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The Hypocrisy Of India’s Space Programme

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India Mars MissionYesterday India launched a spacecraft to Mars which is due to arrive at the Red Planet on the 24th September next year. The project is said to have cost £45m, and is in my mind a total waste of money when an estimated 25 million people are starving to death, with around 3,000 children dying every day. It is mind-boggling how callous some governments can be in the face of such hardship.

Last year the UK government gave £280m in aid to the Indian government, and apart from the £45m spent on the launch, the entire space project has cost somewhere in the region of £600m in total, and all the while their poor, and in particular children, starve to death. Britain has been giving the Indian government money in aid for decades, and you have to ask what they spent it on. Certainly nor relieving the suffering of the poor and malnourished.

First Shipment Of India's Poor To Mars

First Shipment Of India’s Poor To Mars

Apart from being among the first nations to send a space vehicle to Mars, what does the Indian government hope to achieve? Perhaps once they have spied out the planet they intend to ship all their starving population there as the first astronauts to Mars! Otherwise, apart from the ‘prestige’ of being one of the first there I fail to see what they have to gain. When it comes down to it, what does any country have to gain by sending these craft to Mars. In my view, nothing!

What with the poisonous atmosphere, and the extreme dangers of the 10 month journey, I doubt very much if man will ever colonize the planet because life there is unsustainable in the long term. With our current state of knowledge on space travel there is no way anyone who goes will ever get back to Earth.

A Poor Family

A Poor Family

But this detracts from the main problem of how money is spent in India. I fail to see what such a venture will do for the people of India, no matter what the aspirations are of the government. The country is split down the middle with the wealthy and the poor, and what is sad is that the wealthy seem to feel no compunction to help the poor.

The poor are the poor, and every society on the planet has them, and they are often that way because of one major thing, a lack of education. This factor allows people to get jobs, climb the ladder into higher paid jobs, and develop into useful members of society, but because the poor never get this chance they remain trapped, and usually end up starving in the streets. On top of that is drought in many areas of India that have decimated crops necessary to feed those who have nothing. The rich have no problem putting food on the table, and in fact this is often at the expense of the poor.

Corruption in India

Corruption in India

In August 2012 the massive theft of $14.75 billion worth of food over the last decade was uncovered. Politicians and criminal syndicates systematically looted food stocks destined for the starving people of the Uttar Pradesh region. Not a single person has been arrested for this massive crime because all those that could do something about it are corrupt themselves, and so the poor and children continue to die.

It makes you wonder how the British government among others can be so blind as to continually send aid money to this country when all it does is pay for the space programme, their nuclear arsenal, and go into the pockets of corrupt government officials and businessmen. Thankfully, the British government has finally seen the light, and all aid payments to India will stop as from 2015. That donation will go a long way to helping our own people.

India's Population Growth

India’s Population Growth

India has the second largest population of any country in the world after China, and it continues to grow day by day. The government know this, but does nothing to curb the runaway birth count by introducing measures to reduce it. If you mention contraceptive to most poor and starving women in the country they don’t even know what it is.

The current population of India is estimated at 1.27 billion, and at its current rate of population increase, in 40 years time it will be 10 billion, which is way more than the total world population of 7 billion in 2013.

A Starving Child In India

A Starving Child In India

China introduced the one child per family policy in 1978 to curb its rampant population growth, which despite being extremely unpopular, has shown results. In India not a single measure has been tried to curb population growth. The government appear to have become so hardened to the plight of the poor that they do not even care if 25 million people die of hunger every year, at least they have a space craft on the way to Mars, and I suppose starvation is a rather grotesque method of population control!

So my message to the government of India is: Stop this ridiculous waste of money and effort, and concentrate on getting help to the poor and starving children. Do something to drastically cut the birthrate by introducing whatever measures are necessary to educate poor people that to churn out babies like rabbits in  killing the country, and will eventually destroy mankind.


India’s Shame – The Starving Children

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In a country that has seen enormous economic growth in the last decade, has nuclear weapons and a space programme, its hard to imagine that 41.6% of its people are reliant on foreign aid to keep them alive.

India´s Economy – Set for 8.5% Growth Per Year

Since 2000, the economic wealth of India has grown to the extent that it is now the ninth largest economy in the world, and fourth largest in terms of purchasing power, and yet many of its children are starving to death.

India first tested a nuclear bomb in 1974 and now has an arsenal of such weapons. Year on year the government is spending billions of dollars to develop, aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines as a means to deliver them, and yet many of its children are dying of hunger.

Space Programme – More Important Than Children´s Lives?

The country also has an expensive space programme which has put up several satellites, the first being Aryabhata, launched in 1975 aboard a Russian rocket, and yet the children of India are starving to death.

With hardship so widespread in India, some 41.6% of the population are living below the poverty line according to 2005 figures, it is hard to imagine that the country can afford the extravagance of nuclear weapons and a space programme, but such is the mind of governments!

Looking For Scraps

Ever since India joined the free-market economies of the world, it has seen a massive increase in the middle class sector, due for the most part to the country embracing modern technology and providing services to other countries. The destitute have however been left far behind in this growth, for India has more starving people than the whole of Africa. Recent estimates put the number of people  below the poverty line in Africa at 410 million, while in India the figure is 645 million. The latest population estimates indicate India has in excess of 1.2 billion inhabitants which makes it the second largest country after China  in terms of inhabitants.

Ever since 1947 when India was given independence by the British Parliament, our government, among others, has been pumping aid money into the country to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds every year. The present government under David Cameron has elected to continue paying £280 million a year until 2015 into the coffers of the Indian government in New Delhi. India has one of the largest food aid programmes in the world.

Ultimately Responsible?

What is now under discussion, is what happens to that money?

This is where the ancient beast corruption raises its head once again. Not surprisingly, it is not only the low level workers that are stealing aid intended for the poorest families, but many government officials who are supposed to oversee distribution.

Desperate For Food

Rations Packs intended for the most needy children are being systematically hi-jacked on route and sold on the black market as, believe it or not, animal feed. In the meantime, the poor, for whom this aid means life or death, are dying from malnutrition to the tune of two million a year. Some 61 million children (48%) in India suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

A Mother and Dying Child

I really have no idea if this is the Indian governments macabre idea of population control, or if it is just plain greed and corruption, but I hope it’s the latter. Whichever way you look at it, many people are getting obscenely rich over the corpses of the country’s young. Also, it seems to me we are doing nothing more than footing the bill for their nuclear and space programmes, for the one thing that seems to be missing is a sense of priorities.


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