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What Will We Do Without the Humble Bee?

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Did you know that the honey bee is being poisoned out of existence? Have you any idea what could happen to the food chain if they cease to exist? Questions we need to ask ourselves, because they are disappearing fast, and science has finally found the cause.

Bees Are Essential

For a considerable time the number of bees in nature have been in decline and many people began to wonder why. They are extremely important to nature, and to us, because of what they do. Most people know that bees are responsible for passing pollen from one plant to another and therefore ‘pollinating’ them. That is to say they add the missing ingredient that enables a plant to reproduce, much like male sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg allowing us humans to reproduce. Without this action, many areas of our plant-life, including many basic food crops like wheat etc. will not be able to reproduce and thus die out.  

As you would expect there are other means of pollination available for plants such as the wind, birds, other insects and animals, but none do it half as well as the humble bee. Pollination is also a selective process whereby pollen from an apple tree for example will not fertilize an orange tree and vice versa. This is also true of the many beautiful flowers we grow in our gardens and parks, but imagine the scene without the bee.

Spreading More Poison

At last science has come up with the answer after much exhaustive study, and surprise, surprise, they say the culprit is certain pesticides sprayed by farmers on crops to kill harmful insects. In several studies the scientists have laid the blame squarely on pesticides that contain neonicotinoid which attacks the nervous system of insects, eventually killing them. It makes up part of very many insecticide compounds available to farmers in today’s market.

Tests as long ago as 1990 raised questions about this product due to its ability to survive in plant-life for many years. At that time there was also concern about its impact on the bee population, for it was believed by some to account for worker bees’ neglecting to provide food for eggs and larvae, and for a breakdown of the bees’ navigational abilities, leading to what has now become generally known as Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.

Another Pollinator

Because they were only ‘concerns’ back then nothing was done about preventing their use and now they are used everywhere. In the United States alone some 143 million acres are sprayed with this product and who knows how many in Europe. In Slovenia its use was banned in 2003 due to ever increasing cases of CCD. Perhaps it is time for the rest of the world to do the same before it is too late!

However that is not as simple as it seems, because governments will have to fight the big corporations like Bayer and others who manufacture the stuff. Already they have started a campaign against the scientific findings by sowing seeds of doubt on the results in an effort to delay legislation as long as possible.

Do We Have To Say Goodbye To Such Beauty?

Any government that takes on these big multinational corporations will find it a hard fight for the companies affected have huge amounts of capital invested in their products. They don’t give a damn about the bee, or the effects of its population decline on food production, because all they can think of is profit! But they should realize that in the long term, they will be just as affected as the rest of us, but what the hell, that’s a long way into the future!


Why Do We Manufacture Bugs That Will Kill Us All?

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Sometimes it seems as though mankind has a death wish, and recently a group of researchers in Holland nudged the ‘Doomsday’ clock a little closer to midnight. Just about everyone has heard of the bird flu virus and the fact that it is not dangerous to humans except in extremely isolated cases. There is no known cure, and if it were ever transmitted to us it could wipe out half the human race.

The Bird Flu Bug

So here comes the question, and its a big one: Why in the name of all that’s holy would a group of Dutch scientists manufacture such a virus from the original bird flu strain???????  It beggars belief that any scientists could be so irresponsible and get away with it. Should this virus ever escape from the lab, or worse, be stolen by terrorists, the effects would be cataclysmic. It is very easily transmittable by just a cough of a sneeze and could spread rapidly.

In today’s mobile world, a single sneeze from an infected person in New York would be sufficient for the virus to be carried to all four corners of the world by air travellers. Within days people would start dying everywhere, and eventually the death toll could be in the hundreds of millions.

Last Time!

The research, carried out at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, were looking to see if it was likely for the bird flu virus to mutate into something that could be caught by humans. Well, they not only answered their own question, but manufactured one as well. Another alarming aspect of the whole affair is that the scientists plan to publish their results. Any potential terrorist would then be able to duplicate the research and make his own virus.

Imagine what a group like al Quada could do with such a weapon! You know what these fanatics are like, they are perfectly happy to go to Paradise and get their 70 virgins, but I am not ready to meet my maker just yet, besides, I don’t think there are any virgins in our heaven!


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