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France Threatens Britain Over Migrants

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Of all the bloody cheek, now a French Mayor has said that should Britain leave the E.U. he will put all the migrants seeking entry to the U.K. in Calais and Dunkirk on DFDS ferries and ship them all to Britain.

There is currently an agreement between the French government and the U.K. that Britain controls the entry to the ports of Calais and Dunkirk to keep the migrants from boarding ferries to Dover. This is called the Touquet agreement, which was signed in 2003, and places the UK border at the French ports. It has worked well at keeping migrants from boarding ferries for the trip across the channel, but has ended up in many migrant camps near the city. Had this agreement not been reached we would have had refugee camps on our southern shores. Now it seems that is a likelihood after all.

Franck Dhersin

Franck Dhersin

Franck Dhersin, a no-nonsense mayor for a 7,000 strong community at Teteghem, a large suburb of Dunkirk said: “We all believe that Britain will vote to leave the EU because of the rise of nationalism, not only in your country, but in other European countries as well. Then the Touquet agreement we have at the moment, which puts the UK border in France, will quickly come to an end. Be in no doubt, it will no longer exist. The border will move to Dover and so the migrants who come to Calais and other ports and towns in northern France will then be put on DFDS ferries and taken to Dover. This will happen. The people of Dunkirk and Calais have had enough. We are the officials and this is what has been decided.”

The Jungle

The Jungle

Apart from ‘The Jungle’, which is outside Calais and holds around 6,000 migrants there is also Grand-Synthe, just outside Dunkirk which holds another 1,500 migrants. To have all these people suddenly arriving in Dover would cause complete chaos.

Damian Collins, Tory MP for Folkestone and Hythe, who came out in favour of the remain campaign, said: “This just goes to show the serious threat that is posed to our authority to manage our borders in France and the very real prospect that we could lose that power. French politicians are desperate for those powers to go because they can see it keeps migrants on their side of the Channel.” He added “although Britain could still turn away migrants landing on its shores, he fears for the chaos it would ensue for the country and its relationship with France.”

Tory MP Steve Baker

Tory MP Steve Baker

Tory MP Steve Baker, the co-chairman of Conservatives for Britain, who warned: “The British people will not respond well to blackmail. These are hollow threats. Any immigrants brought over on a ferry to the UK illegally would be sent back to France and the ferry companies would be fined. We want to have friendly relations with all European countries after we Vote Leave. All talk of recrimination is counterproductive.”

Dan Hannan, Tory MEP for South East England, agreed, saying: “If French politicians think the British people respond to bullying or threats, they haven’t read our history.”

Attacking Lorry Driver

Attacking Lorry Driver

There has been no end of trouble at Calais in particular as the migrants tried to board lorries, and even attack lorry drivers in their attempts to cross the channel. They have tried repeatedly to get into the cross-channel railway tunnel to get to England, and all these activities have meant a huge expenditure of British money to build fences to protect the ports and the tunnel.

I have to say that this is an outrageous situation, for the migrants are purely a French problem and it is for them to deal with it because they are on French soil. If they wish to get rid of them, they should round them all up and send them back where they came from.

Why they have put up with this for ten years is beyond logic, when right from the start it could have been solved easily. With them being sent back the flow would stop after a while because the migrants would realize they are not getting anywhere with it.

Muslim Message to Britain

Muslim Message to Britain

Britain has accepted more refugees and migrants than it can sensibly handle, as is evident by the continued chaos in this country. Middle East and African migrants do not want to assimilate into our society for they have been trying to change it for decades into something more suited to them, e.g. Sharia Law. If the new government lets any more of these people into Britain we will be finished as a nation in a few decades time.

Many reading my posts may think that I am a racist and anti-Muslim, but I have to strongly deny that. The reason I write these posts is because I see the damage being done to our nation by people who refuse to assimilate, and try to change our country into the one they left behind. I am sorry, but I cannot accept that.

If they wish to come here and become one of us, religion excluded, then I am happy to welcome them. But they need to learn English, accept our way of life and our laws and live by them. If they do not wish to do that then they should go back where they came from.



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Dec. 17 - Migrants force their way into a truck.

Dec. 17 – Migrants Force Their Way Into A Truck.

Once again the French have shown how pathetic their attempts are to control the situation in Calais where migrants are concerned. Yesterday between 800 and a 1,000 migrants tried again to storm the Channel Tunnel trying to get to Britain and it was eventually necessary for the police to use teargas to drive them back.

This farce has been going on for years and yet the French government seems totally incapable of putting an end to it. Violence breaks out almost every day at Calais as migrants try to get across the English Channel to Britain. As you would expect, they choose Britain above all other European countries because of the generous benefits they receive.

The numbers in Calais have increased steadily over the past year, until there is now an estimated 6,000 of them living in a place near the docks called ‘The Jungle’. Each day they search for a way to sneak aboard trucks passing through the terminal or get into the tunnel that joins Calais with Dover in Britain.

As I have reported in earlier posts, the French seem to think it is a British problem even though it takes place in their country. Currently Britain is providing much more security at the port than the French government, which is ridiculous.

Now that security measures have been beefed up at Calais some migrants have moved on to Zeebrugge in Belgium in an effort to get across the Channel.

These people will never give up, so it is really up to the authorities to solve this problem once and for all. The one sure way is for the French authorities to round up every migrant in Calais and ship them back where they came from. Do this a few times and the flow to the channel coast will stop.

I just wish the French politicians could see this quick, simple solution that is staring them in the face.


Calais Immigrant Violence

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A report out today reveals that lorry drivers travelling through Calais are having to endure increasing violence from immigrants who wish to get to the U.K.

Immigrant Violence

Immigrant Violence

The boss of a British haulage firm, Toby Ovens, is claiming that his drivers have had to suffer severe attacks on their vehicles saying, “I had two drivers attacked by missiles thrown by immigrants at my vehicles and damage done to the vehicle. One of the drivers was female and they attempted to open the doors to her vehicle and when they didn’t succeed they attacked the vehicle, leaving her very shaken. This situation is completely unacceptable. We, as hauliers, need someone we can go to in order to sort this situation.”

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) said migrants were becoming “increasingly frustrated” at not being able to board trucks bound for Britain. RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said, “This has become an absolutely untenable situation,” he said. “We are now getting reports of extreme violent migrant activity on a daily basis.” He went on: “As we predicted several months ago, it is the port approach roads that need increased security. Our observer spoke to drivers who have witnessed migrants standing on port approach road bridges, throwing rocks onto truck windscreens, forcing them to stop. The situation must be resolved now. Waiting until someone gets killed is simply not an option.”

Any Way - Any How.

Any Way – Any How.

The most despicable thing about this whole affair is that the French Police are doing next to nothing to stop these attacks because the French authorities in Calais insist it is a British problem. I have to ask how they come to this conclusion, for this sorry affair is taking place on French territory!

Do we have to wait until a lorry driver is killed for the French authorities to take action? Currently there are in excess of five thousand migrants living in the camp called ‘The Jungle’, and so long as these people think they have a chance of getting into Britain more will come, but it is not the responsibility of the British government to solve this problem for it is happening on French soil.

Driver Under Attack

Driver Under Attack

It is time for the French government to bring in the Army and round up every one of these migrants, put them on a military aircraft and ship them back to where they came from. Failure to carry out this measure will only make things worse with winter coming on.

The ball is firmly in the French court!


The Calais Debacle!

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French Workers Close Off The Channel Tunnel and Port Of Calais

French Workers Close Off The Channel Tunnel and Port Of Calais

To me it is astounding that the French government is unwilling to take decisive steps to end the farce that is being played out in Calais as immigrants try to cross the English Channel to Britain. Instead they are blaming Britain for the chaos, and want the British taxpayer to cough up £7 million to pay for it.

This last week has highlighted all the migrant problems at Calais because French workers from the company MyFerryLink called strikes which have shut down the Euro Tunnel and Calais harbour ferry terminal.

Trucks Waiting To Get On A Ferry At Dover

Trucks Waiting To Get On A Ferry At Dover

The crisis is causing massive problems for the trucking industry in Britain, for the tail-back of trucks parked on the motorways leading to Dover now stands at over 7,000. The cost to British businesses alone is estimated at £750,000 every day, and the end is nowhere in sight. On top of this is the effect on many continental trucking companies trying to deliver goods to Britain.

Entire families, many with children, are trapped in their cars on the motorways leading to Dover instead of being able to enjoy the holiday in France they paid for.

The public comments on this story are a good indication of what the British public thinks of this problem:

Shut it down. Prevent all travel Via Calais Close the rail tunnel enough is enough. If France will not keep people traveling to and from France safe, its time we restricted all movement to and from France. We can get to Europe by other routes.

Why are the French not sending the illegals back if they are on French soil but do not want asylum in France. They are failing in their duty to safeguard European borders. Start returning illegal from our borders and others will be reluctant to make the journey. The same can be said of the British government. The sea bound illegals instead of being rescued should be towed back across the Mediterranean.

Who do the french think they are telling england we must pay for their striking Frenchmen and the disruption caused by their own people in their own country. We helped out during WW2 and look at what happened then. surely they don’t expect it again. They should now bring in their military and police and sort it once and for all. After all these migrants are just walking into their country across open borders.

Waiting Their Chance

Waiting Their Chance

The 4,000 or so migrants trying to get into Britain have caused chaos and yet, the French Police have done virtually nothing. They have taken very little action to control the strikers and migrants, or free up the Tunnel and roads into the harbour. The French authorities are just sitting on their hands and refusing to take any action to solve the issue, allowing it to escalate day by day.

Truck Queues Calais

Truck Queues Calais

Hundreds of trucks on the Calais side, and in the tunnel itself have been invaded by migrants trying to cross the Channel.

They Will Try Anything To Get To The U.K.

They Will Try Anything To Get To The U.K.

Almost daily migrants are being killed trying to get either through the tunnel, or hanging on to trucks in a desperate attempt to get to the U.K.

Now, the French company that owns the Euro Tunnel are saying Britain should pay! They fail to realize that this is a French problem of their own making, for they are doing nothing to curb the flow of these people to Calais. They consider it a British problem because these people are trying to reach Britain. What they fail to consider is that all this is happening on French soil, not British soil!

The French government has for years allowed these people free passage across their country to Calais, because they are well aware they do not wish to settle in France but in Britain, so to them “It’s not our problem”. For those who are wondering why Britain, the answer is easy – free benefits and free medical care which they would not get in France.

Migrant Camp Calais

Migrant Camp Calais

Time and again over the years the British government has asked for the migrants to be removed from Calais, only for the request to fall on deaf ears. After all this time, and the huge cost involved you would think that any sane government would take positive action to solve the crisis, but no, not France! Despite the fact that this is all happening on French soil in a French town, they still insist it is a British problem. Why? What has it got to do with us?

I have to say that our government is partly to blame by giving these people the free handouts when they arrive here. It is way past time that Cameron and Co. put a stop to all the benefits these people get. Remove this  ‘magnet’ and they will not be so keen to risk life and limb to get here.

But it is also time someone in the French government took the ‘bull by the horns’ and solved this problem once and for all. The only way to do that is to get the army in to round up all migrants in and around Calais, put them on an airplane and send them back where they came from. Do this a few times and the migrants will  get the idea that the journey is just not worth it.

Refugees In Italy

Refugees In Italy

The entire migrant problem is growing within Europe day by day, especially in countries like Italy that has been forced to bear the brunt of the problem due to its geographical position. Only united action by all European countries will solve it.

For years all European governments have been ‘pussy-footing’ around this problem without taking any concrete action to stem the flow of migrants from the likes of Libya. They have ignored the danger these people are causing like over-population, steadily increasing economic problems and unemployment in Europe.

If they do not come together very soon and take some strong measures to send these people back where they came from, Europe will see a crisis the likes of which have never been seen before.


The French Armenian Vote – A Big Mistake

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The French government vote on the Armenian genocide has caused feathers to be seriously ruffled in Ankara, but I fear that is not the end of the affair. A major row between France and Turkey erupted when it was first known that the vote would take place, and now the motion has been approved it looks like getting worse. Ambassadors have been withdrawn and trade sanctions are also being initiated by Ankara.

French Senate

The law that has been passed states that it is unlawful to deny the genocide of Armenian civilians took place, and carries a prison sentence of one year and €45,000 fine. It concerns events that took place in Turkey, which at the time was the Ottoman Empire.

It is far too complicated to go into here, but suffice it to say that without a doubt atrocities were committed on both sides during the major upheaval in the region which spanned the years 1915 to 1918, and it is not for me to say what is and what is not true here, I leave that up to the historians.

Armenia - Eastern Turkey

The problems actually began in the late 1840’s when Christians living within the Muslim Ottoman Empire were persecuted for their faith. Muslims were by far the greater majority and many attempts were mad to drive the Christians out. Much as we see today in countries like Nigeria and Indonesia among others.

Armenian Fighters

Between 1840 and 1915 various attempts were made to assert the Christian position in the empire which led to many massacres on both sides. Among others, the Armenians were of various Christian denominations, and during the Russo/Turkish war of 1877 to 1878 many fought for the Russians in the Balkans and the Caucasus against the Turks. It was however, not until April 1915 that the Ottoman government ordered the arrest, imprisonment, and eventual execution of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in the city of Van that the real purge began.

There can be little doubt that the stories of mass deportation and murder are not without foundation, just as the forced death march of Armenians to Syria also took place, but that is not the point of this post.

Expulsion of Armenians

Considering the fact that all this took place almost one hundred years ago I find the attitude of the French Government extremely distasteful. We are now in the 21st century, and what good does it do to rake up past atrocities and make them headline news once again? Well, according to some there is a purpose to this whole fiasco, Sarkozy wants to be re-elected as President! Many people seem to think that the aim of the French Government is to win the votes of the some 500,000 Armenians living in France.

To be honest, knowing modern politicians as I do, this does not seem too far fetched. Lets face it, Tony Blair thought it a good idea to throw open Britain’s doors to anyone who wanted to ‘live the good life’, and gave away shovel-fulls of money to them when they arrived just to get their vote. And it worked!

Erdogan - A Very Angry Man

If politicians and governments start down this road we will end up with the entire world in chaos, and everyone at each others throats. Why not hire some historians to do some digging so we can start on the British, the Spanish, the Italians, the Chinese or Japanese, the Hungarians or even the Americans? I’m sure just about every country has skeletons in the cupboard they don’t want airing and if we want to dig deep enough, or go back far enough, we can find some dirt on just about everyone on  the planet!

Its like Argentina wanting back the Falklands or Spain wanting Gibraltar because “they were ours three hundred years ago!!!” Politicians, like everyone else should treat history for what it is, history! Leave it to the dusty historians pouring over their dusty books in dark corners of the library, for this kind of spectacle does no-one any good, even today’s Armenians.


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