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Should We Bring Back The Death Penalty?

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A Life Of Luxury

The number of murders being carried out these days has gone through the roof and the Law  is not dealing with it properly. When I was young murderers were sentenced to death by hanging and that insured they would never commit such a crime again. Nowadays, murderers are sentenced to little more than ten years and are released after three or four. Many have gone on to commit murder again.

There can be little doubt that with the interference of the European Human Rights Commision and our ‘home-grown Do-Gooders’ our justice system has become a disaster. Every day we hear of murders being committed and the law cannot handle it. Britain has become a nation of killers, and that is sad. People are not even safe in their own homes.

When we leave the European Union I hope that the government will do something to stop this disease once and for all. We need to get back to the laws of the 1940’s and 50’s if this country is ever to become peaceful. It is despicable that you cannot walk down a street in the evening in most towns and cities without being robbed, attacked, or murdered.

I wonder how the anti-death sentence people would feel if one of their family were to be killed? I think they would rapidly change their minds if it was someone dear to them. It is a sad fact that these people have come to rule the law system and made it impossible for our judges to give a proper sentence. Our legal system has become so soft that killers, rapists and thieves get away with their crimes, serving only a very short sentence that does nothing to dissuade them from committing more crimes.

It is also evident that the comforts of a prison sentence are hardly a dissuader for these people to ‘go straight’. In all prisons in Britain they have all the comforts of home with each cell having a TV, music centre, computer games and the like. This is not the right way to handle serious criminals, for the only thing they miss is their freedom. They should be made to work every day and have all their ‘toys’ taken away, leaving them with just a bed, washbasin, and toilet in the cells.

Naturally, this would cause a tremendous upset among the criminals and the Army should be brought in to control them for the prison guards could not handle it. Among the prison guards there are many who are in the service of the prisoners and allow them free reign in the prison. These people should be sacked and properly disciplined guards brought in.

If the death penalty is reintroduced for murder we can be sure that the number of killers would rapidly decrease, and people will be much safer on the streets and in their own homes. I just hope that Theresa May’s government will do the right thing, for if she does we will get back to a peaceful existence once again.


Can We Solve The Calais Crisis?

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For more than ten years migrants have been gathering at Calais in northern France trying to get across the Channel to England. It is estimated that currently there are 12,000 migrants, almost all of whom are illegal, and according to the French many more are on the way. It is clear that soon the crisis at Calais will explode as they become more frustrated.

Local people already complain that the migrants are rapidly becoming far more violent than they used to be and it seems that everyone is blaming the British.

The Camp

The Calais Camp

What the French government and people fail to comprehend is that all these migrants are on French soil, NOT British soil, so therefore they are subject to French Law. Britain is not forced to allow these people entry to the country, and it is up to Britain to decide who enters our land, not the French.

For me the French made a very big mistake when they allowed these people to gather at Calais in the first place. With their cavalier  “Oh this is a British problem not ours” attitude they have created this whole mess.

Had the French been clever enough to realize that by sending these people back where they came from as soon as they started gathering, this whole debacle could have been avoided. Also we would not have been talking about thousands, but possibly a couple of hundred.

Migrants - Calais

Migrants – Calais

The current situation is definitely not acceptable to the residents of Calais and never has been, but the Mayor of Calais has still not taken any direct action to get the government involved in deportations. All she keeps insisting is that they should all be moved to England and kept in camps along the south coast. What she seems to forget is that these people are on FRENCH soil and are therefore a french problem. The fact they are trying to get into England is totally irrelevant. I am damn sure that were the situation reversed, and we were trying to dump our illegal migrants on to France, they would kick up one hell of a fuss and be complaining to the Human Rights Council on the first day.

According to Jean-Claude Delage, the trade union’s general secretary, (I fail to see what he has to do with the problem) there will soon be so many illegal immigrants living in the ‘Jungle’ camp, that an “en masse” evacuation would be “too dangerous” to implement.



I don’t believe that! It would seem to me that the obvious solution would be to surround the entire refugee compound in both Calais and Grande-Synthe in Dunkirk with troops and have every one of the migrants arrested, taken to a holding area at a military airbase, and then flown back to wherever they came from. Do this a few times and the migrants would soon get the idea that there is no point in trying anymore.

It is International Law that any refugee can claim asylum in the FIRST nation they enter outside their own. This rule has been completely forgotten by all and sundry, because most of the migrants have travelled through four or five countries to get to the English Channel and want to come to Britain for the free handouts from the government. Why did they not claim asylum in Greece or Italy? I’ll tell you why – because Britain is the most generous country in Europe when it comes to asylum seekers and immigrants.

Fighting To Get To England

Fighting To Get To England

The English authorities well know that 80% of these people are not fleeing violence in their own country, they are economic refugees who are out to make money off the British Welfare System. They know that as soon as they get into Britain they will be given a place to live, food, and money every week by the government, and they need do nothing for it.

It is hoped that Theresa May now she is P.M., will do something about this enormous scandal.


Immigrants, Immigrants, Immigrants,

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Just how long is Europe expected to allow these thousands of immigrants in? That is the big question on the lips of the average man in the street. Just about everyone in the European Union, well, except for the politically correct crowd of course, is asking the same question.

Migration Routes

Migration Routes

In recent news Italy is pleading with other states to take in the thousands they are rescuing on a weekly basis, but now France for one has closed its borders to these people.

Italian Ship Rescues Migrants

Italian Ship Rescues Migrants

It is a fact that if we continue to let them in, more will try and make the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to ‘the promised land’. This year 50,000 have been landed in Italy with 5,800 rescued this last weekend (7/6/15) alone from boats trying to make the crossing, and it is only June. What will the total be by years end?

E.U. Governments are now saying that it is an Italian problem because European Law states that immigrants must be taken in by the first country they reach, in this case Italy. Not withstanding that, Greece is in a similar situation, and we all know what their economy is like!

Benefit Queues

Benefit Queues

It is a simple fact that the European Union cannot, under any circumstances, continue to take in these refugees no matter where they come from. Already the people of Britain are making their objections known in the news columns on the internet. Here is a sample of what people are saying on this problem:

“The only way to stop this issue is to either return them to Africa after rescuing them or if they make it, to have them returned ASAP. At the moment they know that in one way or another they will get to live here, and all the while that message is going back home more will come. It may sound harsh but each one of these people leaves behind a larger family and once one gets here then another 6- 10 will follow. The problem needs sorting at source, in the countries where they come from, these people need to get together and force change in their own countries.” 

“When will the E.U. grow a spine – fair enough stop their boats off shore but land them back where they came from – that’s the only way to break the smugglers take away the destination thence demand – Stop pussyfooting around with the so called do gooders.” 

“So now they are trying to get into France. It’s obvious where they intend to go next. It really is down to Italy to get tough and stop allowing them access. I feel sorry for Italy over this. If they refuse them access they get criticised. Then they get told to keep them if they try to enter France.”

Trying to Reach Spain Across The Gibraltar Staits

Trying to Reach Spain Across The Gibraltar Staits

As you can see, the average man in the street has had enough of this farce, and it is time for European Governments to take some positive action to stop this trade once and for all. All the while the traffickers are getting rich at the expense of these people’s misery, but the only sure way to stop it is to send these people back where they came from until the traffickers realize there is no money in it any more.

It is true that some are real refugees fleeing the fighting in their own lands, but very many are economic refugees who come here to improve their living standards. I cannot fault this, except to say that the numbers are crippling us and there is just not enough work or benefits money for this to continue. Countless numbers of our own people are now living on the bread-line, a situation forced on them by the lack of jobs.

Those Who Must Decide

Those Who Must Decide

The politicians have to be made to realize that we just cannot keep taking these people in, because if we do, the economy will collapse completely, and eventually they will outnumber us when you consider the large families they have.

Already most European economies are in a shaky state with high unemployment rates and the huge cost of benefits and housing for these people. Whether you like it or not, very soon there will be no other choice but to return them. I am aware this will be a hard decision but very soon there will be no choice in the matter.

The Curse Of Our Times - Islamic State

The Curse Of Our Times – Islamic State

Among the comments raised on news articles is something I have said previously on this subject. The rich western nations should do more to improve living standards in African countries so these people have no need to make this perilous journey. The U.N. should also get together a multi-national force to put an end to the terror campaigns of the likes of Islamic State, Boko Haram and al Shebab among others.

It is only when these people, for whom I have the greatest sympathy, can live in peace and prosperity in their own lands that this catastrophe will be truly over.


British Sanctuary For Torturers? What Next?

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What a shame no-one told bin Laden about the pitiful state of British and European Human Rights Laws, for had he claimed sanctuary we could not possibly have refused!

It has just been revealed that one of the vicious torturers working for dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, has been granted the right to stay in the UK at tax payers expense indefinitely because he claims his ‘human rights’ would be threatened if he was deported from Britain.

Phillip Machemedze Living In Fishpond – Bristol

Among the reported exploits of Phillip Machemedze’s  are the following: He smashed the jaw of one victim with a pair of pliers before pulling out all the persons teeth, he gave electric shocks to a white farmer and whipped a woman before rubbing salt into her wounds. He is also known to have taken part in the ‘slow’ killing of one of Mugabe’s political rivals.

Zimbabwe Torture Report:

Torture in Zimbabwe

It would seem Machemedze ‘grew tired’ of his job as enforcer for Mugabe some eleven years ago, and with his wife moved to Britain on a temporary visa. The pair claimed asylum after Machemedze was said to have fallen out with Mugabe and feared for his life if returned. Both have been receiving HIV treatment at the tax payers expense ever since.

During the original judgement that allowed the pair to stay in the UK indefinitely, Judge Robert Martin said; “It is true that Phillip Machemedze committed abhorrent acts and deserves no sympathy or favours, however, it is also true that we are bound by the European Convention on Human Rights, and Articles 2 and 3 are absolute.” .

Will Mugabe Himself Be Next?

When the Home Office lodged an appeal against the ruling the asylum appeal Judge, Mr. Justice Davis Archer said of Machemedze; “Whatever crimes he has committed he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial.”

Zimbabwe Torture Victims

To me, this ruling makes it very clear that European lawmakers need to take a long hard look at the laws they are responsible for, because it cannot be right in any society that we must not only harbour, but also give succour, to such a man as this. He deserves to be deported back to Zimbabwe and suffer the same pain he inflicted so joyfully upon others.

If monsters such as this can use our human rights laws to claim sanctuary, then the system has to be badly flawed. Like the protection given to radical Muslim priests and insurgents, this is disgraceful.


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