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The Best Of Humour

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Jokes flash back and forth on the internet and occasionally a real gem surfaces. I received this the other day and thought people might like it. It is interesting too because the instigator has used an old Dean Martin song to good effect as a background to the clip.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My thanks to the anonymous poster.


The ‘Outlook’ Disaster

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Am I the only one having problems with the ‘new’ Outlook? Ever since Microsoft shut down Hotmail their e-mail replacement programme Outlook has driven me up the wall and to a great deal of stress with the time it takes to open, change menus and send e-mails. There have been times when I have been close to tearing my hair out in sheer frustration.

Hotmail to Outlook - A Disaster

Hotmail to Outlook – A Disaster

I have written to Microsoft on numerous occasions to complain, only to be met with the standard Microsoft ‘Wall of Silence’. Not that there is any easy way to contact Microsoft Support as you have to go through ‘twenty’ different screens and still end up with nothing. As you can imagine, this post is the result of sheer frustration! Today I lost a very important e-mail that was in my Drafts Box, and it will be no simple thing to write it again as it was complicated, and provided answers to someone with a problem in our community. It was all I could do to stop myself throwing the computer off the terrace! I am sure we have all had times like that and the computer was lucky to escape unscathed.

Please Bill, Come Back And Sort Out The Idiots You Left In Charge!

Please Bill, Come Back And Sort Out The Idiots You Left In Charge!

I wrote a post some time ago about the demise of Apple after Steve Jobs died, and it seems to me that Microsoft has gone the same way ever since Bill Gates left the company. We had a very stable e-mail programme with Hotmail, but for some unexplained reason Microsoft decided to retire it and replace it with the unmitigated disaster called Outlook. Why???? I think they must know that there are many bugs in the new programme so why are they sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it.

I am sure many other people are suffering with this e-mail programme because my wife has exactly the same problems on her computer. Therefore, I can well imagine there must be many other sufferers out there in the wild blue yonder. So I leave this message for Microsoft: GET A GRIP AND SORT OUT THIS TRAVESTY OF AN E-MAIL PROGRAMME, OR BETTER STILL, BRING BACK HOTMAIL!

End of rant!


Spam on WordPress

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First let me compliment WordPress and its anti-spam programme Akismet, because without it life as a blogger would be almost intolerable. I have currently 131 posts since I started with WordPress, and it’s amazing that my blog has been protected from 267 spam attacks, that’s more than two per blog.

I always find it hard to imagine why people feel the need to make internet users life a misery just to get across some stupid message, or advertise their own site products. Since global use of the internet began, spammers have forced their way into people’s lives, and internet users spend almost as much time getting rid of it than doing what they enjoy. This is particularly true of the blogging and e-mail world.

The miscreants among us who perpetrate this type of internet attack are thoughtless, callous, and without any form of conscience whatsoever. Not that they care what we think of them.

You Can't Get Away From It

Many of my spam attacks have been from people who have read my articles but then leave a comment like ‘*’, or just the article title, and by clicking on their link you find they are a site that sells something or other.

No-one with an iota of intelligence is going to imagine that I, or any other blogger, would allow such a comment onto the site whose only purpose is the hope that someone else will click on their link on the comment in question and go to their site. Sorry! No Way Jose!!!

I have had comments from people with commercial sites or addresses, but they have made a legitimate comment on my post and therefore I allow them.

E-Mail Spam

So my message to these people is, if you don’t have a valid comment to make on the article, don’t waste your time, my time, and that of the WordPress crew. Akismet is very effective so there is no point in trying!

Before I moved to Spain I was receiving between ten and twenty spam e-mails a day advertising Viagra (who hasn’t had one of these) and many other pharmaceutical products, however, since changing my e-mail address it has stopped thank goodness. Out of curiosity I went back to my old e-mail address after six weeks and found 297 of these items in my ‘inbox’. Incredible!

Reading news items and associated comments from people on the internet, I have seen a gradual increase in the amount of spam that is posted on the ‘Comments’ column of news articles. Whenever I see something of this nature I always report it to the news item poster, and usually the offending comment is removed.

Stop the Spam or We Shoot the Dog

Spammers are unfortunately with us to stay, and no amount of appeals will make them stop if they see the opportunity to ‘make a buck’. It does no good to appeal to their better nature, because they don’t have one. They have become a fact of life, but I am sad when I think that whenever something good like the internet comes along, there is always someone who will mess it up. It’s really too sad for words. May all spammers burn in hell!

Until next time.


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