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Arrest Of A Suspect

We see demonstrations all over the world and it is getting worse. Why are people not happy with what they have? Governments are under pressure to change the way we live and give more money to the poor. It is up to people to make their lives better and get an education so that they can at least earn more money. But this is not an option for they want money without doing anything.

The poor people of the world must make themselves able to do work that will earn them more money, but that is too difficult for them. We all have brains and we should make the most of an education. Some cannot be bothered to study at school and turn to crime to get what they want. Education is the keystone for being successful in the world, but they prefer to rob shops and passers-by on the streets to get money, and very many of them spend it on drugs.

Violent attacks and killings are becoming more and frequent in England, and the police are overwhelmed by the number of those being killed on the streets of London and elsewhere. We are getting close to the number of killings in the United States as we see more and more every day.

All these killings are mostly by teenagers who try to get money from those they have murdered. Unless the police clamp down on such things it will get worse. Some of the killings are because of arguments between rivals, and why should they kill someone because they disagree with them. It is monstrous to consider murdering someone because they do not agree with them. Britain is getting more and more violent day by day and it has to stop.

We should be putting these killers in jail for a very long time but all they get is three or four years in prison. Prison does not change the mentality of these killers in such a short time.

Once we get out of the E.U. we should change our laws to be hard on them for a very long time. Bring back hanging will do the trick, and we will see the number of killings drop drastically. No-one wants to be hanged for killing someone on a street or in their own home. Hanging will change the whole of the United Kingdom, and we will see fewer and fewer murders on the streets of our towns and cities.

But first we have to get out of the European Union before we implement this punishment. Once we are free of the European Court of Human Rights and we introduce hanging other countries will follow suit.

The European Union is a farce in this respect for they have banned the death sentence all across Europe. This has led to murders and the only way to stop it is the death sentence. Murderers will be wary of not killing people for fear of the death sentence if they are caught and found guilty.

Once this law has been passed the people can live without fear of getting shot or knifed in their own homes or on the street. Britain will become a safer place as the number of killers dwindles for fear of the death sentence. We only have to hang one or two murderers for it to stop, for all killers will be afraid of what they face.


Slave Labour In Saudi Arabia

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Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad

Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad

It seldom reaches the news pages, but in Saudi Arabia thousands of young Indonesian girls and women are working as virtual slaves in the homes of wealthy Saudi’s.

Until recently it was common practice for the family they were working for to confiscate their passports and keep them a virtual prisoner. They were paid little for working almost 24 hour a day and time off was almost non-existent. They were totally at the mercy of those that ’employed’ them.

Reading an article from last year I came across the fact that one such person, 41 year-old Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad had eventually snapped and killed her employer, stole 37,970 Saudi Arabian riyal (£6,140) and fled the house. Although she has always claimed she acted in self-defence, she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by the Saudi court – unless her family paid the sum of seven million riyal in ‘blood money’ to the family. From the report it would seem that this is acceptable practice under Islāmic Law.

Her family immediately tried to raise this ‘blood money’ from donations but fell far short of the target. Thankfully the Indonesian government stepped in and paid the al-Garib family their ransom.

Saudi Execution

Saudi Execution

From the report it seems that it is not uncommon for Indonesian women to be in this situation, for at the time of the report there are some 246 migrant workers on death row awaiting execution. The Indonesian government says it has so far saved 176 migrants from the death penalty by paying the ransom.

After saving Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad the Indonesian government entered into negotiations with the Saudi government to try and improve the living standards of its citizens working in the country. According to the Human Rights Watch, in February of this year negotiations were agreed that allowed Indonesian domestic workers to keep their passports, communicate with families, have time off and get paid monthly. Mind you, for the government to agree to this and have the affected families follow the new rules is something else again.

With all their money it would hardly seem credible that wealthy Saudi families would stoop so low as to keep what accounts to a slave in their house. It is clear that in Saudi immigrants have little or no rights whatsoever. It does not surprise me that eventually some individuals snap and kill their employer when forced to work under such conditions. Having to take beatings day after day is not what I would call ’employment’.


Australia’s Sneaky Tactic To Stop The Drug Execution!

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It is to me unfathomable that any nation would stoop to sneaky tactics to stop the execution of two of their nationals accused of drug running in a foreign country. But that is exactly what Australia did in the case of Chan and Sukumaran in Indonesia. These two, along with seven others, were accused of smuggling drugs in Indonesia and executed by firing squad last Wednesday, and before that time the Australian government was trying every tactic in the book to get the executions stopped.

Now it has come to light that their Minister For Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop has said that the executions were illegal under international law! In an effort to get the executions stopped she tried to get the case heard by the International Court, but to do that she needed the agreement of the Indonesian government. She sent a request for the hearing to them but they did not respond.

Julie Bishop - A Foolish Woman

Julie Bishop – A Foolish Woman

She had received advice from ANU academic Don Rothwell and Sydney barrister Chris Ward that the men’s execution was illegal under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Indonesia signed in 2006. According to them the accused could only be executed for ‘the most serious crimes’.

According to legal safeguards added to the treaty in 1984, and according to the advice commissioned for Chan and Sukumaran’s legal team and provided to Ms Bishop, “Drug trafficking does not constitute such a crime when it involves no prima facie harm or violence to another person. (WHAT???) We concede that one of the possible consequences of the trafficking of drugs is self-abuse of the drug, possibly resulting in death. (Oh how magnanimous of you!) However, this is an event which is considerably removed from the actual trafficking of the drugs and ultimately involves an act of self-choice by the drug user.” Cobblers! Who tries their hardest to get someone on drugs? The dealers who receive their supplies from the likes of Chan and Sukumaran.

Sukumaran Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Sukumaran Family Arrive Back In Sydney

The accusations went further by claiming Indonesia subjected the criminals to “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” which is also against the covenant. Professor Rothwell and Dr Ward also pointed out that “execution by way of firing squad, the men’s treatment over 10 years in jail, the Attorney-General H.M. Prasetyo’s decision to execute prisoners in large groups ‘described by Indonesia as batches, in the presence of each other and before a massed group of executioners’, and repeated comments in the lead-up that the deaths were ‘imminent’, ‘will not be delayed’, may be ‘this week’, and that ‘on-going legal processes would not be respected’ were all cruel and inhuman.” Pile it on boys pile it on!

For myself I have never heard such a load of tosh in my life. So they were Australian nationals, so what. They got caught and had to pay the price. Tough! You know what they say, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!”

Chan Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Chan Family Arrive Back In Sydney

Now the papers are filled with hand-wringing, tear-filled photo’s of the coffins and family arriving back in Australia. I suppose next we will be hearing they are to be given a state funeral because of their suffering at the hands of those dastardly Indonesian! Get this through your head Australia – THEY WERE DRUG SMUGGLERS!

I have no pity for these people because of the death and misery they sow by making these drugs available, even to small children! They do not have a moments thought for the thousands that die every day from drugs. They just smile and pocket the cash, and we are supposed to feel sorry for them?

Now there is more sympathy for these two animals than for a single victim of drug taking. Putting them out of business has quite possibly saved the lives of very many teens who would otherwise have been mentally destroyed, or even died using their smuggled drugs.

What Happens When A Pregnant Women Does Drugs!

What Happens When A Pregnant Women Does Drugs!

I for one would like to know how these tearful sympathizers would think if their son or daughter had died from a drug overdose! But typical of today’s common attitude, it happened to someone else so who cares!

Now the newspapers are full (37 photo’s in one paper) of the family arriving at Sydney airport along with the coffins of the two drug smugglers. To see so much attention given to two men, who with their partners conspired to destroy lives is sickening. I guess the family would have had no qualms about spending the money these two made with their vile trade.

Thankfully all the hand-wringing and tears will not bring this pair back, for they have paid the ultimate price for their cold-hearted crimes.


Hypocrisy Beyond Belief!

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I just cannot believe the magnitude of hypocrisy shown by the Australian government on the execution of the drug dealers that took place yesterday. It is well known that the gangs arrest in Indonesia was based on information provided by the Australian police, and now they are coming under fire from the government for providing it!

How Would He Feel If One Of HIS Children Died From Drugs?

How Would He Feel If One Of HIS Children Died From Drugs?

The Australian Police Force (AFP) is being summoned by a parliamentary committee to explain why they gave the information to the Indonesian authorities knowing that the death sentence was used in that country. It would seem that guidelines used by the police must take into consideration whether or not the country receiving the information has the death penalty.

Executed - At Least They Will Bring No More Harm To Vulnerable People

Executed – At Least They Will Bring No More Harm To Vulnerable People

So you could say that if a mass murderer is known to the police, escapes to another country and commits a further crime there, while the police of that country are investigating the AFP cannot pass on the information if the recipient country has the death penalty! Unbelievable!

The AFP guidelines set out by the Labour Party in 2010 state, “When the police are giving information to overseas law enforcement agencies about suspected criminals they must take into account the degree of risk to the person in providing the information, including the likelihood the death penalty would be imposed.”

So what this means in effect, is that the Aussie police should not have passed on the information because Indonesia has the death penalty, which would have allowed the gang to continue operating.

David Feeney - A Seriously Misguided Man

David Feeney – A Seriously Misguided Man

When the 2014 directive from the justice minister for the Tony Abbott government, Michael Keenan was released it did not include this restriction. Opposition justice spokesman David Feeney has said it should be included as a ‘matter of urgency’. He said, “We must do all we can to protect Australians from the threat of the death penalty, and to campaign for the global abolition of this cruel punishment”.

All I can say is ‘good luck with that’ for it will never happen. How Mr. Feeney are you going to persuade countries like North Korea, China and the USA etc to give up the death sentence?

USA Drug Deaths Compared To Falling, Guns, And Traffic Accidents

USA Drug Deaths Compared To Falling, Guns, And Traffic Accidents

It would seem that Mr. Feeney does not have a thought in his head for the family members of those that are killed by drugs or murdered or raped. His attitude seems to be “Oh dear! What a shame, never mind!” We must care for the perpetrators of these crimes!

An Accurate Description

An Accurate Description

I applaud those countries that have not given in to the wishy-washy ‘Do-Gooders’ and ‘Politically Correct’ brigades, like those that abound here in Europe for example who are slowly strangling our democracy.

Abbot In Mourning?

Abbot In Mourning?

Within a day or so the two Australian drug gang leaders bodies will arrive back in Australia for burial, and I am putting my money on them being given a ‘hero’s’ welcome with major outpouring of grief from the people and the government. It would not surprise me if Abbot, or some other government official attended the funeral!

It is sickening to the ‘enth’ degree when people react in this way. They were drug smugglers plain and simple, and they deserved the death penalty for all the pain and misery they cause in the world.

Ban Ki Moon - Sorrow That A Drug Gang Received The Death Penalty?

Ban Ki Moon – Sorrow That A Drug Gang Received The Death Penalty?

Right now, no-one in the Australian government has a single thought for the tens of thousands of lives that are either lost or destroyed because of these evil people. It makes my blood boil to read of the reactions of the Australian, French and Brazilian governments among others, and of course not forgetting that idiot Ban Ki Moon of the U.N. who all protested at their sentence.

According to the latest news reports as many as 30 people a day die from drugs in Indonesia alone. I wonder what the figure would be world-wide?

And yet these governments are so filled with sympathy for the accused, who have caused misery for so many families. It’s just shameful!

Sentenced To Hang - UK 1950

Sentenced To Hang – UK 1950

Much as I hate to repeat myself, I have said in other posts that it is time for all nations to bring back the death penalty for drug crimes, killers, serial rapists and terrorism.

In my day you could count the number of murders in a year on your fingers alone because ‘death by hanging’ was a great deterrent. But since that is gone we have murders almost every day of the week because there is no deterrent! Its time to turn back the clock!


The Last Day of Life

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Much of today’s news is about the execution of the nine drug traffickers in Indonesia which has hit the headlines constantly over the past weeks. According to reports they were to be executed at 6pm today British Standard Time, so as I write they should have been put before the firing squad and shot to death just 23 minutes ago.

The news of late has been filled with protestations from the governments of those concerned. Chief among them have been Australia and France who have ‘demanded’ that they not be executed.  Further protests have been lodged by the governments of the USA and Great Britain among others.

As I said in my previous post on this subject, foreign powers should stay out of dictating to any country what to do with criminals that have been found guilty of crimes.

In my view, if Indonesia wishes to execute these drug dealers then that is their right and it is not for foreign governments to dictate otherwise.

So there are two Australian citizens and a French citizen among the criminals – So What! It was a tip-off from the Australian police that got them caught in the first place. They did the crime and now they must pay.

Currently there is more thought given to this drug gang than for the thousands of lives they could have ruined if their vile drugs had reached the shores of Australia. Its pathetic!


Back Off Australia!

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Australian Prime Minister

Australian Prime Minister

I find it amazing that Australia is going to great lengths to try and save the lives of two criminals who have been convicted and sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Bali, Indonesia.

This all came about when 11 people were arrested for smuggling heroin, among whom were citizens of Australia, Brazil and France. Upon them receiving the death sentence the governments of these three countries began lobbying Bali, where the offences took place, to suspend the death sentence for these criminals.

Myuran Sukumaran (L) and Andrew Chan

Myuran Sukumaran (L) and Andrew Chan

The death sentence was stopped in Indonesia in 2009 but was reintroduced in 2013, for the country takes a hard stance on drug trafficking. In January this year six traffickers were executed by firing squad, five of which were foreigners.

The governments of both Brazil and France are now protesting the forthcoming execution of their citizens but these have been rejected by the country’s President, Joko Widodo, who insists that foreign countries have no say in Indonesian justice. And he is right too!

While France has not made any threats to Indonesia, the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff,  refused to accept the credentials of a new Indonesian Ambassador to Brazil in an effort to exert pressure on the Indonesian government. The general consensus of opinion seems to be that both Australia and Brazil believe that the Indonesian government will cave in to pressure. I hope they don’t.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo

What I found disgraceful was the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, who reminded President Widodo publicly that Australia had donated $0.78 billion to Indonesia following the fateful Tsunami in 2004, and the Australian citizens should therefore not be executed. Abbot has been severely criticized in Australia and world-wide for the comment because it sounds like blackmail.

In my view, no foreign country has the right to interfere in the judicial system of another country, provided it is just and humane, no matter what the charge or sentence. These people knew that the death sentence was an option in Indonesia but went ahead anyway. The fact that they were caught in 2005, ironically enough on a tip from the Australian police, had a fair trial and were sentenced to death has nothing whatsoever to do with the Australian government or its people. The crime was committed in Indonesia, and therefore the perpetrators were subject to the law of that nation.

Drug Overdose Death

Drug Overdose Death

I would like to know what Abbot’s reaction would have been if the drugs were successfully smuggled into Australia, and as a result, say, ten people had died of a drug overdose? I’ll bet he would not have even blinked an eye, or rather he may well have criticised Indonesia for not stopping it! Would he, and Roussef have made such a fuss if these criminals had been convicted of genocide, rape or murder? I doubt it.

The fact that they are ‘only’ drug smugglers seems to make a difference and I fail to see why. Drugs cause no end of deaths, misery and crime across the whole world, but in these people’s eyes that seems forgivable. Rubbish!

I strongly believe that many countries, in particular the western world, have become soft on crime on a massive scale. In most countries the death sentence has been outlawed and that is one reason why we have to accept rampant crime as part of our daily lives. Genocidal killers, murderers and serial rapists have nothing to fear any more, because they know they will only get a few years behind bars when caught and this is no deterrent at all.

Firearms Offences In The UK

Firearms Offences In The UK

UK Prisons - An Easy Life

UK Prisons – An Easy Life

Crime rates for murder etc. have climbed steadily across much of Europe since the abolition of the death penalty and governments have no-one to blame but themselves. Fifty or sixty years ago murder for example was very rare, because the culprits knew that when caught they would be hung. But now, teenagers and even children as young as nine are getting away with it and the statistics have gone through the roof. It is a proven fact that when the punishment no longer fits the crime the numbers escalate.

Global Violent Crime

Global Violent Crime

The really ironic thing is that when killers are caught and receive a prison sentence, the government has to house and feed them which costs exorbitant amounts of money every year. To me, this money could far better be spent on educating people not to commit crime, and better their lives so they do not need to enter into a life of crime.

Prison Costs

Prison Costs

 We are constantly told that the prisons are full to capacity, so if the death penalty were reintroduced that would free up many places and it would give criminals something to fear. It is certain that if someone is contemplating committing murder they will think twice if they know that the hangman’s rope is waiting for them when they get caught.

Who knows how this saga will end. It could be a triumph for justice or the Indonesian justice system will cave in to the pressure, but I have a feeling that justice will be served in the end. I hope so.


Death Penalty Outlawed – and Now Look At the Mess!

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Killers Nightmare

As I read the comments of people writing about newspapers articles involving crime recently, it would seem there is an overwhelming desire among the general public to see hanging back in Britain. High profile crimes over the past decade or more, linked with the ever decreasing sentences, appear to have sparked the idea in people’s minds that the death sentence may be the only way to stop the spiralling serious crime rate.

Violent Crime

While 58 nations world-wide still have the death penalty, Britain abolished it in 1969, the last execution taking place in 1964. Human Rights activists labelled the death penalty as “cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” while Amnesty International considers it to be “the ultimate denial of human rights”. To me, it seems these people do not have a thought in their collective heads for the victims of violent crime, and the savagery meted out by today’s young criminals. Maybe they consider the lives snuffed out by murder and torture to be insignificant. I doubt the relatives of the victims would agree.

There is little doubt in the opinion of many that although Labour has repeatedly promised to be “Tough on Crime” before every election, there has been nothing to show for these empty promises. The rate of serious crime has risen sharply year on year, despite what the official ‘massaged’ figures from government show.

Just Two Years Old

Every day sees a new horror story in the Press of someone who has been brutally murdered, more often than not by children as young as nine. We have only to remember John Venebles and Robert Thompson who led away, tortured, and then savagely murdered little 2 year-old James Bulger. Another case in point is the terrifying ordeal of two youngsters in Edlington who were sadistically tortured and left for dead by two brothers aged ten and eleven.

But it is not only children that form a major threat to law-abiding citizens, there are also career criminals like Waleed Salem who got off scot-free from a charge of aggravated burglary on the home of Munir Hussain. He had 50 previous convictions but had only ever spent a total of 42 days in jail for all of them. In most cases all he got was a community service sentence. After his run in with Munier Hussain he openly boasted outside the court that the law couldn’t touch him, and the sad thing is, he turned out to be right.


Because of the overcrowding in prisons, many often violent criminals are released early after serving only a small fraction of their sentence. In a large number of cases, these people go on to re-offend within weeks of release, and sometimes it involves murder. Once again the case of Venebles and Thompson comes to mind with them being released and given new identities after serving only five years for their horrendous crime. As we all now know, Venebles is back ‘inside’.

The ‘Barmy Brigade’ felt they should be released early “because they were only children” and “came from dysfunctional homes”, as if that excused their vicious crime! It is an inexcusable fact that in lower class homes in particular, although not exclusively, parents today have little or no control over their offspring. In fact, I would dare say there is little interest in bringing up children correctly. Judicial punishment for dysfunctional parents is long overdue in my opinion.

Many parents today seem to think it is the schools responsibility to give their children the necessary lessons in good behaviour, so without the required guidance, is it any wonder we have a generation of tearaways and thugs!

Home From Home

With ever shorter sentences and prisons like 5 star hotels, we are in a period where the average criminal has absolutely no fear of Justice? More often than not, even vicious felons get Community Service for a few weeks and are left in the public domain to continue their nefarious trade. It has been proven time and again that this system does not work because the criminal just ignores the whole thing, and usually no-one can be bothered to check up on them, and they know it. So really it is nothing but a gigantic farce.

All this is put in place because the prisons are full, but are we building new prisons? No! Plans have come and gone, but none have been built. You cannot possibly turn hardened criminals from their chosen way of life unless the punishment is so severe they will not dare re-offend. At the moment its quite the reverse in fact.

The “Do Gooders’ and ‘limp-wristed’ Liberals are so set on making prison life as easy as possible with the intention of “giving the criminal a sense of morality and easing them back into society”. Its pretty obvious they have never been attacked or robbed! Prisoners are released on licence for days at a time during their sentence to allow them to ‘get used to being around people again’. There have been cases where criminals have ‘settled old scores’ on such breaks, meaning someone got killed.

The first job of any new government is to get these ‘Goody Goody’ idiots back out on the street where they can do no more harm, and put an end to all this pussy footing around.

There is a good case for bringing back the death penalty in whatever form, for only then will it be driven home to these lowlifes that the public will not stand for it any more. Kill and you will be killed.

There are of course many who stop short of actual murder but commit vicious crimes nevertheless. For these there should be a regime of hard labour awaiting them once convicted. It is time to end the period of criminals lounging around watching TV, using their computers or playing pool. It is time to stop taking young killers out for a day to Manchester or Blackpool, or to the cinema. It is time for more serious sentencing, because I see little point in a Judge sentencing a killer to 20 years with ‘a minimum of eight to be served’. If you give someone 20 years it should BE 20 years end of story, but Oh Damn! We can’t do that because the prisons are full and Amnesty Int. says every prisoner is entitled to his own cell with all the comforts of home! Atishooo! Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit!

Unless we bring back the death sentence for murder, torture and terrorism, start making prison a thing to be feared, and hand down sentences that fit the crime, we as a society are lost, for the crime rate will continue to spiral out of all control. After all, Britain has certainly the highest crime rate in Europe, and is probably only second in the world to the USA. Crime has not escalated to epidemic proportions in most other countries because they are not run by sleazy governments that are soft on crime, and have not handed responsibility for the running of prisons over to idiots. It is way past time that we returned to the strict regime of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Bringing back the death penalty will not only make killers think twice before committing murder, but it should also help to solve the prison overcrowding problem. Mind you, we may end up with a cemetery overcrowding problem then.

Ah Well! I guess you can’t have everything!


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