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Musings On What To Do About Immigrants

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Landfall - If They Are Lucky

Landfall – If They Are Lucky

Over the last week there has been not one, but several incidents regarding loss of life among people from Africa and the Middle East trying to get to Europe by boat. One boat sank with the loss of 369 lives off the coast of Lampedusa Italy, another sank off the coast of Malta with thankfully less lives lost, but still they come. Without doubt these are desperate people, the majority fleeing the fighting in many countries caused by Islamic groups like al Shabaab, the sectarian violence in Iraq, and of course the fighting in Syria. Many are coming in the hope of making a better living for themselves in Europe, the so-called ‘economic migrants’. Whatever their reason, the numbers are increasing daily as more and more make their way to some spot on the North African coast in the hope of making it across the Mediterranean.

The tragedy of this whole saga, is that these desperate people are being used by gangs as a means of making huge amounts of money by ‘Trafficking in Misery’ if you want to give it a name. It is easy to understand why these people wish to come to Europe, the first being, they are no longer shot at and terrorized by despicable Muslim insurgents who are undermining governments in poor countries with the idea of taking over and forming a Muslim state under their control.

No Parent Should Have To Watch Their Child Dying Of Hunger

No Parent Should Have To Watch Their Child Dying Of Hunger

Second is the sheer poverty in which many of these people live, with little food or water and no decent home. Europe to them is a shining beacon in the darkness where they will eat decent food, sleep in a bed, get a job and be able to support their families, or in Britain’s case, get it all for free without having to work. They do not care how they get here, just so long as they do.

Overloaded Refugee Boat

Overloaded Refugee Boat

But sad to say, there are evil people out there who see this as an easy way to make lots of money. Buy an old leaky boat, fill it well beyond capacity with desperate people, and charge $1,000 per person for the trip across to Europe. If the boat sinks halfway across who care’s, there are plenty more customers where they come from. If the boat by any chance makes it there and back it can be filled up again.

A Sinking Refugee Boat

A Sinking Refugee Boat

Sometimes these gangs fight among themselves and then we see a situation like that off the Libyan coast a few days ago. The boat was full of Syrian refugees and was shot at last Friday by gang members as it left the coast of Libya, and some were badly wounded before they even got out of territorial waters. The boat made it close to Malta before it too sank, leading to the deaths of 31 people and the rescue of a further 200. At a thousand dollars a head that is a minimum of $231,000 profit, minus the cost of the boat of course. That is just from one boatload of desperate people who will do anything to get away from war, terrorism and deprivation.

In all, 15,000 people made the journey to Italy and Malta from North Africa in 2012, but that has now risen to 30,100 in the first nine months of this year, more than double, and the year is not over yet.

The one thing we can be sure of is that this figure is going to continue to rise year on year as more and more desperate people look to the ‘Promised Land of Europe’ for a better life.

Immigrant Numbers

Immigrant Numbers

Britain is already overcrowded with immigrants, evidenced by the virtual collapse of the National Health System, the Benefits System, the lack of housing and rising unemployment. Most immigrants will travel right across Europe to get to Britain for its free handouts with its lax rules brought in by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown during the Labour years. Other countries like Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have also taken in immigrants, but not in such huge numbers and their handouts are much tighter controlled. Few immigrants want to move to Poland, Chechnya, Slovakia, Serbia or Romania because the standard of living is not as high as the Western European nations and they will get no handouts there.

The migrant numbers will steadily increase year on year until we reach a stage where the whole of Western Europe is full and cannot take any more. Then all hell will break loose. It is easy to say, as most people do; “Send them back where they came from” but it is not that simple. It will not stop them trying again and again for such is the behaviour of desperate people.

Africa - The Dying Continent

Africa – The Dying Continent

Whether you believe it or not, Africa is a dying continent, particularly in the north. Year long droughts are commonplace in countries like Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Sudan and others bordering the Sahara, there is little land to support any agricultural activity, and precious water is becoming more scarce as the years go by. In perhaps another ten or fifteen years this land, and all the nations upon it will be practically unlivable except for the few. As you would expect, this will cause a mass migration to lands where life is more sustainable, and guess who will be in line, you got it, Europe.

So now we come to the big question, what to do about it? In my opinion the first thing we need to do is shut down the trafficking gangs, and secondly we need to put an end to this ‘Holy War’ that the Muslims have started, both of which will take an international effort. The first is a purely a police, and perhaps military matter, where all resources are used to track down and put out of business these traffickers in misery. The second, as you would expect, is much more difficult and will take some time.

Muslim Militants

Muslim Militants

To put all these insurgent groups out of action needs the cooperation of Arab States, and the Muslim people as a whole to condemn what these people are doing. They should let these groups know they are not fighting for the good of Islam, and what they are doing is against the Muslim scriptures. This is a Muslim problem that needs to be solved by Muslims, for if it is only western nations that take on the task, as now, it will only incite more hatred and play into the hands of these groups by driving even more Muslims into their arms. I do not believe the current methods, as employed by many western nations, is going to solve the problem. We have to convince the Arab States and the Muslim people that this is the only way, a united effort.

Are these two measures attainable, well, the first maybe, but the second is doubtful unless the leaders of Islamic nations can be persuaded to take part.

Africa Migrant Routes To Europe

Africa Migrant Routes To Europe

One thing that will work above all others is for the rich Western nations to do something positive about conditions in these poor countries. Use whatever means is necessary to ensure an ample water supply for crops, better housing and education, and help these countries to grow out of the 200 year old time trap they are caught in.

The Expanding Sahara

The Expanding Sahara

There have been discussions with scientists over the years about the deteriorating situation in North Africa, and they are of the opinion that trees should be planted to change the weather patterns for the region. Sounds fanciful I know, but it is a proven fact that trees in sufficient numbers generate rain, and the idea of planting a few million trees along the border of the Sahara desert would bring rain to those areas and stop the desert sand from encroaching further, which it currently is, year on year.

Our constant removal of land-sized areas of rain forest across the world is one of the reasons we now suffer from climate change, and yes I know, many think this is rubbish, but data gathered over time proves it to be true.

Something We Take For Granted, But Life To These People

Something We Take For Granted, But Life To These People

In many parts of North Africa there is water in the ground but the local people have neither the resources nor the equipment to drill for it, and so they die. We do have the technology and equipment.

I am well aware that western people worship the almighty God of profit above all other things, and we have become greedy beyond description, but this is the future of our planet and our nations that is at stake for generations to come. If the governments of wealthy nations could come together to provide these people with a reasonable standard of living they would no longer be compelled to try and enter Europe in droves in the future.

Herein Lies The Future Of The World - Working Together

Herein Lies The Future Of The World – Working Together

I am well aware of how simple it is to sit down and write about this and put forward suggestions, but the germ of an idea must start somewhere, and if it is passed on then maybe our politicians can eventually be made to see the error of their current ways and governments might get the idea that they must start working together to head off this catastrophe that is coming our way.

If the world population continues to grow at its current rate the planet will be unable to sustain such numbers in many parts of the world, and this will mean wars on an unprecedented scale as the poorest and most deprived among the world population start to fight the richer nations for the basics of survival.  Only some form of action now to improve the lot of these people will head off this terrible event.


Britain And The EU Debate – In Or Out?

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For some two years the debate about whether Britain should stay in the EU or get out has seen much discussion. David Cameron has promised a referendum on the subject if they get back in in 2015, but I have to ask, are the British general public aware of sufficient facts to form an objective opinion? Going by many of the comments seen on various news items I very much doubt it. I have the feeling that if it were put to a simple in or out referendum the answer from most people would be the latter.

European Union Building Brussels

European Union Building Brussels

What the general public see of the EU is what they read in the papers and on the TV news. I have myself been a vocal critic of many of the EU polices that have come out of Brussels. I believe the most contentious is the Human Rights Charter (HRC) that has seen countless abuses in the past. Most Brits feel quite rightly that it is not for Brussels to tell us who should go to prison and for how long for example. Ridiculous Health and Safety Rules (HSR) are another problem that has resulted in many needless deaths because the rescue services could not help for fear of breaking these laws.

Court of Human Rights

Court of Human Rights

From the public’s viewpoint I believe the HRC is the most unpopular when people think of Europe’s failures. These laws, in particular the infamous Article 8 which states that “every person has a right to family life”, has been used countless times by convicted criminals to escape justice. This is just one example of how these laws have been misused, particularly by unscrupulous lawyers who milk them for all they are worth. Two well known terrorist preachers who persuaded many young Muslims to fight for terror groups or strap on a bomb is a good case in point. Both Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa managed to evade deportation to face terror charges in America and Jordan for more than ten years.

In regard to the HSR, a case that comes to mind is an old man in a park who drowned while feeding the ducks. He was floating face down in three feet of water and would be alive today if the rescue services had gone in the water and dragged him out. Unfortunately for him the Fire and Rescue crew that attended did not have anyone qualified to enter water that deep and had to wait for the arrival of specially trained men. This is just a single case of a Health and Safety cock-up that could have been avoided if our Rescue Services had been able to operate as they used to.

Typical Anti-Europe Headline

Typical Anti-Europe Headline

These are the kind of stories that get into the press and turn people wholly against the idea of EU membership. But unfortunately, there is another side to this saga that many of the general public know nothing about. I am speaking mainly of the financial sector that has its base in London.

London's Financial Centre

London’s Financial Centre

Whether you know it or not, London is the financial capital of the entire European Union. Business Secretary Vince Cable said in a speech to the City of London’s Guildhall, “Pulling out of Europe would damage the economy, deter investors and undermine Britain’s standing. Britain is the world’s sixth largest economy and has Europe’s biggest financial centre”.

The main worry is that if Britain leaves the EU, all the major world banks and companies that have their corporate headquarters in London will move to mainland Europe resulting in London, by comparison with today, becoming a ghost town. This would obviously not be good for London, and financially, not for the country.

Vince Cable MP

Vince Cable MP

This view is not held by everyone however, for Conservative lawmaker Jesse Norman said “London’s finance industry could still prosper outside the EU due to its size, time zone and use of the English language. Britain could also improve trade with emerging markets”,

Looking at the facts though, putting our trust in developing nations and “emerging markets” could prove difficult, but possibly successful in the long term. In the in-between-years however, life would be hard.

A recent poll has suggested that the ‘Out’ vote is currently at 43%, with the ‘In’ vote trailing at 39% which gives an indication of how the vote might go at this time.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Prime Minister Cameron is attempting to get some leeway by trying to persuade other European States to allow Britain to reclaim some of the powers from Brussels, although the report does not say which ones, but its a fair bet the Human Rights Charter is high on the list.

Unfortunately he does not seem to be making any progress with this move, because other member countries fear that if Britain does such a thing other nations may well follow, and this could lead to the breakup of the Union. For a start, the government needs to put constant pressure on Brussels to give us back our laws and our standards of justice which have served this country well for centuries.

According to Vince Cable, Britain should stay in the Union and try to change things from the inside. This may well prove to be the wisest course for Britain to follow.


Hire Brits Over Immigrants? What A Joke!

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Matthew Hancock

Matthew Hancock

I had to laugh when I read the comments made by Tory Business and Education Minister Matthew Hancock that companies should hire British citizens over immigrants. I fully agree with the sentiment, but to be honest, its practically impossible.

If, as a business owner, you had the choice of an immigrant capable of doing the job with the absolute minimum of training over a Brit who’s education standard is so low he may never learn to do the job, which would you choose? Sure, there are many qualified people in the UK, and if they are not lazy, or benefit cheats, they demand high wages, whereas an immigrant will do the job for a lot less money. So again, which would you choose?

The Effects Of His Mismanagement Of The Education System Now Become Apparent

The major slump in our education system, fostered and nurtured by the previous Labour government under Tony Blair, has made the majority of UK residents below the age of 45 practically unemployable for many skilled jobs. The majority, and in particular the young, cannot read or write properly and have the aptitude of an ass for skilled work.

I read quite often the comments people put on news stories on the internet and I am dumbfounded at the poor writing skills of many. It is clear that to string an intelligent sentence together for them is an impossibility, and as to the spelling skills – forget it. Example: “r u going to the disco?” – answer – “No I ar’nt, u?” While the language as per the example above may be fine for speed typing on the phone, it is not the language to use on a CV, which many bosses have reported seeing.

Immigrant Worker

Immigrant Worker

It was interesting to note that under Labour 74% of jobs were being filled by immigrant workers, whereas under the Coalition, that figure has dropped to 55%. Thank God that someone has at last had the common sense to ensure more British jobs for British people, but naturally that figure must be lowered even more.

The ‘fly in the ointment’ however is that next year we will be forced under EU Rules to accept immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria. I cannot speak for the Bulgarians, but from personal experience during visits to Romania I can tell you that they are reliable and hard-working. I am sure many bosses will want to hire them, providing they can learn our language.

The Knock-on Effect Of The Blair Years

The Knock-on Effect Of The Blair Years

Many UK bosses have already said that much of today’s youth is utterly unemployable.  To say that much of today’s youth in Britain are dim is understating it by a long way.

But the sad thing is, it’s not restricted to the youth, for many middle-aged people cannot spell or string an intelligent sentence together.  A portion of today’s UK workforce are lazy and prefer to live off the ‘Social’ rather than go out and work for a living. What is really sad is that the core of highly trained professionals in industry are getting older and will soon be retiring, if they haven’t already, and that will be the end of the British engineering and manufacturing industries without the influx of highly skilled foreigners from Europe and the rest of the world.

I had to chuckle when Matthew Hancock said more effort should be given to training local people for jobs. It really depends on the job though doesn’t it. If its carrying crates of vegetables from a truck into a warehouse its not a problem, even an ape could do that, but what if its a complex machining job like lathe work requiring accuracy measured in thousands of an inch? What then!

Apprenticeship 1950

Apprenticeship 1950

I do agree with one statement Hancock made, that apprenticeships should be brought back. This system of training for young people can be traced back to the 12th Century when young boys began  a training programme that would take them to adulthood when they were able to start out on their own. Although conditions changed over the years, the system was in place until the late 1970’s when it died out, mainly due to the decline of British manufacturing industries, caused in the main by the Unions running the country and demanding ever higher wages.

Micrometre - Today's Youth Would Not Even Know What It Is!

Micrometre – Today’s Youth Would Not Even Know What It Is!

The main essential point behind the scheme was to provide industry with a ready pool of skilled workers capable of doing complex jobs immediately. The system worked very well, and in it’s heyday made Britain a world leader in manufactured goods and engineering. The scheme is still struggling along in some sectors but is a shadow of its former glory. We need it back, desperately, for that is where our fully trained and competent workers of the future will come from.

Sadly, with the education standards today being what they are, with many youngsters struggling with basic reading and writing it will be a profound struggle. We need a government that will knock our education system into shape and get our children learning what they should in order to climb out of this pit Labour dug for us.

Back When Teachers Knew Their Subject

Back When Teachers Knew Their Subject

But then we come across another problem, and that is the education system itself. How can we expect to teach our children all the right things when many of the teachers couldn’t teach a cat to pee! I am well aware that many of them do a good job and are fairly well trained, however, there is an increasing number of untrained teachers taking over classes and that should not be allowed to happen. If many teachers were to take a GCSE or higher level exam in their chosen subject it is not certain that all would pass.

Years ago, when teachers were real teachers, knowledge came from their head because they all knew their subject off by heart and books were rarely used, whereas today it all comes out of the book. Take them away from most of today’s teachers and they are lost, because in many cases they just quote the book. Years ago if you asked the teacher a question he/she would give you the right answer immediately because they knew their subject inside out.

Raising Standards - That Would Help!

Raising Standards – That Would Help!

So that leads us to the conclusion that before we can revitalize children’s knowledge, we have to start training teachers properly so they are fit for the job.

Another thing that must be done is review the national curriculum. This business of skimming over such subjects as geography and history is detrimental to the overall education of any child. At least one foreign language should be a part of the national curriculum for obvious reasons. It should be German, French or Spanish, not as some bright spark in the government suggested last year, Chinese. Every other European nation teaches at least one, and often two or three languages as part of the curriculum. We do not have the right to the arrogant stance that “Oh everybody speaks English!”

Impossible Unless We Increase Education Among The Young

Impossible Unless We Increase Education Among The Young

It will be a long road before British people can join the job market in a serious way because we must first get our teachers capable of teaching properly, then begin with teaching our children in a very serious way all they need to know. Only with these two steps will we be able to ensure that our future generations become employable in a modern world. Otherwise the rest of the world will blindly pass us by.


“Iron Discipline” – The Latest Labour Joke

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Politicians are without doubt a breed apart. They are self-centred, greedy and don’t give a fig for the people they represent. Having got that off my chest, I have to say something about the latest idiot to try and persuade us Labour can govern the country.  The person in my sights is the Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls who in a recent speech tried to kid the public that his party would have “iron discipline” (his words) when it came to running the economy.

As usual, the Labour plan is high in promises, but “low on specific policy ideas”  (Tony Blair’s words),  which let’s face it, is nothing new. All he promised the electorate in his speech was to reduce “‘winter fuel payments to the top 5% of wealthy pensioners”. This, Labour claims would save £100 million, which sounds an awful lot to you and me, but is fact a drop in the ocean of the annual budget. He didn’t say a word about the billions that need to be saved to get the economy back on its feet.

Labour's Joker

Labour’s Joker

Balls promises to cut social spending, which he says is the fault of ‘the current Conservative-led coalition government’ which he accuses of failing to do enough to get the economy growing again. Now that is rich coming from a member of the party that put us in this situation in the first place by spending money like it was water! It was Labour policies that allowed lazy good-for-nothing parasites to spend the whole day down at the pub while the tax payers support their drinking habits and pay the rent.

After thirteen years of Labour rule, the Con/Lib Coalition inherited a debt of 11% of GDP, which is one of the largest in the entire European Union, and there is no ‘miracle cure’ for that. The current Chancellor George Osbourne is aiming to announce £11.5 billion of spending cuts this month for the year 2015/2016 and hard though it may be, its the only way to get us all out of huge debt.

Help Yourselves Boy's - We Can Always Borrow More!

Help Yourselves Boy’s – Labour Can Always Borrow More!

Apart from the immigration debacle that was one of Labour’s biggest failures, they began giving money away like confetti to all and sundry who felt like coming here. When they didn’t have enough money in the kitty to pay for all the immigrant housing, health benefits, unemployment benefits etc., they just went out and borrowed some more.

They are the ones who left the country in such a shambles, and despite the current governments attempts to clear up their mess, the banking crisis and the stagnation of the European economy has made things doubly difficult. But Ed balls has a fix for all that! We don’t know what it is, because as usual, he won’t tell us and all we have are the usual empty promises.

What ever you do, don’t think this article is a party political broadcast for the Lib. Dems, and the Conservative Party, far from it. The Labour Party drove the country into the ground during their last tenure in office and I shudder to think that anyone would be stupid enough to vote for the again in 2015. Surly the British people are not that dumb!

We are all experiencing hard times at the moment, but that is the only way to get rid of a mountain of debt, and each of us must play a part. When that has been accomplished times will get better, and we as a nation, will be thriving again, but in the meantime it has to hurt.

Having A Laugh At Labour's Expense?

Having A Laugh At Labour’s Expense?

Even Ed Balls knows that the cuts in spending must continue and is already trying to shift the blame onto the current government. He gave a speech to Thomson Reuters of London today and is reported as saying, “With the Chancellor refusing to change course, Labour must start planning now for what will be a very tough inheritance in 2015. It will require us to govern in a very different way with much less money around. We will need an iron discipline and a relentless focus on our priorities.”

In the ‘plans’ he laid out i.e. a freeze on free schools, the abolition of police commissioners, the so-called infrastructure boost and the winter fuel allowance he said basically nothing. From his plans, which were meant to tug at the heartstrings of the rank and file, he will in fact save peanuts, just under £4 billion! When you consider public sector borrowing is at £85 billion, and the benefits budget alone is costing us a massive £185 billion, what is £4 billion – loose change that is all!

Getting Screwed?

Getting Screwed?

But according the Ed Balls, Labour had nothing to do with the current debt crisis in Britain! What a crock,anyone who believes that needs shooting in the head! According to him its all the Con/Lib governments fault, but what makes him think he can do anything different than George Osborne? The screw must be tightened down no matter who’s hand is doing the turning.

Many people are under the impression that although times are hard under the current government, it will get much better under Labour if they form the next government in 2015. All I can say to that is, if you think that, you deserve everything you get! 


Finally The UK Government Gets On The Right Track

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David Cameron has at last set out a whole raft of measures to combat the criminal misuse of public money in supporting immigrants who take advantage of Britain’s benefits system. The previous Labour government opened up the gates, and allowed a flood of individuals from foreign parts to come to Britain and live off the tax payer. Now finally, measures have been proposed to ‘stem the flood’. And about time too!

The Prime Minister proposes curbs on social housing, welfare, and health tourism among others, which will make it difficult for anyone to take advantage of the system. I hope he gets it right.

In what other country do you receive child benefits for children still living in your homeland? In what other country can you have more right to social housing over inhabitants from that country? In what other country can you get treatment for illnesses for free? The answer is none!

But such was the policy of Tony Blair and his band of crooks who initiated this policy in Britain. It is scandalous to say the least. That the British people should be robbed of housing, made to pay benefits for individuals living outside the country, and cough up for any individual from a foreign country who needs medical treatment is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard.

There are of course many more areas that are under scrutiny by the present government, and I for one hope they will push it all through as quickly as possible, for it is time to stop the rot and let common sense take over before the country, and more important, the people, are bled dry!

There is concern over what the European Union will say of these measures, but considering we have the most comprehensive system in the whole of Europe, and none of the other nations give away money to foreigners like we do, if they object, I would simply tell them to take their objections and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine!


Is David Camerons’ Referendum Idea the Right Approach?

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Much has been reported recently about David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, saying he will hold a referendum on EU membership if re-elected in 2015. The question is; is this a good idea, and will the British people make the right decision? Various countries, media outlets and politicians are giving their opinion, but when it comes down to the wire it will be the general public who must decide the future of our country.

The White House

The White House

The Obama administration is already letting their dismay be known and that they are not in favour, saying Britain and the EU will be stronger together, and it has been hinted by some officials that any withdrawal by Britain from the EU could damage relations. The American government see the European Union as a strong military ally in the world, which is not surprising considering the Union’s involvement with America in the world’s trouble-spots. There is fear that the cooperation with America on military intervention, always so stoutly upheld by Britain, will be compromised.

India, and more particular China, have both expressed concern at the thought of Britain leaving the EU because of the massive amount of trade they both do with the Block. The European Union and Chine trade over £840 million per day and they see this as being grossly affected should Britain withdraw.

Abu Hamsa - Protected By The Human Rights Act

Abu Hamsa – Protected By The Human Rights Act

The main gripe the Brits have with Europe is the steady slide of more and more control slipping to Brussels and out of their hands. This is amply demonstrated by the total mess that our Judicial System is in because of interference from the politicians in Brussels. Since the introduction of the Immigration Laws, Human Rights Act and the Health and Safety Laws, which we are bound to follow, we have seen countless criminals getting away with murder because of some clause or other in the Human Rights Act such as Article Eight (the right to family life) which has been exploited by unscrupulous lawyers in Britain. You only have to look at the fact that it took the British Legal System 10 years to get rid of Abu Quatada, and we still haven’t been able to put Abu Hamsa on a plane to face terrorist charges in Jordan.

When it comes to the ‘elf & safety debacle, people have died because rescue services have been forced to follow nonsensical rules when it comes to saving people in distress. As for immigration, laws need to be rewritten so that it is no longer possible for one person to come in and be closely followed by his/her entire family, including uncles aunts, grandparents and grandchildren, all of whom live off the British taxpayer. We need to make sure when a man and his wife and children come in, it stops there! It needs to be made clear to immigrants that if they wish to settle in the UK they must learn the language, and there is a definite time limit to social welfare. In other words, get a job or get out!

Barroso - A Familiar Face

Barroso – A Familiar Face

The main problem with the EU is that with the exception of one or two well-known people like Jose Manuel Barroso, Europe is run by faceless individuals who are not answerable to the people. Does anyone from the general public know who represents our country in Brussels? I doubt that one in a thousand will know. The same problem exists in every European nation, and has led Brussels to be so far removed from the people they may as well be on the moon!

Abraham Lincoln said it better than anyone during his Gettysburg address when he pledged: “The government of the people, for the people, by the people”. It is this line from history that European politicians need to hinder, for to continue in the way they are could lead not only to Britain’s withdrawal, but to the breakup of the whole Union in time.

Open Borders

Open Borders

There are many many good things about the EU and the fact that so many countries can cooperate in the political and military spheres. It is wonderful to be able to travel across borders without all the customs and immigration checks, just as it is great not to have to change currency every time you cross a border. It is ideal that you can go and work in another country without all the hassle we used to have. There is no doubt that the benefits brought to us through EU integration have benefited our lives far more than those we have lost.

However, having said that, the areas outlined above plus a few more need to be relaxed. Judicial and Human Rights jurisdiction needs to be left to the nations and not dictated by Brussels. The national justice system must have a say in who goes to prison and who does not, and who gets extradited and who does not. Nations must decide the rights of its citizens, and the circumstances under which rescue services can save a life, not some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels.

There are of course many other areas of concern to the British people, as there must be in other European nations, but to list them all would turn this post into a book.

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

One other major concern that British voters must take into consideration when voting on such an issue is the economic impact. I have read recent reports proclaiming how Britain had most of its trade with Commonwealth nations before we joined the EU. Some seem to think that if we turn our back on Europe we can rekindle this relationship but I think they are dead wrong. Nations like Canada, Australia and New Zealand were suddenly ‘left in the lurch’ when Britain joined the EU and had to scramble to find alternative markets for their goods. These are now well established and it is unlikely Britain can replace its European trading partners with those of the Commonwealth again.

London has over the years become the financial hub of Europe with many major banks and companies having their headquarters in The City. If the British vote ‘No’ to Europe you can bet your last dollar there will be a mass exodus of these companies to somewhere like Berlin, Brussels, or even Amsterdam, and London will become a ghost of its former self. With so many empty office blocks in The City the economy of London will most likely collapse.

The City - Europe's Financial Centre

The City – Europe’s Financial Centre

The one fear I have is that if and when the referendum takes place, people will vote ‘No’ without thinking of the wider issues. The government cannot expect Mrs. Jones who lives at number 42 to have any idea of the economic consequences of leaving Europe.  It’s one thing to hate the interference from Brussels and shout that you want to be rid of them, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, such a move could spell economic disaster for the country.

It all hangs on how the referendum will be presented, and what questions will be asked of the public. If  the people are given a straight choice of  ‘in or out’ the backlash could be disastrous. On the other hand, if people are also asked which areas of control should be clawed back from Brussels, most will probably vote to stay in and give the government a firm indication of the changes the British want to see.

The British Prime Minister - David Cameron

The British Prime Minister – David Cameron

In my opinion, if the EU is to function as a cohesive element in the world countries have to be given back their national identity and not be told by the Brussels crowd the how, what and when of governing their own people. The politicians in Brussels should concern themselves with international politics, i.e. Europe as a whole, when communicating with the rest of the world.

I believe that the Prime Minster is firmly on the right track, but whatever happens, it is essential that David Cameron gives the general public a full understanding of what is at stake in the referendum.


Britain To Leave The European Union?

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If David Cameron puts into practice a suggestion he made today of a referendum on the United Kingdoms’ partnership with Europe, could the people vote to leave? For years there has been disquiet among the UK population about membership of the Union, none of which takes into consideration the economic and trade implications. 

Many of the laws passed in Europe find their way into UK legislation, much to the irritation of many, for some concern both legal and illegal immigrants and gives these people the ability to run roughshod over our laws. As an example, these laws have very often stalled the deportation of proven criminals when they make use of the Human Rights Charter.

On the other hand, leaving the Union may well cause irreparable damage to the City of London, and it may not stay the financial capital of Europe. It is well within the realms of possibility we could see a mass exit of major banks and companies from The City who feel they must operate from an EU country if they are to do business within the Union.

Without doubt, Mr. Cameron is on a dangerous path, not only for the country, but for his own political future.  It is imperative that everyone is fully informed of the implications of leaving Europe, both in economics and trade, for it will be a bumpy path. It is difficult to say who is in the majority, those for or those against, but one thing is certain, the outcome may surprise us all.

Personally I think that if the vote goes the way it should, i.e. a ‘Yes’ vote, at least it may shut the mouths of those among us who constantly use our membership as an excuse for all that ails the country. It’s up to the government to accept those laws and rules that are good for the country, and reject those that go against our national sovereignty, laws, and our ability to control properly our own affairs. Not only that, but we the people need to get up off our backsides and start working towards fixing all that is wrong with ‘Great’ Britain once and for all.

Britain should not be ruled by Europe but it can be an integral part of it without the ‘big brother’ approach. Considering the number of disgruntled citizens within our shores who moan endlessly about the EU, it can only be hoped that cooler heads will rule the day.


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