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Would You Teach Your Child How To Cut Off A Thief’s Hand?

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It beggars belief that any parent would teach a child how to cut off the hand of a thief, but the Saudi’s, according to reports, are currently doing just that in Muslim schools across Britain where six to eighteen year-olds are being taught Sharia Law.

Is This What Islam Wants?

Muslim children as young as six are being instructed that Jews are trying to take over the world (not that Islam isn’t of course), and the punishment for being a homosexual is death by stoning, death by burning or being thrown off a cliff (if there is one handy).

These, and many other facts, were brought to light by a BBC Panorama undercover reporter and the programme was aired last Monday (22/11/2010). Unfortunately I missed the programme but it doesn’t prevent me commenting on the facts brought to light.

Precise Instructions

Fourteen and fifteen year-olds were shown how to cut off the hand or foot (second offence) of a thief, complete with diagrams in a school textbook. Texts issued to very young children ask what happens when you die and you are not Muslim? The answer is; you are condemned to ‘hellfire’!

On Muslim websites such messages as:  “Our children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition to almost everything Islam stands for” and “We need to defend our children from the forces of evil” are found regularly.

All the schools which run the evening and weekend classes (some fifty of them) are run by the Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland Organization. Although the Saudi government when approached denied having anything to do with the schools, at least one of the buildings is owned by the Saudi government and it was revealed that they are controlled by the Saudi Cultural Bureau. So much for the Saudi government lies and denials!

The Big Question

What is taught at these schools is apparently part of the Saudi national curriculum, but the government is quoted as saying that these lessons, and the Qu’ran passages they are derived from, are taken out of context. I seem to have heard that quite often from Muslims! Perhaps the Saudi government would like to tell us the true context of this whole saga! Funny, I don’t hear a rush of volunteers!!!

Muslims will have us believe that theirs is a religion of peace, but the truth is far from it. Sharia Law and all its facets are without doubt as outdated as the dinosaur and have no place in a modern society be it Muslim or christian.

The Aftermath

Yet we hear daily that it is still being practised in most Islamic states. Social websites like YouTube have a whole crop of videos and photographs of beheadings and hangings etc, but Islam is a peaceful religion, at least that is what they will have us believe. There is only one word for that: Bullshit!!!!!

It seems to this bystander that all they are doing with this hateful rhetoric is grooming the next generation fanatics for the terrorist cause.

The sad thing is, nothing will ever change so long as these archaic practices are still being taught to the very young either in or out of context. How can any country or religion step into the twenty-first century by teaching children from the age of six such barbaric practices? To this ‘Infidel’ it does not seem that Islam wants to change!

Pushing Religious Freedom Over Its Limits!

The government should place an outright ban on all these hate-filled teachings and demonstrations in the country and accept no nonsense from these people. If they wish to demonstrate and preach hatred let them do it in their own country, not ours.

Having said that I wish to make it clear that I have no objection to Muslims, or any other race for that matter, living among us providing they respect our way of life and our laws.

A Clear Message!

Why do countries like Britain allow these fanatics to demonstrate in the streets carrying their placards advertising hate for the country that accepted them in good faith?

I shudder to think what the world will be like if Islam does finally reach its goal and rule the western world. I say ‘western’, for the simple fact I can never see them dominating China as they do here in the west.

Soon No Longer To Be Innocent

The British are renowned world-wide for their tolerance but there must be a limit, and in my mind we are long past it. The people of Britain must stand up to these fanatics and tell them: Live by our laws and accept our culture for what it is: OR LEAVE!


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