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The Climate Wars Are Coming!

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When our descendents, in 500 or 1000 years time, look back at human history (presuming the human race is still around that is), they may well look upon our period on Earth as the most destructive in human evolution. At no other time in the history of the world have we, the human inhabitants of this planet, done so much damage to our home world.

The Internal Combustion Engine-A Significant Moment in Man's History

The unchecked surge of scientific breakthrough in the past 100 years has changed our lives like nothing else. Many discoveries, like the internal combustion engine, have proven fatal for the environment. The advances we have made are akin to some mad ‘Do-it-self’ enthusiast who over the years has modified, adjusted, improved and updated his home only to find that now, the foundations cannot take it all, and the whole thing is in danger of crashing down.

As the world’s dominant species, it is our responsibility to make sure everything continues to work as it did before we came along. All we had to do was maintain the ‘balance’ in Nature. I have to tell you we failed, and are continuing to fail every day! But I guess you know that already, right?

Global Warming? - Wot's that then?

Day by day, week by week, we are engineering the biggest disaster the world has ever known, and we have no-one to blame but ourselves. The really sad part is that most people today just don’t give a damn unless it impacts them personally.

UK Military experts predict that we are going to be fighting over food, water and resources at some time in the future if global warming goes unchecked! It would seem to be a deeply ambitious statement, until you analyse what is happening today. When you take the time to think about it, its not so far fetched!

No intelligent person will ever deny that our current extravagant way of life, is pumping unsustainable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day. This action alone is making major changes to global weather patterns that we now experience year on year. Also exacerbating the problem is deforestation across the globe.

As I have so often repeated in the past: As well as our oceans, (which we are busy polluting,), trees ‘feed’ on carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in return, which is nice because we need it. Right!

Hastening Our Own Destruction?

Its a system that has served our world perfectly since its creation, and looking at it from that perspective, you would think that trees are our greatest friend!  But far from it, for in the last fifty years, massive swathes of trees and forest have disappeared from across the world, cut down for one reason or another, usually pure greed.

Anyway, that is not the main topic of this post. As all the environmental stuff has already been said, I thought I would concentrate on another aspect of the report, i.e. global warming brings with it – war!

It certainly sounds ominous, and for myself I have to agree, for I think the two are irrevocably intertwined. The richer nations are consuming the natural resources of our planet at an ever increasing rate, conveniently forgetting the fact they will eventually run out. The danger lies not in when they are gone, but when they become scarce!

Precious Oil

As stocks dwindle, the continued rising price of oil for example, will bring devastation to the world markets as the movement of goods will become so expensive, no-one can afford to buy them! Also, the rich nations will all want to be the ones who control the flow of the diminishing stocks, mostly to themselves. End result: Chaos and war!

Global warming is an event that is decimating  the world’s poorer countries, and the trade routes that keep the richer nations supplied with their essentials like oil, pass through these areas. The need to defend these trade routes would be tremendously expensive and cause major upheaval. End result: Chaos and war!

Famine Refugees On The Move

As huge tracts of land (e.g. Africa) become uninhabitable to humans, the starving people of the poorer nations will begin to move ‘en masse’ to the richer countries in order to survive, but that will be unsustainable because the people already living there will not stand for it. End result: Chaos and war! 

Oversimplified that may be, but you get the picture. The future is not rosy, unless we all do our bit to solve global warming and re-establish the balance in Nature that has kept our planet healthy for so many millions of years.

Most of the work must be done by government legislation in all nations. China gave us a good example of this when they restricted the nation to one child per family in an effort to stop the population explosion in the country. There are some very tough decisions that must be made, like a world-wide restriction on all families to one car, and now in this next decade, could be the time when the decision must be made. Otherwise it may be too late. It’s not likely to happen, is it!

Its Not Too Late

For the sake of our children, we must be prepared to back any government brave enough to make the necessary decisions, for what we do today will have great influence on the future of our kind. I know it sounds melodramatic, but I feel it is time for someone to come out and say out loud what we all need to hear. I just hope someone listens, for there is no doubt, only a fool would think we can continue as we are.





The Children Are Dying

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Children are dying daily, and almost no-one notices. It is a sad fact that very little Press coverage is given to the human suffering in Africa, where hundreds of people are dying of hunger and disease.

It is not unusual for such occurences to be pushed from the front page of the newspapers by the attention-grabbing headlines about Libya, the Palestinian situation, and the economic crisis. These stories attract readers, while the problems in Africa have been going on for decades. The sad truth is, the story is just not newsworthy.

It does not detract however from the huge suffering encountered in so many African nations. While small children, and grown-ups, are dying by the hundreds every day on this strife-torn continent, the rest of the world looks on and says; “Oh Dear! What a shame! What’s happening in Libya?”

A Dying Child

Aid, such as basic foods and medicine, have for decades been pumped into various African States by well-meaning governments and aid organizations, but it doesn’t help very much. It has reached the stage where the populace live from hand-to-mouth, relying totally on the aid groups. With this attitude, there is little justification for the respective governments to take long-term measures to fix the problem once and for all time.

What Happens To Aid In Africa

Part of the problem is without doubt the massive corruption and theft of not only money, but aid goods also.

Given As Aid – But Sidetracked To The Local Market

Many corrupt politicians and officials have made themselves rich by siphoning off money from donations. It is an everyday sight in many North African towns to see sacks of aid grain for sale openly in the markets.

There is not much by way of a ‘self-help’ programme that will get water to the areas of drought and famine. Water is always scarce in Africa, but there must be ways of getting this precious commodity to the parched areas of the country.

European Oil Pipelines

We lay pipelines for thousands of miles to carry oil to those that need it, but to lay the equivalent for water seems quite impossible. Why? We have laid oil pipelines from  Russia to Western Europe with a distance in excess of 2,000kms, and yet Lake Turkana is only 700kms from central Southern Sudan, and Lake Victoria is just over 1,000kms! Surely, it must be possible to have pipelines carrying water from the great African lakes and rivers, or even desalinated water from the sea, to make these barren lands fertile once more. Once the ground is fit for purpose, it is necessary to plants huge areas of trees.

I can hear the question ‘why’ already.

Rain Forests Of The World

Think for a moment where the most rain falls annually on our planet. If you check your maps, you will find it is mostly in heavily forested areas such as the Amazon, African and Far East rain forests, which is why they are called ‘Rain Forests’. Trees have the ability to change weather patterns like nothing else on the planet. A century ago there were many trees in northern Africa, and the climate was more stable than it is now.

Britain has seen dramatic changes in weather patterns in the last fifty years, ever since huge swathes of woodland were removed to make room for crop growing. Even Romania on the other side of Europe suffers in the same way.

The Green Wall – An Environmental Group Plan

It is inescapable that much of the African problem has been caused by the people themselves. Their only source of fuel in these poor areas is wood, and over the last century, trees have slowly disappeared from the landscape, and now there is not a single one left. This is one of the reasons why the Sahara Desert is continually growing in size by an estimated 30 miles per year. It doesn’t sound much until you see how it has grown since the middle of the last century. Trees bind the soil together and prevent erosion, and in the long term, eventually ensure sufficient rainfall.

If the soil can be made fertile enough to support such growth again, turning back the clock and revitalising the near desert areas of Africa will, in many years time, bring back the rain.

I know it sounds simple, and I can hear many people scoffing at the idea from here, but take one example.

Senseless Destruction Of The Amazonian Forest

The Amazon Rain Forest was once the mightiest forest on the planet, until greedy men started chopping it down. Now, huge swathes of this important forest no longer exist, and what do we have? This year the area suffered its first drought! Drought in the Amazon Rain Forest is unheard of!

As a subsequence of this malicious attack, we have now made a major change to the weather patterns in the Atlantic, which in turn have affected the weather in the Caribbean, the USA and even Europe.

I Would Never Be A Sailor! An Atlantic Storm

It is impossible to say that the destruction of the rain forests is the only reason for these weather phenomenon, for the warming of the oceans has also played a part, but I think this is more the reason for the increase in hurricane and typhoon activity.

Rain Forest Cleared For A Palm Plantation

This whole scenario has been duplicated to a similar degree in Africa and the Far East. In places like Indonesia and Borneo, whole tracts of rain forest are being destroyed to make way for palm trees. So why you might ask, do they want to plant so many palm trees? Palm oil is used for the production of biofuels that are supposed to help save the planet! Now there’s an irony!

So now you may understand my drawing the conclusion that forests have a significant effect on the weather!

Of course, part of the problem is cost. The countries that need it are not in a position to finance such a venture, but then why should the rich nations of our planet, or the IMF, not foot the bill? Of course it will be expensive, and require huge investment by the rich nations, but is this not preferable to the African Continent continually draining money from the world economy for the next thousand years? For there is little doubt, the problem is only going to get worse!

Money Wasted On Aid?

I would hate to estimate how much money has been donated by individuals, charities and governments over the last forty years or so to help the poor of Africa, but you can imagine it must run into trillions of dollars. Would that money not have been better spent on a long-term solution, or are these same people willing to spend another trillion dollars in the future?

While poor, the people of Africa could sustain themselves if their land was fertile enough to produce the food they need. It is in this area that aid would be most useful.

Unless we can motivate the African people, and countries can come together to make their lands fertile again, they will never be able to get out of the abyss they currently find themselves trapped in.


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