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Who Disputes We Are A Compensation Culture?

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Compensation claims are the curse of the British way of life and have been for some years. People will claim for the most stupid of reasons, and all for ‘accidents’ that are mostly their own stupid fault. Sad to say it has become a way of life in today’s Britain, as just about anyone is looking for a way ‘to make a fast buck’ as the Americans say. Long gone are the days when honest people just put little accidents down to bad luck or their own clumsiness and move on.

Hardest hit are the many city councils across the country who pay out huge sums to their workers who get ‘injured’ in minor accidents. Over a period of three years, Bradford City Council paid out a massive £30million pounds in compensation to its workers.

Here are some of the ludicrous payments made to workers by councils:

A Bradford council worker won more than £12,000 after being hit by a toilet lid when flushing.

Another award included £12,566 to a cleaner who received bruises when she got her feet caught in a vacuum cleaner hose, and £16,500 went to an employee who slipped on a cream cake. 

Other bizarre awards from the same council include a £10,166 payout to a worker who hurt their shoulder while opening an oven door and £3,370 to a worker who fell off a toilet due to a “defective seat”.

A woman wearing high heels who tripped on a staircase was awarded £8,200 by Leeds City Council after injuring her shoulder.

And the same council paid £1,800 to an employee who ALMOST fell off his chair, hurting his back.

Another worker in Leeds pocketed £1,050 for hurting her back while moving POTATOES.

In Bristol, a clumsy carer was paid £4,000 for tripping over a patient’s zimmer frame, while Nottinghamshire County Council paid £23,503 to a worker for a bruise.

Meanwhile East Sussex Council paid £5,000 to a member of staff who injured their back while “putting a large number of leaflets in a filing cabinet”.

And Ceredigion County Council stumped up £16,500 in compo for an employee who slipped on a cream cake.

Birmingham City Council paid out £4,362 to a care worker who slipped on URINE.

A worker in Conwy pocketed £3,774 for suffering nothing but grazes after tripping over some boxes and South Gloucestershire Council paid out £7,650 to a caretaker who slipped on wet stairs while carrying a large pack of toilet rolls.

Haringey Council in London paid £9,750 to a dozy employee who walked into a lamp post and hurt their knee.

Meanwhile Norfolk County Council awarded £25,000 to a kitchen worker who suffered burns after pouring a pan of boiling water over her arms when she picked it up with a tea towel, rather than oven gloves. The payment was made even though the worker followed “incorrect procedures”.

To me this sort of behaviour is farcical, and indicative of the depths that people will go these days to get some money without having to do anything for it.

Some months ago I was walking down the main street in Marbella and I tripped over the sunken lip of a small manhole cover. I cut my knee quite a bit, ruined a good pair of trousers and suffered some pain from the injury, but I didn’t run to the nearest compensation lawyer and claim a few thousand Euro’s in compensation from the local council. I am old school and not used to such things so I just picked myself up and moved on. Had I been of the modern generation I may well have sued the council and won as much as €10,000 compensation, who knows?

When e.g. an idiot can get paid £9,750 for walking into a lamppost it is time to scrap the whole system, because it is too bizarre for words.


Compensation Madness

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About three weeks ago I wrote of a compensation scandal that defies description, that of a serial killer who was beaten up by fellow inmates in prison and received £4,500 in compensation because “the prison guards failed in their duty to protect him”. Now the judicial system is at again with another outrageous compensation payout.

Face Of A Triple Killer

Face Of A Triple Killer

This one concerns a triple killer who demanded, and received, £800 in compensation because some of his belongings were lost or broken while being transferred to another prison and it had left him ‘severely stressed‘ (Oh Yea!). These items included nose-hair clippers, an alarm clock, a carton of cranberry juice (now that’s bound to stress anyone out), protein powder and toiletries. District Judge Neil Hickman said there had been a “somewhat cavalier disregard for Mr Thakrar’s rights and for his property”.

Thakrar was jailed for three life sentences for the callous murder of three drug dealers and two counts of attempted murder. In march 2010, while in Frankland Prison in County Durham, he maimed three prison guards with a broken bottle but managed to get away with it. It did however facilitate his move to Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes during which the items were lost or broken. To be honest, I just cannot see the logic in some compensation payouts, especially to prisoners in jail for heinous crimes.

Whiplash Trickster

It is a well known fact that Britain has become a compensation culture where many are out to get whatever they can from the system by making outrageous claims. One of the most prolific is claims for ‘whiplash’. This fact is recognized by every insurance company in the country.

Whiplash Map

Whiplash Map

You touch the back of someone’s car with your own and before you know it they are climbing out holding their neck crying ‘whiplash’. Another long established problem with Britain today is the ‘ambulance chasers’, those compensation lawyers who will follow an ambulance to hospital in an effort to get the victim to file compensation charges.

How this problem is going to be solved I have no idea, but perhaps getting out from under the yoke of the European Justice system might help, and then we can get back to the tried and tested system of English Justice.


Time To Disband Our Armed Forces?

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We are heading for a situation where Britain cannot send our armed forces into combat in the air, on the seas or the land. Why? Because commanders dare not send an airman, sailor or soldier into a situation where he might get killed or wounded for fear of ending up in court.

This is all the result of taking both the Human Rights Charter and the Health and Safety laws too far, and the rampant ‘compensation culture’ currently prevalent in the United Kingdom today. This has been proven by families making compensation claims against the Ministry of Defense (MoD) for soldiers either wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan who took the MoD to court and won!

Challenger Tank

Challenger Tank

Let me give you some examples: In 2003 a Challenger tank was hit by ‘friendly fire’ and as a result two soldiers died and two more were injured. The two survivors, and the families of the dead men were allowed to sue the MoD for negligence claiming insufficient training of the men. During the case, the families lawyers argued that although their deaths occurred on the battlefield, they did not happen in the “fog of war”, but were related to a decision about equipment made in the UK. My goodness, they were in a tank for crying out loud, what sort of equipment should the MoD have given them?

None of them realized that such an incident is always a possibility in the heat of battle, as has been amply demonstrated in every conflict, including the First and Second World War. Ask the American’s about ‘friendly fire’? They know more about it than anyone else, but it is a factor that all soldiers have to live with in war.

On Patrol

On Patrol

In 2006 two soldiers were killed when their land-rover was blown up by a roadside bomb. While I have the greatest sympathy with the relatives of the two men I find it intolerable that this case was allowed to take place. The families case rested on the fact that the two soldiers were not properly protected from a roadside bomb because their vehicle was insufficient for the job. Perhaps in their minds all our soldiers should go on patrol in a tank?

The MoD tried to get the cases thrown out because of the so-called combat immunity and the incidents did not take place in the UK. The idea of HR and H&S regulations applying to serving soldiers is just too ridiculous for words. It is bad enough that these people got our government to agree that a member of our Armed Forces could not open fire on anyone until they themselves were shot at. So in effect, if you turn a corner and there is an insurgent with his AK47 aimed at you, you cannot defend yourself until he fires first. In most cases that is a certain death sentence, but there again, the family will always be able to claim compensation from the MoD so that’s alright then!

Defusing an I.E.D.

Defusing an I.E.D.

Before anyone starts asking the question, I did my time in the Forces (12 years) and was in the thick of it so let’s not have any ‘holier-than-thou’ comments from the self righteous idiots who don’t even know which end of a rifle the bullet comes out.

Tom Tugendhat, who co-wrote the report said: ‘Over the past decade, legal steps based on the European Convention on Human Rights have undone safeguards Parliament drew up to ensure military commanders have the freedom of manoeuvre to make vital decisions on the ground. The armed forces neither are, nor should be, above or exempt from the law. But, imposing civilian norms on the military is deeply misplaced’. Quite correct Sir!

According to the report, the MoD faced 5,827 claims in 2012-13 and lawyers cost the cash-strapped ministry £36 million a year. That is all coming out of the tax payers pocket, and is money that could be better spent on giving our fighting forces the best equipment.

A Soldier Returns

A Soldier Returns

A litigation lawyer, Martin Day, is reported as saying: ‘We find it very disconcerting that the Government of law and order seem so intent on desecrating the legal system, ignoring the safeguards the law provides for all individuals and continues to act unlawfully through its many departments including the MoD. Greater adherence to the laws, both domestic and international, are the only way in which the MoD’s litigation will decrease’.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond commented: ‘I remain concerned about the challenge to combat immunity arising from recent court judgments. These could make it more difficult for our troops to carry out operations in the future, and they potentially throw open a wide range of military decisions to the uncertainty of litigation. It cannot be right that troops on operations have to put the European Convention on Human Rights ahead of what is operationally vital to protect our national security’.

It does not matter whether its Iraq or Afghanistan or any other, war is war and people get killed. That is what you sign up for when you join the military, and if you and your family can’t take it, then ‘get the hell out of the kitchen’!


Another Compensation Farce

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Britain must surely be the ‘Compensation’ capitol of the world, for in no other country can such ridiculous claims be made. It has come to light that an on-duty policewoman sued the owner of a petrol station in Thetford, Norfolk after she came to check out the premises following a 999 call to the police station. It seems the security alarms went off and the owner, Steve Jones called the police, suspecting a break in. Officer Kelly Jones went with the owner to check out the premises and tripped over a kerbstone. She made no mention of injuries at the time and continued to check out the situation until everything was found to be satisfactory.

Duped by Compensation Lawyers?

Duped by Compensation Lawyers Perhaps?

Several months later Mr. Jones heard the policewoman was suing him for damages because she hurt her wrist and leg, and he, according to the lawyers, failed to keep her safe while she was investigating the possible break-in. “It’s implying that I virtually should have done her job for her, it’s implying I didn’t keep her safe on my premises,” Mr Jones said.

That’s strange, I always thought it was the police’s job to keep us safe????? Just goes to show that we, the public, need to read the fine print!!!!

It has recently been revealed that Ms. Jones was signed off work for six weeks by a doctor, and contacted the Police Federation who asked if she wished to make a claim. Kelly later heard from a law firm in London. It was estimated that she could receive as much as £50,000 if she won the case.

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

The Police Federation said that most(?) officers put the safety of the public above their own adding: “On occasion private prosecutions and civil claims are made by police officers and they must be treated each on their own merits. However, we share the public view that policing is a job that carries with it a reasonable amount of risk, at times much higher than that.

Norfolk Chief Constable Phil Gormley reportedly said, “This type of claim does not represent the approach and attitude of the overwhelming majority of our staff who understand and accept the risks inherent in policing. It is a disappointment this is potentially undermined by a private compensation claim.”

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

After all the hullabaloo surrounding the case, Officer Jones has finally decided to drop it. Her father told the press, “Kelly’s very proud of being a policewoman and she loves her job. She’s got a perfect record and just likes helping people. She makes me very proud but I can’t help worrying about her”. Taking all this into account, it would seem she, like many others before her, has been very badly advised, but that is not unusual in such situations when compensation lawyers think there is money to be made.

But personally, I believe this case once again highlights the crass stupidity of the current liability laws and the entire ‘compensation culture’ that has grown out of all proportion in Britain today. Firstly, policewoman Kelly should simply watch where she’s putting her feet. If she trips over a kerb it’s her own fault, or perhaps her lawyers think she should sue the council for putting it there in the first place!!!!

Old Style - But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Old Style – But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Compensation leeches should be kept in a padded room where they have no chance of hurting themselves, but on reflection I guess that won’t work either. They would have to be fed, and if they developed the hiccups after a meal, would most likely be told to sue the cook!!!

The world is mad and getting madder by the minute so I guess its about time the government stepped in and put down some ground rules for situations like this. The whole compensation farce has grown like a cancer in the country, and it will only stop when the devious, dishonest ‘compensation lawyers’ and ‘ambulance followers’ are put out of business for good. Naturally, there are cases where such action is justified, if for example it’s due to someone’s negligence like insufficient safety guards at work. The only way to avoid an accident is not to be stupid, and watch what you are doing!


Update 7/4/13:

It would seem that Ms. Jones has had second thoughts about her ongoing claim for compensation from the garage owner Steve Jones and she now intends to go ahead with the claim. Not only that, but she is also suing the her own employers, i.e. the police, for damages for a knee injury she sustained after the garage incident during a high-speed chase in a police car. She is apparently taking these actions on advice from the Police Federation which is the police union. Despite severe criticism from her bosses. It would seem her desire for a career in the police is not as important as screwing money out of people.

Government to Look at the ‘Whiplash’ Insurance Scam

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One of the biggest cons in Britain today is that of ‘whiplash’, i.e. injury to the neck after a bump in the car. A large number of swindlers see it as a neat way of earning some extra cash at little expense, and this is reflected in the spiralling cost of motor insurance in the country.

Wow! My Neck! That’ll Cost You An Arm And A Leg

You are driving along quite sedately when suddenly the car in front for no apparent reason slams on the brakes and you hit him. If that happens to you, you have probably fallen foul of a con-man. He will get out of the car complaining of a severe pain in his neck and when you look at the damage to the car its superficial. Unfortunately there is little you can do, and you quickly realise your insurance is going to have to pay out, meaning next year your no-claims bonus is out the window.

The problem with whiplash is that its very difficult to substantiate, especially if the ‘victim’ knows the right moment to let out a moan when seen by a doctor. The medical fraternity are loath to ignore the complaint for fear of being sued themselves.

‘Let Us Help You’ and We Make Money Too!

What makes the whole thing worse is that we have what are commonly referred to as ‘ambulance chasers’. These are unscrupulous lawyers who make a practice of following ambulances after an accident and then sweet-talking the injured person into hiring them to make a claim for compensation. These people are despicable parasites who should not be allowed to practice law under any circumstances. It amazes me that the Ministry of Justice has so far taken no action to prevent them from operating. Statistics have shown there are more than 1,500 claims for whiplash injury per day in the UK. Consequently the insurance companies have passed on this cost to the insured. Britain has often been called the whiplash capital of Europe, and with good reason.

Justine Greening

Now at last Transport Secretary Justine Greening, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, Home Secretary Theresa May and Business Secretary Vince Cable have said they intend to do something about it. Ms Greening said: “There is no getting away from it: the cost of car insurance is bearing increasingly little relationship to the real world where motorists act more responsibly than ever and accidents really do happen less often. With this in mind, it would be reasonable to expect premiums to come down or at least hold steady. But the cost of cover continues on a relentless climb. Sadly, Britain is now the whiplash capital of Europe, with more than 1,500 claims a day”. Quite right Madam!

In a recent interview Nick Starling, director of general insurance at the Association of British Insurers, said: “Honest motorists have rightly had enough of paying for ambulance chasing lawyers, claims management companies and fraudsters who milk the compensation merry-go-round through higher premiums”.

Careless Man on a Ladder

Britain has developed over the past few years into a compensation culture where everyone is out to get paid for the slightest accident. Trip on a pavement and they’re off to a lawyer to see how much money they can get for something that is often their own fault through blatant carelessness. If someone is working at a height and leans too far to the side causing the ladder to fall they are searching for a lawyer to get compensation from the ladder company or their employer. They don’t have to go too far to find one.

I am well aware there are genuine cases of injury caused by faulty machinery or lack of proper safety measures, and I do not wish to include these people in this, but for every genuine case there are perhaps ten at least who do not deserve their ill-gotten gains.

Claim, Claim, Claim

Lawyers in general have discovered there is much money to be made in filing compensation claims against whoever, and they rarely lose. One of the reasons why they find it extremely lucrative to follow an ambulance after an accident and collar the victim. Most people don’t find it hard to give in to the glib talk from these people if they think there may be money in it for them. British TV is smothered in adverts by law firms offering a “No win – No fee” service. After all, so far as the client is concerned if they lose the case it costs them nothing anyway. As soon as anyone is even slightly injured these cockroaches come out of the woodwork.

I wish the government luck and hope they can stamp out this vile trade because its only driving factor is greed and the honest motorist is paying price.


Are You Getting ‘Whiplash’ From Your Insurance Premiums?

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I guess none of us should be amazed at the results published in a report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which states that Britain is now the ‘whiplash capitol of Europe’. It’s so easy to get some free cash from some insurance company with a whiplash claim if you get ‘rear-ended’ in your car, but in Britain today it has reached epidemic proportions.


From the report, it seems that one in every 140 people in the UK claim this injury each year. In fact, 1,200 claims are made every day against insurers, which makes up three quarters of all personal accident claims in the country in a single year. This puts Britain at the top of the league by a mile!

James Walton, the ABI’s assistant director of motor and liability, said: “Despite the statistics I doubt that the UK has some of the weakest necks in Europe. He added: “It is often difficult to diagnose, easy to fake and exaggerate….whiplash is a fraudster’s dream.”

Part of the problem is the ‘Compensation Culture’ that exists in Britain today. There are professional ‘ambulance chasers’ who will pop up at an accident scene telling you they will assist you in getting compensation. It would not surprise me if they, in some cases, even suggest to the victim he has whiplash!

Why Did That Idiot Brake So Suddenly?

The problem has become so rife that some tricksters deliberately cause themselves to be rear-ended by unsuspecting motorists just to make a claim for whiplash, knowing full well it cannot be disproved medically.

We have sunk so low these days that for some this is a way of life, and they laugh all the way to the bank. 

There are dozens of compensation lawyer video’s on Youtube explaining what it feels like and what to do in the event of an accident, but I refuse to give these parasites any publicity so here is a doctor’s video:

Oh Sh*t! I Know The Feeling!

These ‘injuries’ cost the NHS about £8 million a year and the insurance companies around £2 billion, so its not surprising the price of car insurance went up by 40% last year. On top of the false injury claims, the number of people driving without any insurance at all is going through the roof. Obviously, as premiums get higher so do the number of people driving without cover.

When you come down to it, these false claim parasites have a lot to answer for. To them I say, the next time you feel like ‘stiffing’ some insurance company for a few thousand you might remember the harm you are doing to everyone else: But on balance, I think there is more chance of finding a snowball in Hell!


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