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ISIS Now In North Africa

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ISIS is still operating in Iraq and Syria, but now they have landed on the Mediterranean shores in Morocco. A local news item shows that nine members of ISIS have been arrested by Moroccan Police in the cities of Fes, Tetouan and Fnideq.

Morocco - Loved By Tourists

Morocco – Loved By Tourists

In all three cities the insurgents were working to recruit new members to their cause who would be sent to fight in Iraq and Syria. It is reported that some of the group also visited Cueta, one of two Spanish colonies on the North African coast. To date, Morocco has seen little or no insurgent activity compared to other North and Central African countries like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia or Kenya for example.

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

By working together, the Spanish and Moroccan authorities have found evidence that attacks were planned on Moroccan soil in the near future, and who is to say they would not eventually have spilled over into Europe.

From the evidence there can be little doubt that ISIS is spreading its influence among the Muslim people. As with other insurgent groups, its about converting as many young Muslims to their cause as possible.

Impressionable Muslim youth in many countries have been persuaded to go and fight in Iraq or Syria for the insurgents, even from European countries, so it is no big surprise they have begun a similar campaign in North African states.

The Dream of ISIS

The Dream of ISIS

Whether we like it of not, the Islamic insurgency has spread rapidly across the world, and without international cooperation there will be little we can do to stop it. Who would have expected Chinese Muslims to begin a campaign of violence with the view to over-throwing the government. China, with its authoritarian control would be the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency, but it now exists, such are the changing times.

For the last twenty years the world has suffered upheaval and tens of thousands of deaths because of Muslims who believe the entire world must become Muslim. It is an impossible dream, but so long as clerics continue to preach their message of hate against ‘infidels’ in the mosques it will never change.

ISIS Mass Execution  - For Wearing Football Shirts

ISIS Mass Execution – For Wearing Football Shirts

I for one find it sad that the United Nations can only think of putting useless embargo’s on terrorist groups instead of making plans for an international effort to wipe them out. What have they done to rescue the 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria?

They ‘condemned’ the action, expressed their ‘horror’, then imposed arms and economic sanctions on the group, as if that would have any influence on them operating. Does the U.N. think that Boko Haram go to the local supermarket to buy arms, and that all their money is in an account at the local bank labelled ‘Boko Haram’? Its pathetic.

I have said many times before that the only way to stop this insurrection is to form a United Nations Army with representation from every country to root out these people in whatever country and to annihilate them. Only then will the world be able to live in peace again.

Ah well, one can only hope that eventually the politicians get off their fat backsides and start taking some positive and worthwhile action against this vermin. I live in hope!



Jihadists Plan Attack At A Royal Event

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Most people will be aware that since 9/11 the Muslim radicals like al Quada have changed tactics and moved away from terrorist bombing on western targets. For the last few years they have fermented trouble in many Middle East countries in an effort to gain a foothold there. Now they have changed tactics again and are luring young European Muslims to Syria where they are radicalized and taught how to make suicide vests and car bombs.

Foreign Jihadists In Training

Foreign Jihadists In Training

Currently there are 250 British Muslims back in the country who have returned from Syria after receiving training. It is a distinct possibility that they may take to heart what they have learnt and proceed with terrorists attacks here. France and Belgium have much the same problem.

Jihadists In Syria

Jihadists In Syria

Al Quada has a magazine called Inspire that is passed among militants and provides them with instructions. The current edition has revealed possible targets for bombers including attacks on the Queen and major football matches.

The Queen And Prince Phillip At Ascot

The Queen And Prince Phillip At Ascot

The magazine states: “In the beginning of summer we have Cheltenham, and [at] the end of summer we have Epsom, whereby horse races are attended by thousands from around the kingdom including the Queen,” writes the author, named as AQ chef. “You have soccer stadiums, especially during Premier League and FA Cup matches. They have worldwide live [sic] media coverage. The best time is after the final whistle, when huge crowds leave the stadium and celebrate around the entrances.”

Imagine A Car Bomb Among The Celebrating Fans

Imagine A Car Bomb Among The Celebrating Fans

On top of this, the magazine gives  instructions on how to detonate a car bomb, and advises would-be jihadists to detonate it outside luxury hotels such as The Savoy at around 10pm, when “high-profile targets” would be exiting.

MI5 and the Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism officers are taking this threat seriously and investigations are on-going. It can only be hoped that we can catch these people before something terrible happens.

Bless You Your Majesty - Forewarned Is For-armed

Bless You Your Majesty – Forewarned Is For-armed

Queen Elizabeth has served this nation with honour since 1953, and I for one would hate to see her the victim of these Muslim extremists. There can be little doubt that such an outrage could spark off an uprising against the Muslim population in this country that would have dire consequences.

Imagine This On Our Streets, But Against Muslims Across The Country

Imagine This On Our Streets, But Against Muslims Across The Country

There is already a massive undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the British population at the huge number of Muslim immigrants flocking to the UK, and the governments inability to shut the door. Suddenly the prophetic words of Enoch Powell from so many years ago could become reality.

Regents Park Primary School Birmingham

Regents Park Primary School Birmingham

Another perhaps even more worrying point is a clandestine attack by Muslim radicals currently taking place in our schools. According to reports, they have successfully taken over at least four schools in Birmingham, namely  Adderley Primary, Saltley School, Park View School and Regents Park Community Primary School. This has been accomplished by creating false allegations about school staff members to prompt their removal by school authorities. Once they have been sacked, they replace them with fundamentalist teachers, i.e. ones sympathetic to their cause. By doing this they have been able to turn the schools into religious academies with strong Islamic principles. The process would perhaps begin with girls being segregated from the boys in classes.

The Trojan Horse In Our Schools

The Trojan Horse In Our Schools

All this came to light when some letters were intercepted between two fundamentalists involved in the plot, one in Birmingham and one in Bradford. The whole project goes under the name of Project Trojan Horse and the letter is quoted as saying: “We have caused a great amount of organised disruption in Birmingham and as a result we now have our own academies and are on our way to getting rid of more head teachers and taking over their schools. Whilst sometimes the practices we use may not seem the correct way to do things you must remember this is a ‘jihad’ and as such all means possible to win the war is acceptable. We have an obligation to our children to fulfill our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles.”  The tactic seems to have been so successful in Birmingham that they now plan to move on to Bradford and Manchester.

Another Step For The Muslims

Another Step For The Muslims

It is clear the Muslim terrorists are not sitting on their hands but are planning to move into Britain in a way not expected. There can be little doubt that if you have a child at one of these schools it might be wise to check up on what is happening. While the majority of the children attending these schools are Muslim, they also teach ethnic English there. Either way, it is clear that if groups like al Quada are taking over the schooling of Muslim children in this country they will be turning them into radicals for their cause. Who is to say that America and other countries will not be next.

Beware Britain – The bell tolls for thee!


Muslims Will Not Submit to Airport Body Scanners!

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Airport full body X-Ray scanners are being introduced at airports at an increasing rate to combat extremists taking bombs onto aircraft. These extremists are Muslims, and yet all Muslims they have been told by their religious leaders not to submit to them. So we have a situation where the very people these scanners are intended for will refuse to co-operate. It’s too incredible for words!

The Fiqh Council of North America has issued a ‘fatwa’ (religious ruling) ordering all Muslims not to allow themselves to be scanned because ‘it is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women’. It is true the scanners do not leave much to the imagination, but considering the reason behind the scanners, I would think most people will accept them because at least they will have more assurance that their aircraft will not be blown out of the sky somewhere along the route.

Terrorists are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods, as was proven by the attempted Christmas bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab when he attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear. As a result, airport scanners have been introduced at forty airports across America, plus Heathrow, Manchester, and others in England. There is little doubt they will become a feature across most of the worlds airports within a year.

The apparatus has one function only, and that is to stop potential suicide bombers from boarding aircraft. Protestants, Methodists, Buddhists, Hindu’s and Presbyterians to name but a few, are not in the business of blowing up aircraft in an effort to claim their 72 virgins, that is down purely to the Muslims, and they are the ones refusing to go through the scanners! What it means in effect, is that all the innocent travellers will have to submit, but the ones who are carrying out the attacks will be excused!

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has said, ‘Muslims will have the option of a ‘pat-down’ search by security guards’ if they object to the scanners. In Britain however, passengers who refuse to go through the scanners may be barred from boarding. The British are still waiting to hear from their Muslim Council to see whether they will follow the American lead.

The one thing that bothers me about this fiasco is reports that extremists are preparing to hide the explosives inside their bodies. Various institutions have made clear that many of these suicide bombers are prepared to undergo surgery to have explosives inserted in their abdomens, and for women bombers to have explosive breast implants. So how will a ‘pat down’ discover that? The simple answer is, it won’t! Even the scanning ‘wands’ will not be able to detect such things, but full body scanners will.

So what does the world do now? Well, so far as I am concerned, if Muslims will not submit to the full body scanners they had better buy a bus ticket!


France and the Muslim Veil

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No or Yes?

So finally a European country is starting to take a stand against the Muslim veil, and its about time! This week France refused citizenship to a Muslim male because he forced his wife to wear the Islamic Burka which covers a woman from head to toe, including the eyes. The French Immigration Authorities refused the man because his wife did not have the right to appear in public with her face uncovered. Three cheers for France! So when is Harriet Harman, the Labour Women and Equality Minister going to get stuck in?

She has been extremely vocal on all things to do with women’s rights, and I don’t blame her for that, but this is something she has been silent about ever since she got the post. So why is that? The obvious reason that comes to mind is the current UK watchword; Don’t upset the Muslims!!!

It is a contentious subject because of its supposed religious overtones, but that is no answer for ignoring it. The Koran does not require women to cover themselves from head to foot, and no Muslim will find a passage that backs ups this bizarre practice.

If we examine the reasons for such draconian measures within Islam, we must come to the conclusion that it is something enforced by men for the sole purpose of subjugating women. In the Islamic world, women are second class citizens, and most Muslim men probably value their goats above their women.

I have a suspicion that it also has a lot to do with jealousy on the part of men, who do not want their women looked at by others. That woman should be forced to submit to this degradation in the name of religion in this day and age is nothing short of scandalous. It is totally alien to the western culture but has become accepted because of the influx of immigrants from Islamic countries.

Should we be forced to accept it on so-called religious grounds? I think not! With the increasing threat of terrorism from Muslim extremists, we are actively engaged in taking measures with our own people to ensure positive identification, but allow  Muslim women to walk among us covered from head to foot and not even knowing if the person under the garment is male or female.

We presume someone in a Burka is female, but for all we know, Osama Bin Laden could be living in downtown Bradford wearing a Burka in public.


The leader of Hamas was caught some months ago at the Egyptian border trying to enter the country in a Burka, and who knows how many other ‘Wanted’ individuals use the same trick to travel freely? Something else that should cause concern, and a good reason for banning the Burka, is the number of women suicide bombers that have shown up recently in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the current regulations there is nothing anyone can do to identify a woman bomber is there? Do we have to wait for a Muslim woman to step into a crowded place and blow herself up before the government takes action on this subject?

Immigration Authorities and the Police are in a sticky position when trying to determine if the person in front of them is who they say they are. If an Islamic woman refuses to lower her veil for religious reasons what do you do? Force them, or arrest them, and cause a possible international incident or religious outcry?

The Right to Choose?

It is time the rest of Europe followed the French lead and placed a blanket ban (sorry! Pun intended) on the Burka in all European countries. It serves no real purpose other than to satisfy the ego of Muslims males, and although many older Muslim women, who have never known anything different, will object, I am sure many of the younger ones will hail their new-found freedom. It comes down to this; if you live here, you respect our way of life. If you cannot do that, then go home!

So come on Harriet, how about it? Either do your job for all women, or don’t do it at all.

As-salamu Alaykum


Britain to Blame for Extremism?

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  It emerged today that America is blaming Britain for the rise in Islamic extremism. Leading policy makers in the American administration have accused Britain of being “a menace to the rest of the world” because of its failure to tackle Islamic radicalism within its borders. Is the accusation justified? Most certainly!

For years the British people and government have been pandering to the Islamic minority of the country for fear of being seen as anti-Islamic – Islamophobia.

This sickness has found its way into every facet of British life to the extent that to utter a single word of criticism against Muslims or Islam, means you risk being   branded a ‘racist’, much the same as the sixties and seventies during the rise of ‘Black Power’. English traditions going back centuries are slowly dying out because they may offend the Muslim population.

This criticism of Britain has come to light after the failed suicide bomb attack on a Detroit-bound airliner by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who, it is said, was radicalised in London. For a time, he was president of the Islamic Society at the University College London (UCL) which has been severely criticised for allowing, and even actively encouraging, extremist Muslim preachers to give lectures on campus.

There are many universities in Britain with the same lax attitude towards Muslim extremism, and these places of learning are a fertile recruiting ground for groups like al Qaeda.

Evidence of this can be seen in the atrocities list of the past few years; Omar Sheik who killed Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 (London School of Economics); Asif Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif who blew themselves up in Tel Aviv in 2003 (King’s College London); Abdullah Achmed Ali leader of the liquid bomb plot in 2006 (City University London), the list goes on. All received an education in British Universities, and all were most certainly recruited there by visiting ‘lecturers’ like Anwar al-Awlaki a well-known radical Yemen-based Imam who has preached on various occasions at UCL among others, and gave spiritual guidance to both the failed Detroit bomber, and the Fort Hood assassin Nidal Hasan.

This institutionalised acceptance of allowing extremist and radical Islamic preachers to openly infect the minds of impressionable young men is beyond doubt a scandal, but all comes under the heading of Islamophobia.

Another accusation, levelled by Marc Thiessen, former speech writer for George W. Bush and Pentagon aide, was that Muslim immigrants into the UK were marginalised, and segregated into ‘ghetto’s’ instead of being integrated into society as in America.

This I cannot agree with for the simple reason that Muslims in Britain do not wish to integrate into British society. They form these ‘ghetto’s’ of their own accord by taking over entire areas, and even towns in their desire to live together as a separate community. This Islamization of towns is an on-going process and results, among other things, in them demanding Muslim schools, and English schools teaching the National Curriculum in Arabic. This is wrong, but symptomatic of the failure of the government to ensure the immigrant population is spread wide across the country. How would Mr, Thiessen feel if Muslim immigrants in the States demanded High Schools taught their children in Arabic?

Charles Allen, a recently retired CIA operative, claimed there is “a lack of assimilation, a great deal of alienation” towards Muslims in Britain, and to some extent he is correct, but not completely.

Tell that to the Muslim men in this film Charlie!

When the immigrant population of Britain and the rest of Europe are ready to admit they should adopt the customs and language of their new country relations will  improve, but instead they demand we change our customs to suit them. If we do not, we are racist.

The lack of willingness to assimilate on the part of most Muslims, coupled with the past failure of successive governments to ensure that ghetto’s were not allowed to form in the first place, has led to a feeling of mistrust by many members of the British population which has of course been crystallised by the terrorist attacks in recent years. The one feeds off the other.

There is much to support the American feeling that Britain has become a ‘hotbed’ of extremism in the world, but the problem has gone too far for a simple solution.

Britain, and indeed all European countries, need to stamp down hard on the  Imams who preach their hatred in the mosques, turning peaceful young men into extremists willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah.

It is also imperative the European Union law enforcement institutions project a more robust attitude towards the threat of terrorism within its borders, and as suggested by the news article, treat the terrorists as enemy combatants instead of just criminals.

However, in the long term it is only the Muslim people themselves who can put an end to this hi-jacking of their Faith for the purposes of terrorism.

May peace come to all – Inshallah!


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