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Health And Safety Cock-Up Damages Teenagers.

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Young people love to spend their Friday and Saturday nights at the local disco, club or occasionally at a rock concert and you can safely say a good time is had by all. But in these places there is a hidden menace that can cause serious harm without them realizing it.

Having A Great Time Dancing The Night Away - But What Of The Cost?

Having A Great Time Dancing The Night Away – But What Of The Cost?

In just about all venues the volume level is so loud as to cause tinnitus and/or hearing loss with prolonged exposure. The effects are rarely known straight away but have a tendency to increase as time goes on.

 A gig last Monday at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge highlighted the dangers of too loud music perfectly. The star attraction was UB40 and the place was packed. However, due to the excessively high volume of the music it did not stay that way for long. Anna Webster actually experienced bleeding from the ears due to the levels.

UB40 Concert Cambridge

UB40 Concert Cambridge

She left before the first song ended and said, “It was just horrendously loud – the bass was vibrating even in the foyer. There were so many people walking out because they couldn’t deal with it. It was vibrating through your whole body – it was actually altering heart rhythms.” This I can well believe, but I know many youngsters will just put it down to a one-off, but that is not true.

Another concert goer said, “The bass crashed into you like a steam train. I had a pain in my chest.” I’ll bet she was not the only one.

The music levels are far too high in just about every disco, club and concert you go to, although, because it does not physically hurt it’s considered OK.

At Idle A Jet Engine Produces Approximately 120dB

At Idle A Jet Engine Produces Approximately 120dB

What truly amazed me is that the Health and Safety rules covering such events says, “the continuous sound level should not exceed 107 dB, with the peak sound pressure level not exceeding 140 dB.” I really don’t know what these idiots are thinking, because if you were standing within ten feet of a running  jet engine you would experience about 120dB. So it follows that the sound emitted can exceed that according to the regulations.  This is crazy.

I know all about jet engines for I have worked on them for 37 years prior to retirement. Only a fool would go near a running jet engine without hearing protection, and tinnitus and loss of hearing is common among those who worked with aircraft.

The sad thing is you cannot impress this on the young for they cannot visualize that far ahead. For this reason the laws need to be tightened up to normal acceptable levels otherwise the best businesses to have in the future will be selling hearing aids.


The Hidden Menace In Today’s Society

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Disco’s, pubs, parties, we all enjoy a great night out don’t we? Its great to be able to listen to your favourite music while on the bus or in the car on the way home, and we all thank the guy who invented the mobile. Let’s face it, life without music would be pretty boring, right? It does not matter what your music taste is, we all need something to distract us from the worries and problems we face in the turbulent lives we lead today.

A Great Night Out But.....

A Great Night Out But…..

The young people of today love a night out at the local disco, and those a little older enjoy an evening at the local pub with perhaps a group playing in the lounge. It sounds like good fun, but therein lies a hidden menace. Ever had a ‘boom boom’ car pass you by on the street? Young people in the car with the music so loud you can hear the boom of the drum from half a kilometer away.

Ever since the rise of pop music, groups, D.J’s and disco’s seem to think that the only way to play music is at maximum volume. Let me put a question to you:- How many times have you been to a disco where the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think? In some places the walls vibrate because it is so loud. The sad thing is, being young and carefree, no-one thinks of the problems they will experience later in life because of this addiction to loud music.

Too Loud?

Too Loud?

It has got to the stage today where loud has become so normal, that if someone passes you on the street listening to music on their mobile through ear pieces, you can hear it from two metres away. It has to be LOUD because that is what they are used to. While the senses may love it, one part of the body is literally cringing. By that of course I mean the ears.

It has been proven that as many as two thirds of people attending a disco, pub, party or gig have ringing in the ears when they leave. This is a danger sign. According to the survey carried out by the campaign group Action on Hearing Loss as many as a third of people ignore the safe listening levels on their music players.

Sounds Great, But Too Loud And You Will Be Sorry

Sounds Great, But Too Loud And You Will Be Sorry

Its surprising how long people listen to music these days. According to the survey, about a half of those polled listen to music from one to six hours a day. Several hours a day listening to music at high volume will mean only one thing eventually -Tinnitus.

Tinnitus can take many forms, beginning with a slight buzzing in the ears it can develop to an overwhelming cacophony of noise in your head that you can do nothing about. In some cases people have been driven to suicide after months of loud noises in their head. It can affect your concentration and even prevent sleep.

What is also amazing in this survey is that one in ten did not even know what tinnitus is, with 3% thinking it was ‘big ears’ and 4% said ‘a repetitive strain injury’. I can tell you that when you get it, you will certainly know what it is.

It Can Be Dangerous

It Can Be Dangerous

Sadly, it is impossible to educate people, especially teenagers, into the dangers of loud music because the resultant problems are too far away in the future for them to contemplate. It will only be when they get to middle-age or older that real tinnitus will manifest itself, and by then its too late. Another disturbing factor is a loss of hearing. Meaning in effect that you can become partially deaf as the damage to your ears accelerates.

Lightning Flight Line

Lightning Flight Line

I know all about this problem for I have had it. I spent a total of 37 years working on aircraft, and in my younger days didn’t worry if I forgot my ear defenders when entering the flight line. When necessary I just put my fingers in my ears, but the trouble is you cannot work like that. Walking or working on the flight line with jet engines running as aircraft maneuvered just a few feet away, or took off and landed was something I never worried about at the time. But I came regret my stupidity in later years.

Tinnitus Is Not Something You Want

Tinnitus Is Not Something You Want

When I got to my middle fifties I began getting a faint ringing in my ears that did not stop for many hours. A few years later it became like a flock of birds all twittering loudly at the same time. Now that I am retired I do not get it as often, but I am 60% deaf in my right ear and 25% on my left side. Mine was never a really bad case, but I drive my wife crazy sometimes when I ask, “What did you say?” I know people who have had it so bad they sometimes cannot sleep at night for the noise is loud and there 24/7.

You Could End Up With One Of These

You Could End Up With One Of These

We all think we can be stupid when we are young because old age is so far away, but when tinnitus strikes you certainly regret your youthful stupidity. Time perhaps for the younger generation to start thinking of taking ear plugs with them when they go to the disco, and to turn down the volume on the car radio and mobile. When all is said and done, it is up to the parents to guide their offspring in this area by making them aware of the dangers.


The Mad Scientists of Today

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Science and Physics are not attracting as many schoolchildren as they used to, and it makes me wonder why. Perhaps these two subjects have little attraction for youngsters these days, it’s too hard, or maybe, its just all the crazy stuff they read in newspapers from ‘scientists’. I put that in inverted comma’s specifically, because some of the trash they are coming out with these days is unbelievable.

Good Luck Friend!

Just as an example, scientists at Oxford University have ‘proven’ that tall people are more likely to get cancer than short people, while ‘experts’ in the USA have ‘proven’ that tall men are far more likely to get testicular cancer than short men! The one that sends me into fits of laughter however is that which states, ‘second-hand smoke doubles the hearing loss among teenagers’!!! Where do they get this tripe!!!!

Disco Speakers - Designed To Blow Your Head Off!

I suppose the fact that teenagers deafen all around them with their music set to 140db, and the disco’s and pop groups must have the volume from car-sized speakers at maximun, often louder than a Jumbo jet, is insignificant by comparison????? When out walking, how often do you hear a distant boom boom boom that steadily gets louder and louder as a teen drives past in his car with the windows down and the car stereo at maximum volume? Its a good job the windows are rolled down, for if they were not they would probably shatter from the onslaught. How many times can you hear the music from an iPod listener several feet away as they listen to music on a headset? But of course, this has nothing to do with teen hearing loss in the minds of these idiot scientists.

Military Jet Engine Test

I know what I am talking about, for I spent 37 years working on aircraft in the RAF and NATO, and suffered signifcant hearing loss myself. Naturally it was my own fault, and I blame no-one but myself.

I for one have often claimed the only reason they come up with this stupid research, is to make a name for themselves in scientific circles, get a paper published, or impress financial backers to get grants for more stupidity! 

Yea! I Got This Virus Ain't I!

You will not believe this, but a couple of years ago, one very serious scientists made the claim that his research had led him to the conclusion that obesity was simply due to a virus!!!!! Nothing at all to do with filling the hole in your face with massive amounts of all the wrong food, and being a ‘couch potato”!

City Air Pollution

They used to portray ‘the mad scientist’ in the old Bram Stoker movies, but today they have become a reality. I am sorry guys, I know you are serious people in a very competative world, but for crying out loud, give us a break from your wild ideas and get down to some serious problem solving like the world energy crisis and pollution. I for one would be more inclined to believe your results!


Disco Debs and Fashion

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Yesterday evening I attended a rather chique beach disco bar in Marbella with some friends, and it was full of the ‘neuvo riche’ showing off their money.

I was amazed at the number of teenagers (and suedo-teeners) displaying their wares in all the latest fashion creations, and it got me to thinking.

I have always been a ‘people-watcher’ and believe me, it can be a rewarding hobby. Some of the sights that passed in front of my eyes last night would make a priest blush.

All the girls were dressed in the latest fashions which varied from skirts so short as to be compared with wide belts, to glittering, or diaphanous creations that would be more suited to a tart. But perhaps the most disturbing were the mothers trying to emulate their offspring.

They stood out like a sore thumb in their ‘sexy’ outfits trying to copy the dance moves of their youngsters, which was rather a waste of time because they couldn’t dance either.

Fashion must move on to be competitive, but today it has reached a point where it now pushes items that would only have been worn by tarts, or ‘ladies of the night’ in days gone by. My, how times change, or maybe I have just got old!

The accent today seems to be to put everything on display in the hope of catching a hapless male for casual sex, not that the average young male of today is complaining of course.

All the mystery and enchantment of seduction seems to have been washed out of relationships these days, because its more a case of “Here it is, take it or leave it”. Seduction has become as bald as “Fancy a —-?” to which she will reply, if he is lucky, “OK!”

The one thing I have learned in all my years is this: Men want sex as often as they can get it, but at the same time, want to marry a virgin! How’s that for a paradox! Males always think they can have their cake and eat it (no innuendo intended).

Today’s situation does rather lead to the question; Where do we go from here? Well, for my part I have no idea!

One good reason why we cannot glimpse the future perhaps?


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