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What is happening with Brexit? We are groping towards a showdown with the European Union and we do not seem to be getting any closer. Theresa May should be putting a hard fist down on Brexit but she is not doing that. We have to call an E.U. Council meeting and discuss the plans for our separation from Europe. In response we are dilly-dallying on the subject and we are not moving forward.

Theresa May seems to be going at it the wrong way, and we should force our intentions on the European Council. This has been going on long enough, and we are no closer to reaching an agreement. When an agreement is reached, and that could take a long time, we will be free of the E.U. and be able to join forces with other countries. We will have free trade with other countries, and that should have a significant advantage.

Free trade with America and Canada, Australia and many other countries. We will not be paying any high rates of taxes to E.U. and that should leave us a rich country in a few years time.

Why All The Attacks In London?

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For months attacks have been taking place in London and elsewhere, but why? Our youth have been on a rampage of killing and wounding others and no-one knows why. What has got into the youth of today that they go around attacking other people. Mostly the targets have been teenagers, but why! Are our youth getting out of hand?

Every day we hear of someone getting killed on the streets of London and it never happened before. Our youth have gone crazy, maybe because of arguments and robbery, but why is this happening? It has never happened before in our history when we had the death penalty.

I believe that our youth has totally lost control of their emotions and to kill someone you disagree with is totally wrong. Violence in England has been on the rise for years, mostly because of our youth. We need to get to grips with this wave of violence. The police are not tracking down the culprits of these attacks, but if they do the perpetrators get only three to four years in prison. This is ridiculous for they should be locked away for ever.

What has gone wrong with British Justice? Interference from the European Court of Justice that’s what. They say we cannot put murderers away for years for it endangers their human rights. Why?

If someone kills someone they should be locked up for life, or on the other hand sentenced to hanging like we used to. Many of the victims are not British but immigrants, and that is a sorry state of affairs. Immigrants should not be targeted, for they live in England and have as much right to be here as we do.

Once we leave the European Union I would like to see the laws changed to stop these murderous attacks. Bring back hanging for killers if they are found guilty. Currently our prisons are full of Muslims but we should deport them back to where they came from. That will leave many prisons with plenty of space to house these killers. We also should bring back hanging for these killers, and once we do that the number murders will drop drastically. For all our youth will be afraid of going to the noose and ending their lives.

It will take a long time to end this current disaster, but it will succeed in the long run if the hanging laws are introduced. Our youth and older killers will be afraid of the noose and the end of their lives. It was a big mistake for the European Union to ban hanging, for the number of murders has risen astronomically since this law was introduced.

Most killers will know that they only get three or four years in prison and then they are freed. Many of them do not care if they serve a short sentence in prison, and they go back to their old ways. This has to stop once we get out of the Union, and most killers will be afraid of the death penalty if they kill someone.


Why Are We So Violent These Days

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When I was young the world was never so violent, and we lived in peace for most of the time. For murder the death sentence restrained killers from committing murder for they knew if they were caught the would be hanged. Now all that is ‘out of the window’ as killers get no more than four to six years in prison, except for some. Even though they are sentenced to prison for a long time, they are released after a few short years.

What has happened to the Justice System? Its all to do with the European interference. We are no longer allowed to hang killers, and their sentences are abominable. I would like to see them hanged once we leave the European Union, and then perhaps the rate of murders will go down as it was before.

We have to get back to the old time Justice System once we have left the European Union for the number of murders and attacks on young and old folk are disgraceful. You can never feel safe when walking the streets of Britain, for at some time you will be attacked, especially at night in towns and cities.

We have to stop these attacks when we leave the Union, for otherwise we will live in hell. The laws must be changed to stop this, otherwise no-one will be safe on our streets anymore. These killers must be hanged for their brutality, and will we see a lot less victims on our streets. Outside of disco’s and bars we see see street fights as someone gets infuriated with someone else and we have to stop this.

The police do not have enough men to stop these fights, and it is a general thing every Friday and Saturday night. We need to enrol more police, but Theresa May will not do it. It is time she changed her mind and got more police on the streets to stop this.

It is time for some drastic action on the part of the government to stop all this mayhem.


Time To Shut Blair Up!

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Tony Blair – Still Trying To Sabotage Britain

Once again Tony Blair is in the news saying that he thinks Brexit should not happen. Its time to shut this man up and put him in prison for what he has done to this country.

No politician in history has damaged this country as much as he has. He took us into the Iraq War, and then proceeded to allow millions of Muslim people into the the country, and look what a mess it is.

He has been in the news today saying that we should forget Brexit. Mr Blair told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge: “I think it’s possible now that Brexit doesn’t happen. I think it’s absolutely necessary that it doesn’t happen because I think every day is bringing us fresh evidence that it’s doing us damage economically, certainly doing us damage politically.”

What he doesn’t realize is that once we are out from under the yoke of the E.U. we will be able to govern our own country without interference from Brussels. The E.U. has caused so much trouble in the U.K. that, for example. we cannot give killers a proper prison sentence anymore. They are released within three to four years and are back on the streets again.

Also, we cannot deport radicals that live among us because of the European Human Rights Council. Once we are free of this institution we will once again be able to make our own laws and deport these people.

The European Union has got so bogged down with every member looking out for their own interests that they have driven our country into the dirt. It is time for this to stop so that we can make our own laws and not be dictated to by Brussels.

There is no doubt that it will take years for Britain to get back to a normal life like we used to have.

Tony Blair said in an article published by his Institute for Global Change that “The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement. The opposition to free movement of people, once you break it down, is much more nuanced. The French and Germans share some of the British worries, notably around immigration, and would compromise on freedom of movement.”

It is clear that Blair is trying to sabotage the Brexit movement and in my opinion he should not be allowed to enter any discussions on Brexit. He has done enough damage to this country during his twelve years in office and he should be arrested and charged with destroying the British culture and way of life.


Can A Business Woman Bring Down The Brexit Vote?

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The Hairdresser Who Forced the High Court Case

The Business Woman Who Forced the High Court Case

A couple of days ago I read about an English business woman, who along with a hairdresser and half a dozen cronies, has started a High Court case to make the Brexit vote by all citizens in the U.K. null and void. As I read it I could not believe that such a thing could happen considering it was a nationwide vote. After all, we are supposed to be a democracy!

Here is the basic text of what was written in the papers:

“A lawsuit brought by a hairdresser, an investment firm manager and a handful of other plaintiffs that demands Parliament hold a vote on whether to trigger Article 50 will be heard by the UK Supreme Court, according to Bloomberg.

The case is crucial because it sets out a legal path that could allow the House of Commons to ignore the result of the EU referendum.

The plaintiffs argue that an Article 50 request to leave the EU can only be triggered by a vote in Parliament, not the mere request of the prime minister. If the Supreme Court agrees, then the Article 50 request would be put to the House of Commons. It is not certain that Article 50 would get enough votes.

How The M.P's Would Vote

How The M.P’s Would Vote

As this chart from Morgan Stanley show, a large majority of M.P’s favour Remain. Many of them are likely to vote against Article 50.”

What this is saying in effect is that M.P’s must be able to vote on the motion of Brexit, and it seems that most of them are against it! Why? The people have spoken and they demand that we separate from the ‘United States of Europe’ for our own good.

I find it hard to believe that our M.P’s can overrule a nation wide vote on the future of our country. It’s preposterous!

If we stay in the Union and become part of the ‘United States of Europe’ run solely by Brussels we will have two people, a business woman and a hairdresser, to blame. Surely this goes against every rule of democracy in our country, and surely should not be tolerated. If the Supreme Court rules in her favour then the whole idea of Brexit will be in the hands of those in the Commons. That surely is not right when the people have voted to get out.

Does this mean that democracy is dead in our country, and that the people have no say whatsoever in how the country is run? We can but hope that the Judges in the Supreme Court file against this motion, for if they don’t, all hell will break loose!


Should We Give In To Obama’s Blackmail?

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The Two Love Birds

America it seems is now wielding the ‘big stick’ in the Brexit campaign in a shameless effort to get Britain to stay in the European Union. What this has to do with America is beyond me, for it is something the British people must decide for themselves.

But Obama has waded in by saying that should we leave, any trade agreements with America could take ten years to be ratified – Why? To my mind, any trade agreements we have with the USA have nothing whatsoever to do with Europe, for it would be between them and us.

This is just out and out blackmail to help Cameron in his efforts to convince the British people that we should stay in the Union. Now Hillary Clinton has waded into the fray by saying that she too believes we should stay.

To say that these revelations are annoying is putting it mildly, but the American government would control the world if it had a chance, and this is just a another example of their meddling.

I apologise to the American people for this outburst, for this is not a slight against them, for I guess they know as well as I do how their government operates. The USA may well be the most powerful country in the western world, but there is no excuse for throwing its weight around in things that do not concern them.

I may not be a politician or even a businessman, but I fail to see what influence Britain’s separation from the E.U. has to do with trade agreements between our two countries. We have been working together ever since the Second World War and there is no evidence of problems with trade agreements that are mutually beneficial to us both. They are between Britain and the USA and have nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of Europe.

178408_600There can be little doubt that the way the E.U. is heading, i.e. a single state controlled from Brussels is not a good thing, for the members of the European Council have already proven their incompetence time and time again with their stupid rules and regulations.

Our Justice system has been all but destroyed by the interference from the Human Rights Commision, and our country is being overrun by immigrants because we no longer have control of our borders. This is just two of the most important examples.

National government control in all European countries is slowly being eroded away by those idiots in Brussels and to what purpose, to form the United States of Europe under their sole control.

Their total incompetence has also been for all the world to see over the past year with the refugee crisis that has caused major problems for every country in the Union.

Britain needs to get out from under the stranglehold that is tightening around  every European nation, and you can be almost certain that should Britain leave, many other countries will follow.

There is already unrest among the common people in countries like France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and many others, all caused by the refugee crisis. This is a sure sign that given the chance, many would vote ‘out’ because it would mean they can once again control their own borders.

The European Union was a fine idea when it first started because it meant real cooperation between member states, but when you consider that the people in Brussels have got ‘too big for their boots’, the whole plan is falling apart. The amount of control they wish to maintain over member states is becoming intolerable.

I sincerely hope that the people of Britain will not be swayed by Obama’s comments during his stay in the country, for it is up to each and every individual to make up their own minds and vote accordingly.


Not Much Sympathy In Europe Right Now!

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Merkels Legacy

Merkel’s Legacy

Compassion in Europe for refugees is diminishing daily as people realize the full stupidity of Angela Merkel opening the doors to Germany and the rest of Europe to them.

More and more people are beginning to understand just what it means when 1.1 million people suddenly flood into Europe, and the major problems this has caused all across the continent.

Streaming In

Streaming In

Thanks to Merkel’s generosity last year, the news that we can now expect a further four million refugees during 2016 has got the likes of Merkel and her government in a panic, for they did not anticipate this when they opened the gates to Germany last year. They should have taken a lesson from Tony Blair’s mistake when he opened the gates to Britain eighteen years ago.

As you would expect, once they had arrived the refugees were so grateful for the help they received after escaping the tragedy taking place in their homelands, but it did not take long for that to change. Once the initial euphoria had worn off they began to make more and more trouble.

Now European residents are beginning to see the real face of these refugees as trouble erupts. The people in many countries are now waking up to the very real threat posed by them.

Muslim Sex Assualt

Muslim Sex Assualt

The New Year celebrations in Cologne and Stuttgart (among other places) where women were molested and raped by immigrants has been a sharp eye opener for many, and a good indication of what the future holds for Germany and Europe. All I can say to that, based on the experiences in the U.K. is: Get used to it!

Attacks In Germany

Attacks In Germany

But what is happening now is the tip of the iceberg, for as these people get more accustomed to our ways their demands will grow. Many Europeans may not wish to believe it, but it has been proven in Great Britain.  Once they are settled we can expect them to take over entire portions of towns and cities as they have done in Britain, and a demand for mosques to be built so they can pray. They will bleed the economies of countries dry as we are forced to support them with benefit payments and housing.

As previously reported, around two thirds of them are economic refugees who have taken advantage of Merkel’s open door policy, and to weed them out will be extremely difficult as they all claim to be from Syria or Iraq. This will take time, and until this is accomplished they must be housed and fed. Whichever way you look at it, this will lead to a catastrophic economic problem for the whole of Europe.

They Will Soon Change Their Minds

They Will Soon Change Their Minds

Sweden it seems is at least trying to separate the economic refugees from the genuine ones, and has said that around half of the migrants will be sent back over the next two years. This decision may well in part be due to the fact that many Swedish people are coming out against the wave of around 160.000 migrants that entered the country. Just recently masked gangs have been attacking migrants on the streets.

Girls In Danger

Girls In Danger

Much the same thing is happening in Germany where there has been a grenade attack against migrants in the southern town of  Villingen-Schwenningen. Luckily for many the grenade failed to detonate. There have also been many attacks on refugees on the streets and against the areas where they are housed.

Pegida Movement

Pegida Movement

At the moment most of these attacks on migrants are being blamed on right-wing organizations, but there have been many demonstrations by citizens across Europe against the government’s plans. One of the first was by the Pegida Movement in Germany some months ago where citizens protested at the influx of  refugees. As more and more pour in it is certain that this will increase as the months go by.

All these actions have led governments, in particular Germany, to rethink its options especially as it is predicted that a further four million refugees are headed our way this year. Many countries are looking for ways to stop the invasion before it gets out of hand, including forcing Greece out of the Schengen Zone so that fences can be built on its northern borders to stop these people from entering central Europe. If this happens it will be a catastrophe for Greece and no-one has a proper answer to the problem.

The Spread Of Anti-Refugee Entry Control

The Spread Of Anti-Refugee Entry Control

Some countries like Hungary and Bulgaria have already stated that they will not take any refugees at all and have built fences along their borders to keep them out. Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Macedonia have all instigated strict border controls.

Muslim Reaction To Christian Aid Workers

Muslim Reaction To Christian Aid Workers

Just this week Merkel has made it known that the migrants will have to return to their homeland once the trouble is over, but how long that will take no-one knows. She can also not guarantee that her plan will work for once they are settled here most will not wish to return.

The big question remains on how European governments hope to prevent the the anticipated four million refugees from crossing into Europe this year. What will they do, make them turn their boats around and sail back to where they came from?

A Message

A Message

Some effort is being made to try and make the North African countries like Libya, Algeria and Morocco put the people traffickers out of business, but that will be next to impossible. It will not affect the crossings from Turkey to the Greek Islands.

Within a month or so the volume of refugees crossing the Aegean from Turkey and the Mediterranean from the North African coast will start to pick up and then we will see how effective Merkel’s plan is. I rather suspect it will not diminish the crossings one iota.

Border Fence

Border Fence

For the European Union to close its borders with Greece and Italy will spell the end of these two nations, for neither can afford to house and care for the numbers anticipated this year.

As I see it, the only way to stop the crossings is for E.U. Navy ships to patrol these coasts and force the boats back to the shore. The only other way is for them to be rounded up once they land and immediately ship them back where they came from.

What A Joke!

What A Joke!

There is one other way that will end the problem once and for all and that is through the United Nations. With all the problems across the world with Muslim terror groups the U.N. has sat on its hands and done nothing except verbally ‘condemn’ certain actions by the terrorists. Perhaps the whole European Union should band together and force Ban Ki-Moon into taking some positive action against these groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and the rest. If an international force were to go in against these terrorists and wipe them out then refugees would no longer need to flee the war and hardship they face on a daily basis.

Somehow there has to be a solution to this problem, because otherwise we can look to very many problems in the future, including in time, the Islamization of Europe.


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