, the British tax payer.

They are gypsies from Slovakia and Romania and come here to live the kind of life they could never have in their own countries. You cannot blame them for wanting a better life.

The Average Romanian (Not Gypsy) Is A Hard Worker.

The Average Romanian (Not Gypsy) Is A Hard Worker.

To the credit of true Romanians, they are quite willing to work for their money if they can find a job, and I can attest to the fact that the Romanian people themselves are hard workers, however I do not include a majority of Gypsies in that category. I went to Romania many many times over a period of ten years and have seen these things first hand.

What must be galling to most people in Britain is the ease in which these people can gain entry into the benefits system after they have landed. Just a few pieces of paper and they are free to claim any number of benefits without having done a days work. They get free housing, free medical care and by comparison to their homeland, live a life of sheer luxury without having to lift a finger, except to sign the claim form of course.

European Immigrants Come By Bus

European Immigrants Come By Bus

One of the most annoying things about the whole system is that they can claim for children who are not even in the country. One family in the film has eleven children and eleven grandchildren and can claim for the lot. The money he gets goes straight back to Romania or Slovakia depending on where he is from. Many bring their parents over here and they immediately start claiming benefits also, which only adds to the burden on the British tax payer.

It is time we had a government willing to put a stop to this disgraceful situation and began coming down hard on these people. Not only the EU immigrants, but also the foreign ones that come here from outside the EU. We must turn to a system like Germany where you have to be in the country doing a job of work for a long period before you can even think of claiming any benefits at all.

Stewart Lorains - Prosecuted For A £22,000 Fraud Of The Benefits Scheme

Stewart Lorains – Prosecuted For A £22,000 Fraud Of The Benefits Scheme

Immigrants who come here must have a job waiting for them and have enough money to be able to live outside the benefits system. Benefits must only be given to those born in this country, and who hold a British passport. People like those in this film should be rounded up and sent back to their home country if they have no income other than benefits.

For those ‘homegrown’ benefit cheats, they should be rounded up, made to pay back their ill-gotten gains and serve a prison sentence. Children’s allowance should be paid for the first two children only, and not a cent more.

It Remains To Be Seen If This Is The Man To Solve Our Problems

It Remains To Be Seen If This Is The Man To Solve Our Problems

Only in this way can we sort out the quagmire that our previously much-vaunted benefit system has become. It will take a tough government to solve all these problems in the way I describe and that will certainly not be the Con/Lab/Lib parties. I have seen a lot of people are going to put their faith in the UKIP party of Nigel Farage come the next election, and if he is true to his word and gets us out of the EU, or at least gets us out from under the choking Immigrant and Human Rights Laws, then as a nation we may stand a chance of recovery from this Blair/Brown nightmare. I wait in hope.


A New ‘Benefits’ Burden For The UK.

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Britain has had to sustain an ever-increasing number of ‘economic’ migrants who are attracted by the level of benefits given by our government (“Britain is a great country, they even pay us to stay here”).

Waiting For A Handout

The country accepted hundreds of thousands per year under the labour regime, who upon arrival started receiving payments to help them settle and get a job. The list of benefits is long, job seekers allowance, housing allowance, heating allowance, children’s allowance and council tax benefit to name but a few.

Britain had a 7 year breathing space with regard to migrants from eastern europe, i.e. the latest batch of entrants to the EU, and were not committed by law to provide for these people to the full extent. Now, due to an EU court ruling that has changed. The EU has made it clear that migrants from eastern europe must, from May, be given the same rights as those from every other european nation.

The bottom line is, we will now have hundreds of thousands of extra migrants who will be eligible to claim tens of thousands of pounds in benefits. As if the government doesn’t have enough troubles already with the economy?

Come One, Come All!

I have to be honest and say I think it only right that all migrants are treated equally, but my concern with the benefits system is the number of parasites it supports. It is not only english people who fiddle the system, there are thousands of migrants, usually from outside the EU, who are living off the backs of the tax payers while making no attempt to assimilate or get a job.

Government benefits are an essential part of any democracy, caring for the less fortunate in our society by providing help where it is needed. Britain however has had a problem for years with people misusing the system in order to gain an income without doing anything for it.

In the past I have known personally individuals who have never done a days work in their lives but live off handouts from the government. They don’t work because they can’t, they just don’t want to. I often hear people say, “Why should I work when I make more money off benefits”. It seems the basic qualities of personal pride and ambition no longer exist in the UK which is sad. Most are looking for a free ride!

In a previous blog I highlighted just such a case that hit the news some time ago:

For Some, A Way of Life

I am fully aware of the problems associated with regulating the flow of benefit money so that it goes only to those who really deserve and need it, but I hope David Cameron and Nick Clegg can get proper controls in place while they are in power. For a long time the nation has needed  to get the lazy cheats into a job of work, and cut down on the housing benefits that are showered right, left, and centre. I mean, really, an immigrant family of six living  in a £2,500 a week rent mansion in central London! A man of forty-odd who has never worked a day in his life! I am proud of the fact that since I was 17 1/2 when I joined the RAF, I have never had a single day out of work.

For more than 30 years I lived in Holland and never took a cent from the government. Since I retired I live in Spain and again, I never take a cent from the Spanish government. I was never brought up to be a sponger unlike many today, who would rather spend their welfare money in the pub than do a job of work to earn it.

But the big problem for decades has been, the system allows it! I rather lean towards the German system where you are offered a job and if you refuse your benefits are cut. Continue to refuse work and you end up with nothing! That’s how we should have it. No pussy-footing around, no half measures, you do the job you are offered or you get nothing.

Winter in Marbella-Costa del Sol

Since moving to Spain I have learned of the thousands of retired Brits who live here during the english Winter and return in the Spring to the UK. The sad thing is, many of these people are ‘entitled’ to the Winter Heating Allowance, and still claim it while they are living on the Costa del Sol. Where I ask you is the sense in that? If these people can afford to shut down their UK home and move here for the winter, why should they receive a handout from the government for heating allowance? It doesn’t make sense to me, but the rules do allow it. There are more than enough pensioners living in the UK who cannot afford to keep warm during the cold period, so should they suffer when others are basking in the sun?

It comes to mind that many well-off people are also eligible for certain payouts, but why? The income cap should be set at a realistic level so that money can go to those who are living in poor conditions or are disabled and cannot work, not some middle-class family who look upon it as ‘petrol money’.

Maybe, But Not Enough!

I get the impression that controls on people receiving these handouts are totally inadequate. Once in a while we have all heard of someone claiming disability allowance who gets caught. I remember in particular a man some years ago who claimed he was wheelchair bound but was photographed acting as lineman for a football match. This sort of thing is all too common, but government departments seem loath to sort these parasites out.

I think we can be sure there are tough times ahead for the UK unless the benefits system is totally overhauled by the present government, but whether they are capable, we shall have to wait and see. There is little doubt that with the new influx of migrants eligible for payments, some form of strict control is all the more necessary.


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