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Yet Another Child Murderer Arrested

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It would seem the cycle of violence on the streets of Britain has no end. Just a week after Ann Mcguire was stabbed to death in front of her class by a fifteen year-old pupil, now a thirteen year-old has been arrested for the murder of Martin Thomas in his home in South West London.

The Face Of Britain Today?

The Face Of Britain Today?

Child and youth crime, particularly murder, has become an epidemic that no-one seems capable of stopping. Not the government, the police, schools or parents, so where is it all going to end?

The one thing that angers me, is that no-one is willing to step forward and admit that changes made to British Law many years ago, which have allowed children to do as they please without fear of proper punishment, are to blame.

I do not hear any of the ‘Goody-Goody’ PC brigade stepping forward to announce that their anti-smacking policies were wrong, and admit that children need proper discipline during their formative years. It seems the public do not agree with these idiots.

Smacking Poll Results 2010 - 2013

Smacking Poll Results 2010 – 2013

Oh No! All we hear from them is a deathly silence, because they cannot accept the fact that they were wrong in banning physical punishment in homes and schools for recalcitrant children.  When murder cases such as these come up, which they do all too often, the PC brigade can be found hiding under the nearest table.

Well Known Child Killers

Well Known Child Killers

Since that time children have come to know, as children do, that they can do more or less what they choose and no-one can touch them. Since the reforms were pushed through we have killers as young as nine and ten going through the judicial system for murder, some of which were most foul.

Weapons Collected In UK Schools

Weapons Collected In UK Schools

Many children now take weapons to school, knives, axes, and even guns have been found in the possession of children as young as eight years-old. Gangs of hooded youth hang around on our street corners sometimes brandishing their knives etc at passersby, and the general public are supposed to feel safe?

We, the voting public, are constantly told by our political leaders that they will be ‘Tough on Crime’, and just before election time they say that crime figures are going down. Well tell that to Ann McGuire and Martin Thomas!

Murdered His Mother

Murdered His Mother

We have over that last twenty years or so bred a generation of animals who think they can take whatever they want, do whatever they want, and behave in any way they want. And who is to stop them, the politicians, the police, their parents?

The judicial system in the UK has become a farce because of PC Brigade interference, telling us we must put curtains on the windows of cells to hide the bars because we might ‘traumatize‘ the inmates etc. etc! Prisons are like five-star hotels and sentencing has become a huge joke. So even when these little rats are caught they have no fear.

PC Brigade At It Again.

PC Brigade At It Again.

I for one would love to see these ‘high and mighty’ PC Brigade members on the receiving end of youth brutality today. I would like to see them robbed at knife-point, or see a few of them threatened in their own home by a gun or knife wielding young thug. I wonder if then they may finally realize that all the measures they forced on us so long ago ‘just ain’t working‘!

Part of the problem today is that because of all these anti-smacking rules etc., many parents have just given up on disciplining their children. No more do you hear parents laying down the law like telling a ten or twelve year-old: “I want you home by seven-thirty and not a minute later”. Travel the streets of many towns and cities and you see young kids on street corners up to eleven or twelve o’clock at night. The parents of many children just don’t bother about what their children get up to or where they are. It’s more like ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Child Crime By Location

Child Crime By Location

When the anti-smacking laws came in many parents just gave up on disciplining their children because they knew that if ‘little Johnny’ ran to the police station and complained that their mother or father had hit him, the parents could find themselves in a cell.

It has all gone way too far for me, and as each generation gets older and have children of their own, I can see complete anarchy in the streets of Britain.

May your bullet-proof vest never be penetrated!


A Great New Comedy Called Justice

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As you read the headline I guess many will think it’s a new TV comedy series called Justice. Well to tell you the truth, what I read yesterday would make a good series. People have been lamenting the fall of the UK justice system for a good many years, in fact, ever since Tony Blair made it into a joke, and believe me, it is getting worse by the day.

The Face Of A Killer

The Face Of A Killer

Yesterday I was astounded to read that a convicted serial killer has been awarded compensation against HM Prison Service for not adequately protecting him from fellow inmates. I write of Levi Bellfield who was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of four young women, including Milly Dowler. It would seem he was set upon by a fellow prisoner with a make-shift weapon and received minor injuries, namely a small cut to the face and bruising. What a shame they did not finish him off.

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

This happened in Wakefield Prison in 2010 while he was waiting for his second trial for the murder if Milly Dowler. He immediately sued the prison for up to £30,000 for failing in their duty to protect him. In a recent court ruling the judge granted his plea and awarded him £4,500 in compensation. In many people’s view the judge himself should be locked up beside him and then they can play cards together. It has not been revealed what precedent was used by the judge to grant his compensation, but the whole episode stinks to high heaven.

Marsha McDonnell - Victim No. 2

Marsha McDonnell – Victim No. 2

The case had been fought by lawyers representing the Ministry of Justice for three years, and after the hearing on Wednesday when the judgement was read, a ministry spokesman said, “We are hugely disappointed that Levi Bellfield was awarded £4,500 by a judge following an assault by a prisoner in 2009 at HMP Wakefield.”

Kate Sheedy – Victim No. 3

It beggars believe that a convicted murderer can play the system in such a way and get away with it. I can well imagine that if he cut his finger with a plastic knife while eating lunch he would sue because the prison authorities did not warn him the knife was sharp. Just how far down this ridiculous road are we expected to go before some politician wakes up and puts a stop to this nonsense?

Amelie Delagrange - Victim No. 4

Amelie Delagrange – Victim No. 4

That’s all you hear these days, human rights, equality, compensation and all the rest of that bunkum. Its time for it all to stop and we get back to a right and proper justice system. Yet another reason for Britain to crawl out from under the suffocating yoke of the EU system of Justice, for it has become a laughing stock.


Britain – Where the Law is An Ass!

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Once again the British Justice system has triumphed by letting out a cold-blooded killer after serving only a fraction of his sentence. There is quite rightly, outrage among many people that Ricky Preddie has been released from jail again after serving  just over half his sentence for murder. His brother Danny was released last September.

Damilola Taylor Caught On CCTV On His Way Home

Most people will be familiar with the murder of 10 year-old Damilola Taylor, who was stabbed in the thigh with a broken bottle and left to bleed to death by the brothers Ricky and Danny Preddie in 2002. In 2006 both were sentenced to eight years at Her Majesty’s pleasure for the murder, but not surprisingly both served only half their sentence. Ricky was released in September 2010 on parole but was returned to prison last year for breaking the terms of his probation, While Danny was released last year. Ricky had already broken the terms of his first release in 2010, and now less than a year later the Independent Parole Board have released him again.

The Preddie Bros. In Prison - Reformed? Hardly!

The really sad thing about it is that neither brother has once shown any remorse for the killing and are not considered to have reformed in any way. So this begs the question: Why are these two animals back in circulation? With regard to Ricky, Gary Trowsdale managing director of the Damilola Taylor Trust, said: “We do not understand why he was released in the first place. What can we do, though? The system is the system, and the system is flawed.” Flawed indeed, for it is not the first time child killers have been let out of jail long before the end of their sentence. The Bulger killers Thomson and Venebles is another case in point.

Ricky Preddie Today

This is another example of the sickening do-gooders on the Parole Board who seem to think that so long as a killer has spent five minutes behind bars he/she is fit to rejoin society. It is inconsistent with justice, it is inconsistent with public safety, and it is grossly immoral. If a convicted felon has shown that he is sorry for his actions, proven to be a model prisoner, and has clearly changed his ways then there is a case for early release, but these two killers have shown none of this, so why were they released early?

Typical Parole Board Hearing

I can only conclude that the ‘Bleeding Hearts’ Brigade have taken over the Parole Board and made it their own, because I cannot believe that any sane person would allow such an injustice. These people are making a mockery of the entire justice system, although they are not the only ones of course. We have weak judges who give thugs a slap on the wrist, and when one finally does jail an offender they get let out by this stupid excuse for a Parole Board. I’m sorry, but to me, justice in the UK stinks to high heaven!


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