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Car Recall Scandal

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Car manufacturers are failing their customers in a steady stream these days, as we see today that Toyota recalls some 340,000 brand new Prius Hybrid cars for problems with the brakes. This is one of a long stream of recalls over the past five years from almost every manufacturer on the planet. Volkswagen, Ford, Citroen and General Motors among many others have had to recall vehicles because of major faults.

Why is this happening? Years ago you could trust a new car to be totally safe and reliable, but now? What is it with these manufacturers that cause this?

In my view it is cost cutting to make more profit, but it is having the reverse effect as the repairs are costing these companies millions. People are spending a huge amount of money to buy a new car, and yet each time it is a lottery whether the car will be recalled at some future date because of a major problem, if it doesn’t kill you first.

Because of these problems people are dying, and it’s not always certain that their relatives get any compensation from the companies involved.

Years ago you could buy anything from a screwdriver to a car and know that it will last you for years, but these days manufacturers like to build in a ‘life limit’ on things produced today. That of course ensures that within a certain period you will be forced to go out and buy a new one. More money for them!

It is without doubt a sad indictment of our times when manufacturers only think of profit and never quality. But let’s face it, almost everyone is at it these days.


Is Your Car On The Recall List?

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With the massive recall of cars of various makes across the world it is evident that manufacturing ‘ain’t what it used to be’.

Takata Airbag Failures - Up To 2015

Takata Airbag Failures – Up To 2015

After the Takata airbag recall, which to date numbers 28.8 million and with a further 40 million suspected units, car manufacturers have been inundated with vehicle recalls for one problem after another.

When you look at the annual recall figures the numbers are astounding: Ford: 434,000 vehicles, General Motors: 4.8 million vehicles, Toyota: 6.4 million vehicles, Nissan: 1 million vehicles, Volkswagen: 160,351 vehicles, Honda: 900,000 vehicles, Tesla: 29,000, BMW: 232,000 vehicles. These are the figures from 2015 and it makes you wonder if its worth buying a car at all.

This year the numbers are far exceeding the totals for 2015 with the Volkswagen and Mitsubishi scandals among other things. Volkswagen recalls have already gone through the roof this year, what with the emissions scandal. As you can see from the photo, only one CEO has resigned. For me it should be all of them.

It is worth remembering that Volkswagen also covers companies controlled by them such as Audi, Seat and Skoda. So far as Mitsubishi is concerned, they have manipulated fuel usage figures inflating mileage results on at least 625,000 vehicles.

One thing is sure, this year many more recalls will happen for one reason or another. It makes me wonder if its worth buying a car at all, perhaps we should go back to the horse as a form of transport.

We are So Very Sorry!

We are So Very Sorry!

The main reason for all these problems is in my view manufacturers wanting to cut production costs just so they can make more profit. There can be little doubt that the age of proper quality in manufactured goods is long gone. Even if you buy an i-Phone these days the projected life is just three years, that is presuming you have no problems within that time frame. So what does that tell you?

When I worked for Rank Xerox many years ago as a quality control inspector, it was my job to tour the production line and carry out tests on various parts that would be built into machines. On many occasions I found defective parts and wanted to have them removed so they wouldn’t end up in copy machines. Each time I was over-ruled by the production managers and the parts still went into the machines. I believe today the situation is far worse.

Takata Airbag Exploding

Takata Airbag Exploding With Shrapnel

It has been shown that some bad parts contained in cars like the Takata airbags, can actually kill or seriously injure the driver. In other cases defective brakes, steering, and even cruise controls have been responsible for deaths.  Thankfully they are very few, but many people have been injured by defective car parts.

Manufacturers don’t care if they get sued by the relatives of drivers who get killed by faulty parts, why should they, for the payout out is probably less than 0.00000001% of their total profits for the year!

Is it not time that governments started clamping down on manufacturing by insisting that these companies get back to the old system of proper quality control? They still call it ‘quality control’ today but it is a shadow of what it once was because the almighty profit must come first. Companies today don’t care a damn if what you buy breaks down so long as it lasts longer than the guarantee period.

The Truth Of It All!

The Truth Of It All!

My wife bought an Apple laptop some time ago and she had endless problems with it. Apple changed it three times for a ‘supposed’ new one which in actual fact turned out to be one that had been refurbished.  It would seem that companies will do just about anything these days to increase their profits. And when you look at it closely, it’s all about making the ‘fat cats’ fatter!

So what of the future? Well, the way things are going at present it looks like it will only get worse!


How Heartless Can People Be Today?

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I was scanning the Yahoo News page today when I saw CCTV footage of a speeding car that ran into a 91 year-old RAF veteran. The car, driven by Gurpreet Sandhu, aged 27 was speeding at 56mph in a 30mph zone when he hit John Downes in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands of Britain as he was crossing the road. The driver was listening to very loud music in his car.

Three other people were waiting to cross the road at the time he crossed. As the car hit him and flung him high into the air and over the car, they saw everything that happened.

There were two women and one man who saw everything, but once the old man hit the ground the two women turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened. From the video it appears that only the man dropped his umbrella and moved across the road to help the victim.

I find this typical of many people today who are simply not willing to help others in trouble because they think it has nothing to do with them. I am truly sickened by this uncaring attitude of people today who think that if it does not affect them directly its none of their business. How can anyone be so heartless as to ignore an old man lying critically injured in the street? The least they could have done was take the time to call an ambulance!

Whatever happened to our Christian values?


Winter’s Coming!

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It’s that time of the year when we can expect snow and more importantly, black ice. Here are some of the crazy antics people get up to when driving in such conditions. To finish off, some tips on how to drive on ice and snow.

You have to wonder how some of these people ever got a driving licence

And finally, a little advice of how to cope in winter driving.

Good luck to all if you have to drive in such conditions.


Self-Drive Cars – Are They Viable?

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is normally all about the latest innovations in electronics, but there have been some interlopers this year that have drawn significant interest – namely cars, or to be more exact, self-driving cars.

Sergey Brin Of Google

Sergey Brin Of Google

It is widely presumed that at some future time you will be able to read the local newspaper or catch up on some work while driving to the office. If you are hung-over from last nights party you could even get some extra sleep, but for today however, its still science fiction.

After reading some reports on the development of self-drive cars it becomes clear that we still have a long way to go despite the fact that Governor Edmund G Brown Jr. of California has signed a Bill allowing driver-less cars in the State after riding in a Prius upgraded by Google and ‘driven’ by co-founder Sergey Brin.

BMW On The Road

BMW On The Road

There can be little doubt that the technology is available today for the production of these vehicles, but at the moment the hold-up is that its not quite ready for the job because no-one wants to drive around in a car that has antenna’s sticking out all over it. Given time however, these problems will be overcome and we will see the first versions going into production. In my opinion it may take another ten years but the time is fast approaching.

The big question in many people’s minds is: Would you trust your life to a box of electronics built into your car?

Pilots In The Cockpit Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Pilots In The Cockpit Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

We have for many years had the technology for pilot-less planes that will take-off, fly you to your destination and land without any human intervention, but the truth is, no-one wants to fly in an airliner that does not have a pilot at the controls. In the back of most people’s minds there is the fear that something may happen that is outside the scope of a box of electronics to fix. Many passengers still don’t realize that apart from the take-off and landing the flight is controlled by the ‘box of tricks’ in the electronics bay anyway. Apart from the final 200 feet or so landings can be automated where bad weather does not allow the pilot to see where he’s going.

Toyota Lexus Experimental Car

Toyota Lexus Experimental Car

So what about cars? Your daily commute to work or the wife’s shopping trip could be fully automated but would you step into such a car knowing that although you sit in the drivers seat you are nothing more than a passenger? I believe in the majority of cases the answer would be: No way! As humans we like to feel we are in charge and its our decisions that count so to hand over control to a bunch of circuit boards and wires would indeed be a big step. I can well foresee that eventually we will get over our phobia’s but it will take a long time and we will need a lot of convincing.

Could Be A Problem!

Could Be A Problem!

Several auto manufacturers have been experimenting in this area including Toyota, Ford, BMW, Audi and Lincoln and much progress has been made, most of it in the right direction thankfully. Driver-less cars have been tested on our roads for a very long time, and the funny thing is, no-one has ever noticed even though the manufacturers have notch up thousands of miles. One thing is for sure it won’t have been the idiot tail-gating you on the motorway!  

All manufacturers hope driver-less cars will greatly reduce the number of accidents on the worlds’ roads, which is admirable. As you can imagine, where the car goes will be dependent on a sophisticated navigation system that ensures you end up in the right place. Its no good you wanting to go from Las Vegas to Chicago and end up in Ontario Canada.  

One Task Left To Us Humans!

One Task Left To Us Humans!

I’ll leave you with one last thought: Will driver-less cars also fill their own petrol tank when required or will that mundane chore be left up to the human passenger?


Government to Look at the ‘Whiplash’ Insurance Scam

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One of the biggest cons in Britain today is that of ‘whiplash’, i.e. injury to the neck after a bump in the car. A large number of swindlers see it as a neat way of earning some extra cash at little expense, and this is reflected in the spiralling cost of motor insurance in the country.

Wow! My Neck! That’ll Cost You An Arm And A Leg

You are driving along quite sedately when suddenly the car in front for no apparent reason slams on the brakes and you hit him. If that happens to you, you have probably fallen foul of a con-man. He will get out of the car complaining of a severe pain in his neck and when you look at the damage to the car its superficial. Unfortunately there is little you can do, and you quickly realise your insurance is going to have to pay out, meaning next year your no-claims bonus is out the window.

The problem with whiplash is that its very difficult to substantiate, especially if the ‘victim’ knows the right moment to let out a moan when seen by a doctor. The medical fraternity are loath to ignore the complaint for fear of being sued themselves.

‘Let Us Help You’ and We Make Money Too!

What makes the whole thing worse is that we have what are commonly referred to as ‘ambulance chasers’. These are unscrupulous lawyers who make a practice of following ambulances after an accident and then sweet-talking the injured person into hiring them to make a claim for compensation. These people are despicable parasites who should not be allowed to practice law under any circumstances. It amazes me that the Ministry of Justice has so far taken no action to prevent them from operating. Statistics have shown there are more than 1,500 claims for whiplash injury per day in the UK. Consequently the insurance companies have passed on this cost to the insured. Britain has often been called the whiplash capital of Europe, and with good reason.

Justine Greening

Now at last Transport Secretary Justine Greening, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, Home Secretary Theresa May and Business Secretary Vince Cable have said they intend to do something about it. Ms Greening said: “There is no getting away from it: the cost of car insurance is bearing increasingly little relationship to the real world where motorists act more responsibly than ever and accidents really do happen less often. With this in mind, it would be reasonable to expect premiums to come down or at least hold steady. But the cost of cover continues on a relentless climb. Sadly, Britain is now the whiplash capital of Europe, with more than 1,500 claims a day”. Quite right Madam!

In a recent interview Nick Starling, director of general insurance at the Association of British Insurers, said: “Honest motorists have rightly had enough of paying for ambulance chasing lawyers, claims management companies and fraudsters who milk the compensation merry-go-round through higher premiums”.

Careless Man on a Ladder

Britain has developed over the past few years into a compensation culture where everyone is out to get paid for the slightest accident. Trip on a pavement and they’re off to a lawyer to see how much money they can get for something that is often their own fault through blatant carelessness. If someone is working at a height and leans too far to the side causing the ladder to fall they are searching for a lawyer to get compensation from the ladder company or their employer. They don’t have to go too far to find one.

I am well aware there are genuine cases of injury caused by faulty machinery or lack of proper safety measures, and I do not wish to include these people in this, but for every genuine case there are perhaps ten at least who do not deserve their ill-gotten gains.

Claim, Claim, Claim

Lawyers in general have discovered there is much money to be made in filing compensation claims against whoever, and they rarely lose. One of the reasons why they find it extremely lucrative to follow an ambulance after an accident and collar the victim. Most people don’t find it hard to give in to the glib talk from these people if they think there may be money in it for them. British TV is smothered in adverts by law firms offering a “No win – No fee” service. After all, so far as the client is concerned if they lose the case it costs them nothing anyway. As soon as anyone is even slightly injured these cockroaches come out of the woodwork.

I wish the government luck and hope they can stamp out this vile trade because its only driving factor is greed and the honest motorist is paying price.


‘Middle of the Road’ Used to be a Group!

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I reported on my road trip from Spain to Holland, and thought the item really begs a follow-on, because driving through four countries, was an ideal opportunity to compare driving standards across Europe, or part of it anyway.Driving in Spain is sometimes a lottery because the Spanish are VERY macho when it comes to their ‘Cocha’ and driving. In a newspaper article I read recently, they were decribed as “frustrated bull-fighters” that had taken to the road. I guess this just about sums them up really. Ole!!

In Spanish towns, you will often hear a cacophony of two-tone horns, single tone horns, and often cheeky beeps if you don’t pull away fast enough from the lights, or if you are accidentally blocking their route. It is not unusual to see someone driving at breakneck speed through the town and even worse on the motorway. For some, even traffic lights are to be ignored. Amazing!

As in most big towns world-wide, the scooters zipping in and out between cars is something that would give any old lady a heart attack.

I drive fairly regularly on one or two motorways where I live, and the most frustrating thing is people who drive down the middle lane of a three lane highway. They even sit in the third lane of a four lane motorway. This is extremely frustrating if you have to cross two or three lanes in order to pass them, and you waste your time flashing them or hooting at them because they will not move over – at least, not until their exit comes up. Overtaking on the inside is a regular occurrence, even if illegal.

In the seventies and eighties this was a constant problem in Britain and still is. There were even TV debates on the subject, and those guilty of this breach in highway etiquette, and the Highway Code, often said “But the inside lane is for trucks” Duh! Nincompoops! Idiots! It is quite obvious that none of them had ever heard of the Highway Code, let alone read it!

For my American readers, let me just say that in Europe you must overtake on the left (right in Britain) unlike the USA where you may, I believe, overtake on both sides.

Now to get back to the point, this is a constant occurrence both in Spain and Belgium, and the strange thing is, in both countries, the majority of offenders are women drivers. Sorry girls, but it is a fact. That is not to say men don’t do it because they too are guilty. It is sad to note that none of this has any impression on the Police in any country. They are completely disinterested in the entire affair and take no action at all.

Another annoying thing about driving in Spain is people who drive on full headlights all the time, totally ignoring the fact that they could cause an accident by blinding preceding or on-coming drivers.

I have often stated to friends that I would love to be a traffic policeman with a hammer. If I were, I would stop these inconsiderate individuals and smash their headlights on the spot. Perhaps they would be more considerate after they were forced to stay where they were until daylight, and then had the cost of repairs. Unfortunately, Justice is not that straightforward.

Anyway, on to France! In general I find the French are much more considerate than the majority of European countries. They will move over if you wish to overtake, however they still have their ‘middle laners’. They do have one throw-back to the sixties that they just don’t seem able to forget.

It was taught many years ago, that if you wished to overtake you put on your indicator and left it on until the maneuver was completed. If they were overtaking a string of cars or trucks this meant a long time. Today however, we have three and four lane motorways for which this system is not suited. If someone pulls out into the second lane to overtake, you do not know if they are also going to cross into the third or fourth lane also. A bit dodgy if you ask me.

Paris is of course a rule unto itself. They are plain crazy in Paris and if you look around you, nearly all the cars have dents and scratches like nobodies business. It’s scary!!! If you come out alive and unharmed you can thank your lucky stars once again.

As previously stated, Belgium is a pleasure to drive at night, if you don’t mind the noisy, bumpy ride, but here we have the same ‘Middle of the Road’ mentality as in Spain. As previously stated, most are women, and I wonder if they feel safer in the middle lane, or is it a statement thing. You know! Here I am and this lane is mine, do you hear, MINE!

Belgian men can be aggressive if you flash them because they are hogging the overtaking lane too much. Though in Spain the men are much much worse if you criticise their driving in any way.

Overall, the Dutch have improved from some ten years ago. Once they got into the outside lane on a motorway you could not shift them for love or money! Now, thankfully they have learned, somewhat, that the outside lane is intended for overtaking only. Most, but not all will move over when you approach from behind with the intention of overtaking.

In general, I think I can say with the utmost authority, that driving standards across Europe have fallen significantly over that past 40 years or so. Cars have become faster and more efficient at speed, but with that must surely come an increased awareness of the responsibility of the driver to control that machine in such a way as to be safe on the road, and considerate to other road users. Unfortunately both are sadly lacking.

Driving schools all over Europe have but one aim; To get you through the driving test as quickly as possible with the minimum of investment. Gone are the days when people were taught how to drive, and were taught all the rules for safe and courteous driving. No amount of investment will change today’s mentality.

So what do we do? I really can’t answer that question. All I can say is try your best to be safe and courteous and hope you don’t get mown down by some idiot.

May your wheels continue turning.


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