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Britain’s Dangerous Population Growth

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You may well be asking yourself how population growth can be dangerous, but then you may consider the ever increasing number of people in the world, and begin to wonder what that could possibly have to do with the British Isles.

Policy ExchangeThe ‘think tank’ Policy Exchange has released a report that states unequivocally that the current population growth rate is very dangerous for every white man, woman and child in the country. What they are reporting is the tremendous increase in immigrant births over those of the ethnic population.

Currently, some fourteen percent (8 million) of the population come from an ethnic minority, but owing to the disparity in birthrates, that will increase to a third or more of the population before 2050. Ethnic minorities now represent twenty-five percent of all people under the age of five, and the gap is increasing daily. What this means in effect, is that some time in the future, ethnic white people will become a  minority in their own country.

Population Increase By  Group

Population Increase By Group

The report says that our politicians will have to start catering to the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups in order to form a government.

The Westminster Joker

The Westminster Joker

As we all know, Labour started this whole thing during their last period in power, and its odds on that the minority groups will vote Labour at the next election. If this party do get in power again, I am sure they will finish the job they started when they first opened the floodgates. Current Labour thinking is obviously, more immigrants equals more votes.

What these Labour idiots do not seem to recognize is that with the birthrate among immigrants being nine times that of white people, within a few decades they will no longer need Labour, for they will have taken over the country by sheer force of numbers.

The Future Of Britain

The Future Of Britain

The ethnic minority vote is important to all Party’s. In the 2010 election sixty-eight percent of the ethnic minority population voted Labour, while only sixteen percent voted Conservative and fourteen percent Liberal. Those who voted Con/Lib were mainly people of Indian descent. With Labour’s publicized intention of opening the gates again after the next election, we can see the possibility that many more immigrants will vote Labour at the next election.

Most of the British electorate are wise to the damage Labour did to the country during their last period in office and are liable to vote differently this next time, but the immigrant vote could sway the results.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Due to their stance on getting out of Europe, the UKIP party is making huge strides both in the up-coming European vote, and potentially the national vote in 2015. It will be interesting to see who holds the strings in the next government. It is fairly certain that the immigrant population will not vote UKIP, but it remains to be seen if there will be enough white voters to sway the balance.

Another interesting point raised by the team showed that in 2011, when the poll took place, only fourteen percent of whites identified themselves as being British, while sixty-four percent saw themselves as being English. Of the minority communities, four times that number identified themselves as being British, with only a small number calling themselves English.

Pakistani's At Home In Leeds

Pakistani’s At Home In Leeds

So far as location in the UK goes, by far the majority of immigrants (50% +) live in or around London. The Indian population are the most widely dispersed when it comes to places to live, with the Bangladeshi’s the least. The Pakistani’s have made a home for themselves in towns in the  Midlands and North of England while more than half of Blacks live in London.

Of course, as any white person knows, incoming immigrants have flocked together and taken over whole sections of towns and cities, for example Tower Hamlets in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Leeds.

Skilled Indian Worker

Skilled Indian Worker

The report shows that unemployment among the minority communities, who in general are largely unskilled, is double that of white workers.  The exception is the Indian population who have been successful in obtaining work in highly skilled occupations.

It is interesting to note that of school-leavers who go on to higher education, minority groups outnumber the white children by almost fifty percent. This indicates that in the future, by far the largest number of people employed in skilled higher paid jobs will be from an ethnic minority.

What Lies In Her Future?

What Lies In Her Future? What Are We Doing To Our Children

This report highlights the fact that the average white person in the United Kingdom has become so apathetic to what is going on in our country that the ethnic minorities will be in charge within twenty to thirty years. Everything that was once proudly British will die an ugly death. A sad indictment  of today’s society considering the unparalleled history of our once great nation.


POST SCRIPT: As you will notice from the comment below, I have been accused of being racist with this post, but I must assure you that I am not, and never have been.

It would seem that to some readers the main thrust of it has been misinterpreted, so I am here again to explain a few things.

I fully agree with Katerina’s assessment that all cultures will eventually disappear in the melting pot that is humanity, for we can see that happening today more than ever. In future years there will be no ‘white’ man or ‘black’ man because by intermarriage we will all be the same. I believe that will be a good thing, for then there will be no such thing as racism.

Britain is an island nation and therefore has not been used to the influx of immigrants like other countries.The first major migration to these shores came when Indian and Caribbean people moved here in the late 60’s and early 70’s. These people came to Britain fully prepared to learn the language, fully integrate into British society and respect our traditions, laws and way of life. After a short while they became as British as anyone and were accepted fully.

When Tony Blair opened up the gates to anyone and everyone who wanted to come here to form his ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain, he began handing out many forms of benefit, free housing and free health care to anyone who entered the country, all this at the expense of the tax payer. Now the British people are suffering heavily for his excesses.

When these people arrived, instead of learning the language and integrating into our society, they formed ghetto’s in towns and cities by taking over all property in their chosen area. They made no attempt to learn the language, respect our customs or traditions but have ever since been trying to turn the areas they have taken over into a duplicate of their homeland. By all this you will no doubt cotton on to the fact that we are talking about Muslims here. Let me make it very clear that I do not say this of all Muslims, for some are willing to live side by side with us in peace.

British people know all too well that they are trying to take over this country, for we see their placards “Islam will rule the world” or “Sharia Law for Britain” all over the place. They insult our war dead when they return home, shouting insulting remarks and carrying placards saying “Killers” or “Murderers – Burn in hell”. If they cannot get what they want the scream ‘Racism’ until they do. If any ‘white man’ goes on the streets carrying a board saying “Down with Islam” he will immediately be arrested under the racism laws, but Muslims can do as they please every day of the week.

I have nothing against Muslims or any other race so long as they respect us and our ways, language etc. But it has become clear over the past years that many Muslims have no wish to do that.

As reported by the Policy Exchange Board, the Muslim birthrate is outstripping the ethnic, or white, people’s birthrate by nine to one, which means that they will be in the majority in a couple of decades. When they reach more than twenty-five percent they will begin decisive actions to take over the country and turn it into an Islamic State. They have followed this pattern in many countries across the world. Look at their attempts to take over Nigeria by force of arms where they make up about twenty-five percent of the population, the rest being Christians. Britain is not the only European country to suffer this, for it is happening in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

What this means in effect is that the country will be taken over by sheer force of numbers, and not by inter-racial integration which would be acceptable. The end product will be a new Islamic country following the laws of Islam whether we want it to or not. It means that Britain and all its stands for, its people and religions, will disappear and be subject to Muslim rule. This is far removed from the process of inter-racial integration. Imagine if you will that we have the barbaric Sharia Law in Britain, all women must cover themselves, and the Christian faith is outlawed!

Already they are infiltrating government and local councils, and have infiltrated our schools, starting to turn them into Islamic Learning Centres (Operation Trojan Horse). Our education system was ruined by the measures put in force by Tony Blair when he brought in his ‘League Tables’ and lowered the threshold for pass rates to make his government look good. Today the majority of British children leave school unable to read or write properly, so what prospects do they have for a good job. Many cannot get into College or University, but the better educated immigrants can, so where does that leave us in the future job market?

I hope you see my point, which is not racist, but more a statement of future fact. In such conditions it is clear that all the top jobs will go to immigrant children and not our own. I should add that it is not all the fault of the immigrants, for the Labour government failed our children when they were in power.

To a great extent we, the British people, have done this to ourselves by voting in a Labour government again and allowing them to finish their destruction of Britain.

It would not have been a problem if all those people from Bangladesh, Pakistan and African Muslim countries had been willing to integrate as the Indian and Caribbean migrants had done, but sadly they did not. This post is not about ‘white’ power over immigrants power but more of an indication of how things will develop in our country. Great Britain has a history unparalleled by any other nation on Earth, and it is sad to see the way it is being destroyed from the inside.

May God be your guide through life.

You’ve Got It Wrong Ken – Clark on Prison Reform

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Ken Clark, the British Justice Secretary, has come under fire from Magistrates for his prison reform agenda. He has stated he wants prisoners who are “unlikely to get a prison sentence” to be given automatic bail. It’s all part of his plan to reduce costs and solve the overcrowding in british prisons.

Where It All Begins

Thankfully, those with more brains, i.e. the Magistrates, are coming out in opposition. Due to the overcrowding, most felons get off with community service or ‘slap on the wrist’ anyway these days, so that means the greater majority of criminals, around 35,000, will be back on the streets straight away if Ken has his way.

The magistrates are, quite rightly in my opinion, afraid offenders will have all the time they need to intimidate witnesses, commit further crimes, and fail to turn up for their hearings. All fairly logical and pretty obvious to anyone but a dimwit.

Another Misguided Politician

Ken Clark has put forward many proposals to ease the prison population, among them halving the sentences of criminals who confess to their crimes, and releasing 3,000 of the current 80,000 inmate population early. He claims he wants to “break the cycle” of reoffending by tackling the causes of crime. Bullshit Ken!

The only thing a hardened criminal respects is a long hard prison term and nothing less will do the job. It is long past time when authorities recognize that criminals are a danger to society and no amount of hand-wringing and psychological babble is going to make them mend their ways. Certainly not reducing sentences, for all that will do is make the situation worse. If a felon knows he can commit crimes and get away with it almost scot-free he will laugh at the justice system all the way to his short-stay cell.

To give the man credit, he has stated that inmates of HM Prisons should be made to work a full working week just like the rest of us, and more demanding community sentencing is required, which is fine so long as the correct controls are in place. He also advocates deporting immigrant criminals instead of giving them a custodial sentence in Britain. Now that I do agree with!

All the Comforts of Home

I have made my feelings on this general subject amply in the past in previous posts and still believe heavier sentencing and removing the ‘5 star hotel’ atmosphere in prisons is the best answer. Make prisons something to be feared by all criminals as it was in the past. That will sure as hell break the cycle of reoffending and no doubt about it.

It seems all the measures being taken by Ken Clark are aimed at reducing the prison population and more importantly, reducing costs. His stated aim is to reduce the £4Bn per year prison and probation costs by 20% in the next 4 years. Good Luck Ken – You’ll need it! The general public will as usual be the losers!

One of the main problems today is overcrowding, but to me that means we should build more prisons not release prisoners early to reduce it. Although some attempts have been made to increase the prison capacity over the last three decades, it has proven to be insufficient. The main reason for this is the inability of the authorities to prevent villains from reoffending, and jail sentencing has become so much of a joke its no longer a deterrent.

That's Funny - I Don't Have One. You?

Today’s jailbirds live in far better conditions than the majority of our old age pensioners, which in itself is a scandal. There is nothing hard or harsh about prison life these days, its more akin to a holiday camp with all the comforts of home. TV, gym equipment, snooker tables, cinema, games and library, in fact everything we ordinary law-abiding mortals do not have. And on top of that, they get to sit around on their fat duffs for most of the time. Where in the name of all thats holy is the incentive to ‘go straight’ after a prison sentence?

I am not going to go into what I think prisons should be like again, I have done it so often, suffice it to say, if you are interested, I refer you to my earlier posts as follows:

Six Months In Here and You Won't Re-Offend!

There can be little doubt that our justice system is in urgent need of a major overhaul, for the prime facet of law enforcement, i.e. taking criminals out of circulation and thereby protecting the public, no longer seems to be a prime motivator.

From what I have read in recent news bulletins I am convinced that Ken Clark is totally on the wrong track. His reforms will do nothing to bolster public faith in the justice system of our country, and as the magistrates have already said, they are more likely to undermine that confidence. Ah Well! Roll on the next politician who promises to be ‘tough on crime’!



Will The Current Defence Review Cost Britain the Falklands?

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As always, defence spending is the first thing to be cut when money is seen to be tight. And as usual, the politicians make the same stupid, short-sighted decisions. It seems the present Coalition is no different.

HMS Ark Royal

Currently, the Royal Navy is to be hit hard in that its aircraft carrier fleet is to be scrapped. True, two new carriers are supposed to be built to replace those we have now, but apart from the fact they will not be ready until somewhere around 2017, their future is now in doubt even though construction has begun, and in which £1 billion has already been invested.

Hopefully, One of The Royal Navy's New Carriers

All branches of the armed forces will be hit, but by far the most significant is the proposed phasing out of all three aircraft carriers by 2015. Ark Royal has already been decommissioned, and Invincible and Illustrious are soon to follow. This will leave Britain without a single carrier until around 2017 when, hopefully, maybe, the navy will receive their two replacements at a cost. This cost is a significant reduction in their surface ships to help pay for the new carriers.

It’s like the Falklands war of 1982 never happened!

Without her aircraft carriers, Britain would have stood helplessly by while Argentina took over the islands at their leisure after the invasion, with no amount of harsh words from Margaret Thatcher making any difference.

A Harrier Lands on Deck

As it was, our carrier force with their Harrier VTOL aircraft, was the only thing Britain had in its military arsenal that could effectively strike back at the invaders. As we all know, the entire operation was a resounding success.

But what of today and the near future?

It would seem the current government has forgotten the lessons of the past, and are ready and willing to make the same mistakes when the scrapping of the CVA01 carriers almost cost us the Falklands.

The Argentine government must be rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of a neutered Royal Navy who will be helpless should they try again in three or four years time. I’ll bet their generals have already started making plans for a new invasion of the islands, knowing full well the British will have no choice but to stand impotent on the sidelines.

The Mighty Vulcan Bomber

Since that conflict in 1982 the RAF has also suffered significant cuts to its budget and aircraft. During the previous conflict, the Vulcan and Victor cold-war bombers played a key role with their huge range of action, bombing targets like the runway at Stanley airfield and attacking the radar installations on the island. They too are long gone! Now Britain has no bombers at all with the range to strike at the Falklands.

The Harrier fleet, which proved so effective against the Argentinean air force has been decommissioned also, but that doesn’t seem to stop the politicians from a proposal which will see a scaling down of the number of Joint-Strike fighters to be ordered.

The Falklands

As I see it, this defence review will prove to be a catastrophe for the Falkland islanders, who in my view had better start learning Argentinean, for in about four years time they will need it.


Baroness Warsi On the Wrong Foot

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It is not unusual for people in a position of power to make ill-advised statements aimed at the general public, and it would seem Baroness Warsi, co-leader of the Conservative Party and cabinet minister in Davis Cameron’s Coalition government, is no exception.

Baroness Warsi

She is the first Muslim member of the cabinet, and like most politicians, has ‘engaged mouth before brain’ on a subject extremely controversial in Britain at the moment; that of Islamophobia.

Extracts of a speech she intends giving to Leicester University today (20/1/2011) were leaked to the press in advance and have already raised a storm of criticism across most newspapers in the country.

The rank and file have certainly let loose in no uncertain terms in comments on the news story. Not only as a leading politician, but also as a Muslim she seems totally out of touch with public opinion. This, lets face it, is not unusual for a politician!

In her speech she claims that Islamophobia, and the separation of Muslims into two general groups, i.e., moderate and extremist, has become socially acceptable in Britain today and could lead to the further alienation of the Muslim community. What else did the silly woman expect when we’ve had terrorism on the streets?

A Suitcase Nuclear Weapon

Western nations have increasingly come under attack from Muslim terror groups ever since 9/11. Many people are holding their collective breath hoping Bin Laden and his cronies don’t get hold of a nuclear weapon!

The very fact that people put Muslims into two categories shows clearly not all Muslims are blamed for the violence aimed at them.

Despite what she says, there is widespread apathy among Muslim communities in Britain when it comes to condemning terrorism. I have not yet heard of any group in any country stepping forward and condemning in the strongest terms the violence committed by their brethren, and what is more, I don’t think I ever will. This point was raised by many commentators on the report in The Daily Telegraph.

In most peoples minds, if you don’t condemn a certain action, then by default you condone it. It is to the Baroness’s credit that in the proposed speech, she asks moderate Muslim groups to disassociate themselves from extremist Muslims saying; “Those who commit criminal acts of terrorism in our country need to be dealt with not just by the full force of the law,” adding “They also should face social rejection and alienation across society and their acts must not be used as an opportunity to tar all Muslims.” At least she got one thing right!

Baroness Warsi has proven by this outburst, that she has failed completely to understand the concerns the british people have over the massive Muslim immigration that took place under that last Labour government.

In 2001 there were 1.6 million Muslims in the country, which today has risen to 2.9 million, an increase of almost 100%. Thanks Tony!!!!

She Has At Least Learnt One Of Our Traditions!

The main thing that irritates the british public is the refusal of the majority of these immigrants to assimilate into our society. When you adopt a new country as your own you are expected, quite rightly, to obey the laws and accept the culture, traditions and language of your new home. You do NOT bring with you your own laws, culture and traditions and force them on your hosts.

Daily we hear of the so-called ‘hate preachers’ in mosques who make full use of the liberal free speech laws of our country to spread their poison across the community.

It has been amply proven that many races such as Jews, Indians and former members of the Caribbean nations who moved to Britain for a better life, have assimilated into our ways practically trouble free, for the simple reason they are prepared to. This cannot be said of the Muslim population, for they have housed themselves in close-knit communities and practically sealed themselves off from the british way of life.

They have their own system of laws (Sharia), and continue with traditions like polygamy, ‘honour’ killings’, and the mutilation of young girls genitalia. The Baroness has been condescending enough to admit some british Muslims do not do sufficient to integrate into society, which I think is an in-controversial fact!

Although now a member of the House of Lords, Baroness Warsi classes herself as a “Northern, working-class roots, urban, working mum” complete with Yorkshire accent, but, according to reports, received her title for one reason only, so she could serve in the shadow cabinet during the Labour years. She didn’t earn it!

Cameron and Baroness Warsi

After entering politics in 2004, she made a rapid rise through the ranks of the Conservative Party, mainly it seems because David Cameron liked her ‘plain speaking’, although some think she is too prone to making ‘gaffe’s’. Since May she has been a member of the cabinet.

Apparently, according to some reports, she has been heavily criticised by many extremist Muslims as not being “religious enough”. This I suppose could be interpreted as her not doing sufficient to help the Muslims get their own way!

As the most powerful Muslim woman in the country, why for example doesn’t she lead a concerted attack on all the hate preachers who infest the mosques of our land. These parasites incite hatred among the Muslim population for Britain and all it stands for. They have been responsible for the conversion of many formally moderate youths into extremists, that are not only responsible for many of the attacks on innocent people, but fight for the Taliban or Al Queda. If Baroness, you wish to use your position for something positive, that would be a good start.

If You Don’t Like It Here – GO HOME!

It would also be of considerable help if you would clear the streets of the extremist rabble who, making full use of our freedom of speech laws,  insult our dead soldiers who died fighting to free the Iraqi and Afghanistan people from the oppressive regime under which they lived, And lets not forget those malcontents who parade up and down with placards declaring ‘Islam will rule the world’ and “Behead those who insult Islam”.

In general terms, your speech is nothing less than I would expect from a Muslim living in our country. Instead of criticising this country and its people who gave you the opportunity to be where you are, try having a go at your own, that is of course presuming you can do that without ending up under a sentence of death from the extremists!!!

In conclusion I would like to point out most strongly, that any Muslim who comes to our shores ready and willing to accept our way of life, traditions and laws is, in my book, most welcome. On the other hand, those who will not should GO HOME!


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