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When ‘Human Rights’ Go Too Far

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The basic concept of Human Rights is a noble one, or at least it was intended to be when first thought up. Sadly, times have changed.

It Seems Some Have More Rights Than Others!

Today, the laws are twisted and misused by many intent on getting their own way or evading justice, no matter what.

I find it distinctly disconcerting that the law not only allows this, but is complicit in many cases where the just rights of one individual are trampled by the courts because some malcontent feels he has been aggrieved.

I refer in the main to a case that came before a British court, brought by two homosexuals who were refused permission to stay in the hotel belonging to a devout christian couple in 2008.

The Chymorvah Hotel

Peter and Hazelmary Bull own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion near Penzance, and both hold strong christian believes. It has always been their policy not to allow unmarried couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, to share a bed in their hotel for they believe strongly in the sanctity of marriage.

This is indeed an unusual and refreshing attitude in this age of promiscuity, where it would seem anything, and indeed everything, goes.

The case against the Bull’s was brought by the homosexual ‘couple’ Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy who were turned away after they had booked a double room at the hotel because they were not married. They brought the case claiming sexual orientation discrimination under the Equality Act Regulations of 2007.

The Plaintiffs

The judge who heard the case, Judge Andrew Rutherford, agreed that the Bull’s had a right to their religious beliefs, but said social attitudes had changed in the last fifty years. While the Bull’s view may well have been the norm in those times, it was not in current society. For this reason he found in favour of Hall and Preddy.

The Hall’s were ordered to pay £1,800 to each of the plaintiffs, which thankfully has been covered by donations from The Christian Institute. Its interesting to note that Hall and Preddy’s case was funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. So no big bills for them!

The Defendants – Standing Up For Christian Values

After the ruling Mrs Bull is quoted as saying: “I do feel that Christianity is being marginalised in Britain. The same laws used against us have been used to shut down faith-based adoption agencies. Much is said about ‘equality and diversity’ but it seems some people are more equal than others.” Oh I do so agree Madam!

While I may be classed as ‘old school’, I agree with the right of the Hall’s to ban undesirables from their hotel whenever they please, and I have a certain affinity with their reasons. We have become far too promiscuous these days, evidenced by the number of single parent teenage mothers on our streets daily, many the result of ‘a one night stand’.

That is not to say my beliefs are as strong as the Bull’s, for I do feel a little practice is necessary in a long-term attachment before marriage, even if its just to find out if you are completely compatible!

And Not A Cop To Be Seen!

Today sees ‘Gay Pride’ parades in many cities around the world, with these misfits cavorting around around naked, semi-naked or in outrageous costumes that would have participants in a heterosexual parade arrested on the spot for contravening the decency laws.

Is this what we want our children to see?

The Equality and Human Rights Laws have given these misfits a voice, allowing them to ride roughshod over the rights of decent, law-abiding citizens at will.

Who knows how long it will be before a pedophile for example, uses these same laws to gain the right, as a down trodden minority, to molest children! Yes, I know, that’s crazy, but if a convicted felon can use these laws to escape a jail sentence or a terrorist deportation, who is to say it won’t happen.

We as a race have gone too far down the road of iniquity, so far in fact that decent behaviour and morals have faded to insignificance for many. This I find sad!



It’s nice to hear the Bull’s are to appeal the ruling by Judge Rutherford in the High Court. Hopefully, this time they will get proper justice.

Now Homo’s Can Sue the Clergy!

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The time is almost here when homosexuals can sue clergy who refuse to ‘marry’ them in a church. In a new ‘Human Rights’ twist, the latest amendment to Harriet Harman’s Equality Bill could force priests to go against their faith and beliefs, or be sued on the grounds of human rights violations.

Lord Alli at a Gay Parade

A last minute amendment to the Bill introduced by homosexual Peer Lord Waheed Alli in the House of Lords was passed even though the change was introduced too late for any form of debate. It allows for the first time, homosexual ‘marriages’ i.e. Civil Partnerships, to be performed in our churches. While the new amendment does state that these ceremonies may be carried out in places of worship, it also allows for national faith groups to refuse to carry them out. However, according to high ranking politicians and clergymen, this leaves the door open for any priest who refuses to perform the service to be sued by the homosexual couple under the Discrimination Laws of the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act finds its roots in the Declaration of Human Rights introduced by the United Nations Assembly in 1948, and was intended to ensure that everyone is treated equally, based on the standards of the time. When the declaration was drafted, no-one could for-see that during the last three decades the original intention of the Charter was to be hi-jacked by many fringe groups like

Abu Qatada-Used Human Rights Law

non-whites, immigrants and homosexuals, who saw it as a way to get what they want. This includes criminals who have in many instances used the Act as a means to escape justice.

It comes as part of a government attempt to outlaw bias against homosexuals and minority groups, and to my mind is just another ploy by Labour to grab the homosexual vote in the next election. Civil Partnerships have to date been allowed only in non-religious premises like Registry Offices, hotels and stately homes, with places of worship excluded. Now that barrier has been removed.

Although the document states ‘national faith groups will not be forced to carry out civil partnerships’, many believe that same-sex couples will seek redress against clergy who refuse to ‘marry’ them in church under the Equality Bill or Human Rights Act.

Both the Catholic and Anglican Churches stand fast on the 2000 year old doctrine that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a women, and why shouldn’t they?

Lord Waddington

Lord Waddington, a former Home Secretary said; “If this amendment were carried, it would only be a matter of time before it was argued that it was discriminatory for a church incumbent to refuse to allow a civil partnership ceremony to take place when the law allowed it.” He added; “a clergyman prepared to register marriages but not to register civil partnerships would be accused of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in the provision of services, and pressure would be brought to bear on him to pocket his principles and do what he believed to be wrong”.


What this means in a nutshell is the clergy would be caught between allegiance to their principles and beliefs, or a costly day in court! It would seem individual priests and clergymen have no human rights at all! Well maybe not so, but shall we say homosexuals have a lot more rights because they know how to milk the system!

There are some churches that welcome the idea of performing civil unions for homosexuals. A group of liberal Jews, Quakers and Unitarians have stepped forth to declare they welcome the idea. This does not however solve the problem for the Catholic and Anglican Churches who hold steadfast on their beliefs.

There is little doubt that homosexuals couples will be lining up at the church doors as soon as this amendment is passed into law, if only to

Togetherness - Bah Humbug!

see if they can get away with it. When that happens, there will doubtless be much soul-searching among the clergy. I cannot see the Catholic Church giving way on this issue, but I hesitate to give the same assurance with regard to the Anglican Church. It is possible they will see no other way than to bow to the inevitable or risk costly law suites by frustrated homosexual couples.

I find it disgusting that this group of misfits cannot be satisfied with what they have achieved already, i.e. legal partnerships under the law and the right to adopt children, but no, they must have their cake and eat it too! Peter Tatchall, a well-known campaigner for homo rights has already stated; “Our next goal is to secure marriage equality, to end the prohibition on lesbian and gay couples having a civil marriage in a registry office.” In other words they want to have the same status and rights, and be properly married in church in the same way normal married couples do. Will these people never be satisfied?

What makes them think they should have the same rights as a married man and woman? To achieve what they are after they will destroy whatever remains of the sanctity of marriage, and destroy whatever morality there is left in the world. It will make a mockery of every normal couples marriage and destroy the last vestiges of decency that exists. Yes! I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but its what I and many others believe, even though we have no say in the matter.

OK! So Who Do I Call Mummy?

And what about the children! So far as homosexuals adopting children is concerned, I find it abhorrent, and in no way believe that any child with two male parents stands any chance of a normal upbringing, despite them not being short on love for the child. Homosexual adoption is as yet in its infancy, and no-one can tell what the long term affects will be on a child’s development. I guess the picture on the left says it all.

Accuse me of ‘gay bashing’ if you like, but  that is not my intention, I just wish they behaved like normal individuals then there would be no need for this blog. I fail to see why normal people must have the ‘gay’ agenda shoved down their throats every day of the year. The disgusting display of men cavorting in skimpy outfits during a ‘gay parade, that normal people would get arrested for wearing in public are a disgrace. Be a homosexual if you wish, but keep it to yourselves, leave the church alone, and stop flaunting your deviance like a badge of honour!

In conclusion I have only this to say, if we throw away the last vestiges of morality and decency we will be left with anarchy.


The Pope on Homosexuality

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The Pope has spoken out against the British governments equality law which is seen by many to be ‘Gay Friendly’. All I can say is; ‘Good on yer, yer Popeship!’

It would seem that no-one in a position of authority in Britain is man enough to stand up to the ‘Gay’ lobby, and to me that is a sad indication of how fast we are heading into oblivion as a nation. Justice, fair play, honour, courage, integrity and honesty, to name but a few, that were respected by previous generations have now all but disappeared in the cesspit of modern life in Britain. Now the last shreds of morality are being thrown away by a government that cares only for votes.

The Labour Government, since it came to power, has been a monumental example of how to destroy a once proud nation! Its vision of a multi-cultural Britain, destruction of the Rule of Law and out of control youth have put the country on the road to being a pariah among the nations of the world.

The final nail is now ready for the coffin as they prepare to pass the ‘Equality Law’. We have for years suffered under the yoke of their ‘handmaidens’, the Human Rights campaigners and the ‘Goody Goody’ Brigade, who have dictated what we can and cannot do, say and cannot say, and now to top it all, if you advertise for someone to look after your small children and a homosexual applies, you cannot say no. Just a simple example of what we are being forced to accept. Government legislation has already come into effect that bans adoption agencies from ‘discriminating’ against ‘Gay’ couples. It’s a disgrace.

This ‘human rights crap’ has gone too far, which was amply demonstrated a couple of weeks ago when a woman wanted to place an advertisement for a ‘reliable’ worker, but was told she could not because it discriminated against unreliable people!!!!

Schools are being coerced into teaching children as young as five or six that homosexuality is perfectly normal. Like hell it is!!! Homosexual marriages, homosexual couples bringing up children, its immoral. No-one yet knows the long term affects having same sex parents will have on the future mental state of children.

There is nothing normal about two men having sex together and teaching their children that its alright to be ‘Gay’, Uhh! I hate that word. The real word for these people is homosexual and lesbian, and they have no right to bastardise the English language to make themselves sound more acceptable.

If the homosexuals get their way, future generations of children will be gradually coaxed into a homosexual lifestyle that eventually will see the human race disappear up its own a&*, unless they devise a way to have children!

Despite my rant, I have only one thing against homosexuals. So far as I am concerned, they can live their lives as I live mine, so long as they are not shouting about it on every street corner and running around skimpily dressed at ‘Gay Parades’, but the one thing I hate, apart from their constant whining, is they are always on the look out for fresh meat. You may be amazed at how many young men have been fondled surreptitiously by a hunting ‘Homo’ in the hope of making a conquest/conversion.

No! I’m sorry, but his Popeship is right. It is an abomination. The passing of this law will open up a can of worms that once released will be impossible to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a supporter of discrimination, but imagine if you will that a homosexual applies to look after your children while you are at work. It may be in your home or at the local Child Care Centre, but if such a person is not hired they have the right to take you to court under this Act.

We will end up in the same situation as in the seventies when coloured people were claiming race discrimination if you did not hire them over a more qualified white person. You can’t have it both ways! We have passed laws to discriminate against pedophiles working with children, but, I can hear you say, that is different because they are wicked perverts, but its OK for your children to be cared for, and in some cases manipulated, by homosexuals?   Whether you think homosexuals have an equal place in our society is up to you, but you should at least have the right to decide who works for you, or who looks after your children.

Let me leave you with a question? I would be interested to know what your answer will be. How far down the road of individual and group freedom do you think we can go before the whole fabric of society disintegrates?

Keep smiling it ain’t over yet!


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