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Labour ‘Nanny’ State Just Got Worse

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It’s amazing what some politicians think they can get away with! Now the Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham promises he will cut the number of smokers in Britain by half by the year 2020. He advocates draconian measures to FORCE smokers to quit by clamping down on 200 million illegal cigarette imports, cracking down on cheap cigarettes, banning vending machines, introducing plain packaging, and last but not least, banning smoking in ALL public places, even entrances and walkways, plus in your OWN HOME and CAR. Who the hell does this little Hitler think he is?

Illegal cigarettes I can agree with, while other measures may be accepted, but it will never fly. As an example, imagine you are sitting in your lounge watching the television having a cigarette, when the police come busting in and arrest you for smoking because someone saw you through the window! I don’t think we have gone that far down the road to a police state as yet.

A couple of years ago Romania tried to ban drivers from smoking in cars and it failed for one simple reason, the interior of your car is deemed to be an extension of your home, and no-one has the right to dictate what you may and may not do in your own home. On the basis of Civil and Human Rights the law broke down and could not be imposed.

Are we however to reach the stage where we must hide ourselves away to have a cigarette when people get off scot-free for smoking reefers, hash and the like, which are all banned substances, murder, rape and burglary, but you can go to jail or be fined for smoking a normal cigarette in your own home!

The Anti-Smoking Brigade have become ever-more powerful over the years, and we hear as one of their, and the governments main arguments, the cost to the NHS of treating smoking related diseases. This has in my estimation been over dramatised, but more to the point, by 2020 the NHS will be faced by an even greater crisis that is currently getting bigger year by year (excuse the pun). That of Obesity!

This has reached epidemic proportions in Britain today, and is getting worse year on year. By 2020, experts have warned the cost to the NHS of obesity related sickness, e.g. diabetes and heart problems etc. will far outstrip the current costs of smoking. It is a time-bomb waiting to go off!

I am sure however Andy Burnham will have a ready answer to that. He will just ban eating in all public places, in your own home, and in your car!

How do these people get elected?


The Wages of Sin.

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If you want to make money today become a terrorist! Not the most profitable occupation agreed, but it does pay well. I refer of course to the ludicrous compensation payment of £2500 awarded to Abu Qutada and other terrorists by the European Court for ‘wrongful’ detention by the British Government, even though,like the others he was given the opportunity of release if he agreed to leave the country. He refused.

The payment was paltry, but on top of that, they were awarded around £60,000 in legal costs, all to be paid by the British tax payer. Qutada has already cost these tax payers around £1.5m in legal fees, imprisonment, and benefit payments. It is scandalous that such a man should get benefit payments, but he has, even while his wife and children live in an £800,000 West London house! Incredible!

While he is laughing all the way to the bank, it is extremely painful to know that world-wide people are dying of hunger and disease, yet vermin such as this get compensation payments and handouts while they are in prison for terrorism. Whatever happened to our priorities? Justice? I think it died and went to heaven a long time ago!

Don’t give up. A better day is coming!


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