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Things Are Starting To Unravel In Europe

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Jean-Claud Juncker - The E.U. Is Being Run By An Idiot!

Jean-Claud Juncker – The E.U. Is Being Run By An Idiot!

It should be clear to just about everyone that Europe is in the middle of a deep crisis, namely the immigrant problem. Currently there seems to be no answer to the swarms of refugees coming to European shores, although Jean-Claude Juncker of the E.U. thinks he has the answer. In a speech at the European Parliament he said that every country in the union must take their share of the tens of thousands that are invading our shores.

He demands 160,000 refugees be distributed over E.U. countries with little regard to what such an influx will do to the economy of the said country. The man is stark raving mad!



Many countries have refused to comply with his demands and so they should. I should also mention that Greece, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Denmark and Great Britain are exempt from the quotas because they did not sign up to them.

There has been nothing said about separating real refugees from the economic refugees and that is a big problem. For it means that a high percentage do not have the right to stay if they are here merely for economic reasons. Europe should be willing to take in those escaping from war and persecution, but not those who come here just to milk the benefits system and get a better life.

Where They Come From

Where They Come From

Last year approximately 180,000 economic migrants, i.e. illegals, were returned to their country of origin, but this is a small fraction of the total of 625.565 who were not eligible for refugee status. So this means that a total of 445,565 are still living in Europe even though they were refused the right to stay. You have to ask why these people are still here!

Germany alone is expecting 800,000 refugees to apply for domicile in 2015, so in total its possible we can expect more than a million refugees coming to Europe this year. This is unsustainable in anyone’s language.

Angela Merkel of Germany has warned other European Nations of ‘dire consequences ‘ if they refuse to take their share of the refugees. I have no idea what she means by that, but I can tell you this, we will all suffer dire consequences if this mass migration continues.

Muslim Demands!

Muslim Demands!

The danger is that most of these people are Muslims, and as we already know, they flatly refuse to integrate with their adopted country, refuse to learn the language, and make demands of the government and local councils to suit their needs like demanding pork be removed from school menu’s because to them pork is unclean. They take over huge areas of cities and sometimes whole towns, and introduce their own Sharia Law while ignoring the laws of the country they chose to live in.

Which ever way you look at it, they are not here to integrate into our society, but to take over and make Europe Islamic, which they will do when they have sufficient numbers. We already have 56 million Muslims living in Europe and if the numbers keep increasing at the rate they have this year, it will not be long before they see their plan come to fruition.

Current Border Controls

Current Border Controls

It is well known by the governments that a substantial number of Islamic State fighters have arrived in Europe under the guise of being refugees, so we can expect some terrorist attacks within the next few months. I just hope that the screening process for migrants is sufficient to identify them, although it will not weed out all of them.

There can be little doubt that Europe is heading for major problems in the near future, but it is a shame the stupid politicians cannot see it.


The British Referendum On Europe

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David Cameron promised a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (E.U.) and it got him elected, apart from the fact he had no real competition (I say that because no-one with any intelligence would vote for that clown Miliband). Cameron promised the referendum before the end of 2017 and this time he will have to honour that promise.

Which Is More Important?  Our Country Or The Union?

Which Is More Important? Our Country Or The Union?

It is still 2015 and yet the muck is starting fly already because some people are insisting that E.U. migrants living in the U.K. should be allowed to vote in the referendum. How totally stupid is that!

The problem seems to be that there are over one million E.U. migrants living in the U.K., and they could well tip the balance to us staying in when the majority of British people want us to get out. They will certainly vote to stay in for their own interests.

In my view, another thorn in the side are the immigrants that have flooded in since Tony Blair opened the doors to this country. We currently have 7.5 million immigrants in the country who make up 11.9% of the total population. They too will have a huge effect on the outcome of this referendum. I believe these people will also vote to stay in because they can see major immigration curbs coming if we opt out, and they may prevent family members from joining them.

The idea has been put forward that only those born and bred should be allowed a vote, and to be honest, I agree. If that is not the case then the future of this country could well be decided by the immigrant population, and that is not right.

A Man With A Dilemma. Let's Hope He Makes The Right Decision

A Man With A Dilemma. Let’s Hope He Makes The Right Decision

David Cameron has said that he will make his decision known before the referendum date, but I for one hope he airs on the side of caution. Currently there are worries that pro-Europeans will try to rig the outcome by demanding that everyone has a say in the final vote. If that happens, in my view it will be a disaster. E.U. immigrants are currently allowed to vote in local and European elections but not general elections and that is how it should stay.

Some people in parliamentary circles are pushing for the referendum to be brought forward to 2016. Labour leadership front-runner Andy Burnham said in an interview, “It should be in the Queen’s Speech that it should be in 2016, and the message I would send to Cameron is that I would offer support to deliver it in 2016. It is not going to be in anybody’s interest for this to rumble on through this parliament. We have to get to it. We have to do it, embrace the argument. That is the most fundamental problem facing British business right now.” I wonder however if he will support the government on the voting question. It should be interesting to find out.

I hope that we can get out from under the yoke of Europe that dictates to us how we should run our country. With its Human Rights Laws, Immigration Laws and Justice Laws etc. this country is slowly being strangled, and any true born and bred British person has less rights than an immigrant! That is not the way it is supposed to be. We need to leave Europe and run our own affairs as we have always done, for the experiences of the past have proven that our system works, and works well.


The Curse Of The Drone?

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Like many people I am in favour of new technology, but sometimes it can lead to unforeseen problems that the inventor never thought of. This is particularly true of the new and popular use of drones, i.e. radio controlled mini helicopter-like model aircraft now available to the public, They can be used for a multitude of purposes, like just having a bit of fun, or in some cases by organizations or companies who require a bird’s eye view of the ground.

The Offending Advertisment

The Offending Advertisement

A situation came up in Australia this week where an estate agent used one for aerial  photo’s of a property they were selling and accidentally filmed a woman next door who was sunbathing topless in her garden. The pictures were posted on advertising boards for the property which were seen by the woman. She complained to the estate agent and the offending photo was removed with an apology, so no harm done. But it got me thinking.

Micro-Drone - The Ultimate Spy.

Micro-Drone – The Ultimate Spy.

Of course the military have been using drones for a long time, not only the big offensive ones used to fire rockets and missiles, but also to spy out the enemy at close quarters. It is a fact that they are getting smaller and smaller and are now a copy of insects, with the intention of using them for spying.

Opening up this technology to the public does open up a massive opportunity for abuse when used by the wrong people. Just imagine you are laying in the sun topless, or even naked, and one of these things comes flying over your garden. There’s not much you can do about it unless it comes close enough that you can hit it with a broom, and who knows who is controlling it. You may find the photo’s or film plastered all over Facebook or YouTube. Imagine one of these hovering just outside your bedroom window when you are dressing, or heaven forbid, making love to your wife or girlfriend! Now there’s a thought!

Proposed Amazon Delivery Drone

Proposed Amazon Delivery Drone

The big problem is that in almost all countries there is little or no legislation governing the use of drones. In America they are banned for commercial use, although Amazon is wanting to use them to deliver parcels to clients. In Australia they are legal, although they must be registered with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority and flight plans must be submitted and approved. The one major rule that seems to be used in Britain is that the drone must be within sight of the operator at all times. Not very helpful.

Triathlete Raija Ogdenman Lays Injured As The Pieces Of The Drone That Hit Her Are Recovered.

Triathlete Raija Ogdenman Lays Injured As The Pieces Of The Drone That Hit Her Are Recovered.

Should these things become very popular there is one headache (in more ways than one) that I foresee happening. There have been many instances reported of these things crashing and injuring people on the ground. In Australia a triathlete was hit on the head when a drone crashed to the ground while filming a race, and in Virginia USA, during a copy of the famous Spanish Bull Run, one crashed into the spectators stand injuring several people.

There can be little doubt that without proper control these ‘toys’ could become a problem in society. First police would have to track down the owner, which in many cases may be impossible, and secondly there is the problem with who pays the medical bills of the injured. On top of that, you have to think of the worst situation where someone is killed by one. Looks like a bit of a minefield to me.






Britain, Barosso And The EU

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A Stinging Attack On Cameron's Proposed Vote

A Stinging Attack On Cameron’s Proposed Vote

I have for years had great respect for Jose Manuel Barosso as leader of the European Commission, but today that took quite a knock with reports of his latest address to the European Parliament. Aiming his remarks at The Conservative leader in the European Parliament, Martin Callanan, he said of his party (i.e. the Conservatives), “Your party and your group are looking like the UKIP and the Eurosceptic European group. And I start to have some doubts that you are going to be elected yourself in Britain, if it is not UKIP that is going to be the first force in the British elections”.

Nigel Farage - UKIP Leader

Nigel Farage – UKIP Leader

In a reaction to this statement Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP said,  “Mr Barroso is right to say that the only real EU debate is whether the UK leaves or stays in the EU, and not the unrealistic promises by David Cameron.”

This all stems from David Cameron’s attempt at persuading the EU to relinquish some of its powers back to Britain, and to be honest I see nothing wrong in that. The EU has pushed its nose into every corner of British life with such laws as the Human Rights Charter, Health and Safety Rules, the Social Chapter, immigration and many more. As an example, the long-standing British Justice System was brushed aside in favour of EU controls that have made a laughing stock of justice in this country.

The EU has been listening to too many crackpots who come up with ideas like the latest mandatory fitting of speed controls on all cars in EU countries governed by satellites that will apply the brakes as you pass a speed limit sign. Next some idiot will be saying you may only go to the toilet at certain times of the day!

See post

Michael Callanan - Leader Of The Conservative MEP's

Michael Callanan – Leader Of The Conservative MEP’s

The EU is responsible for many stupid laws and regulations that have bewildered much of the general public, and has resulted in people wondering at the intelligence levels of those that govern us from Brussels. I fully agree with David Cameron’s approach in trying to get back some of the powers we have lost, for I think it is preferable to leaving Europe altogether.

A documentary some time ago around one of this country’s MEP’s showed clearly that proposals are put before the Council for a vote and most of those voting have no idea what it is about, for they have not been given sufficient time to study it before voting it into legislation. It is reprehensible that members are required to vote blindly on legislation that they have not even read, not knowing if it is a good thing or bad. This not the way to run a Parliament for the entire Europe.

I believe that every country should be given the choice of accepting any proposals that come from Brussels, or not. It should not become mandatory law just because some jackass in Brussels thinks it is a good idea.

The European Court OF Human Rights

The European Court OF Human Rights

In principal, the idea of all European nations collaborating and having common ground is an excellent idea, but sad to say, this lofty achievement has been soured by draconian measures forced upon nations whether they like it or not. As an example, the European Court of Human Rights has trampled on the tried and tested British Justice System time and time again giving more consideration to the criminals rights than those of their victims. It is wrong and it makes a farce of the whole idea of a unified Europe.

If David Cameron is successful in regaining control of such things as our justice system then we should stay in the union, for the effects of leaving are a great unknown and could cause extreme economic hardship in the future.

Today (12/9/13)  The Times newspaper reported that the Japanese government has reacted to the possible exit of Britain from the EU by saying that many tens of thousands of jobs with Japanese companies in Britain could be “at risk”. These companies favour doing business in Britain due to its beneficial access to the European market, and if the vote is negative on membership, then these companies would quite possibly move to the mainland. It is certain that many other major international companies may well make the same judgement.

Our European Trade Partners

Our European Trade Partners

Also today, the Telegraph ran a story covering a survey that was conducted with both small and large companies in the UK. The results are overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the Union, for eight out of ten companies were sure leaving would cause damage to the British economy.  Their main concerns were that with the UK out of the European Union there would be less investment in Britain and it would affect access to trading markets. This I can readily accept because the rest of Europe are much less likely to do trade with the UK if it leaves, and turn inward to other Union members. Sir Mike Rake, the new president of the CBI, said that continued membership of the European Union is “overwhelmingly” in the UK’s economic interests.

All this international wrangling over Europe is unnecessary if those in Brussels take an intelligent look at what they are doing. It is well and good to try and harmonize laws, work practices and standards across the member states, but that is a far cry from some of the ridiculous laws that they have imposed on member countries like those I have described.

A Man With A Tough Job

A Man With A Tough Job

Britain is currently the only country with the ‘balls’ to step forward and say, “This is not right”. Naturally I cannot speak for other nations, but it seems to me there must be discontent at some of the measures imposed on everyone by Brussels. With regard to the cockamamie new regulations about speed mentioned earlier, I can never imagine that the German government will ever sign up to such a thing, for they have jealously guarded their lack of speed limits on the country’s motorways for decades. The government tried to introduce limits in line with all other European countries some years ago and that was roundly defeated.

In my opinion it is far better to stay in Europe and “change things from the inside” as Michael Gove said in a speech the other day, for to leave the Union altogether could be a disaster for British trade and foreign relations. I only hope brighter heads can steer the British public in the right direction before the vote in 2017, for if not, we may all suffer in the long term.


So The EU Wants To Limit My Speed

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It has just been announced that the EU is planning to have all cars in Europe fitted with automatic speed limiters that will come into effect every time you pass a speed limit sign. Well for my money they can kiss my backside! While some may believe that it could cut down on accidents I very much doubt it. The reason I think that is because in my view most are caused by driver crass stupidity, alcohol, drugs, or mobile phones.

How The System Works

How The System Works

It is said the system will involve camera’s being mounted on every car to read the available speed limit signs, and a black box somewhere in the car which will beam it on to a satellite from which the command will come back to apply the brakes. It seems the system will have three options, Firstly it will give an audible warning, secondly it will slow the car down but give the driver the option of turning the device off, or it will be mandatory.  I think the ‘mandatory’ bit is certainly fraught with danger, audible warnings will often be disregarded and if you can switch it off what’s the point of having it in the first place. Doesn’t make sense to me! What about when a lorry or van is parked on the side of the road obscuring the speed limit sign from the camera? Oops – we haven’t thought of that!

Whooosh And Its Gone

Whooosh And Its Gone

Can you even begin to imagine what this ‘law’ would do to the stocks and shares of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super fast car manufacturers? I simple cannot imagine a Ferrari being restricted to a maximum of 70mph which is the top speed limit in the UK reserved for motorways. The only country in Europe where you would be able to ‘let-rip’ would be Germany, because I can never see them accepting something as crass as this.

The EU plan is for every new car to be fitted with the device and they plan, apparently, to make it law that all cars already on the road must have it fitted. As a car owner I wonder who is going to pay for this contraption (there is no other word for it) to be fitted to my car? Me? Not bloody likely!

Having lived on the Costa del Sol in Spain for a several years now I can attest to the stupidity of some drivers, in fact I have frequently said most of them here should not be allowed to control a kiddie’s three-wheel bike, let alone a car. On four separate occasions at a particular set of traffic lights on a junction in Marbella I have almost been rammed in the side by idiots who think red lights don’t apply to them. You see it on the roads here every day.

Marbella A7 - One In The Middle Lane One In The Outside Lane And Not Another Car In Sight

Marbella A7 – One In The Middle Lane One In The Outside Lane And Not Another Car In Sight

They love the outside lane on two lane carriageways and the middle lane on three-lane motorways. Very often there is no traffic at all on the inside lane, and everyday you see people overtaking a line of cars on the inside and then forcing their way into the next lane when they come up behind a slow lorry or car.

Coming back from Malaga airport recently on the main three-lane motorway, I saw a black Porsche weaving from one lane to the next at high speed, overtaking in any lane that had a gap. I have no idea if he got to his destination, but if he did God was certainly working overtime to keep him alive.

I am aware this sort of behaviour is mostly in the south, for many drivers in the north of Spain are a little better, but when you drive in many countries of Europe as I have done, there are bad, and stupid, drivers in every country. Watching their antics makes you wonder how they ever got their licence.

Just About Right For Some Drivers

Just About Right For Some Drivers

The case for alcohol and drugs causing accidents is well known and  I will not go into it here. But how about the mobile phone? Millions of people answer their mobile while driving, and almost as many are guilty of doing such silly things as texting while driving. All very stupid, for there is no way you can have your brain and  eyes on the road when you are fiddling with the phone trying to type out a text message. It just cannot be done, for the phone requires 100% of your attention. This is often when accidents happen.

Some Statistics - Note The 77%

Some Statistics – Note The 77%

With mobiles in mind, I have said before that the only way to cut out this hazard is for there to be a very short-range jammer fitted on all cars that will prevent the receiving and making of calls while the engine is running. It can be a signal that shuts down the phone completely until the engine is once more switched off. Some will argue, well what about the passengers? Well, to answer that, what if the device was fitted into the steering wheel boss and the beam only covered the drivers position? Signal strength, range and spread can be tailored these days with any radio type device. But that is just an idea, and it will not get the stupid people off the road.

There can be little doubt that the two major accident causes still remain stupidity and alcohol. So far as stupidity goes the only answer there may be to have an automatic device that will lobotomise the driver if he does something silly, but that will take at least 75% of drivers off the road and we can’t have that, but come to think of it, wouldn’t it be heaven, and the planet would love us too. To combat the drunks maybe we need to fit all cars with a breathalyzer in the steering wheel too and the car won’t start until you pass the test.



Either way I do not see the EU proposal as doing anything useful except maybe causing more accidents in situations where a sudden burst of speed can get you out of trouble. I agree with the commentators who have said that the EU has become a ‘nanny’ state, and I for one am sick of them trying to impose on everyone these idiotic ideas that have not been thought out properly. The only transport system that will totally remove the problem of accidents will be robotic cars where you can relax reading the paper while the car takes you to your destination automatically. Until then EU:- Shove it!


The Benefits For Foreigners Scandal

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When you think of government benefits like Children’s/Job Seekers Allowance, one would automatically think of looking after your own first, i.e. people who contribute to the system through taxes.

Benefit Britain - Welcome!

Unfortunately this is not always so, for apart from the previous Labour government opening the immigration doors to every Tom, Dick or Harry who wanted to take advantage of Britain’s generous system, we now have to contend with EU Commission meddling. Britain has, it seems, been criticised for not paying benefits to all EU nationals who cross our border!

Britain currently assesses EU nationals under the ‘Right to Reside’ policy which is not applied to British nationals. Obvious really!  According to Ian Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, the new rules being forced on Britain by the Commission would “mean the British taxpayer paying out over £2bn extra a year in benefits to people who have no connection to our country and who have never paid in a penny in tax.” To me this is scandelous!

Ian Duncan Smith

He continued:”As if this week’s decision was not bad enough, we are also fighting increasing demands for the UK to pay benefits to those who have long since moved abroad, and who may never have made more than a token contribution to UK society.” The logic of this would baffle anyone. Why should Britain pay benefits to someone who has left the country? It would seem that the idea of some nutcase in the EU, is anyone can come to Britain for a two week holiday and receive benefits for the rest of their life when they return home!

Employment minister Chris Grayling is quoted as saying: the move could “open our doors to benefit tourism”. To be honest, I think his statement is a few years late, because Labour did that years ago with the immigrants!

Keep Your Noses Out Of Britain!

Another disheartening factor is that Britain is being ‘hung out to dry’ by some ‘holier than thou’ individuals in the EU when Britain already has the largest benefits bill of any EU country! Try going to Romania, Hungary, Italy or Spain and get the level of benefits available in Britain, or for that matter any benefits! You will be told politely, at first, to remove yourself from the office by some individual with a wide smirk on his face while his companions roar with laughter in the background. Come to England and the first question is “How much do you want?” 

In my opinion, the government should tell the EU Commision to ‘go jump in the lake’ (I’m being polite) and ignore the whole stupid idea!


Out With The Old (Bulbs), In With The New!

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It is a fact that British people hate change more than anything else! Anyone doubting this statement should review people’s reactions to replacement of the old standard tungsten light bulbs with the new low energy ones. From all the comments on news items on the subject I would estimate that only 5% are positive.

Energy Gobbler

Over the years, E.U. regulations have slowly banned use of the old energy gobbling lamps with the new energy efficient models that are replacing them. You can now use three 40watt lamps and use no more power than one of the old type, but can the British understand this – not on yer life!!! An equivelant new lamp to your old one will give you a 75% energy saving. As if that is not important in this day and age?????

Complaints range from “they take too long to light up”, “they are not as bright as the old ones” and most ridiculous of all, “they don’t last as long”. Poppycock!

One of the biggest complaints is that the new lamps give out less light than the old ones. If you are used to a 60watt lamp and the new one is not bright enough, you can put in the equivalent of a 100watt or even a 150watt lamp and still use a lot less energy. While it is true you may have to wait a second before some makes of lamp come on, there are others that come on straight away. I have used them for years in my own house. As for the argument they do not last as long, you will get about 9000hrs from a new type where the old ones usually blew after a few hundred hours.

Many Lamps For Many Purposes

I agree, they are more expensive, but considering they will last more than eight times longer than the old bulbs I don’t see a problem. It is also true you need to buy the correct lamp tailored for your intended use to get the maximun efficiency. Hey! You don’t buy a bicycle if you’re running a taxi business! 

Many people are complaining they do not work with dimmer switches, and if that is the case, you either have the wrong dimmer or you are buying the wrong bulbs, for many do work with dimmers.

If you ‘bite the bullet’ and get on with it, you will eventually see a drop in your electricity usage, and that means more money in your pocket, so stop whining!!!!!!!

Light In Our Darkness...

All across Europe, country after country has switched to the new model and accepted them for what they are, A huge energy saver! Only the Brits are moaning about it, and I wonder if this is based more on their mistrust and hatred of the E.U. than the lamps themselves.

There is a constant chorus of “the E.U. this” and “the E.U. that”, constant complaints about E.U. Legislation for this, that, and the other. If you don’t like the E.U. get out! Lock yourselves away on your island and leave the rest of us in peace!!!!


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