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First The Horse Meat Scandal, And Now Fish!

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Many of our favourite dishes have been found to contain a high percentage of horse meat, instead of the labelled beef. In America, there is now a new and bigger scandal that involves fish products. An ocean protection group called Oceana, carried out a series of tests on many of the fish products commonly sold in the U.S.A. like tuna, red snapper, halibut and cod among others, and each was found to contain substitute fish.

Another major consideration is the contaminants in fish.



When testing was carried out on canned tuna, 59% of the contents were not tuna at all, but a substitute. In red snapper samples, a huge 87% was found to be a substitute, of which 85% was escolar, which can cause severe gastrointestinal problems. In America, this problem has been found in sushi bars, restaurants and grocery stores, and was found in 44% of all premises visited. ‘Mislabeled’ products were found in every sushi bar visited.

Take Your Pick!

Take Your Pick!

At this moment the authorities are calling it ‘mislabeling’, but I have a suspicion that its pretty much the same as the horse meat scandal in Europe, i.e. where someone was hoping to make a lot of money by deliberately substituting cheap horse meat for beef.

Do You Think This Does Not Affect The Fish We Eat?

Do You Think This Does Not Affect The Fish We Eat?

Considering that many people are already put off fish by the incessant oil spills in ocean waters, the ever-growing contamination of our seas, and not forgetting the Fukushima nuclear disaster, its possible this will do even more damage to the industry.

However, these two scandals indicate to me that these days, some people will go to any lengths to ‘make a buck’, and as usual its the consumer that suffers.



The Plastic Island Part 2

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Ocean Plastic

On the 22 February (Welcome to Plastic Island) I reported on the huge islands of floating plastic rubbish that pollute our world seas, and today more information has come to light. It would seem the problem is far bigger than first thought, as it has now been determined the patch of floating plastic in the Pacific is now twice the size of the US State of Texas, and increasing rapidly. This means the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ as it is now called, extends now for 1,392,400 sq/km and that is about six-and-a-half times the size of Great Britain and almost 1% of the entire ocean.

Your Beach?

But I hear you say, 1% of the largest ocean on the planet is not much, but the size is increasing rapidly with every passing year. Should it continue to increase at its present rate, by the year 2050 you may well be able to walk from Hawaii to the American mainland. Walk along any beach after the winter storms and you will find it littered with plastic rubbish, and then imagine this is but an infinitesimal fraction of the rubbish littering our oceans.

Imagine the Ocean Like This

Beginning just 500 miles off the Californian coast, this area is now the largest conglomeration of rubbish on the planet, with an estimated 100,000,000 tons of bottles, plastic bags, flip flops, shampoo bottles, plastic swimming pools, children’s toys, plastic cups and tyres among other things. If its made of plastic you will find it there. Among the debris can be found items with Chinese and Japanese markings, which show some of it has travelled the entire width of the Pacific before being caught up in the vortex, or gyre.

The area is so clogged with plastic that it resembles more a thick soup than water, and much of the older rubbish floats just below the surface because it has been broken down by the sun. Most worrying to scientists, is plastic very often contains toxic chemicals that can have a devastating effect on fish stocks.

Death by Plastic

Considering that 60% of all fish caught in all the oceans comes from the Pacific, this could have an alarming effect on the economies of many countries in the future. Fish and seabirds exists on the tiny plankton that abound in the world’s oceans, but the catastrophic fact about these ocean garbage patches is, that once the plastic is broken down and reduced in size by the sun, it often resembles food to the fish and birds. In the contaminated areas and their surroundings, the level of plastic pellets is six times higher than the plankton. Sampling recently revealed a single fish had ingested 26 pieces of plastic and there is little doubt this debris will eventually work its way into the food chain, if it hasn’t already.

Ocean Rubbish Gyres

Also disturbing, is a similar plastic vortex which has been found in the Central Atlantic Ocean with the high probability of another being in the southern part, plus one in the Indian Ocean. Oceanographers are convinced more will be discovered in time. It does not matter from which point you throw a plastic bottle into the sea, at some point in the future it will end up in one of these plastic dumps in mid ocean. Plastic does not degrade like most other materials, once its made its here forever, with the only successful means of getting rid of it being burning. The trouble there is we are then contaminating the air with the toxic content.

A team of volunteers from the Kaisai Conservation Project intend to send two ships to the area in an attempt to find out if this plastic waste can be turned into fuel. I for one hope this project turns out to be successful, and that soon we see ships trawling the seas collecting this rubbish and cleaning up our most precious asset from whence all life came.

If you are interested in knowing more, I would recommend the following YouTube video:

Until the next time – and remember, we only have one world!!!


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