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The European Union On The Brink

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1Alarming news has been released today which points to the fact that the E.U. could be about to fall apart. It is well known that the British will be voting in June on whether to stay in the Union or not, but it seems the ripples have started to spread to other countries.


Beatrix von Storch MEP For Germany

A couple of days ago it was reported that in Germany there is also a call for a referendum as Party Leaders ‘shared their envy’ of the British vote. “I want every member state to decide what is better for them, and the only way we can really do that is to have a referendum, like the UK.” said deputy chairman Beatrix von Storch MEP. “Schengen has collapsed already. Under Schengen Europe’s borders are supposed to be protected. They’re not.”

The French people are now demanding that they too hold a vote on France leaving the E.U. which is causing many other countries to think the same. According to other reports, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are also thinking seriously of a vote. If this happens who knows how many other countries will follow suite.


Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka

In The Netherlands 53% of the population supported an in/out vote,  while the Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka warned a “Czexit” could follow if Britons choose to leave the EU in June.

The people of both Germany and France are disenchanted with the turmoil caused by Merkel’s disastrous statement that all immigrants are welcome in Germany. Due to the numbers that have flooded in (over a million in 2015) there is not a hope in hell that Germany can handle the pressure, and hundreds of thousands have moved to other countries like France and even Sweden. There can be little doubt that Merkel has turned the entire European Union upside down with her rash statement. Several nations are struggling to handle the overflow and the European people are suffering heavily because of it.

Bye Bye Europe

Bye Bye Europe

The latest statistics indicate that the majority of the British population are in favour of leaving the Union, and if that happens it will have a roller coaster effect on other nations, certainly France. A struggling economy and a faltering government has fuelled a rising Eurosceptic sentiment in France, as well as the escalating migrant crisis.

Of one thing you can be sure, once the weather improves in the Mediterranean we can expect at least another million refugees according to experts this year. Some estimates indicate that the numbers could reach as high as two million. With the border between Turkey and Greece all but closed you can be sure they will start to cross from Libya to Italy, and the E.U. bureaucrats have no answer to that.

The Deadly Duo

The Deadly Duo

France and Germany have always been considered the backbone of the Union, and Germany in particular has exerted a lot of influence within Europe. If both leave however this could have a ripple effect as I said, and will result in the total collapse of the Union.

The Schengen Agreement has allowed free travel within the confines of Europe, but since the migrant crisis this has fallen by the wayside. This happened due to the sheer numbers of migrants which caused some countries to close the borders to prevent their entry.

Anti-Merkel Sentiments In Germany

Anti-Merkel Sentiments In Germany

In spite of all the trouble this has caused within Europe, Merkel still refuses to change her immigration policy saying that it is best for Germany. At the next election she will no doubt discover how disillusioned the German people are with her plans.

This entire episode has been a disaster for all European countries and there is no clear way out of it. If these votes go through and the ‘exit’ people win it will spell the end of the European Union once and for all, and Merkel will forever be known as the person who single-handedly destroyed the European Union. Considering all the troublesome interference from Brussels that we have to put up with, this might not be such a bad thing.


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