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Time For Reform In Our Prisons

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I read with interest about the prison riot in HMP Birmingham England yesterday, and I was shocked that such a thing could still happen in our prisons. I have always thought that the British prison system is far too soft on those who commit crimes, especially murder and rape.

All The Comforts Of Home

All The Comforts Of Home

These days a killer will be sentenced to ten years and be released in three or four. Surely that is not a just sentence for someone who has murdered an innocent person. Not only that, but prisoners these days live in  better conditions than most of our poorer people. With a TV, Radio, disc player and many other luxuries in their cells, plus snooker tables and chess sets, all paid for by the taxpayer.  There can be little doubt that the ‘Do-Gooders’ in our society have turned prison into a holiday camp. Long gone are the days when you were locked in a cell with just the bare minimum like a bed, wash bowl and toilet. They are more like hotel rooms these days.

The riot in Birmingham lasted twelve hours and a significant amount of damage was done. Again, the taxpayer may well foot the bill for repairs. The trouble has been quoted as being the worst since the Strangeways jail riot in 1990. UK prisons chief Michael Spurr said there were “serious problems” in jails that would not be solved immediately. Justice Secretary Liz Truss said  the rioters would “face the full force of the law.” Now what did she mean by that? An extra three months added to their sentence? I cannot see much coming out of her statement to the Press.

The rioting was said to have involved up to 600 inmates with some severe damage to parts of the prison. Currently it is said that the company that runs the prison, G4S, will be made to foot the bill for repairs although I doubt that. A G4S spokesman said,  “Our teams have worked tirelessly throughout the night to assess the damage caused, start the process of clearing up and capture any evidence that could be used by West Midlands Police for any subsequent prosecutions.”

Mike Spurr

Mike Spurr

This is the third prison violence episode in six weeks following trouble at Lewes and Bedford, and the authorities are worried that it could spread to other prisons in the country. Michael Spurr, who is chief executive of the National Offender Management Service Agency, said overcrowding, reduced staffing and drugs had put pressure on prisons.

In my view the authorities should draft in many more wardens to keep control, and ensure that the prisons are so constructed that it will be impossible for inmates to gather in large numbers. When such an occurrence takes place there should be sufficient wardens to quell the violence, using water cannons and tear gas if necessary. Prisoners need to have all their ‘goodies’ taken away so that they really know the meaning of punishment.

An Easy Time In Prison

An Easy Time In Prison

To allow a murderer or child rapist out of prison within three or four years should be done away with and they should serve a very long time in prison under a harsh regime. Today, killers etc. think nothing of it if they are caught, because they know they will be out in just a few years, and on top of that, have an easy time in prison.

There can be little doubt that the Justice System in Britain has gone soft on criminals, and for that we are all paying the price.


The Youth Crime Debate

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Have you ever felt nervous when passing a group of hooded youths on the high street? As the youth of today get more and more out of control, the debate over what to do with them gets more intense. Various plans by many successive governments, all of whom have promised to be “Tough on Crime”, have sadly failed to reduce youth crime.

Our Violent Youth

We have now reached a “Catch 22” situation, where the cost of keeping people behind bars has risen to the extent that the government is looking for ways to reduce still further custodial sentences in an effort to save money, while figures show the rate of re-offending by short term prisoners is on the rise.

In December last year the National Audit Office (NAO) released figures showing that 60% of prisoners who served less than a 12 months jail term re-offended, while only 18% of those inmates serving more than 4 years committed new crimes.

Re-Offending Rates From The NAO.

To me, the figures are clear. A longer sentence is more of a dissuader than a short one.

Home From Home!

British jails have become a ‘home from home’ for inmates, readily likened to a 5 star hotel instead of a place of punishment. Each prisoner has his own TV and music centre with plenty of recreation time in which to play snooker, table tennis, chess or in fact anything else that takes their fancy. They lounge around for most of the day in a life that many would find far better than their own on ‘the outside’. There is little incentive to become constructive members of society despite what the Barmy Brigade (Human Rights gang) tell us.

Is This The Future? How About Some Dancing Girls Too!

Prisoners in british jails have no sense that they are being punished for crimes committed, except for the fact that their freedom of movement has been temporarily suspended. To me this is wrong!

It has always been my conviction that jail time should be something feared by criminals. The jail regime should be so hard that no-one would ever want to go back. This system has worked for centuries until the Barmy Brigade started to gain major influence on the prison system under Labour.

Something No-one Forgets In A Hurry.

Young offenders such as we see today would have received the birch for petty crimes and a ruthless custodial sentence with hard labour for anything more. For premeditated murder you would have been ‘hanged by the neck until dead’ as the saying goes. Say what you like about it, but it was a great dissuader.

Today we are seeing more emphasis on not punishing offenders, but ‘trying to get them to change their ways’. The Police Foundation and Justice have just announced they do not want to see youth criminals sent to jail, but submit to conferencing with victims, parents and advisors’! What a load of bullshit!

I can just imagine it: “Advisor; “Now you know you have been a naughty boy so say sorry to your victims parents”. Youth: “OK. I’m sorry. Can I go now?” Advisor: “Alright, but just see you don’t kill anyone else”. End of story!

Conference This Lot!

Now that I am sure that will (not) put wayward youth back on the path of righteousness!

Criminals laugh at today’s justice system, and rightly so because it has become a joke. Now the emphasis is on so-called ‘Community Sentencing’ in which offenders are given the chance to work off their debt to society by working in the community.

Reports have shown that in the majority of cases these people rarely turn up for the work they are supposed to do, and there is such a shortage of supervisory staff that they get away with it. In many cases the supervisors cannot even be bothered to follow up on delinquents.

If anyone killed or even injured someone dear to me, I would want to see them banged up for a very long time in a prison that had the harshest of regimes. It would interest me little to hear a killer apologise. Sorry just doesn’t cut it!

It is high time prisoners were relieved of all their ‘home from home’ gadgets and TV’s and made to sleep in a cell with just the bare necessities, i.e. a bed, a toilet, and washbasin. An end should be brought to the idle hours and they should be made to work 48 hours a week just like you and me. I don’t care what it is they do, manufacture number plates or mailbags as in the past or whatever else, but work they must.

…And It Costs Less Too!!

With all the emphasis on what it costs to house a prisoner in today’s jails, £55,000 per prisoner with an annual total of £11 billion, it should be obvious even to the most dim politician that if we take away all the prisoners ‘goodies’ we could save billions. Why should the tax payer pay for all the amenities provided to prisoners. It’s obscene! Plus of course, they would help pay for their keep by the work they are doing every day.

It is not until we put the fear of God into these individuals that the crime rate will drop, and no amount of pussy-footing with criminals will get them back onto the right path.

Will it ever happen? Not on your life!


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