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The EU Is Now Too Big For Its Boots

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A news item today confirms to me that the European Union has become too big, too bureaucratic and too powerful. It concerns a demonstration in Brussels Belgium of people demonstrating for separatism. Those demonstrating were from as far afield as Catalan in Spain, Scotland, South Tyrol, and the majority from Flemish Belgium.

Brussels DemonstrationThey were demonstrating for separatism from their parent countries, wishing to control their own destiny instead of relying on government from their nations capital. But it made me think hard about all the rules that are being applied across all member states by a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels. Slowly, bit by bit, countries have relinquished individual freedoms to these people, and in mine, and I might add many other people’s opinions, it has gone way too far.

Member StatesThe basic concept of mutual defence among the European nations has now reached a stage where all important decisions relating to the governance of a country have been handed over to Brussels. European nations now have to bow to the justice system and the immigration laws as dictated by the nameless, faceless politicians in Brussels. Not only these, but many other policies adopted by governments across the bloc. This has had a catastrophic effect on the livelihoods of the majority of its citizens.

After Ten Years Abu Qatada Is Finally Deported

After Ten Years Abu Qatada Is Finally Deported

Britain in particular has been hard hit by these rules from the EU, in particular concerning justice and immigration. Our laws and justice have been withered away by rules from Brussels, and in particular the CHR in Strasbourg in that we can no longer deport undesirables, and we must release from prison hardened murderers, rapists and pedophiles because we have “infringed on their Human Rights”. As a good example of EU interference, let me remind everybody that it took more than ten years to deport the radical Muslim clerics Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa from our shores after their constant appeals to the CHR in Strasbourg.

Foreign Workers In Britain

Foreign Workers In Britain

On the immigration side we have been forced into accepting people from all over Europe to come and work here, thus taking jobs away from ethnic British which is one reason why we have such high unemployment figures. We have to pay them benefits, which most of them send to their own country, at a time when we are staggering under the weight of millions of immigrants allowed in by the traitor Tony Blair and his corrupt government. Our Social Services are close to collapse, and there is insufficient housing for our own people to the extent where the government has now decided we must build new cities on ‘Green Belt’ land.

Is this country supposed to accept immigrants until the whole country is built on? Perhaps in years to come people will travel from all corners of the country to view the last tree standing in Britain! But at least all the immigrants will have homes to live in!

One thing we should also bear in mind is that the EU is pressing for Turkey to become a member. Should that happen, under the current rules we can expect a flood of Turks coming to Europe to find work. Although most may well try Germany, we can certainly expect more than our fair share, especially with our generous benefits system.

EU Member States

EU Member States

Britain is of course not the only country that suffers under the EU yoke. Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark all have problems with too many immigrants, but many are at least more sensible with the way they give out benefits. Only Britain has officials standing on the docks and at airports waiting to hand out the first benefit payments to immigrants. In countries like Germany for example they have to work for, I believe, five years before they receive any benefits. Also they have taken a stronger stance against the interference from the CHR in Strasbourg. Makes you wonder why we cannot do the same thing. I guess its all down to our weak politicians.

We Give More Than We Recieve

We Give More Than We Receive

I am not advocating that the EU should be scrapped, but there has to be a limit on the power they hold and the amount of interference they can wield in a country’s affairs. They are perfectly capable of representing European countries on the international stage, and of course some form of mutual defence pact is also important, but they have to be stopped from dictating how a country runs it’s internal affairs.

Many believe we are headed for a United States of Europe, but that will probably mean that all power will be yielded to Brussels by all member states. That in my view is a very dangerous precedent.


Equality Versus Christianity

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One again the issue of human rights versus equality has raised its ugly head. A couple in Wales will take a case to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights (CHR) to see if the equality laws outweigh religious beliefs. As we all know, everyone has a right to follow whatever religion they choose, but in a few cases the equality laws have stepped in and overridden this basic right.

The Greens - Fighting For Christian Rights And Values

The Greens – Fighting For Christian Rights And Values

I write in particular about a couple in Llandrindod Wells in Wales. Sue and Jeff Green run a guest house and had a spot of bother with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). The complaint concerned the couples web site which advertised their guest house. Apparently, someone had complained to the commission about a line on the site that stated double rooms were “to let for married couples.” The Greens had little choice but to remove the ‘offending’ line and advertise single rooms only. Since then the complaint has been closed.

The Bulls - Leaving The Appeal Court After Losing

The Bulls – Leaving The Appeal Court After Losing

They are devout Christians just like the Hazelmary and Peter Bull who lost a court case and appeal when they refused a room to a homosexual couple in 2008. Their defence was that they were a devout Christian couple and did not rent rooms to any unmarried couples. Of their failed appeal, Lady Hale, deputy president of the Supreme Court, said: “Sexual orientation is a core component of a person’s identity which requires fulfillment through relationships with others of the same orientation.”

What About The Rights Of Religious People

What About The Rights Of Religious People

Following this episode, the Greens now want to determine which has precedence in the eyes of the law, equality or Christian beliefs and human rights. Mr Green said the recent UK equality legislation had “huge implications” for Christians “who want to live their lives according to their beliefs. We have no prospect of success in the British courts so we have decided to take this to Europe. I want to establish whether Christian beliefs and human rights are superseded by equality laws. It seems that recent UK equality legislation is being used to undermine Christian faith and values.”

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams

I for one can hardly wait for the outcome of this case. It puts this major dilemma slap in the hands of the people who created the problem in the first place. This one bold move will tell us how the courts think about religious beliefs when weighed against the Equality Laws. Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, the legal arm of Christian Concern, said, “It is ironic that the court in Strasbourg seems to understand the nature of Christian faith better than our own courts. Debate over sexual morality has been allowed to become a battlefield and we are concerned about the attempt to clamp down and even exclude Christian beliefs on the issue from public life.”

Our Judges Have 'Lost The Plot'

Our Judges Have ‘Lost The Plot’

It sickens me when I read such stories, because the homosexual population seem to think they can run rough-shod over everyone and everything just be screaming ‘Discrimination’ to the Equality Commission. In Britain in particular judges do not have the ‘balls’ to put a stop to this nonsense. ‘Gay’ parades, ‘gay’ marriage, the adoption of babies, it has all gone too far and all the in the name of ‘equality’.

I see no reason why a devout Christian couple should not refuse a room to an unmarried or homosexual couple if it goes against their religion. But the sad thing is, being a true Christian is becoming outdated, and anyone who still believes is an outcast.

Homosexuals Milking The System

Homosexuals Milking The System

The human rights laws were conceived with noble purpose, but today they are used by homosexuals and criminals (with the help of dubious money-grabbing lawyers) to get what they want, be it right or wrong. The laws have been perverted to such an extent that they protect the undeserving far more than those who really need them.

In my humble opinion, the quicker we get out from under the crushing yoke of Europe’s EHCR and the CHR the better, for then Britain can once again have a set of laws that are sensible and righteous.


Crack Down On Radical Preachers – I Hope So!

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It was reported Saturday that David Cameron the Prime Minister is to introduce an initiative to crack down on radical Muslim preachers that are sowing the seeds of hate and radicalism among Muslims in Britain. It is a bold stroke, and way past time such a thing was introduced, but will it be effective? That remains to be seen.

Time To Put These People Out Of Business

Time To Put These People Out Of Business

It really depends on how the system will work, and what action can be taken when such a person is discovered. The whole country knows the saga of two such individuals, Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa who between them have spent more than twenty years ducking the law when we tried to deport them. Abu Hamsa is thankfully gone, now there remains just one. This fact makes it clear that to deport someone with known radical connections is not easy, for the biggest stumbling block is always the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights which meddles in the British Justice system far too much.

The Prime Minister is to set up a task force that will deal specifically with the problem, and its members will be Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Theresa May, Eric Pickles, Chris Grayling, and the Muslim Foreign Office minister, Baroness Warsi. It is anticipated they will look at ways to tackle extremism by producing initiatives on disrupting extremist activity, challenging poisonous narratives, studying trends in radicalization, tackling radicalization in mosques, madrassas, schools, colleges, universities and prisons, and supporting faith and community leadership to build strong, integrated and united communities. Well, good luck with that!

Well, That's Two Less

Well, That’s Two Less

I must admit to having a much simpler method: Firstly, tell the Human Rights Court to go play tiddlywinks (and I put that politely), and then grab those who preach sedition off the street, put them on an RAF plane and toss them out over Libya, Sudan, Yemen or any other Muslim nation (with a parachute of course!). Let them spread their hatred and lies to others of their own kind. Ah ! What it is to dream of real justice – Oh well!

But seriously, I believe we must start by infiltrating the mosques, and where possible making secret recording of these hate preachers, something that can be used in court whereby they can be deported to any country that will take them. Once outside the borders the door slams shut. Eric Pickles was recorded in an interview saying: “Our answer to the extremists and preachers of hate is to speak out, to show them for what they are. That is why the Government’s ‘integration’ strategy focuses on working with people of goodwill to marginalize and outflank the extremists – not only Islamist preachers of hate, but also their malevolent counter-point, the racist English Defence League”.

Labour Sick Joke

Labour Sick Joke

I have to admit that I am not wholly convinced that approach will work, for although the majority of Muslims have come out against extremism in a poll carried out across 39 countries by the PEW Organization in Washington( refers) I am still not 100% sure they really are against it. I think secretly, many Muslims would be happy to see countries like the UK, France, Holland, Denmark etc. and the USA under the yoke of Islam. I believe the only way to cleanse Muslims in Great Britain is to get rid of the disruptive elements.

Right Reasons - Wrong Approach

Right Reasons – Wrong Approach

I have to admit the inclusion of the EDL in Eric Pickles remark is not surprising, for although their aims have a degree of legitimacy, their methods label them as nothing more than a bunch of thugs looking for trouble. It is hard to separate their behavior from that of the Muslims who demonstrate on our streets for Sharia Law, and tell us ‘Islam Will Rule the World!’ In regard to these people, I feel they too should be rounded up and charged under any law that can be brought against them when they insult our country. Most of them are probably layabouts that our tax money supports anyway. Freedom of speech is a necessary and fundamental right, but it can, and is abused by many Muslims.

It is not surprising that 64% of voters believe we need tougher laws to curb incitement to terrorism, and at the same time, 63% would support the death penalty for convicted terrorists. Now that has to tell you something about the state of affairs in the UK today. It is also interesting to note that 40% would also back the idea of the security services monitoring communications like e-mails and mobile phones. This measure would probably bring about some quick results when the right people are monitored.

He Is At Least Trying

He Is At Least Trying

It is without doubt the biggest problem facing the UK today, and I applaud David Cameron for at least trying to get on top of it. Because the government must always tread carefully and cannot act in the way we ordinary individuals would, it will be an uphill struggle, but at least he is trying, and that is one hell of a lot more than Tony Blair and his band of acolytes did. They put us in this mess in the first place, so I for one am glad that we at last have a government that is trying to address the issue of radicalism in Britain, for it is long overdue.


Is May Right? Should We Ditch The EU Human Rights Laws?

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Does Britain need Human Rights Laws? The short answer is definitely – Yes! But the long answer is – not in their current form! Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary has recently stated she would like to get rid of the European Human Rights Laws (EHRL) and have a set of British laws replace them. I agree.

Preaching Sedition And Hatred

Preaching Sedition And Hatred

For too long our justice system has been cheated, hampered and bamboozled by unscrupulous lawyers who use these laws to get their guilty clients off. Prime examples are the suspected terrorists, Abu Hamsa who evaded deportation to the USA for ten years, and Abu Qatada, who for more then ten years has used these same human rights laws to prevent deportation to Jordan to answer terrorists charges, and is still in the country.

There have been many such cases, and even those of ordinary criminals who have avoided prison by using the Strasbourg Human Rights Court to their advantage. It has to stop.

The Effect Of Human Rights Laws On British Justice

The Effect Of Human Rights Laws On British Justice

These laws, while necessary to prevent miscarriages of justice through discrimination and outlawing torture etc., are making a mockery of the British Justice System, which until the introduction of the Human Rights Act (HRA) was always considered fair.

Criminals are a lot smarter than they were decades ago, and lawyers have become much more dishonest in my opinion. The lawyers in particular, will use any and every trick in the book to get their clients off, sometimes, even when personally convinced of their guilt, and the HRA is exactly the tool they need.

I do not see how European lawyers based in Strasbourg, can have sufficient knowledge of a British court case in order to make a just judgement. It is known far and wide that the Strasbourg courts are woefully overstretched and cannot spend the necessary time on each case to make a proper decision.

A lady With A Vision

A lady With A Vision

I applaud Theresa May’s stance on this subject and think the move is fully justified, if many years late. Providing the replacement laws are just, and satisfy the legal requirements of both national and international law there is nothing wrong in this.

The only fly in the ointment is that it depends on a Conservative victory at the next election in two years time. The results of the mid-term elections held recently give a swing to Labour, but hopefully we need not read too much into this. A swing in the opposite direction is not unusual in mid-term elections, but we should be wary when the real election comes.

Tony Blair and his band of crooks did more damage to the British nation than any other government in its long history. During their previous term their immigration policies damaged the country to such an extent as to be beyond repair, and I would hope the people remember, and are not stupid enough to want more of the same by voting them back in again.

No Justice Here!

No Justice Here!

It is always difficult when a political party is left with the task of clearing up devastation inherited from the previous government, for it takes time. I will not say that the current Conservative/Liberal Coalition is perfect, not by a long way, but it is clear they are trying to solve the mess left behind by Brown and his Labour assassins. It will however be a long task and we should give them time.

I for one hope the Tories do get in again, if only to see these ridiculous European laws given the boot and replaced with something more sensible. If the other members of the European Union want to moan and groan, let them. Why should we care!


Is David Camerons’ Referendum Idea the Right Approach?

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Much has been reported recently about David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, saying he will hold a referendum on EU membership if re-elected in 2015. The question is; is this a good idea, and will the British people make the right decision? Various countries, media outlets and politicians are giving their opinion, but when it comes down to the wire it will be the general public who must decide the future of our country.

The White House

The White House

The Obama administration is already letting their dismay be known and that they are not in favour, saying Britain and the EU will be stronger together, and it has been hinted by some officials that any withdrawal by Britain from the EU could damage relations. The American government see the European Union as a strong military ally in the world, which is not surprising considering the Union’s involvement with America in the world’s trouble-spots. There is fear that the cooperation with America on military intervention, always so stoutly upheld by Britain, will be compromised.

India, and more particular China, have both expressed concern at the thought of Britain leaving the EU because of the massive amount of trade they both do with the Block. The European Union and Chine trade over £840 million per day and they see this as being grossly affected should Britain withdraw.

Abu Hamsa - Protected By The Human Rights Act

Abu Hamsa – Protected By The Human Rights Act

The main gripe the Brits have with Europe is the steady slide of more and more control slipping to Brussels and out of their hands. This is amply demonstrated by the total mess that our Judicial System is in because of interference from the politicians in Brussels. Since the introduction of the Immigration Laws, Human Rights Act and the Health and Safety Laws, which we are bound to follow, we have seen countless criminals getting away with murder because of some clause or other in the Human Rights Act such as Article Eight (the right to family life) which has been exploited by unscrupulous lawyers in Britain. You only have to look at the fact that it took the British Legal System 10 years to get rid of Abu Quatada, and we still haven’t been able to put Abu Hamsa on a plane to face terrorist charges in Jordan.

When it comes to the ‘elf & safety debacle, people have died because rescue services have been forced to follow nonsensical rules when it comes to saving people in distress. As for immigration, laws need to be rewritten so that it is no longer possible for one person to come in and be closely followed by his/her entire family, including uncles aunts, grandparents and grandchildren, all of whom live off the British taxpayer. We need to make sure when a man and his wife and children come in, it stops there! It needs to be made clear to immigrants that if they wish to settle in the UK they must learn the language, and there is a definite time limit to social welfare. In other words, get a job or get out!

Barroso - A Familiar Face

Barroso – A Familiar Face

The main problem with the EU is that with the exception of one or two well-known people like Jose Manuel Barroso, Europe is run by faceless individuals who are not answerable to the people. Does anyone from the general public know who represents our country in Brussels? I doubt that one in a thousand will know. The same problem exists in every European nation, and has led Brussels to be so far removed from the people they may as well be on the moon!

Abraham Lincoln said it better than anyone during his Gettysburg address when he pledged: “The government of the people, for the people, by the people”. It is this line from history that European politicians need to hinder, for to continue in the way they are could lead not only to Britain’s withdrawal, but to the breakup of the whole Union in time.

Open Borders

Open Borders

There are many many good things about the EU and the fact that so many countries can cooperate in the political and military spheres. It is wonderful to be able to travel across borders without all the customs and immigration checks, just as it is great not to have to change currency every time you cross a border. It is ideal that you can go and work in another country without all the hassle we used to have. There is no doubt that the benefits brought to us through EU integration have benefited our lives far more than those we have lost.

However, having said that, the areas outlined above plus a few more need to be relaxed. Judicial and Human Rights jurisdiction needs to be left to the nations and not dictated by Brussels. The national justice system must have a say in who goes to prison and who does not, and who gets extradited and who does not. Nations must decide the rights of its citizens, and the circumstances under which rescue services can save a life, not some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels.

There are of course many other areas of concern to the British people, as there must be in other European nations, but to list them all would turn this post into a book.

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

UK Exports By Year 1990 To 2006

One other major concern that British voters must take into consideration when voting on such an issue is the economic impact. I have read recent reports proclaiming how Britain had most of its trade with Commonwealth nations before we joined the EU. Some seem to think that if we turn our back on Europe we can rekindle this relationship but I think they are dead wrong. Nations like Canada, Australia and New Zealand were suddenly ‘left in the lurch’ when Britain joined the EU and had to scramble to find alternative markets for their goods. These are now well established and it is unlikely Britain can replace its European trading partners with those of the Commonwealth again.

London has over the years become the financial hub of Europe with many major banks and companies having their headquarters in The City. If the British vote ‘No’ to Europe you can bet your last dollar there will be a mass exodus of these companies to somewhere like Berlin, Brussels, or even Amsterdam, and London will become a ghost of its former self. With so many empty office blocks in The City the economy of London will most likely collapse.

The City - Europe's Financial Centre

The City – Europe’s Financial Centre

The one fear I have is that if and when the referendum takes place, people will vote ‘No’ without thinking of the wider issues. The government cannot expect Mrs. Jones who lives at number 42 to have any idea of the economic consequences of leaving Europe.  It’s one thing to hate the interference from Brussels and shout that you want to be rid of them, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, such a move could spell economic disaster for the country.

It all hangs on how the referendum will be presented, and what questions will be asked of the public. If  the people are given a straight choice of  ‘in or out’ the backlash could be disastrous. On the other hand, if people are also asked which areas of control should be clawed back from Brussels, most will probably vote to stay in and give the government a firm indication of the changes the British want to see.

The British Prime Minister - David Cameron

The British Prime Minister – David Cameron

In my opinion, if the EU is to function as a cohesive element in the world countries have to be given back their national identity and not be told by the Brussels crowd the how, what and when of governing their own people. The politicians in Brussels should concern themselves with international politics, i.e. Europe as a whole, when communicating with the rest of the world.

I believe that the Prime Minster is firmly on the right track, but whatever happens, it is essential that David Cameron gives the general public a full understanding of what is at stake in the referendum.


Now The Government Denies The Right To Wear The Cross

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I find it truly amazing that the British Government is getting involved in the issue of Christians who wear a cross around their necks. Two women have taken their cases to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because they were denied the right to wear a cross at work.

Nadia Eweida was suspended by British Airways for breaching the dress code by wearing a cross visible over her uniform in 2006, and nurse Shirley Chaplin was barred from working on the wards of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust because she refused to hide the cross she wore on a chain. The lawyers for the two women claim protection under Article Nine of The Human Rights Act, but now the government has stepped in and said the argument is invalid. Why the government is getting involved in such a case is strange.

Archbishop Dr John Sentamu

Archbishop Dr John Sentamu, Bishop of York has now stepped into the row saying, “If someone wanted to manifest their belief as a Christian that they wanted to wear a cross – after all at their baptism they are sealed with a cross of Christ – so if they decided to say ‘I know I am sealed with it, but I am going to wear it’, I think that is a matter really for people and that we should allow it. The government should not raise the bar so high that in the end they are now being unjust.”

Personally, I hoped that the persecution of Christians in a Christian country would have ended with the demise of the previous Labour government, but it seems the Human Rights Brigade still hold sway in many areas. This attitude of “not upsetting the Muslims” should have died with Labour rule, but it seems, sadly, that is not so.

People have been wearing crosses in this nation since biblical times, but suddenly we get a mass influx of Muslims and some people consider that an excuse to start marginalizing the Christian faith! It’s astounding!

Sometimes I would like to peek inside the mind of these perverted idiots just to see what makes them tick. What is it that turns an ordinary English man or woman into such a force of animosity against their own kind with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude?

Not Neccesarily a Show of Faith

They have been responsible in the past for the stupid outlawing of children’s nursery rhymes, the word ‘blackboard’ in schools among other things, and now they want to ban the cross in a Christian country? Its obscene! I would like to know by what right this small group of people are allowed to dictate so much about people’s lives. So far as I am concerned, if they don’t like the word ‘black’ let them live in Africa, and if they don’t want to upset the Muslims they should move to Iran.

It is without doubt time the government squashed these people like a bug instead of siding with them.

I have commented on Baroness Warsi in the past, but I have to hand it to her for what she said a few weeks ago; Christians – Stand up for your faith! As a Muslim Minister she recognised that Christians are being marginalized in Britain. She said it was not a requirement of the religious minorities for Christianity to be ‘erased’ for them to feel comfortable.

Baroness Warsi

In a speech at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy in Rome she said:  “People need to feel stronger in their religious identities, more confident in their beliefs. In practice this means individuals not diluting their faiths…..and nations not denying their religious  heritages. If you take this thought to its conclusion then the idea you’re left with is this: Europe needs to become more confident in its Christianity. Too often there is a suspicion of faith in our continent. It all hinges on a basic misconception: That to create equality and space for minorities we need to erase our religious heritage.”

I for one take my hat off to her, for what she said is right on the button. It is a problem in many European countries, but far worse in Britain because of the general apathy. It is long past time when the British people stand up and be counted, so, Christain or not, go out and buy a cheap cross and wear it in a show of defiance. We need to stand up to these people and reassert our rights to our religion and our way of life, and let everyone know THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!


Ken (Clark) Has a Go At The ECHR!

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An eye-opener for many, but Ken Clark has shown his heart is in the right place by attacking the sheer stupidity of the European Court of Human Rights(ECHR). During a speech to the Austrian Diplomatic Academy in Vienna he said in no uncertain terms that the ECHR was in desperate need of reform. After their ruling on the Abu Qatada case, and that prisoners in our country should have full voting rights, I tend to agree.

He claims that the courts are overloaded, and when you take into consideration that in the first 40 years of its existence it handled a total of 45,000 cases, and in 2010 alone 61,300, I can see what he means.

That's Right Ken - You Tell 'Em

During his speech he said:  ¨It is individual states and their courts which have primary responsibility for implementing the convention and granting effective remedies. At times, I consider that the court has been too ready to substitute its own judgment for that of national courts and parliaments. It was never meant to be a court of appeal for routine domestic judgments. No court could ever hope to offer redress to 800 million people. National courts are in the best position to understand national problems.” In that I have to agree.

In my opinion, there are more than sufficient safeguards within the national justice system to ensure fairness. What gets peoples backs up in this country is the interference from Strasbourg that dictates e.g. Abu Qatada the terrorist can neither be held in custody, nor deported to Jordan. Also, how dare such a body dictate to us that convicted criminals have as much right to vote as law-abiding citizens?

ECHR - Strasbourg

Abu Qatada is not the only one to have escaped deportation on ´Human Rights´grounds, there have been many before him, such as  Mohammed Ibrahim who ran over a young girl (Posted 17/12/2010). On top of that, many criminals have used the infamous Article 8 (Right to family life) defence to escape a jail sentence, in particular I think of burglar Wayne Bishop who I wrote about on the 28th May last year. He escaped a prison sentence because he had five children. He was re-arrested recently on GBH (grievous bodily harm) charges. So much for the loving father whose children cannot live without him.

There have been too many cases where the ECHR has made a mockery of justice in our country, and it has to stop. I for one will be very happy if Ken Clark and David Cameron can introduce legislative changes to the way in which the court operates during Britain´s tenure at the`head of the table´.  If that happens, and we rid ourselves of the ridiculous `Human Rights´ appeals to every sentence handed out by the courts, so much the better.


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