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Killing The Wilderness Will Kill Us All

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No! This is not some made up story, but in years to come it will come true. The areas of wilderness on Earth, i.e. areas of land like the Amazon in South America and Central Africa among others, are the lifeblood of our planet and yet we are destroying them at an ever-increasing rate.

The Amazon

The Amazon

Before 1970 the Amazon forest covered 4,100,000 sq.kms, but by 2015 it had shrunk to just 3,331,065 sq.kms. This means that mankind has destroyed 768,935  sq.kms (almost the size of Turkey) in just 39 years, reducing its size by 18.8%. Despite all the warnings about what this was doing to our ecological status, the destruction still goes on.

In 1950 the Indonesian forest cover was estimated to be 145 million ha of primary forest and another 14 million ha of secondary and tidal forest.  Between 1990 and 2000 20% of the forest area in Indonesia had been lost (24 million ha) and by 2010, only 52% of the total land area was forested (94 million ha).

According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests have already been destroyed world-wide. Up to 90 percent of West Africa’s coastal rain forests have disappeared since 1900. Brazil and Indonesia, which contain the world’s two largest surviving regions of rain forest, are being stripped at an alarming rate by logging, fires, and land-clearing for agriculture and cattle-grazing. And so the destruction of our live-giving forests goes on unabated, and no-one is doing anything to stop it.

Rain Forest Destruction

Rain Forest Destruction

What most people do not realize is that trees are the lifeblood of this planet, and without them we will all die very quickly because they are the number one provider of our most important essential – oxygen. But what the hell, profit is more important that life, right!

We all know that the pollution levels on our planet are steadily rising, what with CO2 pollution world-wide and the ever increasing contamination of the world seas and the ground but no-one seems to care.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution

Our oceans are steadily being heavily polluted with plastic among other things which is causing untold problems. We have huge areas of every ocean on the planet where plastic is collecting on the surface called plastic gyers.

For more information you might perhaps  want to read:

Ocean Life Destruction

Ocean Life Destruction

Another problem with the oceans is over-fishing. Where forty years ago a fishing boat would capture maybe a ton of fish, now the giant fishing trawlers are capturing 100 tons of fish in a single catch, and it doesn’t end there.

Not only are we destroying the seas, but also the land on which we grow the crops that feed us. For the last forty years we have increased farming production to the extent where the ground does not have the ability to recover. For this reason we are using chemicals to help make the crops grow, and this is polluting the earth. Not only that, but it gets into our streams and flows into rivers where it ends up in the sea.

Years ago when I was young a farmer would always leave one field without crops for an entire year so that it could recover the minerals that help our crops grow. Now that is all out the window as everyone wants to make more and more profit.

The seas and the ground are important to us, but we are also fouling the air that we breath. From the turn of the century, when there were probably no more than a few hundred thousand vehicles on our roads it has risen to over a billion, and each one is pumping out poisonous gasses that are contaminating our atmosphere. It is well known that the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are causing problems world-wide. The loss of forests and woods across the world means that nature has totally lost control, and can no longer rectify this problem.

Smog In The Far East

Smog In The Far East

In some Far Eastern cities people have to walk around with a mask to prevent the minute particles from vehicle exhausts getting into their lungs. Western nations have also had their share. The effect this has had on the human population is evident in the increased number of cancer deaths.

Most people will have heard about the disastrous droughts in places like California, parts of Africa and even Europe where there has been no rainfall for many months. This has had a catastrophic effect for farmers, many of whom have gone bankrupt. And yet, more areas are suffering hurricanes in places where this is unheard of in the past, like Britain for example. Our uncaring attitude to the world is causing disasters in places where such things are unheard of. If we continue as we are you can guarantee this will only get worse.

Centuries ago life on this planet was balanced because of the low levels of contamination we pumped into the seas, ground and air. But now with scientific progress all that has changed and we are slowly destroying our planet, and ourselves. If nothing changes within the next few decades mankind will be no more.


Food, Chemicals, And Human Health

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Melon farmers in China have been overwhelmed by their crop exploding and no-one knows why. It would appear that as soon as their water melons approach maturity they suddenly explode. However on the good side,we can all be grateful these melons have not fallen into the hands of al Quada.

Many reasons have been put forward for this phenomenon, some say it is due to the weather, while others blame the abnormal size of the water melons as the cause. However, by far the most disturbing is the report that overuse of a special chemical to promote quick growth is to blame. As a consumer I had no idea that farmers were using chemicals to speed the growth of water melons, and it makes me wonder what else is getting into the food chain.

It would seem the general public is totally in the dark when it comes to the use of chemicals in growing the food we put in our mouths. It has been known for decades that many pesticides are used on crops by farmers across the world, and no-one really knows their effect on human health, although we are constantly assured they are safe.

A Ruined Crop

Brought up in a time when everything that grew was organic, and poultry, pigs and cows were feeding off the land or fed natural food, I find it hard to accept that everything we eat today has at some time or other been exposed to man-made chemicals.

Say what you like about modern chicken, but it doesn’t taste like chicken at all, in fact it’s tasteless, and the same goes for pork and beef products too. That is why supermarket shelves are full of ‘savoury sauces’ designed to give these products some taste. If something really tastes like chicken, then you can bet your bottom dollar its down to a chemical flavour added to enhance the bland product.

People today are suffering from diseases that were unheard of a century ago, but most pundits say its due to lifestyle, poor diet or the pollution in the air, but I have to ask, what about the pollutants in our food? Do we really know what happened to that apple we ate yesterday, or the potatoes we will eat when we get home? What sort of chemical diet was the chicken on that we had for lunch?

A Baffled Melon Farmer

Pigs and cows are fed special diets to fatten them up in just a few weeks or months so they can be sold for slaughter, simply because farmers cannot wait for the natural growing process. A new born calf can be expected to be fat enough for slaughter after about six weeks, a process that took more than a year in times gone by. Its body is saturated in chemicals to make it grow faster and get fat ready for market. Poultry is kept in a cage perhaps big enough to take a ladies handbag, and is fed chemicals to promote egg production. I know, I have seen it with my own eyes!

Now we have the emergence of genetically modified crops to add to the bonfire, but I will save that for another time. The point is, where will it all end? How much of this rubbish can we push down our throats before we do irreparable harm to our species? I leave it up to you to decide.


Genetically Approved Bees?

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It has come to light that the bumble bee population of the United States, Europe and Asia, has seen a 90% decline over the past two decades.

The Humble Bumble

So what, many will say. Who cares?

In itself it may not sound significant, but it is an indicator to some, of what the future possibly holds in store for us.

Scientists across the globe have been messing with the building blocks of creation for decades without ever thinking of the consequences. Now we have reports that a serious decline in the common bee is being seen in many countries.

A Pollen Loaded Bee

So what do bees do? If you think about it, they are an essential part of nature, for they are important in pollinating our plants, enabling them to grow and continue growing.

They are of course not the only pollinators, for a variety of insects do the same task, but none as efficient as the humble bee. On our planet, only 10% of plants are pollinated by the wind, the other 90% must rely on insects, and to a small extent, birds.

The actual pollination of our plant life is similar to our own reproductive process, the male pollen (sperm) must be introduced to the female pollen (egg) for the plant to reproduce. It is this process that is so expertly managed, if unwittingly, by the birds and the bees.

But why is the bee population dying? To the experts there are two reasons, in-breeding and disease!

The Bee Hive is Fast Disappearing

Bee keepers have been in-breeding their swarms for such a long time with the obvious result that the bees have become weaker, and lost their immunity to sickness. Now they are dying in their millions because they cannot fight off a disease that to them would have been inconsequential before.

This trait is also seen in the human race, for if a certain number of people in-breed constantly, they will also eventually lose their immunity to disease and die when the first microbe comes along.

Roses for M'Lady?

For example, plant growers, and in particular those who grow roses, have been cross-breeding them for decades in an attempt to ‘manufacture’ the perfect rose. What is wrong with the rose that nature gave us?

A Manufactured Blue Rose

Whenever a woman receives a rose, the first thing she does is hold it to her nose to smell it….only to be disappointed! It’s a natural instinct, for we all know roses possess a wonderful scent, but not anymore. They have over the years lost all trace of that unique scent they used to have before we, mankind, bred it out of them.

Steak On the Hoof

Believe it or believe it not, but our meat has gone the same way. When was the last time you had a really juicy steak that actually tasted like steak? Not for a long time I’ll bet. When was the last time you had a really tasty portion of chicken that tasted of chicken instead of the flavouring you poured on it to give it some taste? Only the old folks will remember those days.

Like Sardines in a Can

Due to the advances in breeding all meat has become bland, and it is necessary to add flavourings to make it taste good. When I was a child I could immediately tell beef from pork or lamb, and chicken from turkey blindfolded. Try that today and you would not be able to tell the difference.

In the last decade or so we have begun to mess with the very building blocks of nature in so-called ‘genetic engineering!’ Sounds very important, but is it good? Personally I don’t think so, for we have already messed with nature too much and, admittedly on a small scale, are now reaping the first breeze of the coming whirlwind.

But who can say what the effects will be if we continue on this course? The scientists are all quiet when this question is put to them because they don’t know either. They are guessing! “I shouldn’t think that….” “It’s highly unlikely that….” etc. etc.

A Bee on Essential Duty

We are all products of nature, just as the plants and animals we use to sustain us. To me it seems madness to mess with things we have very little understanding of in the true sense, especially when we do not know the final outcome. As we begin more and more to mess with nature, the one certain thing is, we will mess it up!

To put it in its simplest terms: No insects – no pollination. No pollination – no plants. No plants – no food. No food – no human race.

Carrot Monster on the Loose.

Many will think that is an over-dramatisation, and quite possibly it is but I am sure you get the connection.

We should never forget that all of nature is a very delicate balance with all elements relying on the other, so if one part is tampered with it can effect the rest. First in small ways, but we have the possibility of a ‘domino affect’ that can eventually lead to catastrophe.


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