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The Calais Farce Continues!

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French Police Not Effective Enough

French Police Not Effective Enough

It amazes me how governments can be faced with an ever-growing crisis and yet do nothing but argue and whine without taking the necessary steps. The situation in Calais has gotten steadily worse as more and more migrants turn up there in the hope of getting to Britain, but neither government, not the French nor the British, are actually doing anything about it except blame the other side.

Now the French are saying that we should send troops across the channel to deal with the crisis rather than engage their own to sort things out.

It seems to me that when all this dies down and the recriminations start flying, the French want to be able to shout loudly, “It wasn’t us it was the British!”

They refuse to bring in sufficient police to handle the situation, they refuse to bring in their army and then scream and shout that it is all the fault of Cameron and the British government. These people are on French soil dammit!

Bruno Noel, who is head of the union for police deployed to the French port and Eurotunnel has been quoted as saying his men are “doing Britain’s dirty work.”

Words Of Wisdom?

Words Of Wisdom?

There have been several calls to bring in the military to check lorries and stop people illegally entering Britain, among them Nigel Farage of UKIP. For myself, I think he is right, the military should be sent in to clear the whole Calais area of migrants. The best and cheapest policy for all concerned is to round them up and ship them back to where they came from.

The gangs organizing these efforts by the migrants have last week started a new tactic to get the people into Britain. Holiday makers who are returning to Britain on the ferries are being offered cash rewards for smuggling migrants onto ferries and through customs in their vehicles. Most of those targeted are older couples because they come under less scrutiny from customs officials.

The entire scenario has come under criticism from François Crépeau, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants. He is reported to have said, “It is not an invasion. It is called mobility. It goes with globalisation. That is what we do when we go for vacation in Thailand.”

François Crépeau - An Idiot On Two Legs

François Crépeau – An Idiot On Two Legs

He even went so far as to accuse Britain of racism with his remark, “It is remarkable that in most of our countries we have nothing against numerous Germans and French coming in and we dislike profoundly that people with darker skin colours are coming in, so there are elements of racism in this nationalist, populist reaction to migration.”

Tory MP Andrew Percy branded Mr Crépeau’s comments “claptrap from a UN do-gooder” and said it was “disgusting to call British people racist for simply wanting to do what every other country does in the world, which is defend its border and protect people in other countries by cutting off a route which means they have to put their lives at risk”.

Illegals Attempting To Enter A Truck.

Illegals Attempting To Enter A Truck.

Britain’s trucking companies have been hit hard by this crisis and it has come to light that they have had to destroy millions of pounds worth of medication destined for NHS hospitals because of the backlog in Calais. The companies say they have been forced to bin the medication over concerns it could be contaminated by the presence of an intruder because it is meant to be transported in a secure environment.

Also, I have to ask why the French Police have not dismantled the burning tyre barricade that the striking ferry company workers put up to stop people entering the French terminal. Why have they allowed these people to perpetuate the chaos currently suffered by travellers? If these people want to strike by all means go ahead, but they should not be allowed to interrupt all traffic flow into the port. The French Police should have stepped in and removed them from roads in the very beginning.

I have to say that if sending British troops to operate on French soil is the only answer to this chaos, then the plan should go ahead, but they must be given a free hand to clear the port area of all migrants, and striking workers so that things can get back to normal quickly. This farce has gone on long enough!


The Afghanistan Comedy

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Today (28/12/2014) the NATO presence in Afghanistan has finally come to an end with some outrageous claims being made during the low-key ceremony held in Kabul.

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander, said in his speech, “Together we have lifted the Afghan people out of the darkness of despair and given them hope for the future. I hope you take great pride in the positive impact you’ve made and will continue to make upon the Afghan people,” He told the gathered troops, “You’ve made Afghanistan stronger and our countries safer.” Seldom have I heard such a load of sanctimonious bullshit!

The event itself was even held in secret for fear of a Taliban attack on the ceremony, so how the hell can they have “made Afghanistan stronger?”

American Casualties

American Casualties

Ever since the war started in 2001 the ISAF has suffered 3,485 deaths, and that’s just the Americans! The British have also lost 453. Additionally, there have been 93 fatalities among troops from the non-NATO contributors to the coalition, Georgia, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, Jordan, South Korea and Albania.

Afghan Caualties

Afghan Casualties

The biggest casualties are among the Afghan people, for the war has cost an estimated 174,000 civilian deaths. The annual figures rose to a new high during 2014, with a total of 3,188 deaths in the first ten months of the year. The Afghan Police too suffered heavily in the last year with an estimated 4,600 deaths over the same period.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid said, “The US and NATO mission was an absolute failure as today’s ceremony shows. They are fleeing from Afghanistan. They have not reached their goals in defeating the Afghan mujahideen, but they are keeping some forces here to reach their vicious aims.”



Admittedly, since ISAF went into Afghanistan the Taliban have had their wings clipped, but after 13 years of war they are still a potent fighting force that in my view, may well end up controlling the country again within a couple of years.

At the ceremony, control was officially handed over to the Afghan Forces which number around 350,000, but as we have seen in Iraq, numbers don’t say very much. Who is to say we will not see the Afghan soldiers running away every time the Taliban attack?

So far as the NATO Forces involvement is concerned, the whole exercise has basically been for nothing, for not much has really changed in Afghanistan.

British Soldiers On the Battlefront

British Soldiers On the Battlefront

Had ISAF gone into the country in 2001 with the express purpose of destroying the Taliban totally, the war would have been over in half the time and the Afghan people would now be safe. As it is, not a lot has been achieved.

I believe the commanders made half-hearted, uncoördinated attacks against the Taliban which in effect achieved very little, for they are still a strong and effective force within the country. Now they are just waiting for the bulk of the foreign forces to leave before making their attempt to take over again.

The Afghan Army is in my view not a force that can be relied on, which does not bode well for the country’s future. But I hope I am wrong, for the sake of the Afghan people.

Pakistani Troops Fight The Taliban In The NW Province

Pakistani Troops Fight The Taliban In The NW Province

When the Americans and British made their sweep of the southern provinces a couple of years back in an effort to wipe out the Taliban forces, they were stupid enough to leave the back door open i.e. the border with Pakistan. As you would expect, the militants just crossed over until the troops left and then came back. Some months later the Pakistan Army made a half-hearted attempt to clear their North-West Provinces on the border and the reverse happened.

It makes basic common sense to me that if the two attacks had been coordinated to occur at the same time, the Taliban would have had nowhere to hide and the whole action could have resulted in a major victory. As it is, the whole exercise was a waste of time.

Afghan Army - We Have Yet To See if They Can Fight

Afghan Army – We Have Yet To See if They Can Fight

What saddens me the most is that all the casualties incurred during the war were basically for nothing, because little has been achieved. Now the troops are coming home, leaving a few behind to act as instructors to the Afghan Army. An Army which has yet to prove it has the guts to fight and win against the Taliban.


Some Never Get Paid For Their Sacrifice

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Tony Blair’s Disgraceful Conduct

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I have never liked Tony Blair for what he did to our country, but what I have just seen would surely anger just about anybody. It would appear Blair hitched a ride in an RAF transport plane that was carrying dead servicemen back from Afghanistan when he decided to do some paperwork. He used the coffin, draped in the Union flag, as a footrest.

Not only has he destroyed Great Britain with his Multi-Cultural exercise, but now he has shown a disgraceful lack of respect for a British Serviceman killed in action in Afghanistan, and the flag of our country. If I had been on that plane I would have opened the cargo door and thrown him out.

I hope that every person in the land sees this photo and takes appropriate action.


Tony Blair Disrespects A Dead Serviceman and the flag!

Tony Blair Shows Disrespect To A Dead Serviceman And The Flag!

Why Do We Not Care For Our Soldiers?

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Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War

I was to say the least shocked when I read a report that more UK soldiers and veterans have died after returning home than are killed in Afghanistan. According to the BBC Panorama programme, last year a total of 50 serving and ex-soldiers committed suicide since returning from the front line where they are fighting the Taliban, whereas only 44 have died in Afghanistan, and 4 of those were not action related.

Of the 50 dead, 21 killed themselves after being repatriated back to the UK, and 29 veterans also committed suicide. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has been accused of giving insufficient care to soldiers who have suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while engaged against the Taliban. The MOD has remained coy and said only that the suicide rates among serving and ex-servicemen was lower than the civilian rate.

An Unnecessary Casualty

An Unnecessary Casualty

It is true that men in war do suffer severe mental hardship, especially when they are wounded or have a friend blown to pieces beside them by a road-side bomb, as was the case with L/Sgt Collins, a Welsh Guardsman. He was diagnosed with PTSD by the Army and given 10 months of intermittent treatment before being discharged by the doctors. He twice tried to kill himself, but eventually hung himself in a lonely spot in the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire.

With all of the extra knowledge the medical fraternity has gained about such problems over the past fifty years, one would imagine our soldiers get decent treatment, but it would seem that such people have been failed by the system.

WW1 - Going 'Over The Top'

WW1 – Going ‘Over The Top’

The stresses and strains of combat in today’s armed forces are somewhat different from that of the young men who went to war in 1914 and 1939, for today there are many more possibilities of the care for soldiers who have suffered mental anguish. In the 1914-18 war any soldier who suffered mental breakdown was ‘shot at dawn’ as a coward, and by the time we went into the Second World War things had improved somewhat, but nowhere near enough.

I do not wish to belittle the standards of today’s soldiers, but in these two previous wars the soldiers had to suffer far more than they do today. Back then there was no six-month rotation on the battle front, for regiments fought until they either died or were ‘almost dead on their feet’ from tiredness before being sent behind the lines for perhaps a couple of days or a week’s rest before being thrown into the fray once again. This went on for more than five long years, and the only real excuse for not being at the front-line was to be severely wounded, in which case you would be repatriated and discharged.

Normandy on D-Day

Normandy on D-Day

The front-line of today bears little comparison to going ‘over the top’ into a hail of lead from hundreds of machine guns and artillery during the First World War, when every soldier knew he had less than a 10% chance of surviving. The same can be said for storming the beaches during the Normandy Landings for example. Many will say that men were made of sterner stuff back then, even though many of our soldiers who came back suffered mental anguish just like today, but the main point is, they were left to deal with it themselves for there was no such thing as PTSD treatment like we have today, and even less understanding of the condition.

Granted, in those days you usually knew in which direction your enemy lay, but today we have hidden enemies with the detonator for a road-side bomb in the hand which does make a difference.

Which ever way you look at it, the MOD should be more able to take care of our serving soldiers and veterans, especially when you consider all the advances that have taken place since the 1940’s in understanding the mental stress of being in battle. When all is said and done, they are all hero’s!


A Sick Truth of Modern Britain

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Would you believe that the UK Social Welfare System is funding terrorism? Neither would I, but if a report from the Wall Street Journal is anything like the truth, and it seems to be,  the government need to wake up – and quickly!

The WSJ reported that Anjem Choudary, a British-Pakistani receiving £25,000 a year from Social Security, preaches terrorism to his followers, and tells them to take their benefits to fund the jihad. Choudrey is a prominent hate-preacher well known in the UK, and was caught on camera recently praising ‘jihad-seekers’ allowance.’ As he explained to his followers, “The normal situation, really, is to take money from the kafir” (an insult for non-Muslims). “Allahu akbar. We take the money.”

Choudrey is well known as a hater of democracy, liberalism and secularism, and openly demands Sharia Law in the UK. There has to be something drastically wrong with the system for it to support such an’ enemy of the state’. Why do the British tax payers have to support someone who so openly hates Britain and all it stands for?  It is long past due this man had all his benefits stopped, was put on a plane and deported back to Pakistan, or anywhere else that will take him.

The British are extremely tolerant by nature, but this surely goes beyond the pale, especially when you consider that, as the WSJ reports, a British soldier gets a mere £16,000 a year starting salary! £9,000 a year less than this parasite! According to the WSJ “if the reported figure is anywhere near accurate, it would surely be the first time in human history that a society has paid its opponents better than it pays its own“.

He is by far not the only jihadist who lives off the backs of the British tax payer, there are other well known ones like the two Abu’s, Qatada and Hamsa, who have received millions of tax payer money for more than ten years in defence costs against continued attempts by the government to deport  them.  You have to ask: How Many More of Them Are There?


Prince Harry Comes Under Fire

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Prince Harry is on the way home after his tour of duty as an Apache gunship pilot and already the slanging match has begun. This impressionable young man who has served his country well is now coming under fire from not only the Taliban, which one would expect, but also from the Afghan President, the British Press and of course, a Labour politician.

The Deadly Apache

The Deadly Apache

An agreement was made with the Press that he would give an open-hearted interview once his tour of duty was finished, provided they didn’t hassle him while he was in Afghanistan.  Now he has given it he is being criticised from all sides.

As you would expect, The Taliban has naturally jumped on the bandwagon with hunted Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar calling the Prince a ‘hyena’ and saying that the prince “comes to Afghanistan to hunt the innocent Afghans while he is drunk.”. That’s funny because another report has said that Harry, now in Cyprus, has just had his first drink of alcohol in five months.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar  - A Confused Man?

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – A Confused Man?

Mind you, Hekmatyar also told the newspaper that his Hizb-i-Islamia party was prepared to fight in the 2014 presidential elections, which will precede the final withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan. Hekmatyar insisted that he wanted a “peaceful transition” from the present Afghan government to a new administration based on “free and fair elections.” once the troops leave. Believe that and you’ll believe anything because he also predicted that Afghanistan “will collapse into murderous civil war after Nato troops withdraw in 2014”. So it seems he is somewhat confused!

During the frank interview Prince Harry made a reference to his love of playing X-Box and PlayStation games during his free time and said: “It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think I’m probably quite useful,” referring of course to operating the many switches controlling the Apache weapons. Innocent enough, but my how the words have been misquoted and twisted by all. Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman, is quoted as saying: “To describe the war in Afghanistan as a game demeans anyone – especially a prince, who is supposed to be made of better things.”

Sharifullah Kamawal

Sharifullah Kamawal

Sharifullah Kamawal, a member of the Afghan parliament, is of the opinion that Prince Harry’s comments will hasten the withdrawal of NATO Forces from Afghanistan, saying: “This makes the withdrawal process much faster, because for now half of the people say the foreign forces must stay for longer, but if they say these kind of things then more people will want them to go home.”

Labour's Jim Murphy - Get Off Your 'High Horse'

Labour’s Jim Murphy – Get Off Your ‘High Horse’

The one unnecessary criticism I found distasteful came from Labour’s Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, who questioned the language the Prince had used. He is reported as saying: “I’m not going to second guess whether he should or shouldn’t have said it…..He’s obviously a young and brave man. He was candid. Perhaps he may have been more candid than the Palace may have wished.” Get off your high horse Murphy, or better still go out and defend Afghanistan from terrorism yourself instead of pontificating from the sidelines!

The fringe groups also had words of condemnation for Prince Harry’s interview when Lindsey German, who is convenor of the Stop The War Coalition, said the Prince’s comments were “crass” and asked how he knew those he killed were members of the Taliban. referring to the Prince’s comment that he had killed insurgents during his tour. Well, Ms. German I have news for you.

Lindsey German Of Stop The War.

Lindsey German Of  Stop The War Coalition

Let me put it to you straight Lindsey. If someone in Afghanistan is pointing a weapon at you or your comrades, you can be pretty sure he is a Taliban and intends to kill you!!!! In war the one thing you don’t do is hold up your hand to someone aiming a gun at you and ask: “Excuse me, are you Taliban?” before you shoot them.

I deplore these ‘high and mighty’ individuals who have no idea of the hard facts but just swallow the lies and half-truths put out by the Press, before getting up on their high horse to pontificate about something they know little of! If it were up to me I would give you a gun Ms. German and put you in the front-line alongside the troops, so that you have a chance to wake up to the real world and not the dream world you inhabit! Personally I wouldn’t give an inch of press space to someone making such stupid comments.

Shot For Wanting An Education - This Why We Fight The Taliban

Shot For Wanting An Education – This Is Why We Fight The Taliban


Please remember Ms. German that it was the Taliban that shot Malala Yousafzaia a short time ago, and all she wanted was to be educated. It makes no difference that the attack on Malala happened in Pakistan, they are all the same group. Do you support the Taliban who shot her? For if you want the war against them to stop you surely do! These insurgents were responsible for gross atrocities against women when they controlled Afghanistan. Think about them apples!

Whatever criticism comes his way, for me Prince Harry has done an outstanding job in Afghanistan, and although the restricted Prince William is doing a brave and necessary job in Search and Rescue, it is Harry that has actually put himself in the firing line twice against an insurgency that must be beaten, one way or another.

The sad thing is, it seems members of the Royal Family are easy targets for the Press and anyone else who wants to ‘have a go’ at someone. As you would expect, St James’ Palace declined to comment.


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