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Lab Grown Meat? Hmmmm!

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Interesting to note that synthetic meat may soon be on the table, and I must admit to a certain amount of curiosity as to whether it will ever become popular. Grown in a petri dish from cow cells to form small strips of muscle, it is anticipated by many that this innovation could lead to a major upheaval in the food market. Myself, I don’t see it.

Synthetic Burger 'Meat'.

Synthetic Burger ‘Meat’.

The research is still in its initial stages, in fact the Maastricht University researchers have shown the first lab-grown beef burger to the world today, and two food critics have eaten it. Austrian food researcher Ms Ruetzler said: “I was expecting the texture to be more soft… there is quite some intense taste; it’s close to meat, but it’s not that juicy. The consistency is perfect, but I miss salt and pepper. This is meat to me. It’s not falling apart.” Food writer Mr Schonwald said: “The mouth feel is like meat. I miss the fat, there’s a leanness to it, but the general bite feels like a hamburger. What was consistently different was flavour.”

The two tasters were told that the raw product was coloured red with beetroot juice and the researchers also added breadcrumbs, caramel and saffron, which were intended to add to the taste. The scientists have stated that it is a work in progress, but it seems to me they have a long way to go before this product will have the taste of a real beef-burger. If this does prove to be even a little successful it will not be long  before they begin growing everything from pork to lamb.

One thing is for sure, all the essential nutrients and vitamins found naturally in beef will not be present in the basic product, and will probably have to be added superficially. I have no idea what American’s will make of this new product, but I do not think it will ‘take over the market’, especially at Macdonald’s and Burger King.

Lab Burger - How It Works

Lab Burger – How It Works

This product is touted as being an answer to the food shortage, especially in meat, and the environmentalists are excited because they ‘estimate‘ it will save 45% on energy, 96% on greenhouse gas emissions and 99% of the land used by cattle farmers to raise the meat placed on our tables. Where these figures come from is anyone’s guess. As you would expect, the animal rights campaigners have jumped on the bandwagon trumpeting about how it will end the humans barbaric practice of killing animals for food. I am sure the animals will be grateful.

The main thing I am concerned about however, is whether or not this product is safe. There are those who will argue that the product is natural because it is grown from real cow cells, but that does not cover all the additives that will eventually be added to give it the right taste and texture. Also of concern is the lack of natural nutrients that are contained in beef.

The beef we eat provides our bodies with protein, plus 14 essential vitamins and 11 essential minerals, all needed by our bodies to stay healthy. I cannot see this artificial beef providing even a quarter of these, which means they would have to be added artificially. After that there will be the necessary additives to provide the right taste in the mouth, for if that is not right people will not buy or eat it.

At Least She Will Be Happy!

At Least She Will Be Happy!

I would place such a product in the same category as GM crops, extremely suspect. Some countries have been producing genetically altered crops for several years, in particular the United States. As yet no-one has any idea of what these crops will do to the environment, and indeed, if they are really safe for consumption. There is the distinct possibility that in maybe ten or twenty years time we will see mysterious sicknesses arise in areas of the world that consume these products.

Naturally the developers, and in particular the manufacturers of these crops, will shout loud and clear that they are safe, because if someone could ever prove to the contrary they would go broke. To be honest, I have the same feeling about this present product. Once it hits the supermarket shelves, if it ever does, I know I will not knowingly eat it, and I suspect many others will feel the same. Sorry scientists, but meat is meat and you will never satisfactorily replicate it to my mind.


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up! Series 1 Episode 5

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This last week has seen another crop of crazy and off-beat stories in the English Press. Some are so mind-boggling that one has to wonder at the intelligence level of people and institutions, but on the other hand, some of it is good-ish. Even the Labour Government falls into the weird category with the first story this week (Nothings changed there then!).

Mmmm! Delicious!

The government National Food Agency (FSA) is asking fish and chip shops to sell thicker chips rather than the normal chips because they say it will help in the Labour battle against obesity in the land. According to the ‘experts’, thicker chips contain less fat than their thinner counterpart, and are therefore ‘more healthy’. That is, if chips can be considered healthy at all.

Food Tasting

In a pilot scheme, the FSA is sending out ‘advisors’ to all fish and chip shops in Cambridgeshire who will measure the fat content of chips on sale, and advise the owner on improvements. Should this prove satisfactory the scheme will be applied to the whole country.

Needless to say, the attitude of the retailers is “Hands off our chips” because they say, fast food outlets sell extremely thin French fries

A La Fast Food!

while theirs are much thicker. And they do have a point! If you have ever been to Burger King, KFC or the American Embassy (Mcdonald’s to the uninitiated) you will find their chips are like matchsticks. Its probably all a storm in a teacup, but considering the British eat 1.5 million tons of chips a year as part of 225 million meals served per year. Thats an awful lot of chips off the old block!!!

If you have a yen(?) to go to Beijing in China you may be interested to know that the Chinese are planning to build a railway line with high

The Harmony Express

speed trains that will get you there, from London, in two days. That’s 5,070 miles (following the crow) in just two days, or if you go on to Singapore you will cover 6,750 miles in three days. Fair takes the breath away!

These clever people are planning routes from China to Europe, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore.

The trains will run at 200 mph across 17 countries crossing the continents of Asia and Europe in a network connecting all the major cities. They are currently expanding their domestic rail routes with an extra 19,000 miles of track, and already have the world’s fastest train, the Harmony

All Strapped In - Ready to Go.

Express which travels at an amazing 250 mph. I hope the passengers have some means of ejection other than the conductor throwing them off the train (ejector seats!!!) You have to hand it to these fiendishly clever Orientals. I doubt Confucius has a saying to cover that!!!

Have you heard the one about the pharmacy assistant who refused to give a 38 year-old woman ‘The Pill’ because it was against her religion? It happened to Janine Deeley, a mother with two children, who took a doctor’s prescription to her local chemist. She was

The Pharmacy

prescribed the pill by her doctor because she suffers from a condition that gives her extreme abdominal pains during ‘that time of the month’ (you know what I mean, well, women do anyway). When she went to have her prescription filled the assistant refused to give her ‘the pill’ because she said it was against her religion!

Needless to say, Ms. Deeley complained and after the story hit the Press the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great


Britain (RPSGB) said the pharmacist was acting within her rights. According to this high and mighty clique, a pharmacist has the right to refuse such a request on religious grounds, providing they make no attempt to force their personal view on someone else. If there were many like her the birth rate would go through the roof!!!

There are many opinions on speed cameras and if you ask the average British motorist he will call them money-making machines for

Speed Camera

the local council. Well, this opinion may well be accurate in at least one case anyway. A particular speed camera at road


works on the M6 near Carlisle has made £334,000 from 5,569 naughty speed devils for the local council in just five weeks. If the trend continues, this single camera will make £500,000 during the two months it will have taken to repair the road at that point. That is the same as £3 million in a year, which breaks a record by a camera on the M11 which cost unwary drivers £1 million in a single year. Could it be the local councillors are each planning to buy a villa in Spain!!!

If you think the National Health Service in Britain is on its knees you wouldn’t be far wrong, and here is a case in point. Donatella Coppini, who suffers from osteoarthritis of the spine and can only walk with difficulty on crutches, was in such pain her partner was

Southend A&E

forced to take her to the hospital. They arrived in the family car and he parked just 150m away from the entrance while he went inside to ask for assistance in getting her into the A & E Department. To his disbelieve he was told to dial 999 (the emergency number) and call for an ambulance. It was 150m that’s all. They both had to wait in the car until an ambulance arrived and the Paramedics could help her into the hospital.

Ambulance for 150m?

Dr. Caroline Howard, the Clinical Director of A & E at Southend Hospital said staff at Reception were ‘not trained in helping patients’. She went on to add “this is standard procedure” and also “we have a set ratio of nursing staff in our A&E department and if any staff leave the department, it leaves us short to care for patients.”

Perhaps the following sign should be put up by the door! ‘NHS patients are requested not to be ill outside the door of A & E, but if you cannot avoid it please ring 999. Thank you. The Management!!!

Oh to be in England, now the Looneys have taken over!


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