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‘Tom And Gerry’ Cartoons Racist???

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Now I know the world has gone stark raving MAD! I just read that Amazon is issuing a racism warning with all Tom and Jerry cartoons shown on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video channel. Tom and Jerry racist? Which dumb, Neanderthal-brained idiot came up with that idea? Its a harmless (and very funny) cartoon series for crying out loud!!! It just goes to prove that we, as a species, have finally lost it!!!

For Some Reason People Look At This And See This!

For Some Reason People Look At The Left Side And See The Right Side!

Tom and Jerry have been around since the forties, and from that time onward have entertained billions upon billions of people around the world, and I have never heard a single person accuse the cartoons of being racist. But now some ‘holier than thou’ idiot has given the ‘Racism Ball’ another push, and who knows what it will roll over next! People have even complained about characters in the cartoons smoking for crying out loud. Professor of Sociology, Frank Furedi, said: “it was a form of a false piousness and a type of censorship which seems to be sweeping cultural life.” Well, he got that right!

However, it would seem that complaints have been received because the housemaid in the cartoons is shown as being black! To some weird people this is seen as racial stereotyping. Because of this, Amazon have released a cautionary note about “ethnic and racial prejudices”. The actual wording put out by Amazon is as follows: “Tom and Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.” For crying out loud, give me a break!

The cartoon series has been relaunched over the decades several times but it was necessary to edit some portions to satisfy the current sensibilities of the watching public i.e. the limp-wristed  moaners in today’s society.

If these people get their way perhaps the word ‘Black’ will be banned from the English language altogether soon because of its racist connotations. You can just imagine it can’t you: Shop Assistant, “What colour would you like Sir?” Gentleman: “Er… The very very very very dark one please” Shop Assistant, “Oh you mean the black one?” Latest headline: Shop Assistant Sentenced to Death for Racist Comment.

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

Surely Something For The Animal Rights People To Complain About?

As a reasonably intelligent person you really have to ask where all this racism crap is going. How far are we going to allow this insanity generated by a very few bigoted people to control us. Racism is a bad thing because we all have to live together on this planet of ours, but going to extremes is insane.

At least in Britain, this whole business started when Tony Blair introduced his famous Racism Law to prevent the public from criticising his Multi-Cultural Britain policy. This opened the floodgates to every lunatic in the country who saw it as a chance to make a name for him/herself.

Today it has gotten to the stage where you barely dare open your mouth for fear of upsetting some self-important wise-ass. I am waiting for the day when some sanity comes back into people and we can live our lives in harmony without all this stupidity. We are all different, but contrary to what some people think, it is perfectly possible to live together on this planet and for some to have a black maid without it being an insult.


Why Hollywood Sound Directors Should Be Fired!

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How often have you strained to understand what an actor is saying under the BLARE of the movie soundtrack? How often do you wish you had a volume control in your hand when you went to the cinema? Answer yes to one of these questions and you are among many who are getting fed up with the movie industry.

"What Did He Say?"

My wife and I are firm film lovers, but sadly so disillusioned at the music levels in movies over the past decade or so, that whenever we watch one at home, be it on DVD or a TV channel,  we need to constantly have the volume control in one hand. We listen to two actors having a conversation but are suddenly deafened when the music cuts in. We make a grab for the volume control to turn down the volume, and then put it back up again when the actors say something again!

Many times, when you have both music and speech, you cannot understand a word of what is said because the voices are drowned out by the music. What ever happened to the good old days when conversations were crystal clear and the soundtrack was at a level not inducing headaches and tinitus?

It seems that today, the music is far more important than the script, and we might just as well go back to the days when actors and actresses didn’t say a word. Why should an actor bother learning a script if no-one can hear it?

It is time for the film industry to take a long deep look at itself and sort out which is more important, the spoken word or the music. Considering that every film is watched from beginning to end by the director before release someone surely should notice that the music drowns out the script.

The Sound Man

It would seem film and sound directors have forgotten that for a cinema audience to have full enjoyment of the film, they need to understand clearly what is being said. Otherwise, what’s the point? How can you follow the plot of a movie when you can’t hear the voices? They seem to have forgotten what the word ‘balance’ means, i.e. the correct volume level between music and speech that makes the movie experience a pleasurable one.

John Wayne - Always Crystal Clear!

Watch an old movie from the 50’s or 60’s and every word spoken is clearly understood while the music does what it is intended to do, provide atmosphere and background. Not today, and I have to ask why!

The technical ability of today’s sound engineers is incalculably better than the rudimentary systems in use 50 years ago, but it seems while technology has advanced, the minds have gone backwards.

These days movies are all about sensationalism, but I guess its just the times we live in. But whether people are watching a period drama or an action movie, I think if you asked them, they would prefer to hear the actors and actresses once in a while. It does help when trying to follow the plot. How often has your partner turned to you and asked, “What did he say?” Its not unusual to rewind a DVD a little and repeat something in an effort to make out what was said, often in vain. In most films you may catch only snatches of any conversation taking place on the screen and trying to piece it all together is tiresome.

The Director Not Doing His Job?

Perhaps it’s just coincidental that when this phenomena first started, studios began complaining about dropping cinema audiences, hence the loud blockbuster, action-packed movies of today which is Hollywood’s attempt to lure people back. I guess it could also be to do with disco’s, clubs, and some shops today having music so loud that you need to shout in the ear of the person you are talking to.

The Name Says It All

Hollywood, if you want people to continue watching your movies try more ‘balance’! Going to the cinema, or watching a film in the comfort of your own home, should be a pleasurable experience – not a quiz show! “What did she say?????? Hell, I missed that!!!!!”


They Want To Re-Edit ‘The King’s Speech!!!

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It has been revealed today that the director of the UK box-office hit ‘The Kings Speech’ wants to re-edit the soundtrack of the movie to make it more accessible to families in the US. To my knowledge, this is the first time such a thing has been done.

Colin Firth as King George VI

But why would Tom Hooper want to do such a thing? Well, it appears the film got downgraded from a PG rating to a 12+ rating in the UK (after complaints by the director) by the British Board of Film Censors. The reason for the original high rating was simple: foul language!

I have never seen the sense in bombarding the film-going public with foul language in the first place. For the last ten years or so, when Hollywood first introduced the cinema audience to this phenomena, language in the movies has steadily got worse.

For example, in the last twelve months I have heard actors using the F word in every breath and have to ask myself, why is this necessary? Is it for so-called authenticity? Funny, but the old-time film makers managed to get just as much of it into a movie with nothing more than the occasional ‘darn’.

The Real King George VI

That the foul language on the big screen has corrupted our youth is in my mind beyond question. Walk the streets of Britain today and you hear mothers with their children ‘f’ing and blinding right left and centre like tarts. When the children reply they are just as bad.

Many times my wife and I have sat in our local ‘watering hole’ and heard Brits at the next table ‘f’ this and ‘f’ that in a constant stream. Sadly the women are just as bad as the men.

Even on TV you cannot escape it as uncouth guests on talk shows, or members of a game show panel give vent to their invective at will.

So why is bad language necessary in a film about the speech problems of King George VI? Personally I do not see it!


Weird Science

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Over the last few months, various scientists have come up with some rather weird, and to say the least, bizarre conclusions. For example, did you know that if you do not clean out your car regularly you are in serious danger.

Staphylococcus Bacteria

It would appear, from research commissioned by Halfords, that the interior of our cars are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can cause food poisoning, skin infections (Impetigo), severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, especially in warm weather. The main culprits are Bacillus Cereus and (this one is a real mouthful) Staphylococcus.

Breeding Ground

Swabs were taken from steering wheel, radio switches, gear lever, door handles, floor mats and under the seats among other places, of a randomly chosen car. All showed quantities of these two particular bacteria in significant amounts.

According to Dr. Anthony Hilton, reader in microbiology  at Aston University, The presence of animals and eating in dirty vehicles heightens the risk of infection.

So I guess we had better not put off cleaning the interior of the car until next weekend after all!!!

Are you aware that if your christian name is Colin you have a higher risk of high blood pressure. No! I thought not.

High Blood Pressure?

A survey commissioned by Lloyds Pharmacy indicates that if your christian name is Colin, Brian or Alan for men, or Margaret, Linda or Anne for women, you have a 47% and 50% respectively higher risk of developing heart problems than others. Names with the lowest risk are Daniel, Liam and Thomas, Emily, Sophie and Chloe.

Keep it Steady!

Sounds really weird does it not, but the science is based on research covering an 80 year period taking into account links to certain geographical areas for each of the names, and whether they are from working class or middle class homes.

It all sounds too weird to be true to me, but just in case, I’ll advise anyone who has a new baby to call it Daniel or Emily!!!

Normally you associate taking a shower with getting clean, or just to feel good; But beware the hidden danger! Over the years, taking a shower has become more popular than taking a bath, although no-one will discredit the soothing effect of laying in a hot tub.

The Hidden Dangers

Research carried out in the U.S. by Professor Norman Pace indicates that many shower heads contain a deposit of Mycobacterium Aviun which can cause severe pulmonary problems.

It would appear this bacteria is present in water and can accumulate in a shower head where they tend to clump together. When you turn on the shower the bacteria are ejected as minute particles that hang suspended in the air, and you run the risk of inhaling these germs which end up deep in the lung. Once there they can cause tiredness, shortness of breath, a persistent cough, weakness and a general ‘run-down’ feeling.

Hmmm! Hot Tub

Earlier research by Dr. Pace shows huge amounts of the bacteria can be present in the soap scum on shower curtains, and even floating on the surface of warm therapy pools. Indoor swimming pools have also been known to harbour the germ leading to a condition known as ‘Lifeguards Lung’.

All is not lost however. There is no need to give up your daily shower, all that is necessary is to let the water run a few seconds before entering, and to clean the shower head regularly. Whew! Thank goodness for that!!!

When you go to the cinema the experience just isn’t the same without a bucket of popcorn. Well, for cinema lovers everywhere there is good news, popcorn is good for you, and that’s official!

Cinema Favourite

According to new research headed by Joe Vinson Ph.D, popcorn, along with breakfast cereals contain as well as essential fibre,  a high level of polyphenols that are an excellent anti-oxidant that removes so-called ‘free-radicals’ from the bloodstream thus reducing the chance of heart disease and cancer among other things. Free-radicals are chemicals found in the bloodstream and have the potential to cause damage to cells and tissue.

It was thought for years that popcorn was bad for you because of the oils and salt they contain, but this new research has turned the tables. By going deeper, science has discovered the presence of this polyphenol and the discovery has turned out to be significant.

Nice one lads, now I don’t have to feel guilty at being seen with a bucket of popcorn in my hand when I go to the cinema!!!


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