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Merkel Is Again Trying To Offload Immigrants

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imagesOnce again Angela Merkel is trying to offload over a million ‘refugees’ that have flooded into Germany in the last eighteen months. The one thing you have to say about her is she never stops trying. Thankfully most countries in the Union are refusing to accept her plan for the distribution of these migrants to all European countries.

Most have followed the major increase in rapes and women molestation that have happened since these people arrived in Germany. Many have built barriers and closed their borders to these people for they do not want the same problems in their own country. The reason for this is that Muslims consider any non-Muslim woman to be ‘fair game’, and have no qualms about raping and molesting women who do not belong to their faith. It is also evident that the number of attacks by ISIL across Europe have increased significantly since she allowed this huge influx of Muslims. There is no doubt that several thousand terrorists have entered the continent among the refugees.

Merkel has over the past year realized the big mistake she made by opening the borders of Germany to ‘refugees’ from Syria, which are only about a quarter of the numbers that have entered, for most are economic refugees coming to live off the state on benefits.

It would seem that the majority of Germans still think she is the right person to lead Germany despite this huge gaff. Members of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union in Grimmen in the far northeast of Germany voted for her as party leader with a 96% majority. She said the issue would be raised at an EU summit in Malta on Friday, but downplayed hopes for a breakthrough. “We have to insist that everybody shows a bit of solidarity when it comes to the distribution of migrants.” Merkel said.

In other words all the countries of Europe must come together to solve this problem that she alone has caused. I rather think that plea will fall on deaf ears with the majority of member nations. No-one wants to accept these people who live off the state and bring with them a crime wave. Not only that, but they will eventually be taking over towns and areas of cities as in Britain once they get organized.

Without a doubt Merkel has opened a major ‘can of worms’ here in Europe and currently there is no solution to the problem. It is said that she could once again be elected as Chancellor of Germany at the next election. It just goes to show you how dumb some people can be.


The Muslim Problems In Germany Escalate

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There are still many people who feel sorry for the Muslim immigrants swarming into Europe because of all the hardship they have experienced in their home land. So Angela Merkel opened the doors to Germany to help them, and now look at mess they are in.

Almost daily we hear of attacks on women in Germany with many being raped, and young girls are no longer safe from these people on the streets. How far are they willing to take this?

Geldern Swimming Pool Complex

Geldern Swimming Pool Complex

Today it was announced that six Muslims invaded a nudist swimming pool in Geldern in Western Germany with shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and started insulting the women there, calling them ‘infidels’ and telling them they would be ‘exterminated’.  They hurled insults at them calling them “sluts” for bathing in the nude at the pool in the town. Eventually they left but then proceeded to a water skiing facility, where they subjected patrons and staff to more verbal abuse, before being chased off the premises by staff.

This is just a sign of things to come in the future, for we have already seen a significant rise in the number of rapes and molestation of women in Germany since these people were let into the country. Angela Merkel has no idea of the problem she has unleashed.

Muslims Versus The West

Muslims Versus The West

Part of the problem is that Muslims are not used to seeing women in bikini’s or swimming costumes because in their own country all women must cover themselves completely when going swimming. The same can be said for the day to day clothing worn by women. Our way of dressing is completely alien to them and they cannot accept it, for they look upon it as an open invitation to molest women.

You should not forget that to rape a non-Muslim woman is totally acceptable in their ‘bible’, the Qu’ran!

Cologne lifeguard chief Berthold Schmitt said there is a “fundamental problem” for refugees in 6,000 indoor, outdoor and school swimming pools in Germany. “The ‘new people’, as we call them, have three problems: they speak no German, have no knowledge of German or European bathing culture, and most cannot swim.”

See What I mean?

See What I mean?

Even more ridiculous is a statement by the Professional Swimming Association in Germany that says to prevent sex attacks on women we should train these people to be lifeguards with responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers. The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be “an inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.” “Often it is the case that women feel sexually harassed by a group of migrants just because they look at them,” explained BDS president Peter Harzheim. “Such situations could be disarmed faster with migrants as pool attendants.”

While the suggestion has sparked widespread disbelief, the proposal has won support from The SPD, Greens and the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia. “People with multilingualism can dispel misunderstandings faster”, said Left Party spokesman Özlem Demirel. Sometimes I think the world is going completely mad, and some people do not have the brains they were born with.

Cartoon Warning To Migrant Men

Cartoon Warning To Migrant Men

How that ties in with the fact that women in revealing bikini’s and swimming costumes is totally alien to these people is beyond me. How anyone can come up with such a ridiculous suggestion defies all logic. Another point is, how do you train Muslim immigrants to become pool attendants when the greater majority cannot even swim?

There can be no doubt that Merkel opened up a huge ‘can of worms’ when she opened the doors to these people, and it is for sure the German people will deeply regret her rash decision.


Has David Cameron Totally Lost It?

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We all know that the British Prime Minister David Cameron wants Britain to stay in the European Union, but he is now telling the people that if we leave the E.U., peace in Europe could be put at risk and we could be heading for war! What a load of crap!!!! After some of his most recent speeches I think he has totally lost his marbles! Either that or he is getting desperate for excuses to stay in.

It is NATO that defends Europe, and this organization is made up of all the European nations, so whatever comes, we are all in it together. With the backing of the USA no-one would dare to invade our shores – well, except the Muslim immigrants!

There is nothing to stop agreements being made between European countries for a mutual defense system and trade agreements even if we leave the E.U.. To say that we will sink into a hole of our own making is pure rubbish.

In his most recent speech on the matter he said: “Isolationism has never served this country well. Whenever we turn our back on Europe, sooner or later we come to regret it. But we’ve always had to go back in and always at a much higher cost……If we stay, we know what we get – continued full access to a growing single market, including in energy, services and digital, together with the benefit of the huge trade deals in prospect, between the EU and the United States and other large markets. If we leave, it is genuinely a leap in the dark.” Well, he seems to be desperately grabbing at straws.

What he has forgotten is that so long as we continue as members our doors will be open to a mass of immigrants, and we desperately need to shut them to all immigrants for we have far too many already. Another important factor is the Human Rights Laws of Europe that allow brazen killers to go free, and the impossibility of deporting immigrant criminals. It took ten years to get rid of Abu Hansa and Abu Qatada! He has not addressed either of these major concerns with members of the bloc.

I can't Believe He Just Said That!

I can’t Believe He Just Said That!

His main rival Boris Johnson dismissed his claims, accusing the prime minister of failing to deliver proper EU reform in a deal recently struck with European leaders.  Johnson, now free from his post as London mayor, insisted that the EU was ‘an accelerated effort to build a country called Europe’. Something that I have said often enough on these pages!

There can be little doubt that Cameron is now clutching at straws in his efforts to persuade the British people to vote to stay in Europe.

A new poll shows nearly half of voters in eight big European Union countries want to be able to vote on whether to remain members of the bloc. These countries include Germany, Sweden, Holland and Austria among others, and the results could be catastrophic for the European Union.

I believe that Brussels has done this to itself for the data from this poll shows that in some countries as many as 40% would vote to leave, and if you count everybody it could well be more. There is little doubt that the prospect of Britain leaving the E.U. has begun a wave of dissatisfaction at the way Brussels governs us.

All indications are that the main cause of this massive problem was Angela Merkel when she opened Germany’s doors to all and sundry who wanted to come here. Europe is being flooded with so-called refugees, for as many as two-thirds are here for economic reasons, and no-one knows what to do with them.

Brussels has said many times we need a quota system so that each country takes a percentage, but many eastern countries like Hungary and Macedonia to name but two, have refused to accept them. This of course is putting enormous pressure on the remaining countries.

Crossing From Libya

Crossing From Libya

It is clear that the people do not want these refugees flooding their country and turning it upside down, for the people know that it will only bring hardship to them all. Brussels may well have closed the door from Turkey, well, up to a point, but that still leaves those pouring across the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy. In effect, this means that the numbers will not decrease this year but probably escalate.

Already the experts are saying that we can expect at least another million on our shores this year, and many say even more. Perhaps you can tell me what Europe is expected to do with such large numbers?

Had we accepted only genuine refugees, the numbers would have been at least two-thirds lower and it would have been possible to absorbed them, but with the economic refugees far outnumbering them the situation is hopeless.

As you would expect they will all be living off our European benefits system, for the chances of most of them finding a job will be practically zero. This will put dire hardship on those of our people that really need them, and could result in a major financial catastrophe. On top of this there is the housing problem, for most countries do not have enough to house them.

Our own people are being pushed to one side to cater for these immigrants and it is for certain that the general public will not accept this for much longer.

This Is Where We Would End Up If The Roles Were Reversed

This Is Where We Would End Up If The Roles Were Reversed

Let me put another scenario before you. What do you think would happen if some catastrophe happened on European soil, and millions of our people started flooding into Arab states in the Middle East? What do you think our reception would be like? They would certainly not welcome us as refugees and give us free money and housing in the form of benefits, for these things do not exist in Middle East countries. We would all end up in refugee camps, that is presuming they allowed us to enter in the first place!

From all that has taken place over the last year I have come to one conclusion:- We must quit the European Union, before it drags us down into the mud and destroys what little we have left of our economy.


More Insane Demands From Brussels!

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While the argument rages for voting on leaving or staying in the European Union, I have to say that this latest demand from the Council is extremely aggravating! It would seem that some jackass thought it would be a good idea for every member nation to have the circle of twelve stars that represent the Union on their national flag.

How the E.U. Sees Our Flags.

How the E.U. Sees Our Flags.

Apparently the idea has been floating around since the 1990’s, but with the British ‘Exit’ vote coming up they thought it wise to push it through. They have even had graphic artists draw up designs where the Union flag stars are either in a corner of the national flag of brazenly placed in the middle.

It seems that some of the smaller nations could vote in favour, but the major countries of Europe are dead against it, in particular France Germany and Italy. I do not believe that any country would willingly deface their national flag in such a way. The measure is being heavily pushed through before the British vote on Brexit on June 23, and clearly demonstrates the eagerness of top EU officials to glue the country tighter to the Union.

Claude Boursin, spokesman for the centre-right Partie de Reddition Singe, said: “The tricoleur is a symbol of French courage in the face of adversity – our ‘never surrender’ spirit. It has mythic status in our country and we will never let it be tampered with.” Like Britain, many European countries have a huge amount of history represented in their flag design and would loath to deface it on instructions from Brussels.

UKIP MEP Mike Hookem said: “This whole proposal is an absolute joke. It’s indicative of how insidious Brussels can be, but seriously we’d have to be fools to fall for it.”

But it just goes to show how the idiots in Brussels are trying desperately to gain full control and form a United States of Europe, mostly for their own ends. This could mean that our governments would disappear and all countries would be run from Brussels! Now that’s the best joke I have heard in years!!!!

As we in Europe ‘move forward’ we are in fact going backwards, and are heading for a situation where just a few people will end up running the whole of Europe. Judging by the efforts of those idiots ‘in charge’ so far I am not confident that this would be a good move. In fact it would be a total disaster for everyone.


Europe – We Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet!!!

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Going through the news reports I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly that in regard to the mass influx of refugees into Europe this year, we ‘ain’t seen nuthin’ yet’!

Projections by many ‘in the know’ organizations state that compared to this year’s million or so refugees, next year we will see double that number, if not more.

Europe has opened the gates to the ‘Promised Land’ for these people, and we can be certain that it will encourage very many more to try their luck.  It is a repeat of what Tony Blair did when he threw open the doors to anyone who wanted to come and live in Britain.

HEIDENAU, GERMANY - AUGUST 26: An Onlooker Holds A Sign That Reads: "Nation Traitor" During A Visit By Angela Merkel To A Nearby Asylum Shelter.

HEIDENAU, GERMANY – AUGUST 26: An Onlooker Holds A Sign That Reads: “Nation Traitor” During A Visit By Angela Merkel To A Nearby Asylum Shelter.

At the heart of it all is Anglea Merkel’s statement that Germany would welcome refugees, but now she is learning that her country cannot take in the rest of the world. Already there are cracks appearing within the country as more and more people worry extensively about the numbers flowing in, and it does not appear to be stopping any time soon. There is talk in government circles about putting a stop to allowing any more into the country. All I can say is, good luck with that, for once you open the door with a rash statement it is very difficult to close it again.

Stupid statements such as those made by Blair and Merkel could well  be the ‘undoing’ of the entire European Union, for unless the flow is stopped (a) the Union is dead, and (b) Europe as we know it will die within twenty to thirty years or so as it becomes Muslim.

No country in the world can expect to take in millions of people, especially Muslims, and see their culture survive. As we have seen in Britain and other European countries, these people have no intention of properly integrating into our society, but prefer to set up their own within our cities and towns. The more we accept, the bigger the problem will become until our entire civilization is overrun in years to come.

See What I Mean?

See What I Mean?

It is an indisputable fact that Muslims will never adapt to western culture because their religion forbids it in the strongest terms, this is one of the reasons why even a mention of Christianity in places like Saudi Arabia is strongly forbidden. What is sad, is that European politicians like Blair and Merkel do not appreciate this fact, or the consequences of it.

Already a school headmaster in Pocking Bavaria, among others, has sent a warning letter out to all parents and children about dress. He warns that this could lead to many rapes by Muslim men for such practices are common among them. “The parents are instructed to take precautions and to restrict their children from wearing transparent tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts. This could lead to misunderstandings,” as he explained the different culture of the Muslim asylum seekers. So you see, it has started already and they have only just arrived, but it will get much worse in the future.

Girl Raped 13 Times By Muslims

Girl Raped 13 Times By Muslims

I recently wrote about Rotherham in the U.K which is called the rape capital of Britain where women and young girls are raped daily by young Muslim males.

While it is worthy to assist those from Syria and Iraq whose countries have been overrun by Islamic State, the latest statistics prove beyond doubt that at least two thirds of the migrants are not from these war-torn countries, but from places like Pakistan, Bangladesh and African lands among others. They are purely economic refugees taking advantage of the current ‘open doors’ policy of Europe, and in particular, Germany.

Now that precedent has been set, both the U.N.H.C.R. and many other authorities are convinced that Europe will be overrun by a massive wave of more than two million refugees that will hit our shores next year once the winter is over.

They Will Just Keep On Coming Anyway They Can.

They Will Just Keep On Coming Anyway They Can.

So long as these people think there is a chance for them to be accepted in Europe they will continue to come in ever larger numbers, and the consequences for every European country will be enormous in the next few years.

For governments to even imagine that we can settle these people in Europe is pure ‘pie in the sky’ and they will learn the truth of this matter in the next two years or so. No country can expect to find housing and jobs for these excessive numbers because they just don’t exist.

The authorities controlling the migrants are helpless in determining properly if the migrants are true refugees, or just here for the handouts. On top of that, all of those accepted will be given permanent citizenship after five years if the current guidelines are followed.

This to me is a major mistake, for it is one thing to give people fleeing war a temporary home, but quite another to make them citizens with all the rights the rest of us have. This will mean that even when the wars are over and it is safe for them to return to their homelands, most will not because life will be better here in affluent Europe. Not only that, but when even a single person gets accepted here, the rest of the family will join them. It has been proven a fact because it has happened in Britain so many times.

People Who Will Regret Their Openness In A Few Years Time.

People Who Will Regret Their Openness In A Few Years Time.

At the moment many people are feeling sorry for these individuals and doing everything they can to help them which is laudable, but I feel they will regret being so hasty in the not too distant future.

It struck me how ridiculous the situation is when I saw a news film of Red Cross workers giving out food parcels and water to migrants who were boarding a train in Macedonia. Because the parcels bore the red cross symbol, the migrants refused to accept them and threw them away because they had a Christian symbol on them. Now surely that is going to tell you something about these people and how they will react when they settle in a Christian country like Germany for example! They will take whatever we offer them in the way of money and housing but reject everything else. Does that sound like they want to integrate into our way of life?

Whichever way you look at it, Europe is in big trouble because of this entire episode, and only the future will tell us how we get out from under it – IF we ever do!


Is This The End Of The European Union?

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IllegalsThe immigration crisis has now been dragging on for months and we can be sure that it is nowhere near over, for migrants keep coming here in the hope of being accepted. The registration system for migrants has totally failed under the huge pressure put on it by the number of people who want to stay here.

Discarded Life-vests And Dingies On The Shores Of Lesbos

Discarded Life-vests And Dinghies On The Shores Of Lesbos

They all claim to be Syrian refugees but we know for sure that they are a minority because most are nothing more than economic migrants who are taking advantage of the situation. In my last post (22/9/15 – Proof Most Of The Refugees Are Fake) I highlighted that according to official figures, only a quarter are actually from Syria although they all claim to be.

Oh Sh?t Me And My Big Mouth

Oh Sh?t Me And My Big Mouth

This massive influx has put enormous pressure on various states within the Union, especially since Angela Merkel made the rash statement that all refugees are welcome in Germany. This single statement opened the floodgates, and now the country is struggling to find places for almost a million refugees flooding there. There can be little doubt that in the future, Germany will live to regret that enormously reckless statement from its leader.

The Litter Trail

The Litter Trail

Meanwhile, other countries like Greece, Italy, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary are suffering as the migrants make their way north across the continent in an effort to reach Germany. Their paths northward could probably be seen from space because of the hundreds of tons of litter they leave on roads and at every stopping place on their journey.

The Schengen Agreement that allowed free unrestricted travel between E.U. member nations is all but dead as one country after another is invaded by these swarms of migrants, and even Germany has reopened border controls in an effort to control the migrants entering the country.

Country after country is refusing to take its share of the migrants as dictated by the E.U. idiot Jean-Claude Junker, and is causing a great loss of cohesion among union states.

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council said in a meeting of the European Council that the 28-member bloc was on the verge of breakdown. He is reported as saying that “much of the blame lay with Germany,” accusing Chancellor Angela Merkel of exacerbating the problem by sending the signal to desperate Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland that Germany had no limit on the number of migrants it would accept. In his speech he said, “Today we are talking about millions of potential refugees trying to reach Europe, not thousands. It is likely that more refugees will flow towards Europe, not less. Especially as almost all of them feel invited to Europe.” I think he ‘hit the nail on the head’ as the saying goes.

French President Francois Hollande said: “Those who don’t share our values, those who don’t even want to respect those principles, need to start asking themselves questions about their place in the European Union.”  Certainly a stark warning of the possible collapse of the European Union.

Getting In Any Way They Can

Getting In Any Way They Can

It is considered that with Europe’s ‘Open Door Policy’ to these people we are putting the future of 28 nations in grave danger. While these people are grateful for being accepted and given a safe haven in which to live while their country is at war, there is one major problem with us accepting so many.

Being Muslims, after their initial euphoria at being allowed to stay, they will refuse to properly integrate and adapt to European society and our way of life. We have seen this in Britain over the last twenty years when Tony Blair opened the country’s doors to the whole world.

Is This What We Want To See In Our Towns And Cities

Is This What We Want To See In Our Towns And Cities

Even after Britain gave them a safe home they still refuse to accept the ‘British Way of Life’ and are steadily turning towns and cities into Muslim communities where true Brits are afraid to live. They are steadily changing our education system to suit their purposes, and by refusing to learn the language are slowly taking over the education system to the detriment of English children.

This is not just relevant to Britain, but also France and many other E.U. countries. In France we see much the same problems in for example, Marseilles where they are steadily taking over the city. The same is true of many Dutch cities.

Who Indeed?

Who Indeed?

By years end authorities expect to see more than a million refugees coming to Europe, and you can bet next year, after the winter, the flow will increase unless something is done. But with the current mess, and the inability of our politicians to take concrete steps to stem the flow, we will be completely overrun by this time next year.

See What I Mean!!!!!

See What I Mean!!!!!

One of the first things that must be done is to sort out the legitimate Syrian refugees from the economic refugees of countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan among others. They must be sent back straight away for this will send a message to any future hopefuls that we will only accept genuine refugees from countries at war. In effect, this means that Europe could rid itself of somewhere in the region of two thirds of the ‘refugees’ which will bring down the numbers to manageable proportions.

Religious Map Of Europe

Religious Map Of Europe

If proper action is not take swiftly, it could without doubt cause a major breakdown of the entire European Union. Not only that, but it will leave the Christian continent of Europe in grave danger of being taken over completely by the Muslims at sometime in the future. I say this because we are already at risk of this phenomenon due to the huge birthrate of Muslims already here compared to our own. The new influx of refugees will only add to the problem.

Europe continues to accept these people even though other Arab nations have closed their doors to them. It was reported recently that only now is rich Saudi Arabia beginning to accept refugees, even though this problem has been around for many years.

Many, But Not All Middle East Countries Have Opened Their Borders to Refugees

Many, But Not All Middle East Countries Have Opened Their Borders to Refugees.

Many of the richest Middle East countries, and I might add fellow Muslims, have closed their eyes and borders to this entire problem for many years and refused to help in any way. Considering that this is a Muslim problem one would think they would have been the first to offer assistance to their own kind.

Yes! We Believe In Doing Nothing!

Yes! We Believe In Doing Nothing!

It is only in the last months that some nations have joined with NATO countries to bomb ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria. It is however unfortunate that this is nowhere near enough to solve the problem of the terrorist organizations that are threatening world peace. It is time the United Nations got together a multi-national force, entered countries at war with terrorists and wiped them all out. Only then can peace resume and the refugees go home.


Heading North – They Are Coming To A Place Near You.

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As predicted the number of refugees has increased dramatically during the summer months after we let so many in during April and May. Since then the numbers have steadily grown week on week until we recently had 3,000 in one day last weekend landing on the shores of Italy.

Another Boat Load Makes It To Kos Greece

Another Boat Load Makes It To Kos Greece

This year, up to the end of July, a total of 350,000 have landed on the European mainland and we still have five months to go before year’s end. These figures have raised many questions among the governments of E.U. countries, and also among the population. Just how much longer can we continue to take in these people before we have to begin turning them away. No-one seems to know, and that is worrying.

Dresden People Demonstrate

Dresden People Demonstrate

Already the people in some parts of Germany are letting the government know that they are not prepared to continue accepting the endless stream of refugees. In eastern Germany police said protesters shouting “foreigners out” and carrying banners against the “asylum flood” threw bottles and stones at busloads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden. As the flow increases it is certain that more people in other countries are going to take action.

It is a solid fact that as long as we continue to accept these people, so more and more will try to come here because they know they will not be turned away.

Since this whole crisis developed it has been well-recognized that very many of the ‘refugees’ are in fact economic migrants who come here for the free handouts. They are hiding among the genuine refugees who are escaping the killings in Syria and Iraq.

While I have a great deal of sympathy for those fleeing violence I believe they should be seeking help in neighbouring countries and not all be heading to Europe.

Pakistan Refugees Brawl With Other Nationalities For Papers

Pakistan Refugees Brawl With Other Nationalities For Papers

For example, it is well-known that many are from Pakistan and we all know there is no war in that country so why are they here? If they are from the north where the Taliban are active they could just move south and get away from it, but no, Europe is the big attraction because we take everybody in.

As I have said before, very many of the refugees are men, and once they are allowed in their entire family down to uncle’s, aunts and cousins will eventually follow. Some will say “Why Not?”, but what you have to remember is that they will be draining tens of millions from the benefits system until it eventually runs dry. Already British people are suffering heavily, especially the old, and many are living on the bread-line for there is not enough money to help them because it is all going to ‘refugees’.

World War 2 Refugees

World War 2 Refugees

The world is undergoing a major upheaval right now, reminiscent of World War Two, and it is all caused by a few terrorists organizations like Islamic State. Their butchery is almost unparalleled in history as they try to sow unrest in countries one after another in the hope of gaining power.

They have even attacked the powerful Saudi Arabia, causing unrest in the country in the hope they can eventually move in and take control. If that happens it will certainly cause a massive problem with oil production, and will have repercussions world-wide. I agree it is not likely to happen, but it does indicate how high they have set their sights.

The War In Syria

The War In Syria

What is more likely to happen is that they will eventually take over Syria, for Assad’s regime is losing heavily and will be defeated by the joint rebel and I.S, forces. Once he is finished does anyone think that I.S. will then leave Syria to the rebels to form a government? Not on your life. Unless the rebels join them, they will turn on these people and defeat them, and thus gain control of the country. If they manage to accomplish that, surrounding countries like Lebanon and Jordan will then be attacked.

All this will do is increase the number of refugees that head for Europe. Month by month the numbers are growing and Germany alone is expecting 800,000 refugees to arrive in the country by years end. In July 50,000 refugees had reached the Greek islands, and for the whole of Greece the number is 158,000. Italy has also rescued 90,000. One of the biggest surges happened on 6-7 June, when nearly 6,000 people were plucked from the sea and taken to southern Italy, in a major international operation. These figures compare with  a total of 219,000 refugees last year, and a mere 60,000 in 2013.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

There can be little doubt that Australia has the right approach by sending them back where they came from. It is tough, but the government do not want the country overrun by these people, and European nations must eventually accept what is necessary.

Instead Of Parading Up And Down Why Don't You Do Something Useful - Like Destroy I.S. and Boko Haram?

Instead Of Parading Up And Down Why Don’t You Do Something Useful – Like Destroy I.S. and Boko Haram?

The problem is, that if we take these people in without doing something to stop the reason for their flight it will get worse year on year until we are totally overwhelmed. This is why I continue to say that we must see some action from the United Nations who are duty bound to maintain peace in the world. For many months they have not made a single move, or even voiced their opinion on the I.S. tragedy in the Middle East. They have remained silent on the entire issue.

This is just not good enough from a body that was formed with such high intentions. It is time for them to start taking action against all the terrorist groups by forming a multi-national force to put an end to this global tragedy so the refugees can return home.


Ukraine – A Simple Solution

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I believe Vladimir Putin has only one thing on his mind when it comes to the Ukraine, and all western nations, including Ukraine, could defuse the whole problem with one simple move.

With almost every nation except China condemning the Russian occupation of Crimea, no-one seems capable of asking why. All we hear from politicians and the Press on both sides of the Atlantic is about Russian aggression.

Russian Bases In The Crimea

Russian Bases In The Crimea



The Russian forces have occupied only the island of Crimea on the pretext of ‘protecting Russian speakers from the new government in Kiev’. But why only Crimea? Much of the eastern part of the country has Russian speakers but they are making no moves to ‘protect’ them.

As I said in my last post, the real reason for the ‘invasion’ is that Putin does not wish to lose his Black Sea naval base in Sevastopol. This base, and the small harbour in Tartus Syria, which is also under threat, are the only outlets for the Russian navy into the Mediterranean and the belly of Europe. Should Russia lose these two bases, the navy will be forced to move to either Murmansk in the Arctic Circle, or Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast. For the Russians this would be a strategic nightmare in the event of trouble on the European continent.

Sevastopol Navy Base

Sevastopol Navy Base

Instead of throwing insults and the threat of sanctions at each other, the western nations involved, Ukraine, the USA, Britain, France and Germany, would be far better off negotiating international guarantees about the continuation of the Soviet naval base in Sevastopol.

This one act would take the wind out of Putin’s sails and guarantee the integrity of Ukraine.


Both Sides of the Muslim Divide

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Quite a lot is written about Islamaphobia, and I have written a few articles myself, but one young lady from Luton England has taken it to another level by going onto the streets of the town for a BBC Three documentary. The results are very revealing in that they show clearly the two sides of the Muslim Faith in Britain, and probably everywhere else.

United Kingdom

The town of Luton, in north London has an ever increasing population of Muslim families, and is getting much like Bradford further north where you see fewer ethnic brits. Almost daily there are demonstrations by a few radical Muslims on the streets of the town casting scorn on Britain, the police, the government, and anything else British.

Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley, who since 2009 has done several documentaries for BBC Three, did something few others have done. She spoke to the radicals, and the more moderate Muslims in the town. The result is a documentary that is enlightening, because it not only reveals both sides of the coin, but does not have a negative slant one way or the other like we are used to in most TV documentaries and especially the newspapers.

EDL Demonstration

It was clearly obvious that many remarks made by some of the demonstrating radicals, in particular a Muslim woman, upset her quite considerably, but on the other hand she warmed to some moderate women in a mosque who said in plain language that the radicals were twisting the message of Islam for their own ends, and the perpetrators of 9/11 were not proper Muslims. She also spent some time with a member of the EDL or European Defence League who demonstrate against radical Muslims.

Many Muslims in the town want Sharia Law, in particular the radicals who demonstrate for its inclusion in British Law. One said they do not feel bound by British Law because they are Muslim. It is clear they will never accept our laws and will continue their campaign.

I urge you to view the following video for it will open your eyes to what is happening in Britain and, more importantly, many other countries that are suffering from Islamic extremism.

Stacey Dooley on Luton Muslims:


I think most of us realize that not all Muslims are bad, but the radical element is causing all Muslims to be painted with the same brush. I have frequently said that I do not believe this is right. I do however believe that for immigrants to be accepted in any society they must integrate, and if they cannot trouble will ensue. In any western country with a large Muslim population they tend to flock together, and as in Britain, are taking over large areas of cities like Tower Hamlets London, Leeds, and even whole towns like Bradford and Luton. Since the major influx of Muslims into Britain began under the last Labour government, many of our towns and cities bear more resemblance to Bagdad than an English town or city. Even the French capital Paris has whole areas that have been taken over by Muslim families.


The video clearly shows Muslims who want to change the very fabric of Britain, who want to do away with our laws, our religion and our way of life. To say that this is preposterous is putting it mildly. Stacey wound up her video by saying that there needs to be more dialogue between people, that we should try to understand what the other wants. That may well work with some Muslims, but certainly not with the radicals who will only accept their brand of Islam, and will not cease their activities until the whole country is an Islamic state with Sharia law.

I have said it before and will repeat it here. The only people capable of stopping the radicals and insurgents are the Muslim people themselves. They must stand up to these people and their twisted interpretation of Islam, and tell them in a loud collective voice that they are wrong.


All those who demonstrate against our soldiers returning from Afghanistan, the police and those who want Sharia Law in Britain, should be rounded up and put on a plane bound for any arab country that embraces the system of law and government they want. It is not right that these radicals should be allowed to live in our midst while trying their best to destroy our culture and way of life to suit their own ends. The same goes for France, Holland, Germany, the United States and any other western nation where they decide to settle. All of them have the obvious choice of going back where they came from if they don’t like it here. It is time the government rounded up these malcontents and shipped them back where they came from and to hell with their human rights. After all, they don’t seem to think we have any!


British Political Correctness Gone Mad – Again!

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An Early Learning Centre Shop

Once again the English sickness of political correctness has surfaced in the most ludicrous of ways. It came to light today that outlets of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) had removed a pig from a farm set for children so as not to cause offence to Muslim and Jewish parents!

A Child's Toy - Such An Insult?

The play set for toddlers called Happyland Goosefeather Farm normally contains a cow, sheep, chicken, horse, dog and pig along with assorted farm buildings. The omission was discovered by parents buying the toy who found the pig was missing, even though a sty and appropriate sound affect was there.

One enterprising mother contacted the ELC asking why there was no pig. The reply got her to boiling point very quickly; “Previously the pig was part of the Goosefeather farm, however due to customer feedback and religious reasons this is no longer part of the farm.”

It would seem the company exports the farm toy to many other countries and they had negative feedback from certain ones (Islamic no doubt), so for this reason the pig was scrapped. Now, after many complaints from UK parents, they have decided to reinsert the pig and not sell to those countries that object to it.

That’s what they should have done in the first place!

As one parent put it; “If you don’t like the pig, don’t buy the set”.

The Offensive Animal

In the sixties and seventies, the age-old children’s nursery rhyme Ba Ba Black Sheep was banned for being ‘racist’ because it mentioned the dreaded word black, this was a time when racial relations between black immigrants and white folks were not at their best. Now, because we have so many Muslim immigrants we are going down the same path! How stupid can you get! Some righteous ‘holier than thou’ people have even voiced the opinion that Christmas should be banned because it ‘upsets the Muslims’.

A Man With A Job To Do - Can He?

It is my sincere desire to see Cameron and his government stop this insane phobia among certain members of the British public by laying down the law, and if necessary changing our laws to prohibit such stupidity.

The governments message to any immigrant who comes to live in Britain should be: If you don’t like our culture, go back where you came from.

Multi Culturalism - You Must Be Joking!

I know the British have a reputation for being ‘laid back’ but when the nation pampers to immigrants we do ourselves, our country, and our culture tremendous harm. These acts are carried out by narrow-minded people who are mesmerised by the fact that we have become a ‘multi-cultural’ society. That’s bullshit, for as Angla Merkel of Germany recently pointed out, multi-culturalism doesn’t work (see my blog of 26/10/2010), and all the ass-kissing in the worlds will not change that!

It is no wonder the Muslim population is convinced they will rule Britain before 2050 for we are handing it to them on a plate. We are already on the slippery slope solely due to the disparity in the birth-rates between ethnic Brits and Muslims (theirs being three times ours), but some people seem to want to hurry the process by denying our basic customs and freedoms.

The Once Proud Symbol Of A Once Proud Nation

When will the rank and file in Britain wake up to the fact that our entire culture is soon to disappear forever, swallowed by the monster that is Islam and Sharia Law.

Churchill will be turning in his grave!


Germany’s Angela Merkel Hits the Nail On the Head!

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It may come as a surprise to many that politicians can sometimes be quite astute. This must surely be the case with Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, who announced last week that multiculturalism in Germany is not working. What a surprise!

Angela Merkel Stating the Obvious.

Multiculturalism is a strange beast because it can and does work, but depends on the participating parties. In Britain during the sixties and seventies for example, there was the question of the integration of coloured people from the Caribbean and other places. It took time, but they made the effort and are now an everyday part of the fabric of our nation.

An important point is they learned our language, accepted our culture for what it was and moved into the house next door. Certainly, there was some bitterness in the beginning because some people find it hard to accept change, but you won’t find much of that today.

Kebab – Not healthy but delicious!

In current times however, we are dealing with a different kind of people who move to our shores for a better life. These are for a great part Muslims and other races from the Middle East. Many are Turkish immigrants who seem to have integrated quite well. They learn our language and open a Kebab Shop which is all very fine, but many Muslims however come here without any intention of integrating because they wish to dominate and take over the country.

Wow! I hear you say! That’s a bold statement, and yes, its intended to be. Just take one look at all the turmoil in our streets, in the press and on people’s lips in many parts of Europe for the last three years.

If your religious book i.e. The Qu’ran, tells you anyone who is not a Muslim is tainted and beneath you, why would you want to emigrate to that country? Perhaps they have come to save our souls!

Not If I Have Anything To Do With It!

Let me make clear right now that I am not ‘painting all Muslims with the same brush’ when I say they do not wish to integrate, and I feel no animosity towards them, except when they try to bury our culture and take over. The silent ones do integrate, but our streets are still constantly filled with sections of the Muslim population waving placards with “Islam will rule the world” and “Sharia Law for the UK”. Now that doesn’t sound like willingness to integrate to me.

With the increase in numbers, they have, instead of dispersing among the ethnic population, moved into ghettos of their own making. Whole towns (e.g. Bradford) and communities in towns and cities (e.g. Tower Hamlets London/Manchester/ Leeds) have been taken over until in some parts they feel so secure they practice their infamous Sharia Law in defiance of the British legal system.

The problem has become so acute in places like Leeds where the Pakistani Muslim part of the town is a ‘No Go’ area for the police. As these communities grow they vote in their own people to the local councils and even to parliament.

No Thanks!

Ever since Tony Blair and his henchmen opened the castle gates to these people there has been nothing but trouble on the streets of Britain. By contrast it is strange to note that Germany has not been plagued with Islamic demonstrations in the same way that England has. Perhaps this is because 60% of Germans would, given the opportunity, restrict the practices of Islam in their country. Maybe there is a lesson for us all there!

Why? Because Your Qu’ran Tells You To?

In my view, this difference in attitude is because the German people expected the influx of foreigners to integrate, while in Britain we have been bending over backwards to accommodate them! Such is the psyche of the British people. They are known the world over for their stoicism and laid back attitude in times of crisis, but at the same time are currently so afraid of being called racist or religious bigots they invented a new watchword for the country: “Don’t upset the Muslims”.

American Muslims Pray on the Streets of New York

There is I believe little doubt in the minds of forward thinking individuals that Islam wants to control the world, and the first skirmishes are taking place in Europe. America is next!

I read with some interest her comment that many German people did not think the immigrants would stay, preferring to believe they would after some time return to their own countries. Now that is certainly naive thinking!

I am but a small voice in the wilderness, but I wish people would wake from their slumber and see what is really happening before it is too late. Angela Merkel was right  in her assessment of immigrant integration in Germany and it is time the British woke up and took a long hard look at their own backyard.


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