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Some Nonsense For A Change

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It’s my birthday today and my dashboard spam box is full again, so as I have not had a nonsense post for a while, I thought this would be a good time.

Who'd Work in an Embassy?

British government agencies overseas and the UK Emergency Services have to deal with a lot of calls from ‘strange’ people, as they do in the States I guess, and I came across a couple of articles that might be of interest.

Ouch! That Hurt!

A Consulate in Greece received a phone call from a man who wanted advice on how to install a chicken coop in his garden, while in Spain someone informed the Embassy that his dominatrix had left him stranded at the airport and would the Embassy contact her to let her know he had arrived. Now that sounds dodgy!

It gets worse, someone in Bulgaria expected the Consulate to sell his house for him (they should have sold it for €5 that would teach him), while in Dubai a person requested Consular staff pick up her dog that had arrived at the airport and bring it round to the house (using the Ambassador’s Rolls no doubt).

Ahhh! An Arctic Tan.

Apparently, officials in far off lands often get calls from UK residents about to go on holiday asking what clothes they should pack (imagine the fun you could have with that – going to the Arctic? Pack your bikini). I’m just glad I don’t work there.

As any Brit will know, most hospitals in the UK have an Accident and Emergency Department. The staff are usually overworked, but it doesn’t stop people coming in at all times of the day and night with weird ‘illnesses’. Here’s a taste of what the A&E personnel have to put up with.

I'll Bet She's No Good At Football!

One woman came in expecting staff to cut her toenails because she couldn’t get an appointment with a chiropodist,  and another arrived complaining she could not remove her false nails (time to strap her down and get out the pliers). A woman came in because her hand had turned blue. Now that could be nasty, but it turned out to be dye from her jeans.

Ohhhh Shit!

One woman even turned up at A&E with a child that had dog poo on its shoes and expected the staff to remove it. Now that’s cheeky! A man rang the department because he had constipation (naturally his request for treatment was blocked).  Staff often have to deal with men suffering from a hangover, but I’ll bet that’s not restricted to men these days.

There are without doubt some very strange people around, but why do they all have to live on our planet!!!!! Until Next time.



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